[Resolved] Club Mahindra Holidays — Frustrated and Cheated - Want money back

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Maharashtra, India
Dear Sir/Madam,
My membership id is: 2021563, season: blue , studio
In reference to my withdrawal application dt 26-09-10 to the Club Mahindra office at the Palm Beach Galleria, Vashi, I forward my worry and unfortunate experience with the same. There has been a series of incidents that have compelled me to cancel this bondage forever.
Communication of insufficient information about the Membership, rude behavior and stereotype attitude of the Sales Executive, Seniors, bunch of misleadings and lack of communication of the officials between themselves are the main reasons of why I seek this withdrawal.
I have a sincere request that the company should take some measure against those that harm the reputation this way and also ensure that people stepping out of their offices have got all the information they need to have and not get startled or surprised wrongly after they opt for a leisure time only to find that they have added more trouble to their lives.
My series of ‘bad to worst’ experiences with the Club Mahindra, Vashi:
I got many phone calls from the Mahindra Club backoffice and was told about free offers under any circumstances – just my presence was enough they said to avail these offers- to which I responded by attending their so called 30-minute introduction which lavishly took 3 hours to communicate the product details. Though we were not happy with the attitude of the Sales Executive, we paid the amount and were happy that at least we had invested in a good company and there would be value for the money paid. But this happiness was over within a week when the ground realities were surfaced.
The form filling was without even offering us to read the terms and conditions, it seems the Club Mahindra personnel gets the details filled within three minutes so getting time to read any of the clauses to the customers was not really a practice followed.
A lot many promises and misleadings were made towards building the ‘customer’s trust’ as usual by the big branded company officials. I made a payment thru my wife’s credit card of Rs. 16031 (Sixteen thousand thirty one) on 30thAug’10 and was again told it would be credited only by 7th Oct 2010 by the Senior Officer1. Also was confirmed, the kit and the other offer cards would be reaching us within 4-5 days.
There was no welcome call made by the club, which was promised to be within 4-5 days. The amount was immediately credited to the Club’s account withih 2 days. It was disgusting to find my email address wrongly recorded. Still I have not received the email.
Poor followup aspect of the club: My wife had to ring up after a week to find the status of the same. No fruitful response was given, it was just said the courier had been dispatched which was later found as untrue.
The next call was responded with a customer care number, to which she had to ring up to ask again the status of the courier and the same was then turned smartly into a ‘Welcome Call’ by the Executive which left us with enough setbacks.
• Email entered in the system was incorrect.
• The holiday start was only by Jan 2012.
• There was a long waiting period.
• The Annual Subscription Amount told would be varying (increasing) every year and does not remain constant for 25 years.
• The Kit would reach only by 30 to 45 days.
The EMIs – another tension added:Another blow occurred when my wife called up the Credit Card office to cancel the further EMIs, only to found that the Club Mahindra had a standing instruction from their side, which she being the owner of the card also could not deny. The only option left was to cancel her Credit card.
Personnel communicated with:
• Sales Executive: Mr. Kustubh Rane
• Customer Care Executive: Ms Sangita
• Senior Officer1: Mr. Sachin Kamat
• Senior Officer2: Mr. Yogesh Wagh
• Senior Officer3: Mr. Sandip
Its really surprising to find not a single personnel knowledgeable about the product offers, details and terms and conditions involved in the membership. It’s a disgusting experience and a bitter memory I ever had.
For any company there are competitors, but if the product offered is a guarantee, it surely does well. But sorry to say, the feeling we had was that it’s only the money count of the customer and not the concern or bother of the value of the money given. Pls do not treat your customers like this.
I look for a reimbursement of my amount in full from the company.

Thanking you,

Dr. Sandeep Patil
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Nov 25, 2009
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail.

I understand Ms.Neha, from member relations team (Delhi) is in touch with you to address your concerns to your satisfaction.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.

Looking forward to planning holidays for you & your family.

Warm Regards,

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Feb 10, 2010
Dear Antoni,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns.

Post our discussion with you the other day, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction. It would be great if you could acknowledge the same.

Please do write to me on my email indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any further clarifications.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Feb 22, 2010
Dear Mr.Antoni,

We understand that your concners ahve been addressed to your satisfaction.

It would be great if you can acknowledge the same and revert.

Thank you once again for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

We value your feedback in our continual endeavour to ensure you and your family holiday with us and experience the happiest family holidays.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 02, 2010
Dear Mr.Dhawan,

Thank you for taking time out to give us your feedback.

We are delighted that your membership experience has been so wonderful.

We value your feedback in our continual endeavour to ensure you and your family holiday with us and experience the happiest family holidays.

Warm regards,

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 02, 2010
Dear Bimal,

We are concerned that your experience with us has been a less than pleasant one.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure address your concerns to as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 06, 2010
Dear Shankar,

We are certainly concerned on the experience that has left much to be desired hence would like to thank you for being patient.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure to revert to you as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 26, 2010
Dear Shailesh,

Thank you for voicing out your concerns through this forum.

In continuation to your interactions with us, we understand that your concerns were addressed to your satisfaction and the refund cheque has also been received by you.

May I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.

For any further queries please write to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Sep 30, 2010
Dear Mr.Sandeep,

We understand that Ms.Sangeeta (Member relations) is in touch you to fix up a meeting. Also you have requested for a call back tomorrow to confirm on the meeting.

Please do write back to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com for any furtehr clarifiations in the meantime.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Nov 05, 2013
Dear Sir,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are keen on discussing the matters you've highlighted. Thank you for sharing your membership id and it’d be helpful if you could also share your contact number at http://is.gd/CMListening for our team to get in touch with you at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
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Club Mahindra Holidays — wobbling from day like a old vehicle

We have purchased Manidra Duro on 13Th Sep 2010. We are using Honda Activa from 2003 and have no complaint at all. Here with Duro I am facing that from the day one. Main stand and side stand is designed very poor. It falls when ever we park it on side stand. Your mechanic at Unicorn Motors agreed upon this. It is wobbling from the day one and it continued even after first Services at Unicorn Motors Bangalore. Mr. Natraj at Mansi Motors, Banashankari had promised us the services will be done just on a call. He will send the person to pick up and drop the vehicle but not kept up his word. We have still not received RC card till date which is promised by Mansi Motors with in 15 days of purchase. Tell me what do I do & who I should approach to get justice.
Mahindra Duro
STAY AWAY from the company Club Mahindra... I am a (un-happy) member too, even after paying so much, I do not get my holidays, they ask us to plan 6 months in advance, all services in their resorts are to be paid extra, dining charges are too high, ASF (annual subscription fees) to be paid extra each year in addition to membership fees (the ASF charges increase every year), not all resorts have kitchenettes... long list of issues which the management doesn;t care for, all they want is to make new members. A review is also posted at http://shib4u.blogspot.com/2009/04/club-mahindra-review.html.

Indira - please stop posting the same old lines on all the complaints, whatever the resolution, please post it here so that everyone should know what CM is doing for the complaints.

You got justice or not still.

With Regards
Agree, why not post this on facebook, greater visibility
Hello I am Amit Khurana From Punjab. By reading all this comments it looks like you have been cheated by club mahindra. What I want to tell is that there is another company who is having tieup with more than 1.5 Lakh hotels and resorts aroung the globe in around 160 countries.The thing is that one can chose a hotel around the world with this one particular membership.The cost of joining the company is just Rs 15, 500.for which the company gives a complimentry stay of 7nights and 8days in one of the 3 or 5 star hotels resorts across the world and you can go from 2-6 people on the same package, 3N and 4D option and breakfast option is also available.Agents are welcome to join hands

For more details contact
Amt Khurana
my car bolero sle is bending towards left side and having tire problems
plz response to my problem.
thnk u :-)

Credit Card — discontinuation of ecs payment from my card to club mahindra

please discontinue my monthly ecs payment being deducted in favour of club mahindra from my credit card
Contact in case of Mahindra Scorpio, Xylo, Logan complaints [protected] mail [protected]@mahindra.com
I was aware of all the negative comments about Club Mahindra. But I just wanted to have the experience of meeting these fraudulent people; so I agreed to meet them after they called me saying that I have won 2N and 3D free gift voucher. Once their executives meet me, I asked them some pertinent questions like how many resorts they have and how many customers they have and how they manage 30 resorts with the large base of 1 lakh people. After my questions, their executives started talking about different types of levels (Red, Green etc). After seeing that I can hardly buy their argument, they never went ahead with their 1 Hr presentation and wrapped it within 15 min. Though as promised, they gave me 2N 3D Free Gift coupon which I am sure I can never utilize. Still I will try to see whether I can still get it as it is Free :)
Me too facing similar issuesnof promises not met on the commitment made during sales. I would have made at least 5-6 calls to the sales person, 3 emails and at least half a dozen SMSs to the sales person as we don't have any other contact other than the sales person who has promised and calling on their customer care no is like leaving all the work and just doing that.

Bobby Singh
Dear All

In any company of this sort, there is bound to be dissatisfaction. Promises fail when it comes to delivery stage. This arises mainly because of so many hidden meanings for the cluauses about which a normal person does not have time to investigate before he gets in. That is where the company takes the customer for a big roller coaster ride. Some time back they had only 3 seasons - white, blue & red. Later, ( God knows when) they introduced another catogery- purple- that is higher than red. I am sure, if you fine comb the rules, there will be an exemption clause - rules and regulations may be changed at the will of management and members are bound by them. So, the guys who bought red thinking they can book any time, are taken for a ride without their knowledge. How leagal is to create another class within the existing properties which has been already sold at the time of the member joining? Do we have time to fight it out?
I am the cm member
my membership id is 625295
when i took the mebership 4 years back they just said all good things about the club

but now they have changed their rules terms and condition.
1- they have now said that a member can only make one guest booking in one year

2-once you visit any resort you are not allowed to visit the same resort in one year.

this is real ...

this is for sure i m taking them to court and any body want to help call me [protected]

email id [protected]@gmail.com
I am also one of the latest victim of club mahindra, what ever they offered me, not honour after taking membership, the wrost part is relation manager Mr. Aalekh Malhotra ( Gurgaon branch ) ) stop taking my calls form last two weeks . The offer include two night stay after initial payment which no body bothered to honour .
CEO of Club mahindra must take action to make after sales service more efficient.

Rajender kumar
We are suffering from the Fraud of CM Holiday Schemes . They have duped 1000's people got them to become members and they do not have enough resorts to get chance for people to enjoy the holidays, plan and get accomodiation or time slot where you try when ever you try members will not get slots and infact they ae selling rooms for whom god knows !!! this is disgrace to such a big corporate to indulge in such schemes not fulfilling the expectations of the memebers .

Member ID : 286619
i totally agree with thses guys i was also given the same promises
I have taken this membership from past four years I mean to say Headache from past four years. When I took it I was promised so many things but everything is wrong because 99% of the time you don’t get dates and resorts as per your wish but you get only advice to change your dates and resorts. When I took this membership I was promised 1 free week from RCI also same case is there also you never get dates and resorts as per your wish but only advices. They have a smart executives also they will never misbehave they will politely say no to everything of yours. In four years I have taken only one week holiday because I never got dates and resorts as per my wish. One week which I took also was after lot of problems and I was given no choice so I was in one way forced to take resort as per there wish here also. I have spent almost Dhs 30, 000.00 money to get club Mahindra membership if same money I would have kept in bank and spent only the interest of the same amount I would have got better deals than this one. In short I will suggest people not to take this membership because you guys will face problems, problems and problems only after taking this membership.My opinon is i have given money and take problem not membership.
I totally agree with the most of the complaints above, because I am one of the suffer . I want to sell my 5yeard ( since 2007 ) old membership, Holiday balance is 21 days. If anyone is interested to buy then I can sell it off at 50% DISCOUNT .

The services of the club are very poor and on the top it are FALSE commitments by their SALES team, This is what I have observed during last 5 - 6 years.

Membership ID #252369
39, Milap Nagar, Tonk Road
Jaipur -302018
Mobile : [protected]
Email : [protected]@datainfosys.net
Dear Ashoka,

Please find the attachment below containing print screen of my login of Club Mahindra webiste assigned to me.

The same clearly shows that the Due EMI is nil, which was contradicting with yourself and your collections departments who has contacted me and chasing me constantly regarding the so called 'Outstanding dues' from my end, which does not exist.

Please check the attachment below and clear your doubts; let me assure youy that I am constantly being hounded by 8-10 collection agents from your company's end which is nothing bur HARASSING a genuine client.

I expect a revert from your end stating that there are no dues towards all the above mentioned transactions within the next 24 hours, failing which I will initiate legal proceedings against Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited.

The idea behind enrolling for the membership of Club Mahindra is to enjoy peaceful and memorable holidays with the near and dear ones; Now, because of the issues created by your internal accounts / collections team, I am unable to reserve my holidays with your office. My previous 3 requests for confirmations were declined by your booking team stating that 'you have an outstanding amount and no bookings can be done without clearing the dues'... which is an outrageous way of handling a client.

Even recently a month back, I tried booking a holiday at your Pondicherry resort; as per the call center there are no vacancies available at the resort and did not process my request; however, when we called the resort directly, the reception said that you can even walk in and that we can offer you a 20% discount on the rack rate if you are a club mahindra member and that there are hardly any rooms; so no prior reservations required etc.

Your company should immediately stop such 'two faced' approach to your so called 'valuable' customers. The Club Mahindra organisations' face which we get to see prior to enrolling is totally different; now what we get to see is a totally different company; infact we are unfortunately coming across a greedy pig sort of an organisation, who will stoop to any level even if it means putting your customers under extreme duress and distress, bordering on embarassing the clients.

Tell me, in today's scenario, who can afford to make a reservation 6 months in advance for a local / regional holiday / vacation? Which world are you guys living in?

If you are not able to IMMEDIATELY stop this tamasha and give me a No-Dues clearance and also booking my reservations on priority, request you to refund my entire payments will date with interest (of course).

Expecting your revert within the next 24 hours, of be prepared for a legal recourse.

Good day !

Can anyone tell me if they have received a revert on the concerns/ complaints raised? or case registered?


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