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Maharashtra, India
Dear Sir My Name is Dilip M. Satam, I have taken the membership of Club Mahindra in 2003 in month of November 2003 , the executive came to my office ,and he told me you can book the visit in next vacation , But When I call on helpline for booking , that time telly caller told me that I not suppose to book , because my membership for off season vacation period, so that I have ask to cancel my membership , to Mumbai office which was situated at Andheri Solitare Park , but that lady refuse to refund my money which was paid about more than Rs.50,000/- , My membership no.was 28903 and period was 08/2004 to 07/2029.
and also lady misbehave with me regarding fee ,So that I am Giving message to other peoples , please first clear all doubts regarding the membership , then go for that , other wise you peoples also cheated by Club Mahindra Excecutives,
Club Mahindra should pay my fees with interest of 5years
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 01, 2010
Dear Swapnil,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns through this forum.

In continuation to your interactions with us, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction.

May I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

Please send in your queries to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com.

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Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 05, 2010
Dear All,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns through this forum.

We are certainly concerned on the experience that has left much to be desired hence would like to thank you for being patient.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure to revert to you

as soon as possible.

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Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 06, 2010
Dear Sharat,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

In continuation to your interactions with us, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction and the refund cheque has also been received by you.

May I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

For any further queries please write to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

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Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Oct 21, 2010
Dear Mr.Satam,

In reference to your above review, please be ensured that I have taken note of your concerns and have forwarded the same to the concerned department.

Iam personally coordinating with them and will ensure to revert to you at the earliest.

Please do write back to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any clarifications in the meantime.

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Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Oct 21, 2010
Dear Mr.Satam,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to inform you that we are unable to trace your records with the given member id 28903 and also our team is unable to contact you on your mobile number. Hence, request you to kindly provide us your contact details which will assist us in resolving the concern. Please send in the same to indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com.

With Regards,
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Nov 16, 2010
Dear Mr.Pushpraj,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

We have taken note of your concerns and regret the inconvenience you had to face.

Iam coordinating with the concerned branch on the same. Please be ensured that I will revert to you at the earliest.

Please write in to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any further clarifications in the meantime.


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We took a membership of Club Mahindra about three months back. An executive came to our house and promised us a couple of complementry international stays along with the regular benefits of the membership. we got lured into taking the membership and paid an initial downpayment of Rs 30, 000/.
In around two weeks time, when we got our registration number, we tried to avail the promised complimentry International stay in any part of the world. We realized that this complimentry stay was not actually in any part of the world but in some far off places where one can't even reach by taking a flight. We felt cheated and tried to cancel our membership but now they tell us that we can't do that as they don't have an exit policy.
I've been chasing them for the past two and a half months and now finally they have told me that they give me a refund. I feel harrassed and cheated. I don't know where to go. Please help us in this matter.

Club Mahindra — No Refund even when eligible according to the its Terms and conditions!


My husband and I enrolled for Club Mahindra membership in Jan 2008, we cancelled the membership in Oct 2008. We according to the terms and conditions of Club mahindra were advised that the down payment that we mae of 30000 Rs will not be refunded. However, the installments that we have paid (approx 50, 000) after that will be refunded subject to some deductions within 45 days.

We called their contact centre after 45 days as the cheque didn't arrive and then were promised that concerned department will get back to us. Then we received a phone call and an e-mail that we are not eligible to any refund!!

We pointed the clause in which its clearly written that only initial amount is not refundable but rest is... I also wrote an e-mail to Club Mahindra but no reply!!!

The contact centre people keep saying that we will get a call in 24 hours! A big lie!!!

Could anyone guide me as how to get my money back. I am asking for something that I am entitled for and they have turned a deaf ear!


Geetanjali and Amit Dasgupta
Exactly same thing happened to me and now there is a no way out.
I'm planning to take a legal action against them.
What have you done to get your money back?
What's the status on your case? Please let me know and join hands over this issue...
Sharat Katariya
Mem No. 550334
I am also a viction of same thing. Club Mahindra shall pay interest as well as penalty for playing around with people's money.

Did you get you money back after this complaint?
My Name is Swapnil Kharche with Membership no:1469692.
I had cancelled my membership on third day of enrollment. They told me that you will get your refund within 30-45 working days. But it took me to get my refund amount Rs 15000 back almost 6 months after rigorous follow up (Daily phone calls, emails). During this time I have called more than 135 times to club mahindra offices at various places like Vashi (palm beach galeria,Vashi Stn,Andheri office). The company has very poor refund process.
I would sugget not to go for such processless company for availing our beautiful holidays. The marketing executives are lying with the costmores.
Dear Swapnil,

Would like to know if you received the complete refund or part and in case it was part refund, what was the %? Thanks.

Dear Sir

As they are trying to take away our hard earned money by lying to us lets do something that will sweep them off their feet. I am going to start distributing messages outside sales office informing people about the consumer complaints against them. I have got the messages printed and will distribute them with the help of other harassed members. Lets effect their sales and then only they will realize that something has to be done with these compalints.


STAY AWAY from the company Club Mahindra... I am a (un-happy) member too, even after paying so much, I do not get my holidays, they ask us to plan 6 months in advance, all services in their resorts are to be paid extra, dining charges are too high, ASF (annual subscription fees) to be paid extra each year in addition to membership fees (the ASF charges increase every year), not all resorts have kitchenettes... long list of issues which the management doesn;t care for, all they want is to make new members. A review is also posted at http://shib4u.blogspot.com/2009/04/club-mahindra-review.html.

Indira - please stop posting the same old lines on all the complaints, whatever the resolution, please post it here so that everyone should know what CM is doing for the complaints.
I have been cheated by this co by executve mahesh shetty ,i was not interested inthis membership as i was already a member of other club,i told him after he failed to convince me he started came in through colour he told me to join for week time he told me he return d amt with interest,i accepted as he was from our comunity,once swipped through credit card he never showed up or attended my call ,i have send many letters and email but noresponce , every person is involved in this scam senior head to managers as told by mahesh even ajay nambiar cant help u as he also takes money from us who is senior head of this co, i have swipped on 16/9/09, my membership no is1568686 plz help me out.
The list of complaints against the Mahindra group company from members is increasing. But they are not being addressed appropriately

There appears to be little respite for Mahindra Holidays and Resorts, as the list of complaints from dissatisfied customers continues to grow. The complaints range from unsatisfactory practices and deficiency in services to unfulfilled promises. While very little is known about how successful the company has been in redressing the complaints, a letter addressed to Mahindra Holidays managing director Ramesh Ramanathan recently raises the lack of clarity over the business model that this Mahindra group company follows.

"Overall people are not very clear on the business model Club Mahindra follows. There is no one reference document to it and the typical timeshare model does not apply in this case, " Bhupesh Gupta, who has been a member of Club Mahindra Holidays since 2004, wrote in his complaint. "Bits and pieces of information come to light, surprising me every time. I am surprised why Mahindra Holidays reports resort occupancy levels at the time of quarterly report to shareholders. What significance does this have to its timeshare business? Who will take the hit of this under-utilisation, the members or the business?"

Mr Gupta says that he has not received a reply from the company for some time and so addressed a copy of the letter to Moneylife, which raised the issue with the company. However, the explanations by Mr Ramesh and chairman Arun Nanda were not very enlightening. Without answering the issue raised directly, both tried to describe how "customer centric" the company has been.

Mr Ramesh says, "Our surveys done both internally and independently prove that we have a very happy set of members who rate the experience at our resorts extremely high. I am happy to share with you that RCI have awarded the Gold Crown status to 10 of our resorts… more than 25% of our new members sign up through referrals by existing members, denoting a high level of delight with the brand." RCI is the largest timeshare vacation network in the world.

Strangely, in a recent interview with MoneyControl, Mr Nanda had admitted that an internal check has revealed that the company was lacking in many aspects and that it required some cleansing operations to contain the damage to its membership base. Club Mahindra is said to have experienced a 30% drop in membership sales revenue over the past few months.

It is very likely that this is the outcome of the numerous complaints of members that appear to go unresolved. Consumer review websites like mouthshut.com and https://www.consumercomplaints.in list some of them. In one recent note, Devyani Chakraborty says she is still awaiting a refund on cancellation of her membership, which was sold to her a few days before during Durga Puja. In one post today, Mr Sandeep said he has failed to encash a free holiday voucher coupon after he was told that there were no rooms available in any of the resorts in any destination.

Other complaints refer to lack of proper exit options, which, the Mahindra Holidays chairman said were very few. However, there is no explanation as to why members have to go through an excruciating exit mechanism and lose 30-40% of their membership fees in the process.

Many of the timeshare membership holders have complained that the "flexibility" option, which enables the users to transfer, exchange and split their holidays, have led to under-utilisation of the resorts. Moreover, they accuse the administration of favouritism, which enables only some particular members to avail good reservation dates and facilities.

But while members are allegedly denied facilities, resorts and rooms are used for other events and availed by outsiders. Many members, after repeated failures, give up on making reservations, which leaves many resorts with vacancies. There are complaints about unsatisfactory services, inadequate inventory and other unfulfilled promises.

It appears from inquiries Moneylife made with some members that there is no proper grievance redressal mechanism and neither are members aware of how they can get their complaints resolved, nor are the staff equipped to deal with such situations. Another repeated mention is that staff members engage in dubious practices like lotteries, misleading members about offers and not providing proper information about the terms and conditions.
Thanks Guyes,
You saved me i only paid abt 2% of that.thanks this website to save my 98 % money.
Mr.Vinit Parekh also gave me false information, when i checked here i dont like approach of any of mahindra executive.so i mailed him to terminate my membership as it is in 10 days now no one is answering my phone or no reply to my mail.Mr. vinit told you cant terminate membership because u took in anniversary offer.i know this is not correct because when i told him to send email stating that.
mr. saurav tell me what i have to do to take my downpayment back as it is within 10 days.
Very Bad experience with office,


Abhijit DT
i have also paid Rs55, 000/- for club mahindra membership on 26th of Jan, 2011.
I received any membership kit inMarch end, after sending several reminders-mails.
In April end after not able to login, i have written for refund.
Can anybody help guiding me further regarding how to get our money back?
Thank you sharing your valuable feedback. I think I am going to face the same problem. I am thinking of relinquishing my membership but they are saying No refund policy even though you have not used their service for single day. My cancellation of membership is because of lack of service post sales issue.
I feel it has become Jhelo life instead of Jiyo life because of Club Mahindra.
I am Jagan. I had paid Rs.27500 toward enrolment with White Studio. Due to medical emergency in my family I had requested for the refund of money. I got a e mail from [protected]@clubmahindra.com. My query number is 3031939. It was communicated that someone will call within 24 hours on the query. I got a e mail from U Rajkumar (Manager - Member Relations). But not has contacted me.

What is the escalation point if no one calls from Club Mahindra, Please let me know on this.
To whomsoever it concerns in Club Mahindra,

Please refund our membership fee of Rs.1, 00, 000.

We have been purely misguided by club mahindra representatives - Lubna Khan and Prince Rajput at the Hub Mall, Goregaon E :

Incorrect information was given to us to before joining the membership of club mahindra.

The document that we have received from club mahindra today proves that they have wrongly guided us through the Club Mahindra presentation and the pitch document.

The reasons supporting our final decisions:

Unethical Conduct - We were unsure of our bank balance. The executives said they shall check if there is balance. Instead of just checking the balance, they swiped the card and deducted Rs.20, 000.
Prince Rajput came home to collect the Rs.80, 000. He was guiding his colleagues over the phone to deduct money from the debit card even without the physical card. We stopped him from doing so and raised our doubt. This still makes me feel so INSECURE that your representatives can misuse our debit card.
They told us that we were VIP customers being offered the SLEO. In SLEO membership we are supposed to pay 50% of Rs. 1, 99, 999 (total membership fee) as a down payment and the rest 50% (Rs. 1, 00, 000) as EMI of Rs. 4167 over a period of 24 months. This will be based on 0% interest.
The ASF (Annual Subscription Fee) mentioned by the executives was Rs.10, 748 while we are actually being charged Rs.11, 600.
The executives never mentioned that the ASF will increase with the inflation.
We just found out today when we received the official letter from Club Mahindra Holidays that the ASF is subject to inflation. So I assume every year we will be paying additional Rs. 1000 hiked price in addition to the existing one, for 25 years. So, I understand in the 25th year we will be paying approximately Rs. 36, 500 ASF.
The executives also said that we would be liable to pay the ASF only when we decide to take the holiday in the particular year.otherwise, if we skip a year we will not be liable to pay the ASF for that particular year .
Today, we are reading in the literature that we have to pay the ASF every year irrespective of whether we go on the holiday. And if we do not go on a holiday then the ASF will accumulate and whenever we take a long accumulated holiday, we would have to pay for the accumulated ASF.

We do not want to continue a relationship which is based on lies and deceit.

We are totally and strongly convinced that relationships do not run on such unethical misinformation. We came for a relaxing holiday expectation.

We haven't utilized any of your holidays hence please refund our entire amount.

Request you to avoid spoiling our time, energy and happiness.

siddharth maskeri

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