Consumer Courts Of U. P. (India) — Two consumer forums in two districts of u. p. (india) — both operated by fake judges!

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This complaint of consumer court scam should be read along with my earlier complaint titled “consumer forum racket in kanpur”

There are two consumer forums in kanpur---kanpur nagar forum and kanpur dehat forum. Both the forums are situated opposite to each other---in the same collectorate compound of kanpur city. On january 29, 2005 its corrupt and cpa-ignorant president, harcharan singh gautam got retired after committing many misdeeds and misdemeanors against the entire c.P.Act.-1986. After mr. Gautam’s departure, although kanpur dehat forum was running vacant, but its two fraud and dummy members—k. L. Dwivedi and ms. Durgesh nandini katiyar---as usual continued to draw salaries without ever stepping into the forum premises. But their signatures were being manipulatively obtained regularly by sending the case files to their respective homes. Thus the involvement of the entire staff of the same forum also is clearly evident. Further, seeing kanpur dehat forum lying vacant for many months, the most hard core corrupt and ill-famed judge of kanpur---a. H. Ansari chalked out a plan to earn benefit from the situation. Mr. Ansari, who was already heading the kanpur nagar district forum, approached the upscdrc, lucknow, and succeeded in getting the additional charge of presiding over the vacant-going kanpur dehat district forum also. Thus, officially, on papers, w.E.F. September 2005, mr. Ansari became president of the kanpur dehat forum also.

But the game of corruption, fraud. And forgery in kanpur dehat forum had already started w.E.F. August 2005

Even before officially getting the dual duty sanction from upscdrc, w.E.F. September 2005, mr. Ansari had already installed an unknown person named ranvir singh on the coveted seat of kanpur dehat forum president since the start of august 2005. Thus mr. Ansari’s game of corruption was meticulously preplanned w.E.F. August 2005 (That is even before approaching and getting sanction from upscdrc, lucknow). As a part of his criminal conspiracy, mr. Ansari not only involved the two all-time-absentee and dummy forum members in his game of fraud, but all the other employees of the kanpur dehat forum were also taken in confidence and incorporated into the criminal conspiracy. Every participant was assured of his / her share of booty from the would be ill-gotten wealth that was to be collected henceforth by the regular selling of consumer justice. So, despite knowing that ranvir singh was a fraud and fake judge, and that he was having no judicial (Or quasi-judicial) authority, everybody employed in the kanpur dehat forum fully cooperated with the fake judge—ranvir singh, as well as with the master mind of the entire crime---mr. A. H. Ansari. By becoming part of mr. Ansari’s game of deception, whereas the dummy forum members, mr. K. L. Dwivedi and ms. Durgesh nandini katiyar, were not only shamelessly drawing salary-without-work from the kanpur dehat forum, but they were clandestinely also deceiving all the honest litigants by blindly putting their bogus and illegal signatures (From their respective homes) on each and every manipulative and fraudulent orders or judgments written in the handwriting of--, or dictated by ranvir singh.

The modus operandi of corrupt forum judges

How and why a corrupt forum judge (Mr. Ranvir singh) appointed in etawah district consumer forum clandestinely left his city and court both, without getting any leave sanctioned, and then dared to occupy the vacant-lying president’s seat in kanpur deaht consumer forum---165 kilometers away---that too without having any legal authority or any official appointment or a transfer order ?

Officially, mr. Ranvir singh was appointed forum president of etawah district of uttar pradesh state w.E.F. 26 may 2005, and his tenure, ( as shown on papers ) lasted in etawah district forum till 03 march 2006. Then why this judge left his chair in etawah in august 2005 and illegally and clandestinely started working in kanpur where he remained as an impersonator up to 03 march 2006 ? At kanpur, ranvir singh started personating as a forum president and shamelessly started demanding bribes sometime like an extortionist. He never behaved or acted like a judge. His conduct was more heinous than that of notorious thug, natwarlal, and stamp paper swindler, abdul karim telgi. Whereas the latter two criminals had only temporarily challenged the law of the land, but they had eventually landed into jail, but the criminal-minded judges like a. H. Ansari, ranvir singh, and their associates have entirely changed the procedural code of the consumer protection act-1986 itself, but still they were all allowed to complete their tenure of service uninterrupted, and finally they all also retired peacefully with full benefits of pension, etc. Not only this, despite having in hand several irrefutable documentary evidences of fraud, forgery, and deliberate injustices committed by a. H. Ansari et al, the upscdrc, lucknow---the governing body of all the u. P. State consumer fora---also gave clean chit to all the fraud-players on 24 november, 2008 by issuing an office order. The office order includes the dismissed forum member, ms durgesh nandini katiyar, from whom the salaries drawn by her are also being recovered back by the upscdrc itself.

Moreover, a man who was supposed to be hearing cases in etawah district consumer forum, but he did not remain on the forum seat for 7 to 8 months in succession, then certainly another fake person might have been installed on his seat in etawah also to fill up the gap. That fake person, who had been personating in etawah in place of ranvir singh should also be identified by the investigating agencies. Thus, a serial fraud was being committed, but even ncdrc, new delhi, failed to stop this criminality despite being informed fully and comprehensively in writing through an earlier detailed complaint dated 28-12-2005.

Although ncdrc, new delhi, had issued an order to upscdrc, lucknow, to conduct an inquiry, and the inquiry did start also. But despite setting two dead lines to submit their replies, the guilty judges did not care at all for the inquiry letters sent by upscdrc. Eventually whole inquiry was suppressed by the upscdrc itself on the request of corrupt judges of kanpur and etawah. Had the inquiry letter nos. 2507/scdrc/u.P./adhi. 22, dated 18 january, 2006 and 205/scdrc/u.P./adhi. 22, dated 04 may, 2006, issued by upscdrc, lucknow, at the behest of ncdrc, new delhi, been honored by abiding the law, the racket of operating fake consumer forums by the criminal-minded judges in etawah, kanpur, and lucknow sector, would have been exposed long ago. Thus, entire consumer protection act was not only violated but fully distorted, defiled, and trampled with ill motive, and the aggrieved plaintiffs and their advocates were brazenly cheated. Because of this, all the proceedings, orders-passed, and judgments-delivered in hundreds of concerned case files in etawah and kanpur (And possibly elsewhere also) handled by the corrupt judges have become illegal. The swindlers like mr. A. H. Ansari, ranvir singh, kanhaiya lal dwivedi, and ms. Durgesh nandini katiyar must be prosecuted as per law. The crooked orders and judgments passed by these swindlers should be set aside, and the affected plaintiffs must be thoroughly compensated. The salaries drawn by the hard-core corrupt judges throughout of their tenure must be recovered back, their pensions must also be stopped forthwith, and their disproportionate assets be seized and forfeited by the directorate of revenue intelligence. If the salaries drawn by the fraud-playing lady forum member, ms. Durgesh nandini katiyar, are being taken back by the govt., then why similar action against her superior bosses and other forum employees is not being taken ? This is necessary because all of them were willfully involved in the same crime by a joint financial collusion.

Judge ranvir singh used to draw salaries without being physically present in etawah, and without putting signatures on the attendance register

When the complainant had put forward a questionnaire (Dated 07-6-2008) under r.T.I. Act-2005 before the consumer forum of etawah district, the current president of this forum, sri kishore ram, through his reply dated 30-6-2008, had stated as follows :

1. That sri ranvir singh was appointed etawah district forum president w.E.F. 26th may, 2005. On 03 march, 2006, ranvir singh was transferred to kanpur dehat.

2. That sri a. K. Saksena and smt. Savitri devi acted as forum members with sri ranvir singh ; and also that both these members are in service till date.

3. That sri ranvir singh drew his first salary on 10-10-2005, and last salary (Rs. 23, 673/=) on 04-3-2006.

4. That ranvir singh never took any leave.

5. That the (Two) forum members confirm that they had always remained present along with sri ranvir singh every day during hearing of the cases by the latter.

6. That sri ranvir singh and the forum members never put their signatures on the attendance register.

7. That the employees (Staff) of etawah district forum confirm that sri ranvir singh used to hear the forum cases with the full bench, and that he had followed this procedure till the last day of his service there.
The above noted r.T.I. Answers clearly indicate that the entire staff including the two forum members of etawah district consumer forum are trying to shield the corrupt judge ranvir singh from being caught and punished.

A natural question now arises as to why the two forum members of etawah (Mr. A. K. Saxena & mrs. Savitri devi) never used to put their signatures on the attendance register during the regime of ranvir singh, and why they have started signing on the attendance register in the regime of mr. Kishore ram ?

What does supreme court say in the matter of fraudulent judjments and orders ? : “if judgment was obtained or delivered by fraud, court can recall its earlier order”
[ ]

In the following landmark case, hon’ble supreme court of india, through the bench of judges headed by mr. Justice k. T. Thomas and mr. Justice d. P. Mohapatra in the case styled as “united india insurance co. Ltd. V/s rajendra singh”
( civil appeal no. 2087 of 2000 decided on march 14, 2000 ) had delivered their justice by saying that it is a settled fact that a judgment and decree obtained by fraud on the court is a nullity and non-est in the eyes of law. Fraud and justice never dwell together ? No judgment of a court, no order of a minister can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud, for fraud unravels everything ?

In the light of the above supreme court judgment, the most crude and corrupt judgment dated 03-10-2006 of case no. 269/2000, delivered through the serial fraudulent tactics of the corrupt judges and dummy forum members of kanpur (Dehat), backed by some colluding judges of upscdrc, lucknow, must be recalled suo moto by hon’ble ncdrc, new delhi. A fresh judgment in this consumer case should be delivered by ncdrc itself in the light of unprecedented corruption, fraud and forgery that had engulfed this case ( 269/2000 : original no. 777/99 when the case was in kanpur nagar forum ).

The u. S. Supreme court says that judges who deliberately do not report the criminal activities of other judges they also become principals in the same criminal activity (18 u.S.C. Section 1 ). There is an urgent need to catch and punish the corrupt judges also in india as is done in the u.S.

About two-and-half centuries ago, a young english poet, charles churchill [ who had died at the prime age of 33, in 1764 ] had aptly said :

Within the brain’s most secret cells
A certain lord chief justice dwells,
Of sovereign power, whom, one and all,
With common voice we reason call.

The hon’ble ncdrc, new delhi, is urged to see the reasons in the above noted complaint, and take action against the fraudulent elements who have plagued the entire consumer justice system of india.
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Sir, strong legal action should be taken against dummy Judges of Distt Forum, Kanpur Nagar and dehat.
Pankaj Rai,
AGra Road,
I bought a latop of H.C.L from somdat plaza kanpur for my studies cat preparation on the warranty of one year after two month it started creating problem i complain to the they gave me the adress of H.C.L service centre I logged a complain there they gave me time of 15 days now 4 month are passed they are not listening to me they are keeing me date on date when I talked to the shopkeeper at somdat plaza he said he don't care I am not responsible of this

due to the laptop proble i also got eye problem and mentally disturb to I had also not able to perform well in the cat exam I get loss in the carrier and financial to

please help me they both are not listining to me Ineed your help.please help and tell me what to take next step on them

vinay dixit
kakadeo, kanpur
dear sir,
i would like to draw your attention towards my problem. i have recharged idea net setter. yet, till now the net connection is not provided. i have also talked for it on their customer care, but they themselves get confused over this issue. none have any knowledge on my matter.
instead of listening to my grievances they start giving me their ideas about the problems. no one knows tries to understand the problem. i have also said to please transfer my call to their senior, but no result.
in last they say that try such n such number that is for idea data card, "but sir the number does not exits".

well my idea data no. is - [protected]
my phone no . is- [protected]
please take care of my grievances.
thank you.

yours sincerely,
Sachin Verma
I booked a ticket through IRCTC in class 3AC last year for journey on June, 5 2009. My ticket was RAC at the time of chart preparation and therefore I did not perform Journey. I asked for refund throuth internet email. As per rules I was to get full refund but I was paid only 50%. Please suggest what I should do.
Date 12th of April 2010
Customer Service Department,
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.,
Plot No 51, Surajpur Kasna Road,
Greater Noida - 201306 (U.P.)
Telephone Number[protected]
Sir / Madam:
Subject: Defective Split Air Conditioner Supplied
I, Sarita Singh, resident of C-12 Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur – 208 005, Mobile Number [protected], purchased a split AC of LG make on 15/04/2009, from SITI Electronics, 117/109-C, “M” Block, Kakadeo, Kanpur (Mobile Number [protected], [protected]), vide Invoice / Cash Memo number 499 dt 15/04/09, Copy of the invoice under reference is attached herewith for your reference. All the payment had been made instantly at the time of installation (AC cost Rs 24990, Stabilizer Rs 3800/- and installation charges Rs. 1700/-). AC model number as mentioned on Invoice was LSAL4W2VFI and as mentioned on delivery challan LSA5UW2VFI, which one is correct is not clear to me; kindly refer to annexure 1 & 2 for correct model number.
My agony had started from the day one;
1. I got the Air Conditioner installed in my room at first floor, having dimensions 12x12 feet sq having height of 10 feet.
2. I bought split unit for two purposes- 1) silent room 2) no water mess out side of room. But both got defeated as the serviceman who landed for installation installed the external unit just on the back of wall carrying internal unit (almost positioned like window AC), citing the reason that if there is distance between external unit and internal unit cooling will be less. He misguided me purposefully either to save his work or he new before hand that AC was defective and wont cool the room properly. Now my room is noisy and it was mess just outside my room. If bucket is not put at the water outlet water travels into room.
3. On the very first day of installation I had realized that AC was not cooling properly; not even like an ordinary desert cooler. Air temperature and flow was so significantly dismal that even if you were sitting under direct air from AC still you would sweat. That needed no special skills or instruments to judge the performance of AC. AC unit supplied to us was defective, and that was quite clear from observations and output parameters.
4. I started complaining about the AC to the dealer from where I purchased. Dealer kept on assuring me that he will send engineer from LG; still if nothing works he will exchange the unit with similar model and satisfactory performance.
5. Initially I lodged complaints with dealer and dealer got the mechanics sent form LG (as communicated by dealer and visiting mechanic). All the mechanic kept on saying that nothing was wrong with the unit but they also acknowledged that AC was not cooling at all.
6. Afterwards I directly called on LG call Centre (0522 –[protected] but nothing could be got fruitful. Again mechanics of low expertise visited us during odd hours adding to our inconvenience. But none had anything new to tell or any remedy. But all accepted that AC was not cooling properly.
7. After my repeated complaint calls dealer offered me change the piece. We instantly accepted the offer. After a month or more, a series of complaints dealer changed the piece. That changed unit also not worked and cooling was miserable. After a few days I noticed that changed model was not the same as the originally installed model. Units were hanging high hence I could not notice what was written on the units. But from remote controlled I observed that new remote control unit had less functions (without flap too) than the original remote control unit. But neither any difference sum asked or returned. New unit model number as printed on body LSA5UW2AS1.
8. Performance of new unit was absolutely miserable and changing of model done no good. Again a series of complaints had started from my side to the dealer and LG Call Center. Number of crude and low expertise mechanics visited no had any correction mechanism. When I adamantly insisted to take the temperature of air out put directly at the vents that was too high as compare to other units installed in my house. (it was 15+ at the vents while other AC’s had 8; and that readings were taken by the gauge carrying by LG Servicemen)
9. The whole 2009 summer ended up in hot. AC was of no use. Now frequent visits of crude mechanics were adding to our woes instead of doing good. None was finding anything wrong the unit but they had no answer to non cooling of AC.
10. I am a working woman hence I had to take leave of absence from my job to entertain visiting mechanics. Over a month of 2010 summer has gone no remedy appears to me. I had ended up loosing Rs 30000/- for AC but still live in hot room.
11. I attempted number of times to know the contact details of any one competent who could find remedy or arrange a visit of any competent AC engineer who could take decision best in my interest; but neither from dealer nor from LG call centre I could seek any such contact details; in fact both were intentionally hiding the same. The persons so far visited my house were simply buying time (waiting for lapse of warranty period) and looking after the interest of the dealer or LG. No one was least concerned about the fact that I had thrown a heavy sum for the facility what I was not getting. The simple remedy was to change the defective piece with the properly working piece of the similar model which I had paid for.
12. From Internet I could collect some of the addresses; I am writing this letter if any good solution could be found to my problem.
Looking forward to find a quick response from you. I am not sure whether there will be any redressal of my problem or not; kindly ensure that this does not happen to anyone else. First purchasing an item of comfort then following up for defective performance then no remedy; how annoying it could be one can easily feel the anguish.
Sincerely yours;

Sarita Singh
C-12, Sarvodaya Nagar,
Kanpur – 208 005

Copy to:
1. LG Electronics(I) Pvt. Ltd., 537, Hari Kunj, Keshav Nagar, Sitapur Road, Lucknow, 226020
2. The Presiding officer, Dist Consumer Forum, Kanpur – 208 001
3. The President, Uttar Pradesh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, 2A/1, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow (U.P.)
5. SITI Electronics, 117/109-C, “M” Block, Kakadeo, Kanpur – 208 001
I agree. But whom are you lodging complaints. The entire gammut of consumer forum is a fraud on democracy. The whole administration is in hand and glove with each other and the consumers have to suffer. These forums will never serve the purpose of consumers grievances but are a HATHAURA in the hands of the Government to beat the consumers. Never in the histroy of the consumers grievances, the forums have acted gracefully.
Entire proceedings of consumers forums shd be placed on the internet, each person of the society shd learn what the forums are doing? Forums are cheaters as can be seen in the case of Kanpur published above. The honourable president and members are perhaps not consumer friendly. They are for the Government and for the big businessmen and not for the consumers.

CONTACT NO.[protected]
Dear sir,
I am Rajan singh and applied to indian passport my dist Jaunpur dat
form 28/12/2011 and my verification police station Jalalpur date from
4/5-012012 in front of police station officer and about me your
verification done. and your report send to lucknow possport office but
5 and 6 months completed have not received indain passport. i checkout
status then about police report has not been received.

So that please checkout my status ..

Passport file number = LKO Z944128,
Date of birth = 13/07/1985,
Applied date-- = 28/12/2011,
Police station = Jalalpur,
Dist. = Jaunpur,
State = UP.
Challan Number = 17 and date 9/2/2012, Conatact number : [protected],

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