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[Resolved]  British International Medical Hospital — fake - job hiring

BEWARE.. fake job hiring.. fake employer!

attached: original emal


Dear Applicant,

We are having a technical problem please re-send the online interview alongside with your updated cv for re-confirmation.

Signed Management

Mr Richard Flanagan

Email: info.b.i.m.[protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I think this is a fake and fraud. I received an appointment with them but I dont believed it. How they will hire without even a telephone interview? I cant find the existence of this hospital. Dont just believe specially if they will ask money for processing and any expenses they will ask.

I fully Agree with the above statement .Its fully FAKE
Yes everyone, it is A FAKE OFFERI received a verry good package and I am trying to contact the hospital and no one answer, even if you try to find the hospital you wont be able,
if there is any news I'll tell you,
ya it is really strange ... me too I received email with contract... sound unrealistic... but what about this web and what it is British Home?
I also agree with the above statement .They dont even called me for a web interview and my job profile is not listed on their details.Also the salary is doubtful I have put the figure in uae dirhm and they just put the same figure in pound.Anymore details please update.
I also received this fake offer, their web site is a copy of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich web page with some slight changes. This home office numbers and addresses are the old ones not applicable now and the email of the barrister is fake. it seems to be a web of new on line thieves. They will ask you for a transfer of about 1000 GB pounds on western Union in order to process the papers and the BIMH will ask u to hurry up before Mr. Randy takes his Christmas vacation. and they say they will send the work permit and the contract hard copy by mail!!! also the Visa!!! Arranged online crime.
yes, you are right!!
i totally felt it was fraud from the very beginning. excuse me but if a british hospital can't spell "medical" correctly...??!!! he should have put some more effort in the text to attract attention! Thanks to all of you for your feedback
yah, definitely fraud contract.At first I was so overwhelmed with the offer but it sounds like unrealistic.Whoever did this scams I hope you will have a bad KARMA.
i was surpised on recieving the mail with the attached contract after that...i simply typed the name of the hospital in google search and it seeems there is no such hospital on planet bombastic offer...they must have fooled so many by now...hope someone fools them too...
I tried searching the BIMH hospital in Yahoo & Google but it doesn't exist...Is this for real?
Let's just beware of Fake recruiters!
this people should be arrested, i was so excited when i received the email, i thought it was my time to go far from saudi arabia, but when i checked in google, this hospital didn't exist.
i agree to all of the feedback recieved. The thing is the said hospital never exist because my bestfrienD is living in london for 5 years now and she calls thousand of times to the number given by those CRAZY people, the number is not listed, . Dont believed in this swiendlers.
ya guys its totaly a fake offer. So be ready for my turn. I am going to find out all these bloodies, , , , coz i know the way how to trace them, , , , , so support me in this nobel cause...
i knew from the begening it is a fake offer because i got a very clouse offer like this for dubai central hospital and discovered its fake so medical team takecare
yes! i got the same mail too! gosh, ! makes me jump at one moment and down after that! this people shud be sent to prison for fake job crime and net crime! hishhhh
I got the same mail too. I wonder about their offer. They informed us that they received my CV from Monstergulf. I wonder how they received it!!!???????

I really need to know how they received my CV.

Thanks and appreciate to those brothers and sisters who let me knew that it is fake. I think these fakes should be completely stopped and they should be legally punished.

I totally agree with all of you.
I on the first instant received the online questinnaire but didn't replied and in few days i received offer letter and all the reference numbers w.r.t. application and one on the offer letter didnt tally.
Also To attention was markd with someones else name. A Totally false and fraud offer; BE AWARE!!!
Thank god for small mercies!!! At the first instance I was shocked to get the soft copy of the appointment letter without my specialty job being listed there and the package... woof mind blowing... Can you guys believe, I was getting repeated calls from them to pay 1350 pounds for the visa processing and finally I got to know its fake was I got a Call in the morning 5.30am British time asking about the payment. Time to track these criminals and get them to the book...Beware!!!
yes! i got the same mail too! gosh, ! makes me jump at one moment and down after that! this people shud be sent to prison for fake job crime and net crime!

if there is any news I'll tell you, BE AWARE!!!

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