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[Resolved]  Citibank — Harassments, violation of privacy policy and unethical business practices from citibank

A copy of Notice to Citibank by my attorney

1. That our client is a salaried person working with corporate sector for the last several years and enjoys a great repute in the Industry and among the fellow members. Our client has a proven track record of good attitude and a positive credit history. On the merits of his superior credentials he even worked with various private sector banks also. But the recent incidence of harassments, torture and violation of the privacy policies made by your bank towards our client has turned out to be a major set-back for our client. Even after having a good track record and payment history even with your bank, he had to face harsh treatments form your executives and employees at various levels.

2. That, our client had booked a flat with DLF New Gurgaon Homes Developers Pvt. Ltd. at NEW TOWN HEIGHTS, Sector – 90, Gurgaon in the months of July 2008. Thereafter, our client was pushed to your bank for the home loan and was told by your onsite executives that your loan would be sanctioned easily through you so acclaimed reputed bank.

3. That, our client acting on the advice of your on site executives applied to your bank for the home loan for INR 40, 00,000.00, and too not much of the surprise, your bank granted our client a loan of the same amount at a variable rate of interest of 10.75 % to 11.50 % for a tenure of 240 months, under the Loan Account ID: 123243 vide an unsigned letter dated 30th July 2008, bearing the name of addressee no. 6, herein. Therefore, it is to be taken that the loan was issued to our client on 30th July 2008. It would be pertinent to mention that there exist an irregularity of dates between your letter and the unjustified, malicious, bias, unfounded, unwarranted, groundless agreement which was formed on 31st July 2008 i.e. after one day the loan was sanctioned. This clearly is suggests that your bank had issued the said loan without any founded guidelines or the agreement. Thus making it very clear that no agreement is binding on our client.

4. That our client continued with your loan account by paying of all the charges and interest which was duly imposed on our client. But In the meanwhile, our client decided to sell the said property in question and approached you the addressee no. 1 herein for clearing the outstanding in the loan account and obtaining N.O.C. from yourselves. Our client called up at your customer care nos. numerous times but he was always disappointed, as no proper response was given to our client. Due to our client’s urgency, he was left with no other resort but rather to visit your branch for which he had to take a paid leave from his office. Even after the visit to your branch, your branch manager and other executives made our client wait for more than an hour to answer his queries and issues. And after an hour of waiting our client was made to speak to one of your executive, on which he explained your executive that he has not yet taken the full disbursal and he would like to foreclose the loan account with your bank, as he intends to sell off the said property. The official of you, the addressee no. 1, told our clients in an illicit manner that the same would not be possible and misbehaved with our client. It would be pertinent to mention that our client enjoys a high repute in society and this mis-behaviour highly unacceptable. Our client after repeated request and trials explained your executive that he also has worked with banks and that he is fully aware that pre- closure of the loan account is possible. After your executive came to know that our client was also associated with other bank in the past, she told our client that in case he forecloses his loan account than our client would be forced to pay for-closure charges to the bank on the entire amount and tried taking the shield of the baseless and bias agreement to which our client was told to sign in advance on road side by your executive, and it was also told that to our client that this is just a mere formality and he need not worry much about the agreement, thus it is evident that the consent / signature of our client was taken by your executive by misguiding him and without giving complete knowledge.

5. That thereafter our client went door to door and branch to branch to get the issue sorted but he was continuously forced to bend in front of the illegal demands raised by you the addressee no. 1 herein, through your various officials under the grab o[censored]njustified agreement. Our client, after loosing all the hopes of getting the issue sorted amicably made a final attempt at his end to sort the issue, by sending across the problem via mail to your helpdesk. Our client, innocently and withour any malaice in his intentions sent across a mail to your help desk mail id “[protected]”, wherein the account no. under which our client’s loan account got mistyped, thus it becomes very evident from the said fact that our client was under great stress and trauma caused by you the addressee no. 1 and your officials, as he even forgot / mistyped his loan account no. for which he was having dispute for long enough. To the utmost shock of our client, and indeed ours too, our client received back a mail addressing him Mr. Butt. The said mail was in total contradiction to the privacy policies of you the addressee no. 1. In the said mail you the addressee no. 11, one of the officials of addressee no. 1, sent all the information of some other loan account to our client. We and our client are highly surprised to note the same. As per the banking norms you the addressee no. 1 is under a strict boundation to maintain secrecy of every account from general public or mass. The information received by our clients is astonishing as the same was sent across without a single verification and a very important information was sent across to our client, thus it would not be wrong to assume that you the addressee no. 1, is working in contradiction to RBI norms and even your internal policies. And to its surprise the mail sent by you contained your privacy line also, which is as follows :-

"The information contained in this message is confidential and intended only for the use of the individual or entity identified. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of the information in this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message by error, please notify the sender immediately".

We are surprised to note that while writing the same beneath your mail, you were disclosing the information of a third person to our client. We would thus now not be surprised to note if our clients personal information was also shared with some third party.

6. That the loan amount as sanctioned by you, in not bound by any agreement, as the agreement you entered in was one day after the money was marked to our client. Thus the said agreement is void in itself. Sharing of information, of third parties, with any individual without having any authority is in contravention to the privacy polices and baking regulations. That, it would not be wrong to draw a conclusion from the above stated facts that our client was not only misguided by the officials of you the addressee no. 1 but was also harassed and tortured in the most cruel manner, which our client didn’t deserved.

7. That, our client would still like to foreclose his loan account with any relevant charges levied by your bank, acceptable by our client. But relying on the principles of natural justice and fairness our client would not hesitate to fight back against any type of mal-practices and unethical business practices followed by your bank. We would, on behalf of our client, would not hesitate to state that our client have a valid compensation against all the cruelties done by your bank under the grab of illegal, void, baseless and biased agreement which clearly reflects the ethics of you the addressee no. 1 and its officials, herein the other addressees.

8. That as per the instructions received by us from our client, we would like to intimate you that already due to this disposal our client is suffering a huge loss and in case there is a lack of co-operation and understanding form your end then it would do no good but rather more harassment to our client. We also have been instructed to mention that already during the past one year the interest taken by your bank from our client is more than, it would have been if a same principle and interest ratio was calculated by the bank. Thus, it becomes very clear that our client has already paid a heavy penalty by dealing with your bank and it is requested that the dispute may be resolved without entering into entailed litigation.

9. That, Our Client is a person of good track record and it has been for the first time that our client is facing such issues and that this harassment and torture from your company has resulted in the depleting health and mental conditions of our client. Further, these things have affected the repute of your Company in the eyes of an honest and valuable customer.

10. Kindly consider this legal notice as the final attempt made by our client to solve the issue with you the addressee no. 1, failing which our client would be left with no option except to initiate legal re-course and file a suit for compensation of Rs. 40,00,000.00 for mental agony and contravention of privacy policy in addition to other relief’s .

Further, we also have the instructions to intimate that all of you above addressee have a liability against our client under the purview of vicarious Liability.

It is requested to you to kindly settle the dispute within 15 days from the receipt of this Notice failing which our client would be left with no option but to initiate legal Action against all of you the above addressee herein.
We would not hesitate to say that your actions have not only affected the repute of your Company but also has resulted in defaming your own name in the eyes of an honest and valuable customer.
We are sure, better sense will prevail upon you and you will do the needful within the statutory period and avoid unnecessary harassment and inconvenience entailed in litigation.

Copy Kept.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I was exactly in the same situation some time as you. And have been having a very similar problem like yours. Let me congratulate you for the steps taken by you.
Just wanted to check if there has been any progress in the above context. How did Citibank react? Have your efforts given you the desired results? If affirmative, then I too would want to take corrective action in this context.

Please advise.

Rajesh Premani


CREDIT CARD NO: [protected]





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