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My name is Daivesh G. Kamat & I work in Muscat. I logged on to Club mahindras website & asked for enquiry. Immidiately i was called by Mr. Sunil Rajj who is an executive of Club mahindra based in Dubai. He visited my place in Muscat & had a nice presentation about Club mahindra. He also told me that they are going to open a resort in dubai by December 2010 & also in china & south africa by 2011.
He promised me that he shall assist me to book my holidays.
I was supposed to go for vacation in September so I called Mr. Sunil & told him the dates. he promised me to do the same. I never received any confirmation about my holidays. I went for my vacation & from Goa i called Mr Sunil to enquire about the same. he said he is in india for some personal problems & gave me GSM No & email of one more executive Miss Deepthi Sara
I called this lady 100 times, send emails several times but she never responded. As a result I came back to muscat & called Mr sunil to cancel my membership.Mr.Sunil came to my place & said sorry for what happened. I was frustated I told hin to cancel my membership & asked for refund. Finally he agreed & left.
Now its almost 4 months I am sending emails but no response. I receive calls from their office saying that you money is with us & you can continue any time. But they dont say anything about the refund. I have asked several times about the confirmation but no response. I have lost R.O. 530.000 which is INR 65,000/-
I request all to stay away from Club Mahindra

Daivesh G. Kamat
Ruwi, Muscat
Membership No 1955105
GSM NO[protected]
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response Mar 01, 2010
Dear Danny,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns through this forum.

Iam certainly concerned on the experience that has left much to be desired hence would like to thank you for being patient.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - [email protected] I will ensure to revert to you as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response Mar 02, 2010
Dear All,

We are concerned that your experience with us has been a less than pleasant one.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - [email protected] I will ensure address your concerns to as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response Mar 06, 2010
Dear Kartha,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

In continuation to your interactions with us, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction and the refund cheque has also been received by you.

May I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

For any further queries please write to my email - [email protected]

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response Feb 23, 2011
Dear Mr.Kamat,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

We have taken note of your concerns and regret the inconvenience you had to face.

We are coordinating with the concerned branch on the same. Please be ensured that we will revert to you at the earliest.

Please write in to the email - [email protected] for any further clarifications in the meantime.

With regards
Member Relations
Mahindra Holidays
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I got a call to attend Club Mahindra Presentation at Centre Stage Mall. I was asked not to carry any cheque book or cash as they are not selling us anything and we are lucky that they have selected us for a free package.

When we reached there, the girl Neha Kaur and Rajeev Verma gave us a presentation and forced us to pay by Credit Card the initial membership fees though I requested them to give me sufficient time to think. Next day I received a confirmation call and lady informed about so many other costs which were not informed to us during presentation. immediately i asked that lady to cancel my membership. She said somebody will get back to me. Days passed then I received a booklet and card details. Immediately I called up the memberrelationship department and got a official cancellation number. I was told that my refund will reach me in 40 days. Now 4 months have elapsed. There are just empty promises. Even their Bhikaji cama place numbers in delhi are not reachable. The Authorised Signatory Mr. karan has stopped receiving calls. they are fraud and let nobody fall in this trap.I am having all the emails from them filled with empty promises. Initially Mr. Sanjeev kumar said that refund will reach by 10th October, then 10 th November. On 10th I was told that Mr. Karan is out of station and will return to DLI on 17th and will sign the cheques. On 17th I was told that I will recieve the cheque by 20th November. now nobody is responding to my calls.

Membership No 1058184 Cancellation No 010617

With great difficulty I have been given now a request no 1076369 by the call centre executive who can only feel sorry and showed her helplessness. This is what is Club Mahindra is all about.
Dear Sir,

We had taken a holiday package from Club Mahindra (Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd., (Membership No.404799) under which we were promised that the holidays would be inflation free for 25 years. However, later through internet we discovered that the holidays were not really inflation free and the maintenance fee payable was liable to be changed based on Price Index. We also came to know that Club Mahindra had taken / sold holidays much in excess of its installed capacity. In addition they have been providing free holiday coupons in a bid to lure more customers. This is being done at a frantic pace now and their representatives can be seen at petrol pumps, malls, etc. Also they rent out their rooms directly to non-members. Considering all this we requested confirmation on mainly on two aspects (1) that there would be no change in maintenance charges and (2) that we would be assured of holidays of one week as promised each year. We failed to get a confirmation from them and hence we requested them to refund the amount of Rs.18649/- paid by us as advance amount. They have written to us (again a letter on Club Mahindra letterhead without any reference number and purportedly signed by Ms Prity Pant Member Relations of their Lucknow Office and received yesterday, i.e.,18 December 2007 by courier at our residence) that the advance amount was non-refundable clause 6.1 of their terms and conditions. We wish to state that this set of terms and conditions were not circulated at the time of signing of the agreement. They were sent by Club Mahindra about one month later by which time we had also expressed our desire to exit / cancel the membership. Club Mahindra has also not provided any confirmation on the promises made by the Sales Representatives at Lucknow. Under the circumstances we request your intervention inensuring that Club Mahindra makes the necessary refund at the earliest. Also it is pertinent to note that Club Mahindra is not an investor friendly company which is apparent from the numerous emails that have been dispatched over the past more than one and half months to the company to get a proper response. This even when they sent an automated response stating that our issue would be attended to within 48 hours.

We understand that they are coming out with an IPO. It would be in the best interests of investors that SEBI checks out their installed capacity and the capacity already committed / sold which as per popular estimations is in excess to installed capacity. Further, they are on a signing spree with many new members being added with lure of free gifts with an eye on a good response to the IPO. We really do not understand how a company with excess capacity sold can add on new members even considering that they will be adding on new destinations / capacity which would take anywhere between 2-3 years to complete.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Kartha Satheesan
we took club mahindra membership(mem. no. 551852) on 31/12/07 but due to some urgent requirements of funds could not continue and got our membership cancelled on 05/01/08. we called the delhi office and were given a fax no. and were asked to send a fax at that no. regarding the same, i also recieved a call and the lady asked the reason and after that she announced that the membership is cancelled.when i did not recieve the refund of the down payment i called again and some ms isha adhikari very conveniently said her office did not recieve the fax.
i have written again and again and mr. gulvender singh has been of help but i have still not recieved the refund yet. this is not how you should deal with ppl and i have told again and again that i urgently require the money, my husband is a fauji and is posted in feild so stop the troubles and refund the rs29, 161 that you owe me.
I am Arindam Das from Serampore (Hooghly) took the membership of Club Mahindra. I got my membership activated on 09th of September. Then I found certain blogs and post over the internet saying that many loopholes about the Club Mahindra Holidays. The membership clause says if one cancels within 10 days then he/she will get the whole money back of the down payment which is 33, 725 Rupees for this case. So I have sent one email on 19th of September for cancellation of my membership (Membership Id# 1369707). But now when I contacted the Kolkata Branch Office of Club Mahindra I got different response. Paromita Jana one representative from Kolkata branch office of Club Mahindra says that if you give your first EMI I will ensure you will get 20, 000 Rs as returned money back. This is not a good example of business ethics rather it is a case of cheating common people. I am a Software Engineer and currently working in UK. I have put my hard earned money here. I am eligible for the money back. But they won't money back at all.

Arindam Das
Exactly same thing happened to me and now there is a no way out.
I'm planning to take a legal action against them.
What have you done to get your money back?
What's the status on your case? Please let me know and join hands over this issue...
Sharat Katariya
Mem No. 550334
we got recenlty married and were just planning for our honeymoon destination and heard of club mahindra giving us lucrative offers .At first we were dam happy about it and bought a holiday package worth Rs 15680 but then we realised that other travel agents are offering much better options to us . The manager told us that your money will be refunded within 45days but now it has been like more than 2 months we have been constantly calling the sales executives and the manager as if the only work assigned to us is begging them for our own money.I wonder there has been numerous complaints against club mahindra why is there no action against this fraud company who does not even care for consumers.
This incident is not a new one it has been happening from past many times.
Why is there no strict action against this company..Why the consumers have to plead every time to get their own money...
Dear Sir/Madam,

Could somebody guide me in the following matter?

I applied for Club Mahindra Membership and paid some initial approx 24, 000/- however same day I came across this websites and applied for cancellation on next day by sibmitting my cancellation request to one Amar and Aziz in Club Mahindra Palm Beach Galleria, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Office. They convinced me that I will get the full refund within 45 days and I also obtain an assurance letter from them too in this regard. Now its almost six months over to that however there is no response from them inspite of writing so many mails on [protected]@clubmahindra.com and calling a number of times on their helplines.

Shall I approach consumer court or to police?

Anybody has got their refund, if yes then please advise.

This is to bring to your knowledge, the problem I had been facing regarding my membership closure. Bringing to your notice the sequence of events :

1. On 23rd Nov.2008 at your office GF 42, L-1, BLOCK CENTER, SECTOR –18, NOIDA, Paid Rs.23782/- (Twenty Three Thousand, Seven Hundred & Eighty Two) and became your member.

2. Payment Acknowledgement was received on 27th Nov.2008, which had our membership Number : 1416511.

3. Welcome letter received from Club Mahendra on 27th Nov.2008, this was from Mr.Ajay Nambiar, Head Member Relation

4. 1st Letter of Cancellation given on 1st December 2008, to Mr.Ajay Nambiar (By Hand Delivery at Sector –18, NOIDA Office)

5. 2nd Letter of Cancellation given on 15th December 2008, to The Branch Manager (By Hand Delivery at Sector –18, NOIDA Office)

6. 3rd Letter of Cancellation given on 26th February 2009, to Mr.Gulvendra Singh, post discussion with him on line via e-mail to `gulvendra.[protected]@clubmahindra.com and also faxed at[protected]

7. Received consent regarding Letter of Cancellation received from Mr.Dinesh.R, Member Relation, with the promise that the matter will be looked into soon. on 27th Feb.2009

It is now Seven Months (From 1st December 2008 to End June 2009) and I am yet to receive the proper response from their end.
HI, i was lured by the manager of club mahindra, Baner branch, Pune, to take the membership. I was even told that if i cancel it within 30 days, i'll get the full refund. but after cancelling it within 30 days and after repeated false promises, i still din't get any refund. Its been 6 months now, and i have paid them 25, 000 Rs. I have called their office and sent Emails several times, without any positive response. Club Mahindra people are the most daring cheats. When we call their office, they just keep mum on the phone without uttering any words till we hang up (strange and irritating behaviour). please let me know any ways to fet my refund.
I had a meetinf with the Club Mahindra represenative, and was told that we had 30 days time to decide and the credit card was ony being used as to book the current offer that was going on.... Keeping in ming that i have 30 days starte getting info about what exactly club mahindra is all about and got very bad reviews about it... when decide to cancel the same club mahindra representative bluntly denied the cancellation and refund of the money paid.. just dont know what to do and how to have this issue resolved... if anyone has any inf how this can be resolved please reach me on [protected].... Danny
i too faced a similar situation a couple of months back.

may be Mr. Ajay Nambiar cell nos are useful : [protected], [protected]
we have also been trapped by the sales representative, we don't know how to get our money back
My name is Daivesh G. Kamat & work in Muscat.Very bad experience with club mahindra. All the executives in dubai are coming to Oman & grab the costumers by telling about the resorts which doent exist. I was told by one executive that in Dec 2010 clubmahindra is going to start a resort in dubai. I became a member & than I came to know through the executives that they dont have any resort in dubai but are planning to buy a land in dubai for the same. I am sending them several emails to cancel my membership but no response to my mail. The executives call up whenever i send email to [protected]@clubmahindra.com & use abusive language. They just keep on saying that your money is with us & if you want to continue you are wellcome.
Big frauds...All the non members stay away..

Daivesh G. Kamat
Ruwi, Muscat
Membership No 1955105
GSM NO[protected]
contact this lady Indira on indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I have received my Rial Omani 510 out of Rial Omani 530 which I paid within 30 days from Dubai branch. The Lady really works hard.
Thanks a lot indira
Best rgds

Daivesh Kamat, Muscat

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