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Ghaziabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India
i met with an accident on 16 April .. no body was injured in that accident.Cause of accident was the burst of left front wheel.i called up the nearest service station for help . they ignored my request and said they can't help in transportation. This is worst part of there service. Then i myself arranged for truck and bring back to the nearest showroom near my home. Now its more than a month i not getting my car ( AVEO) back. Also i have to pay for all the scratch and loss during made during transportation. Its a pathetic service given by Chevrolet. Do Chevrolet have any answer of my questions..? If they are not providing any service after accident then they should at least pay for the loss made during transportation or all the things have to faced by customer only. There duty is only to sell the cars and fool the customers by saying that we will give you the best service? This is really the height. i wont even recommend any of my relative or friend to even look at a Chevrolet car. Because of them i am daily facing mental torture.

Shashank Sharma

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i have bought beat petrol and run hardly 19000 kms and from day 1, i m complaining about substandard quality of car to ashtavinayak jogeshwari even your co engg visited and inspected the car but could not solve the problem now only alternative left with me is to go nto consumer court .

shailesh kothari
I was going to Faridabad. My car stopped at Karnal at 9:00 P.M. and was
not in drive mode. Then I made a call to your customer care number they transferred my call
to Mr. Ajay dealer of Karnal agency. Then he asked me to park the car at the patrol pump near
Namaste Chowk. When I told him that the car is not in the position to be taken to the patrol
pump. After heavy discussion he sent a private toeing person to toe the car to the patrol pump.
Whether comapny does not have its own toein men? Whethet it is in the company policy that
dealer can send the private toe man. If any thing happens to the car then who will be
responsible? So it is better don't make fool of your customers that you provide 24x7 services.
Toeing person charged Rs.1000 from me for toeing. I was standing on road in midnight with my
family but your dealer didn't provide even any taxi service. Then I hired a taxi from Karnal
to Faridabad and was charged Rs.4000. Then I again had to hire a Taxi from Faridabad to
Jalandhar for Rs.8500. All that harassed me very much. From last 15 days the car is lying in
your agency but they have not repaired it yet. They have only said trasmission box is not working
and sent their PCR report to company. They have not given any satisfactory answer to me till
now. Now please tell me what is my mistake in all that? Mr.Sanmukh only said that it has
transmission problem but please tell how this problem occured? My business is suffering due
to non availability of vehicle and I am daily hiring a taxi for Rs.1200+diesel. Now total
expenses I have made who will reimburse the total amount. It is a request from the harassed
Chevrolet cars don`t sell on their own their own they have to have to give great offers big discounts otherwise their cars won`t sell I was offer a music system worth 15000/- but they finally gave me a cheap one and that to without speakers and after protest they gave me an apology letter and promised me to change it but Baid Motors, Jaipur are master cheats they are only wasting my time they are real rouges of modern times I even complained to the company but what can they do when their cars just don`t sell they have to take the side of the dealer may be they have cheated me but I wish t caution others they should only pay the money after they have seen what they are offered besides the claim for 25km/liter is far from realistic it give not more than 13-14 kms/liter their are many cars which may be slightly expensive but are much better because Chevrolet don`t give what they promise they are forcing me to go to the consumer forum thinking that who will go but I have decided that I will challenge them as I have am pal proof of telephone recording and most importantly their apology letter admitting their mistake

I, Ram Bhagat yadav purchase a Chevrovlet diesel LS Car from Buthwar motor company rohtak haryana on dated 06.12.2011. I go to above said agency for servicing of 40000 Km on dated 20.09.2013 and 23.09.2013 but no co-operate me and without service the above agency has excess charges, charge from me, than i told the problem to workshop manager and office manager but no co-operate me, than i file a complain but no action taken till date.
You are again requested to please take necessary action on my complain and inform me properly.

My car Registration No-HR-12 S 5758

Mob No-[protected]/[protected]
Good evening Sir,
My name is Raj Prakash Singh, i brought my SparkLT in year Sep.2009.My JH10U 4848.Now these days i got some problem with my car, Its suddenly Stall without any uncommon reason, while i was on the way of my home.It got unmovable even in gear, when i switch off the car it cant get started, nither by self nor by push..anyhow i bring my car to my home.This happen to me on dt.15/9/13.Now the problem is that, When i call to my nearest authorised service station(Black Diamond Techno. Dhanbad.) on Helpline no. i got reply that due to Viswakarma Puja, they send help line member after two days, because heavy rush at service station.After that i call them several times, but after taking some details, they can not send any person to my home till now.even they told me about the charges of helpline.i.e.-Rs.350/- extra for taking the vehicle within 5 Kms. My residence is in circle of their limit.So, this a very big problem to me to take my car to service station and very very huge negligency by your side.Though Cevrolet promise for the same which is payable by the customer.So please do something about the same.
my address:-
flat no;-4/C, Sri Radhakunj appt.
J.C.Mallick Road, Hirapur, Dhanbad,
Mob-+91-[protected], +91-[protected].
e-mail:- [email protected]

I am Sri Abinash Dash, At/po/ps- panikoili, Dist- jajpur, Odisha. We have two numbers of Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 LTZ. We are facing a typical problem with one of the vehicle, which was purchased on 24.09.2011 bearing Regd.. No. OR02BS 1515 followed by Chassis no. MA6JADHDBBH017045 & Engine no. Z20S1445788K. The vehicle is showing so many problems which include a very serious issue of sudden stop of the engine while the vehicle is in running condition. Fortunately no accident has made so far but we have faced this problem many times & the the same was being reported with the dealer named VENUS AUTO, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. They really failed to resolve this issue and now they are buying time to sort it out. Six months passed in between, we have literally failed and fed up now, now finding with no other alternative we are raising this issue in this forum with a hope to resolve this problem.

A company like General Motors is producing this kind of vehicles which is really a danger to mankind and playing with lives, this is just unbelievable. The channel partners/ dealers are least bother about this problem even after our several attempts made in this regard. Hence We are appealing to everybody, who is planning to buy vehicles from Chevrolet/ General Motors that they should not go for the vehicles made by Chevrolet, as because their life will also be at risk, they will ask for help and help will not come at all.

As this particular defect is a manufacturing defect, the Company is hereby summoned to take necessary steps with immediate effect to bring back their goodwill. We will wait for maximum one moth from today and then we will move to court of law for getting justice, if not resolved.

Name: Abinash Dash
Hand phone: +91 [protected]
MY Name is Rahul from ludhiana(Punjab)i also had a very bad experience with chevorlet cruze.purchased one year back.we faced very severe problems from the date we had purchased the car.
1. wheel Allignment Problem After 1st service.
2.Car Led Screen is stolen in the workshop at the time of service.
3.Worst customer Service of the chevorley
4.from the last 30 days cruze car is standing in pioneer chevorley ludhiana branch for some sort of engine problem.they are not giving me proper reply.Every time i called them they made one excuse or the other.I would like you to take this issue seriously and consider my problems and solve the issue asap
here duty is only to sell the cars and fool the customers by saying that we will give you the best service? This is really the height. i wont even recommend any of my relative or friend to even look at a Chevrolet car. Because of them i am daily facing mental torture.Even I am going to make cancel all the booked car by my team mambers.

Poor Service of chevorley
Car Regd No:PB 10 DM 0500
Rahul Gupta
Email :[email protected]
Pioneer Chevorley Ludhiana(Punjab)
I urge everyone not to buy any chevoerley car.
Bought SAil five month back and from day one i am very upset .. with car performance and the behaviour of showroom and service station of chevlet .. i bought it from TRIO cheverlet at OKhla .. Today again there is break down as the gear lever is not working.. every month there is one or the other issue and today the leaver road is free and not able to shift gear .. It is highly unpredictable that when it start giving trouble .. The average is a big issue and against 17-19 claim i am getting hardly 10 to 11.only.. on top of it the part of the car were changed durign service and break road were told that it automatically working ang getting lock.. It looks as if it is a tou car... or car
febricated by a local mechanic... I am very upset and on the top of it the behaviour of car showrrom was so irresponsble that it make me cary when remember.. I changed two service statation what it is a standard protocol there in chevlet to fool the customer and take money from what ever reason ...
I am cheated and very distrub and do not find any remedy and trying to contact the chevlet CIO and court to help me... Uma [protected]..
all the Technical Pandits of Enjoy Chevrolet MPV.
Let me first give some idea as to how I landed upon ENJOY MPV. I wanted a MPV which was SPACIOUS, excellent driveability, Feels less fatigue on long distance, Mileage oriented. Lastly, I wanted this MPV or any big car to be used ONLY on highways for long distance. With such type of desire, the only options were Innova or any jeep. However, Jeeps were a bit out of question for me as it is not as comfortable as a car, hence Innova was the option left for me but again price was the factor.
By the meantime, Ertiga landed and I was delighted to see this MPV as it had everything that I wanted. Hence decided to go for it. During that time may be NV200 that was the Chinese MPV was in the report as well as ecosport too was in the news. When I visited Infinity Mall where ecsport was on display, it was rejected right away. Then came the opportunity of Enjoy where I first had a practical feel of it in JMD Showroom at Andheri. Mr. Santosh sales executive at JMD attended me and looking at the SPACE and the sitting position and even experiencing the boot space I was like “Love at first sight” and that was the time I decided to go for it WITHOUT TAKING ANY IDEIA OF WHT IT IS OFFERING. That time Mr. Santosh was the person who literally mesmerised me with what ENJOY is compared to ERTIGA. From that time, I started comparing Eritga with Enjoy in every department. THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG BECAUSE OF MY MADNESS. There were reports and also critics for Ertiga coming in the auto sights, I also visited Worli Showroom to have the second opinion where the same story was repeated “comparing Ertiga with Enjoy”
Hence, now whatever goes wrong I compare it with Ertiga. Now coming to the complaints of my Enjoy MPV. First, let me tell you inspite of you who are fully aware of what Ertiga is. If I am not mistaken Ertiga engine is same as Enjoy, not a single difference you can say mirror image. Then why does it has so impressive pickup, breaking system, speed, mileage and to top it up SILENT too, compared to Enjoy.
I bought this MPV a year back on 3rd June 2013 from that day. Whatever I was told by technical dept. has never come right. In first 1000 KM, I got a pathetic average of 13 KMPL with horrible breaks. That time Mr. Kunal service advisor attended me. I had complained him over a dozen times. I even got him a firsthand experience when we went to Kolhapur. That time he too had this experience. This was the first time when there was some change of parts in the break section as Chevrolet had given the entire service outlet this bulletin.
This problem still persisted, hence Mr. Manish / Mr. Vinesh the second Service advisor attended me as Mr. Kunal was no more with the service centre. This was the first call back call from Chevrolet. In this service air, filter and oil filters were changed. After that service, I was 50% happy as I used to get between 16 – 17 KMPL and that too with a smooth ride. My Mother did this observation when we were travelling to Kolhapur. I was riding at 130 KMPH and there was no extra sound of vibration rattling or any other sound. I felt that we were riding at around 100 KMPH. HOWEVER, breaking problem still persisted. Infact I was not completely satisfied as I was always comparing it with Ertiga as per what I was told at the start. I used to ask Ertiga owners about their experience and mileage. I used to get only one common answer “ Agar SPACE HOTI TO “ that means that this MPV was only lagging in space where as Enjoy was lagging in every department leaving ONLY the space department, even space provide to keep bottles, mobile etc. Are missing in Enjoy.
Nevertheless this 50% happiness was short lived as we were called for the second call back when Mr. Vinesh was the service advisor. This time again the oil filter was changed along with up gradation of some EMC, some programming in engine was done. I had a word with the technician as to why it was done and the reply was to enhance the engine. I even asked him as to what would be the advantage to that he said “Aapki gaddi acha perform karegi" Your MPV will give good response. This statement was like a thousand ladoos in my mouth at one time. As I was planning a trip to Ratnagiri. Moreover, I even boosted to my friends that this trip would be smooth and Kharcha kum trip. HOWEVER, this trip was a disaster for my claims and me. We got a Pathetic, average of 13+ KMPL and the ride too was HORRIBLE. When we touched 100 KMPH all kind of engine sound were heard. It felt like we were travelling in a Diesel Fiat taxi. Even the breaks were the same as earlier. The paddle were also not smooth enough, which I would like to say wait and watch as it might take time to get it smoothen. As I had experienced the earlier trip to Kolhapur were even when I touched 130 KMPL I do not feel the ride but this time 100 KMPH and we used to feel as if we were at 15o + KMPH.
Lastly, I can go on and on with the experiences and suggestions but REQUEST you one more thing PLEASE do something to enhance the front ac on the dashboard. The cooling is pathetic, hence we have to increase the seed of the fan and keep it at 2 0r 3 speed which results in pickup speed. This could be experienced specially when overtaking and climbing the Ghats, to get pickup or the climb the Ghats we are forced to keep the ac on 1 which again is of no use, as it does not cool in this summer. PLEASE compare this with Ertiga they are cool.
In total, this trip where my friend who own Fusion, Desire and Toyota cars too experienced what a bad MPV this could be compared to ERTIGA. We even used to ask other Ertiga owner and Enjoy owners on the highway and the answer was common as said earlier. PLEASE do not let me down as I purchased this MPV after seeing the space and on Mr. Santosh words. Let me tell you one thing I never waited to see the performance of the MPV when I was told it is as good as Ertiga.

This is to bring in your kind notice that i have given my car chevrolet cruze ltz 2011 model Car number JK02 AS 9697 colour atlantic blue to service and minor repair to Troechevrolet okhla phase 2 new delhi B25 on 22/7/14 . They told me to collect m car on 25/7/14 but on 25/7/2014 when i went to collect my car. They told me that it was stolen from the company . i was shocked about this incident . i taked to mr ajay who told me that im owner of company . dont worry its our mistake we will provide you a new cruze but when i went to them they told me they will give me a new sail car. so i loged an F.I.R no 0552 in okhla police station . copy attached. Im very surprise how come you can authorised chevrolet service station which has no CCTV Footage.

its humble request to you please do the needful either provide me my car or give me a new one same model .

Chevrolet - KLN Motors, Chennai - Worst Ever Experience

Hi All,

This is to bring to your notice and wanted to share my worst ever experience with Chevrolet-KLN Motors, Chennai I had during my 6 months service.

I own Beat and my Car No. TN22 – CM – 8281 and my contact number is [protected]

Point1 – On the right hand side there was scratch on the bumper which was not there before service but when I asked they said it was noted in the service note. But when I gave in front of me no one written that as point which clearly says they have tampered the service note without customer notice.

Piont2 – This experience I have never heard or gone through so far in my life. When I gave my car I had 40% of petrol which is 4 pin in the petrol gauge. When I came during first day of delivery of my car I noticed that the petrol is totally zero I went asked “Balaji – Service Engineer” he said they used the petrol for checking mileage which sounds me very comical and stupid no car company I have seen or heard using the entire petrol to check mileage. This is totally fraud and intentional cheating by your service guys. After more than two hrs of argument the service manager “Prem Kumar” accepted to give Rs.500 to fill petrol again which I would say I not correct if they are customer centric they should got my car and filled petrol giving money to customer is not good customer service this shows the Chevi service engineer attitude is sky high.

Point3 – Continuation to the petrol issues your service engineer took my car from inside the service station to delivery point which is again against company policy, the car should be driven by the chevi authorised person and it was not happened in my case. The service engineer just dropped my car into the drainage passage. This is really atrocious and I started shouting and arguing for almost three hrs and they said will check the car and handover next day. This should happen immediately the service guys should have accepted to take care of my car immediately not after arguing. Also just think as customer how my mental state would be petrol was snatched from my car and car was dropped in the passage. I have never seen such an worst service. The whole place itself so congested and they have service cars more than the place which can accommodate which again against the company policy.

Point4 – Next day I came to collect my car and I was talking with one Mr Sathyaraj who thinks always customers as fools and he one big brilliant staff was telling me the reason that the petrol consumed high because of AC usage and the second point was he was telling while cleaning petrol hose there are chances of wastage of petrol. I have never heard of these kind of reasons its make to laugh and think why Chevi has recruited so much bunch of stupids and dumbos for their company. During that day they said we can take the car however there was no pinch drop petrol in the tank and to check the car the service guys literally pushing my car and when we asked with so much of anger they kept stupid smile in their face and said no petrol sir that’s y pushing car manually.

Do you think this how you treat one customer car and just think if it’s a diesel car then air would have blocked so badly and it would have affected the engine. When we asked this to your Manager he just replied in a very easy manner yes that’s true. How come even a manager doesn’t take things serious in your service centre.

One thing I can clearly say that your service and your service centre not customer centric and please go and check Maruti service they treat customers like god. You guys should do study about your service and revisit on your service strategy.

Point 5 – my complaint was regarding mileage before service it was giving 13 per litre however I was told to check my car mileage and after service my car mileage is giving only 10 which is unbelievable after service this clearly shows Chev didn’t do proper service.

Overall I had a very bad experience with this service centre and it is shocking for me as well.

I have wasted/lost one and half days of my work completely and returned to home by share auto while raining on the first day.

I need proper explanation and action plan for my compensation in place, I am expecting atleast someone will take this issue seriously and provide action towards it.

Thanks for your time.

1) i have a beat car no. Tn 63 aa 8327, on 5000 km onwards my car's wiper motor has not working, after 5000th km check up, mechanic says the motors was in fault and right now we have not a spare of that next service we will arrange that. Unfortunately till my problem has not rectified.2) in 35000th km service i have told some repairs like, engine felt noise, about ac cooling, door handle and etc... All the above are written in the work chart... After check up i pay bill amount rs.2800 and take drive my car to home.. During that driving time also i found all the above problems not properly done. Next i cal executive and tell my opinion that he says sorry sir... Next check up we solve all your problem..3) a day i receive a call from ar. A. S motors the person told me our mechanical team come to karaikudi for 18.07.2014 and you have to take your car for 40000th km check up and also he asked if u wand any spare tell me i will note and inform to this connection i go with my car to mehar cars, karaikudi for 40000th km check up... There sri. Murugesan take the work chart here also i tell all the above problem... Suddenly he says sorry sir, we forget the spares what u tell like, door handle, wiper motor and etc... And he tell don, t worry sir i make the arrangement for today itself. Belief on him i leave my car for check up. About 2pm sri. Murugesan cal me and told your car is ready come pay the bill and drive your car.. I go there pay bill rs.4200/- and drive my car to home.. This time i found the same felt noise, engine, door handle sound and etc... 5000km onwards i drive my without wiper motor and felt noise. I feel so bad about your service,,, in this situation how we suggest my friends and colleagues to buy chevrolet vehicles... On the time of purchasing my car our most of the friends are suggesting maruti but my confidence on chevrolet only i came to chevrolet... But my experience is very very bad... S. Santhosh, karaikudi.
i got my three years old my chevrolet beat car serviced at nikhil automobiles, darukhana rd, mumbai in the month of July 2014. when i went to take the car back i realised that my car was damaged with scratches near the license plate and the license plate was also damaged. Further, a fevistik was found stuck between the back head lights which had also left a mark on the body of the car. (i have photos of the same)the car was not washed when i went to take the delivery. After i took back the car i realised out of all my issues which i had reported only one had been resolved. Also, just next day of the servicing there was a screeching sound whilst changing gears. The car appeared to be badly serviced or not serviced at all. which was obvious after some days as the steering wheel also did not appear smooth and did not appeared to oiled. I was given a huge bill of 10000 rupees for changing back tyre cylinder kit and basic servicing with change in coolant however the corresponding changes in my car were nil and in fact my car developed further problems. I had also registered my feedback in the electronic feedback form. Although they assured that they would repair the damage to the car and also see to the screeching sound when i took my car again to the service centre they informed that they could not find the screeching problem and the damage repair to the body of the car would take 3-4 days. It goes to the say the least that im completely disappointed with the service and want serious action against the manhandling of my car. i may also be constrained to approach judicial forums if my issues are not resolved. Chevrolet india needs to look into the matter as the said service centre is giving a bad name to chevrolet product and there would be hesitation to purchase chevrolet products especially in south mumbai since nikhil automobile is the only closest service centre close to south mumbai.
Dear sir/madam

This is Arunkumar from Chennai. We have purchased the Chevrolet Enjoy Diesel car last year, from starting onwards one repeated problem was came from engine turbo. Last month only our local service station (A.R.A.S Madurai) changed the new turbo, but again yesterday that same problem was came. Today we have given the vehicle to local service station (A.R.A.S Madurai), they told today we have send email to general motors with photograph and solve this issue as soon as possible.

My question is why that repeated problem was came again & again give the best solution for same as soon as possible.

My vehicle details given below.
Vehicle No:TN59-BA-8392
Registered Name : Ilangovan.P

I am Dr. Saleem Javed, purchased Chevrolet
Sail in December 2013 under exchange and corporate offer. Exchange
15000/- and corporate 5000/- total 20000/- supposed to be return to me
with in 3 Monts. I have submitted all related documents at the right
time but I have visited the showroom of sadar Bazar Jhansi many times around
10-12 times but still suffering. I am now totally fed up by showroom
employees and staff. What can I do?? It is really a very bad experience
with Chevrolet.I have also suggested to my friends not to buy any Chevrolet car because they will also suffer with these type of problems.Please do something! and help me to get my 20000/ rupees. Sincerely, Dr. Saleem Javed, R.B.II 888/A Rani Laxmi Nagar Jhansi phone [protected]
One of the worst customer service by Sumedha Vehicles & worst product by Chevrolet - Sail. Engine getting Siezed, oil sump coolan are having holes. Dealership is not co-operating. Car is still under warranty & dealership is cheating people during servicing by charging for parts & oil change without doing it. I request GM to intervene into this matter else I have to file a fraud & unsatisfactory product case through consumer forum against the dealership & company.
I am brahman bandyopadhyay. I purchased Chevrolet Enjoy LT P before 7 months. After one servicing I got mileage just 8.5 k.M with A.C. and 10 k.m without A.C. i informed this fact to Speed Auto Tech Pvt Ltd. Kolkata. They arrange to take milage on 24/09/2014. However, at 10 p.m they can run only. a day when i request to complete that test, they deny to complete with insulting tone by some so called manager or xyz of that service center of that co. I informed this fact in show room of that co. However, no response received from them
I am one the first few customers who have purchased Aveo 1.4 Car in 2007.
It is painful to state that the service for the car is virtually impossible in a large city like Hyderabad.
Today my car filed to start and I am still trying frantically to contact a service person.
You claim that 24X7 facility is available... it is apparently looks not true.
The Contact No. given in your website is always giving "Sorry" response.
I feel Sunday they are also closed.
My car Regn No. is UP79B1671. The Engine No. is 30080K and Chasis No is O3387 and Purchased at kanpur in 2007.
I am living in Hyderabad and working as a General Manager in NTPC.
Kindly...kindly help me with a correct contact to set my vehicle and to do a paid service which is long over due.

PS Radhakrishnan / [protected]

Gibin V Saibu
Valickal house
Ranni- Perunad Pathanamthitta
[protected], [email protected]

Dear Sir,
My name is Gibin, I bought a Chevrolet beat (#KL62A9605)from DEEDI Moters, Pathanamthitta before 5 months ago.
I'm Disappointed because Unfortunately, the frond wheels are teared almost 3/4 of it and i'm wondering how that happened because the car runs only 7500 kilo meters.

Yesterday (24/10/14) i went for the second service and i mentioned them about the wheel condition. They said its because of wheel alignment. In my knowledge if its wheel alignment it will only tear in the sides, but in this case its teared almost 3/4 of the wheel. The employees take the car and went to the outside alignment shop and switched the back and frond tires. After that they did the Alignment test and return my car, without doing anything, I lost the trust in your company and its a big shame for a popular company like Chevrolet.

To resolve this problem, i would appreciate to change the wheels .

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. Please contact me at the above address oir by phone at [protected] or via email [email protected]
This to inform that 1 month back I have given my car in workshop with a complaint that its getting switched off while driving. First time they told that there is some problem in part which we will replace and then it will be okay and they charged 18000 but the problem was not solved. Again after 20 days same problem arise and when I gave the car they told me that there is problem is some other part and this time they charged 21000. Again after 15 days same problem occurred and I don't know what to say.

I think Chevrolet is here to cheat every one and fool the people they do not care problem they just want to make money.

Registration No: DL7CK 1951
Mob: [protected]

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