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Chennai Traffic Police — Cheating on Fine

Hi, I'm Navaneeth, from madipakkam, Chennai. This incident happened on 25 April 09/Saturday 11:30pm. i went to chennai central railway station to pick up my cousins around 11:30pm. i was taking a U-turn near the Government hospital, while on the mid o[censored]-turn the signal turned to Red and i stopped my car on the half the way. when all the vehicles passed and i ensured that no vehicle is coming ahead and i made my turn. suddenly a traffic police man came and stopped me. he saw everything and i told him since the vehicle was on half of the road i had made a turn. He said that i need to pay the fine, i tried to tell the fact but he didn't accepted that, and finally i agreed to pay the fine. he asked me to pay Rs: 1050/- for the fine of signal violation. i was surprised and i don't have that much money in the late night but he said either i need to pay the fine or leave the car there and collect it from the court. I walked to nearest ATM and drawn Rs: 1500 and paid the fine of Rs.1050/-. he produced me the charge sheet and the receipt. after that i picked up my cousins and drove home. On sunday I was going thro' the charge sheet and i was surprised to see the acts and their respective fine charges, for signal violation it charges only Rs.50. and for the rash driving and cell phone usage while driving it charges Rs:1000/-. Really i was depressed on seeing this cheating and i can't explain my feelings by words. It's all my blood I'm spending to earn a single penny. These police men are the real cheaters, i hadn't met anyone in life like this before. I'm driving in chennai for around 6 years and i had paid fine and violated rule hardly twice in these 6years.Really this incident hurts me so much...i don't know when these cheaters will change.
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Traffic Police — ill treated

Coimbatore traffic police & police behaving like a slum guys to the public , we are not criminals to treat like this ! if i appose them means they increase their treatment (terrific) , we need respect from them or else surely the case will be filed against the police department .
I also had the same experiance. Traffic police are not bothering about the public busses like MTC, TNSTC and also private company staff busses.

Thanks vijaykumar for raising the complaint about traffic rules violation.

With Regards,
Rajesh R

Private insurance corporation — Traffic Rules violation in chennai

Respected Sir,
I am Vijayakumar NP. I am from Gopichettipalayam. Currently I am Chennai for past 6 months. Actually I am an insurance agent for the private corporation. Daily i am roaming almost 6 to 10 areas in the city to meet my clients. The real incident happened in Chennai ECR road. The incident is the software company busses and MTC busses are violating the traffic rules by going over speed around 90km/hr.Group of police were watching the vehicles near VGP and finding only the peoples who are all coming in Cars and Bikes and stopping them for over speed even if they are coming in correct speed also. They are not bothered about the software company busses and also the MTC busses at the same point.
Two days back i had seen a very bad accident near Koyambedu because of over speed of TNSTC bus. A lady slept down into the TNSTC bus front wheel and she died in spot. I was coming behind the bus and the accident happened because of the TNSTC bus over speed. If Traffic police controls the over speed vehicles in cities it will never happen in the future I fell. Traffic police are taking action for the two wheelers and cars and they take action for MTC, TNSTC and Software Company busses the accidents will b reduced. Please consider my complaint and save the human life.

With Regards,
Vijayakumar NP

In our street ( Sajja munusamy street, oldwashermenpet, chennai 600021) two wheelers are going at 30 to 40 Km speed in the holidays (Sunday) and three to four persons in a bike

Generally in our street chidrens will play every day.

Due to the over speed of the two wheelers chidrens are getting suffer.

Some aged persons are also getting accident due to over speed of the bikes

Please take a nessary action on the above matter and save the childrens and aged persons from the accident

Thaks in advance!



Today 02 Sep 2009 two guys in a motor bike has drived the bike rashly in OMR. When I am asking them they have scolded me. Kindly took action against them.

Their Vechile No:

AD 9987

WIPRO — Faulty traffic lighting system

Dear Sir
Traffic light system at PATNI, YMCA and Paradise / SD road junctions are outsourced to WIPRO . Systems are awfully designed . Green lights for other direction come out even when half of the vehicles from the opposite direction are yet to cross. The softwares and the so called meritorious software engineers are at its worst. GHMC must file a criminal negligence case against the software giant.
They will not do it. I am doing it to save some lives in near future.
Its really a racking situation and its high time for us to take care of these .I own a kerala registered car and spend minimum Rs 200 a week for feeding these stupids just because of KL registration.Once they come to know that I am not from chennai, they find fake reasons for getting bribe.As you said it is painful, not because of the amount but becaues of getting cheated.Since there is no one to help us to put an end to this situation, Let us pray to god that for whomever these spend our hard earned money, be destroyed and that Let that traffic police men suffer rest of his life.
ON 22/12/09 around 1.14pm(noon) i have being stopped on demellous road near haji community society by traffic sub inspector(surgunam) belonging to pullionthope traffic wing .they asked for driving licensce and paper produced on demand for my bike (SUPER SPLENDOUR)(TN 05 V 8112)all records were correct .on inspection there was fault with my number plate on rear side it was TN O5 G 8112.which is an officence i said the traffice si that it is over writed on "G"AS "V".when bike was registred .the mistaked had happened while painting number recently when their rainfall in chennai the over writed "V" splashed out in water and half "G" was visible .i explained him but he was not ready to listen any thing he sezied my bike and said me that you are fraud and cheating goverment with faulty number plate took bike to "G3" station.said come to station by 6pm.when i checked with station on no one was avalialble.
ON 23/12/2009 when i was to staion i meet si asked about my bike he said to remove number plate change that "G" TO "V" .i did it 20 mins and showed him.then
he said to give letter that number plate is up dated and give up R C & INSURANCE xerox.and he then charged fine of 1050rs, under act 184.177, gave a reciept and said me take me the bike.when my mistake is under rule CMV RULE 50.then for what reason the fine is collected under this us 184.177 so it clear indication of cheating.



My name is kishore.I have been riding bikes for atleast 11 years now.It has become an habit for the Chennai city police cops to cheat the bike riders and charge them extra money.I am writing down all my incidents which has happened to me.30.06.08 me and my friend had dinner and wine in Hotel Harrisons and coming in the harrington road around 11 p.m.There was regular vehicular checkups going on the roads as usual and we were checked for drunk and driving.We were caught for drinking and was asked to stand aside till the SI comes.We waited till 12.30 P.M. Mr.Anbarasu who was with the Chetpet police station and handling traffic came.He demanded Rs.500/- from all the offenders.I dont usually carry cash in hand and i was having only cards.He took me and other 3 offenders to the chetpet police station.we were remanded there till 4.30 A.M.
Me and my friend decided to pay the fine and not give him bribe.We asked him to file a case against me.Which didnt happen till 5 A.M.And finally Mr.Anbarasu agreed to leave us out of the station on condition.that we will pay Rs 2500/- and leave the bike in the police station.He also instructed us to come near Anna Arch to pay the fine in the mobile court around 3 p.m.We went there to pay the fine(which we have already paid).To the shock of my life the judge pronounced only Rs1250/- as fine.I asked the judge why we are getting fined for drinking wine.He said that Tamil Nadu police have no facilities to find out how much i have drunk and to access my alcohol content.I was neither tested for drunken driving nor i was taken to the hospital to get a certificate.I came out of the court and asked the Mr.Anbarasan where is the remaining money.The answer he gave me really got me into a shock."You come to the station tonight by 7 P.M, and i will say why i wont give you the remaining cash".So this how Citizen of India is treated at the end of the day.If i am a son of politician or son of police officer, will this guy Anbarasan dare to do the same to me.Why are the rules and regulations made??? Is it made for the rich people, politician and policemen and their son, for them to evade the rules and eat the hard earned money of the WE CITIZENS. to So what do the Police think of themselves?Is it right to abuse a Tax paying Citizen Of India.If the police is there to catch the offenders, with whom we have to complain when the police are the habitual offenders.
This is one of the incidents.Me being an event manager is forced to travel on bike in the late nights after the shows.Everyday they stop me in Chromepet-Chitlapakkam Flyover(where i reside).I show the proper documents and licence and i am not drunk.But still they want me stop and see the SI.Why i have to see the Inspector.Am i a criminal.When someone is showing the proper documents and valid papers, why is he getting treated like criminal.When most of the actual criminals get a POLICE SALUTE from the same cops when they pass on a car.
Who are the real offenders and why they have not been fined till now.

The real offenders are the State Transport Corporation.
Tell me how many times has anybody seen a MTC bus or SETC bus follow the rules and regulations.I see each and every other vehicle doing that in each and every other signal.These bus drivers violate each and every rule in the police books, but still roam around freely.No case has been filed on them.Forget the case, they are not even questioned.
What horns are used in these Government buses and Private Buses????has any cop filed a case for Musical horn/Air horn U/S 190(2) Rs.50/- If they have to file a case they can file at-least a lakh of cases on the same every day.
Why are the lorries which ply on the GST road and other roads fined for horns and over-speeding, If some one takes the videos on the palavanthangal signal and the charges are filed.I will leave an open bet, i can collect more than 11 lacs fine which the chennai traffic police have collected for the signal violation from MTC bus drivers for the whole last year, within a month.
Who is controlling the politician's vehicles???
Politicians : These politicians can do anything and everything, cos, no police will catch them or even when they catch they wont fine.They can go in any speed limits within the city, they violate and signal, they can use the most powerful horns, they can tint their car windows to the darkest shade, they can drink and drive in the real sense.Who is going to ask????No one will ask.All u need to do is like wear the Political party's flag on the front.That gives them the licence to do anything and everything.

Who is governing autorickshaws???
Who is an auto rickshaw driver??? You can take a simple poll, starting from the auto stand nearby you home.

Do they use meters?
Do they charge you extra?
Do the auto rickshaw have all the valid papers or permits?
Who is the Auto driver?
How many cases does each auto driver has?
Is he an habitual offender?
Does he drinks and drives auto-rickshaw?
Do the auto-rickshaw drivers go on road-rash?

The answer to most of the question is yes.But is Chennai City Traffic Police ever taking any steps towards that.I have 4 auto stands near my home.80% of the autos doesn't have permits or proper papers and every one charges a fixed rate of Rs 25-30/- for a drop to station or bus stop which is 1.2 km away or even lesser.75% of these auto drivers are habitual offenders in some case or other.I myself have met with 3 accidents(major) all involving auto driver drinking and driving or rash driving.What is the cops of chennai doing?????

I can write even more elaborate what are the other offences.The more i am thinking of this, is making me more dejected at the things which are happening.They want to harass only the bikers.The biker are easy to catch(more easy prey is auto-rickshaws, but police doesn't have the dare to file a case against them)They are unaware of the fines and the tricks the traffic police plays.They get scared easily and give the money to the police.They can be even tricked to fill big cases where they don't have offenders.What does the Tamil Nadu Police try to play a COP role or a CULPRIT role?Who is going to control the menace whats happening?Is there a relief for this or this is the fate of every Citizen of India who has been paying tax.Is it a moment to be proud of India or Ashamed of India and being Indian.
What you narrated here is not believable...

No signal lights turns red suddenly. you have a amber in between... why did you not stop at amber?

This I see nothing but cribbing :-)
these police r really gone hilleariousss...
once a week back i ws in ma bike...
at chetput signal i stoped my bike...
the seconds count down ws near 15-10, , when every1 near me started moving...
i as a responsible driver ws standing there to let the countdown come to an end...
before i cud go frm there a police man ( traffic police ) came and said me to park the bike @ the corner of the rd...
he then started shouting in tamil... vulgar wrds...
he then locked my bike nd said me to pay him Rs: 1500...
i asked him for wat ...
he then raised it to 1700...
i cud not do any thing... had to giv him money...
begged him to make the price as 1500... he refused nd started shouting...
nearly after45 mins...he came to 1650...
i had 2 giv him the money...
he gave me the charge sheet... when once reached home, , , , i found that the fine should be given oly rs: 50...
i ws so like feeling sad...
these vulgar animals have no common sense...
I agree. This is waht happened to me on 31-May-11. while driving home night from spencers in a 2 wheeler. The traffic police stopped meat 1000 lights signal and said i was on wrong route, i insissted and explained that i had come on correct route. Then he said i violated the signal.i said i didnt do that.Then he said the fine of 1050 to be paid and noted my vehicle number.He said that notice will come to my hose and i sholuld pay the fine in court. In mean while they caught a car guy for same reason, he bribed 400 rs and they left him. i said ill pay it court rather to pay to him.
All are cheats .some thing has to be done strictly for these persons

Traffic Fine — Against traffic Police

On 24th I am driving towards guindy from mount road In Nanadam signal along with set of Motorcyclist waiting for signal after stop Line for that they have send me fine recepit of 1050 RS against rash driving and voliation of signa which abosultely false.I Dnt what to do in this reqgards..Pls sugggest what to do in this regard
a traffic police man violated the chennai traffic rules and regulation in nungambakkam, he is going wrong route... rules and regulations for all or only common people ... please explain...
I got a brand new vehicle and took from the showroom and Going to Office on the same day, Neat Medavakkm a- Sholinganallur Toll, the RTO person in INNOVA name [ B.Moorthy] stopped me as asked for no plate, but any new vehicle the No will be allocated by RTO in the evening of the registered date and plate will be issued by the dealer next day.

But this inspector/S.I said it is a crime and the penalty is 2500rs, but he was struggling to get the listed in his handy fine machine. after along discussion, they wipped my vault where i was haing 550 and left.

It is just 4 kms from home Medvakkam to Wipro office. Would like to know the rules on this and how to raise a compliant on the person B.Moorthy
Dear Sir, The Traffic police standing near Park View hotel in Nungampakkam High road, oppsite. to Independence park collecting Rs.100 for vehicles coming from 'Kumar appa lane' which is a Free left. He said Rs.1100 will be charged if case is booked. He did not carry equipment to fine the vehicle. His intention is clearly to collect money. Please take some action. Thanks
Some Traffic police are cheating peoples. Today i saw that one man his name is Sampath. he put fine 100 and he taken more than 50 rupees. for doing this kind of job better he will suicide. For my suggestion if any complaints against Traffic Police please investigate. If problem is police side, dismiss them and put fine. (wrongly collected amount*1000). So that other traffic polices will get the discipline.

One more suggestion for collecting bribe form public some old police mans(better we will admin him in old age home).
Select some younger in traffic dept.

- vicky ... he will be Anniyan for wrong polices...
This has become a regular activity by the Chennai traffic police especially the traffic police in Anna Nagar tie up with local thugs who act as a parking fee collector and threaten the public by collecting the fee but not giving the receipt. The police then arrive there and collect a fine for parking in a non parking area. No complain could be launched against neither the fee collectors nor the traffic police because both have joined hands to involve into criminal activities. I could not understand, when public is aware of this why the police department is not aware of these criminal activities carried out by there own department people
As per law a police man can not put fine and collect more than Rs.100. As per Sec.206 (2) of M.V.Act, 1988, if you decide not to pay spot fine, you will be issued a notice with instructions to appear in the court within a week. However, as security your DL in original will be kept in Police custody under acknowledgement.
All the police officers have been clearly told not to stop the motorists merely for checking the documents. Only when the motorist has committed some traffic violations, he can be stopped, documents checked and penalized for non-possession. There are strict instructions against police men stopping the vehicles unless you commit some traffic violation. Above the rank of Police Head Constable is authorized to receive payments against violation and issue a L -temp receipt. No Police Constable can issue a L - temp receipt and therefore receive a payment. They can however record the violations on the basis of which violation will follow. This L - temp can be settled at concerned traffic police Division or Prosecution section of the D.C.P.Traffic Office. Incase a Constable threatens you with spot fine, insist on getting receipt and the chances are that he will let you go because he is not authorized to issue a receipt or receive money.

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