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If you take the membership of Club Mahindra, Please be very careful while signing the membership. They do not have a clear policy of cancellation at all. All you need to do is just keep calling them and they say they will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. However they do not stick to what they say. I have asked them that i want to cancel my membership however the contact centre executives do not have any idea as what would be the amount that would be refunded. I have a good merry go round ride sitting at my place.

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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Dec 18, 2009
Dear Pragya,

Thanks for writing in and voicing your concerns through Consumer Complaints.

Please send us your member ID and your e-mail at feedback@clubmahindra.com (with subject line: response to your review), and we would like to address your issues as soon as possible.

Thank You.



Member Relations, Club Mahindra.
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Dec 29, 2009
Dear Pragya,

Thank you for your mail.

I understand that Mr.Dilpreet from member relations team is in touch with you to address your concerns to your satisfaction.

Warm Regards,

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 05, 2010
Dear All,

We are concerned that your experience with us has been a less than pleasant one.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.mrc@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure to address your

concerns as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, May 21, 2014
Dear Suresh,

We’re awaiting your contact details. Please share your details at http://is.gd/CMListening for our team to take it further.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Sep 26, 2014
Dear Sir,

We are awaiting your contact details and would like to connect with you regarding your post. Kindly share your details at http://is.gd/CMListening for our team to get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
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Dear ClubMahindra,

I request you not to process my application which was handed over to Mr Nikhil yesterday evening at 9 PM for the membership at Gurgaon. Kindly make arrangements to refund the down payment of Rs. 33K with credit card made at 7:18 PM on 17 Jan. Kindly treat this mail as full and final instructions for not pursuing the membership. Kindly immediate stop at all processing in this regards as communicated over the phone to Mr. Nitin also.

I had taken Club Mahindra membership on 29 Sept 2008 as they called me personally to their office at Galleria, Palm beach, Navi -Mumbai. Very soon the next day I cancelled the membership by sending signed cancellation letter to Chennai office as well as sending mail to feedback@clubmahindra.com, headmemberelations@clubmahindra.com. When called at call center, they say u will get ur money in 30-45 days. But till date they have never called regarding this.They dont have the professional approach to reply as well attend calls of the customer who wants to cancelled the service. When called at Vashi office, they reply that the member relationship officer will get in touch with u in next 2 hrs. They never called back till date to my messages. CLUB MAHINDRA is a big FRAUD & just want to cheat the money of people. Do not go for membership unless one has lot of many to blow ...
I have applied for club mahindra membership today and would like to cancel it immediately .I have paid 15 % OF THE MEMBERSHIP FEE Rs 23782 please debit my money back immediately.
Club Mahindra is a cheater. It sucks!!
How do they cheat?
1. Their representatives will ask you to fill-up a coupon with your address and phone number.
2. They will call everyone telling him he is a winer in the lucky draw and ask him to collect a free holiday package from their office.
3. If you go there, they will talk about(all are lies) some aluring offers/ packages with Rs.[protected]. They will ask you to provide one account / card number for this payment. They will also ask you sign on a document for this offer. Now you are trapped!!.
4. You actually signed on their membership form with a membership amount of 3-4 lacs. EMIs will be charged to you (you already have authorised them by signing the document and disclosing you card/ account number).
5. You will come to know about this fraud after 1-2 months after recieving the wellcome kit.
6. Now the 2nd phase of the trap: If you go for the cancellation, they will tell you as per rule you have to cancel your membership within 10 days after applying the membership. But you can only know that you have been cheated after 1-2 months of applying the membership.
7. Now the harasment and pain. You will do lot of follow-ups, but you will not get the money back easily.
Please spread this awareness and don't get into the trap of Club Mahindra!! Don't even fill-up the coupon.
Club Mahindra have cheated me twice. First time about 10 years back, second time Dec 2008 with a promise to compenciate previous maoney and offered a SONY LCD TV 28". But again grabbed 42k. Now no response to phone calls and registered letters.
I also fully agree with all the complaints as I am experiencing the same problem after applying for cancellation, daily i am trying to contact them but they keep saying that within 24 hrs somebody will contact u however nobody contacts, and the story goes on.

Club Mahindra Holidays — Refund my money - cancel membership

I agreed to become a member of Club mahindra. But before my membership ID could be generated, they refused to send me on the place of my choice hence I requested that my membership not be created and my money refunded. but not only did they NOT REFUND MY MONEY. They also created my mebership ID against my wishes. Now they are neither refunding money nor sending me on vacation.
I am surprised none of u have approached consumer Court which has got stringent policy against such fraud.
Club Mahindra 's offer is more of a gimmick than reality. Money what u pay today, its NPV is at least 5 times across 25 years. Moreover many hidden costs like renewal etc. are embedded and not clarified at the time of contract. It is absolutely not the kind of investment one should go for unless u have hoardes of black money, and every time u stay in 5 star hotels/ resorts only while holidaying and convinced u will be hale and hearty for next 25 years for holidaying as per the schedule dictated by club Mahindra. One of my relative is suffering because of non cancellation .

Club Mahindra — Membership cancellation not considered within the policy time frame

Complaint regarding refusal to refund registeration fees towards Club Mahindra membership inspite of infroming sales & Member relations withing the policy time frames.

Payment made towards registeration on 6th Feb 09 Rs 15,855/- by credit card. Due to my spouse losing his job we didnt want to continue with the membership, but when we contacted the sales person we did not receive any favourable response. After chasing several times we were given the Memebr Realtions nos. After receiving the welcome kit we sent a mail to feedback@clubmahindra.com on 4th Mar 09 as mentioned in their letter.

Subsequently we met Ms Ujwal Khot (Zonal Manager) personally on 4th Apr 09 to explain that our case was genuine.

We still have not received any favourable response till date & have been chasing regualrly.
the commitments made by their represntatives are not fullfilled, call centre refuses to fullfill the commitments made by their sales representatives & sales representatives do not pick up their mobiles after taking the payments or make another false commitment which is never fullfilled.CM is a fraud company. they even charge for bicycle, snooker, internet cafe & other sports at their resort, moreover they do not provide any information about local sight seeing or do not arrange any tours, they are just like a hotel & not holiday planners.

I totally agree with all the negative comments of the club mahindra member. club mahindra is a big cheat and you cannot trust them. I took the policy and within 10 days i have requested them to cancel my policy, however they didn't entertained me, i was continuously following up with them to get that cancelled.
Their executives told me that they will not going to refund any of the amount which i have paid for the membership.
guys don't trust this and don't go for such membership, u will be cheated. better plan ur holiday by your own u will save lots of money.

I am a member and definitely victim of CLUB MAHINDRA TRAP. I have formed an association to fight for our rights legally. If you want refund and additional compensation pl e-mail me at pradip5050@yahoo.com. We will fight together for justice
I bought this membership for my parents, but my dad is very unwell so we want the money to go for his health and I want to get the membership cancelled. I called the help desk number and the person told me that the money would be refundable, on asking if there was a refund policy, he said yes there was one. But now when we contacted Club Mahindra's local office, they are saying the money is non-refundable. We have not travelled at all and it is frustrating that none of this is refundable. Can someone help?
SunandSing's reply, Sep 4, 2016
Hi, it seems the post if very old. I am also in similar trap. can you please confirm if you received the money.
I bought this membership for my parents, but my dad is very unwell so we
want the money to go for his health and I want to get the membership
Cancelled. I called the help desk number and the person told me that the
money would be refundable, on asking if there was a refund policy, he
Said yes there was one. But now when we contacted Club Mahindra's local
Office, they are saying the money is non-refundable. We have not
Travelled at all and it is frustrating that none of this is refundable.
Can someone help?
Hi All, I am going through a similar experience, I had cancelled this membership ship on 26th June 2014 which was within the cooling period and had requested an urgent refund of my money due to personal issues.
The executive from chembur branch had promised that my money would be return within a week but it has been 20 days and I have not got my refund of Rs 26200 back.

Can someone please provide me an escalation contact as I urgently need my funds returned.
Membership Id-2574689
Contact number[protected]
Club mahindra does not clearly lay down refund and cancellation policy.
If one has not started with membership usage period they are nor refunding the down payment and other
Emi debited . they just keep on postponing calls and do not process our cancellation Request.
Their rci special offers cannot be utulised as it is always pack and booked with
No availability. booking dates are not available as per our convience.food charges are also high at resorts with taxes
Like service tax value added tax and service charges...almist you pay 25%
More. Do not get trap with such offers and membership.i
Tushar Oberai.
Hi Diler, you will only need to run from pillar to post but your money will not get refunded. Im too suffering from the same sickness of mental torture. I would suggest you to file a complain at the 'Consumer Greviance Forum', you will not only get your moeny back after deduction but you will get your complete invested amount.

I too will be going to the 'Consumer Greviance Forum' in some days. If nothing happens will be making a legal case in the Small Casues Court of Mumbai.

Do you have by any chance the 'Terms and Conditions' from Club Mahindra at the time of signing the membership. If you could please email me on letshavefun@bigfoot.com
I wish I had read some of these complaints before I applied for my Club Mahindra membership. In my experience, Club Mahindra makes you fake promises to get you to join. And once they get hold of your money, there is no way to ensure quality of service.

In my experience:
1. I was made an offer of 5 complimentary nights, but when I tried to avail of the offer, it was deducted from my normal quota. When I phoned up the contact center staff, they would not take responsibility as the booking was made via the website.
2. The quality of the resorts also seem to be declining. On our first holiday, we had cockroaches in our bed. Considering that the average cost of this package comes up to a min of Rs 15, 000 per yr (including yearly maintenance costs) for the next 25 years... Is it really worth it?
3. And, of course, since as in my case, you only experience the terrible quality of their service after you've spent an incredible amount of money, and there's nothing you can do, except apply in the consumer courts to get your money back for holidays that you will never take.

Lousy company, lousy resorts, lousy customer interaction.

Think we should all get together and file a PIL to get this fraudulent business venture shut down.
Dear All,

Yes, these guys are cheaters, we took 3 cards for 25 years international membership, paying huge money, When we asked them to book for Europe, they started telling stories and conditions from day one, then I asked to cancel my membership, till then no one is responding...!!!
These guys real crooks, , If they dont respond us in Hyderabad, we know how treat these guys in our old city...!!! We r waiting for amecable solution otherwise we will teach the lesson for sure...

Pawanii Akanapuram
Hi All,

My humble request you all not to take clubmahindra membership, they are lying with there Commitment,
I have taken membership last year still the date I have paid 93, 000/-, because of some financial issue,

I want to cancel the member ship. I went to their Andheri office mumbai, and asked regarding cancellation but the manager denied cancel the membership and refund also, it is very pathetic experience while talking with their manager.

I want to cancel the membership right now and refund the money back.
Membership id: - 2528785

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