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CAG of India — Stray dogs in Delhi city

Dear Sir,

On 19th morning I was at 8.00 am I was walking from Janpath to Kerala House via Janpath lane. Then sudenly a black colored dog attacked me on the road and I was bitten by the dog on my right leg. Immdiately I was rushed to RML hospital and I was administered the vaccines and anti rabies serum for which the serum alone costs more than Rs.22,000/-(twenty two thousand). If you see the number stray dogs in connaguht place and other parts of Delhi you can understand the gravity of the problem. Kindly take a count of the number of people who are reporting to delhi hospitals on account of stray dog bites. In our capital city majority of people are using the publich conveyance system and their legs for reaching thier desitnations irrespective of day or night. A common man cannot the spend this much money for saving their life and that too happens because of the negligence of civic authorities. I so many people after the protection of animal right and not for the protection of humna rights. All those people are delivering lecture on these issues are travelling in AC cars with security personnels. Kindly initialte action to catch these stray dogs and put in some cages and feed them and avoid the threat posing to the life of common man.
I hope at least a reply from your side.

with love regards
John Vargheese
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The CAG Of India, New Delhi
President of India, New Delhi
Prime Minister of India, New Delhi
The Tribune, Chandigarh

Subject: Corruptions at very Large Scale in O/O The Accountant General (&E) Punjab,
Sector 17, Chandigarh.

This is the factual position not a story.

As per Account department is concerned Head of the office always seems to eager to collect more and more money by this way or that way, through office purchasing whatever it is. Now a days employees are given tension just to get some gifts by recalling employees from deputation, long leave, Ex indiuia Leave by transferring from one seat to another. If the past record of transfers is checked, it will be cleared that transfer orders are just circulated but actually not implemented only because of getting big gifts. This is the personality of AG Mr. Ajaib Singh. Divisional Accountants are posted by taking huge money. If any divisional Acctt, who have not the station or div of money, compels him too to give him money. His middle man is Noel Rephit and her PA, Veena Gahdhi who was posted in this seat as soon as AG join in this office, because she is the middle person to get money from people and give to respected worthy A.G. Mr. Ajaib Singh.. It is bring to your notice that Office of Accountant General (A&E) Punjab, Sector 17, Chandigarh now has become the main platform of corruption. The present Accountant General Mr. Ajaib Singh collecting money from contractors, who supply casual labour for security and cleaning a part of salary being paid monthly. He has deputed his own men as Noel Rephit in Pension revision to whom told to contact with clerk of other Punjab state government offices who send cases of employees for revision and pension. He collects money and only those cases are finalized from whom money is received. No priority has been fixed on the basis of cases received.
An employee of office Mr PANDEY now working as AAO (Pension) wing is posted in the same section of Ludhiana district. He is in this section since the date he was clerk in office. Because he has established link of getting money so by giving money at some level, he is never changed from this section.
The present Accountant General Mr Ajaib Singh is also collecting money by buying every thing for new computer section and he is in this corruption practice since he was posted here as AAG . As AAG he bought curtains and computer chairs an got of money as bribe and now He is Full Fledge Accountant General all in all. This year SAI PROJECT for Pension inaugurated by CAG of India started in August, 2011, will not fully functional and this is very much clear to accountant general, but carried on without cairing its smooth functioning, Because aim of the AG is just to get his commission from the purchase of furniture and other so many material app to one crore There was not any aim to set up SAI project but just a source of making money.
Not only this he has started to tease employees and after getting money from employees he, let them off .and made such situation that she goes on VRS and son suicide. This process was resulted only due to this AG’s negative attitude. His children did not take proper action due to intervention of office Union members Noel Rephit who favored A.G. to use him for their personal matters and save him and many are on the same path soon. Now one more employee Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Sr Acctt. Also compelled to go on VRS on 16 aug, 2011, inspite of withdrawing his VRS on the last day before he was served VRS notice. As he was also honest and hard worker and did not protest VRS which was against his will If you call his file you will came to know that he was given VRS unnecessarily . but it a great pity that no bother for others loss. AG demanded Rs. 20, 000, but he refused. This VRS take place only due to greedy/bribe attitude of A.G.
All the employees on deputation, Nangal office, Patiala Officer were called back from their respective posting due to shortage of staff but Raj Kumar Kaushal, Sr C.O. of this office was sent on deputation because his wife is PA to A.G. and he is very near to Accountant General.
Now Noel Rephit, AAO a maha corrupt official of this office has been deputed in pension wing and advised to meet the people comes in office for their pension revision cases, to contact them to get money and further share the A.G. If the whole process is verified it may be seen that there are number of cases of those pensioners who are actually do not deserve for pension, because they never served in Govt offices, but taking the service books of other retires, they were given pension. And are enjoining pension. This guy is self styled union leader, harass the innocent employees. No body raise question juts with a fear of transfer and harassments. n leader as he always represent class c while he class B but just to enjoy the money o[censored]nion collection, he enjoy goa and whiskey
Pension cases are accepted and finalized of those influential persons who actually do not entitle for pension because their period of 20 years is not compelled but got completed by creating wrong entries in service book, There are cases in hundred which were given pension in spite of not fulfilling the requirement Criteria. At least more than 100 cases are done of those people who actually do not deserve for pension but are given pension with interference of wrong of employees and head of office
Bill for Supply of office stationary and other articles are paid but supplies are not received as per the requirement of office and as per bill made and payment made..
It is a great unfortunate of India that a office which is organized to caught other department for wrong accounting work is himself does all wrong works and takes bravery.
Therefore you are requested to take prompt action by sending intelligent officers team to inspect the office record.
Further this office never deduct income tax of many employees as per their income. Dealing assistants Mrs. Santosh Verma, Parmod Kumar, Kesar Singh, Gurbachan Singh involve in such corruption. Santosh also worked in pension 4 and still having relation with clerks of other department prepare and send caes of pension and getting a lot of money till date, no body can take action because she is working in office administration cell. If record from years may be checked all such wrong practices will come in front and Income Tax department will came to know how much losses they are facing by believing on Govt. Departments. Voluntarily Retirement was given to many official in the year 2011 only to those who did not gave bribe to greedy Accountant General . Those were spared as Mr. Ashok Kumar Kalhan Sr Acctt. And many other who gave money to Accountant General and did not sent on VRS.
Now a days this AG Ajaib Singh is playing in the hands o[censored]nion because he was saved by union when one official AAO lady commit suicide, because she was not allowed to get back her Voluntarily retirement request, she failed to impress the authorities and commit suicide. Their family members came into sweet talks o[censored]nion leaders and did not took any action against A.G.

I wish to bring in the notice of CAG of India that cores of rupees which is purely a public money is going in pocket of such media house those who have no presences, today many business houses for their own business interest are entering in to media either they start newspaper or a channel, these people have no interest to cater society or work in interest of nation growth their motive is to safeguard their own business interest by creating nuisance of media power, I have done deep study that in our country many newspapers are their, they hardly print even 10 to 15 thousand copies but the corrupt staff of RNI, by taking handful of money and issue a false audit circulation certificate, many newspapers printing just 10 to 15 thousand copies and with the help of corrupt RNI staff manage to get Audited Circulation certificate of one lac plus copy, and on the basis of this manipulated circulation certificate, the gang of corrupt employee in DAVP (Directorate Audio Video Publicity Department) releases government display advertisement and tenders to these publications those who have hardly any circulation, if CAG investigate will definitely find a big scam which will be in corers of rupees which purely a public money, this requires a serious investigation and the corrupt officials of RNI and DAVP should be punished along with these publication owners and publishers and should be put behind the bars, in case CAG need any support to have fare investigation it will better to appoint independent body and get the investigation done, government of India and even state governments will save cores of rupees and will expose corrupt media houses .
Hardeep Marwah

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