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This is for kind notice to all "Software Vendors" to keep with their record for payment recovery on account of any Resource staffing/training or any service provided upfront to their clients.

- Do not provide any service without any Advance Amount - at least with Indian Vendors
- Keep EVERY discussion in Email and not over telephone or SMS
- Ask timely feedback and approval to your work against your service
- Send Estimate/Quotation well in advance and get approval on the same

On account of this, Cympac have failed to follow few steps mentioned above and now facing problem with payment recovery from well known company named "Ambit Software".

- Cympac have sourced the 8 years FoxPro resource for very crucial project work on 14th Oct 2009 to Ambit Software, Pune
- No formal discussion on payment done before start of project as Cympac want to gain confidence on completion of project in short time as well as Diwali vacation in India our operation were closed but resource kept working during Diwali.
- Cympac resource have successfully completed given task in very short time (5 days) and gained the confidence for completing project on first day itself by resolving few issues within given deadline.
- Charge for resource was decided per day, but no quotation sent until completion of project by looking to past relation and former business expectation. Also Ambit is an established IT firm and Cympac assumed to understand the cost of 8 yrs experienced resource as well as criticality and need of resource.
- Resource did complete all his work in mare 5 days out of which he did travel to out of Pune for Diwali and returned in 2 days.
- After completion if project, Invoice of INR 5700/- per day is sent including Traveling out of Pune, Food, Lodging and all.
- Importantly, resource could complete 8-10 days task which was estimated by Ambit itself and it was completed in just 5 days by Cympac resource as Cympac Resource never wanted to delay and increase per day amount costing to Ambit.
- Ambit person have got shock as if the charge is like anything and Ambit was expecting INR 2000.00 or less including everything!
- On further discussion Ambit reached to INR 3000/- per day including everything, out of which resource spent INR 4800/- odd rupees in traveling to his native place (Akola, Maharashtra State) during Diwali.
- Cympac revised the quotation and requested to do calculations at 3500/- and Traveling Charges at actuals for closing the discussion.
- Ambit did not agree to this and finally Cympac had to agree and done the calculation @INR 3000/- per day and Traveling Charges at actuals. Revised Invoice is sent for the same.
- Ambit again deducted Rs 3000/- for lodging. And it was Ambit's suggestion and requirement that they want resource to stay near to their company in Viman Nagar to reduce to&fro daily traveling.
- Cympac conveyed over telephone if lodging is again going to be deducted then do the calculation for all 9 days instead of 5 days, even though 4 days he spent in traveling but he was dedicated to your work. And what if Cympac would have extended this project for 10-12 days to increase cost of project as Ambit had no clue on Foxpro programming, but we never intended to charge extra amount for anything.

- Ambit always tried to override Cympac and applied all calculation, deductions by their own without any justification.
- They did not agree to charge quoted initially (5700/- per day) only because it was not discussed before start of project (reasons were- 1) Cympac want to gain confidence of completion of project, 2) Ambit can judge cost of 8/9 years resource, 3) past relation, future business and 4) project started during Diwali Vacation so operations were closed)
- Amount has not cleared (till today) for more than 45 days upon many reminders/emails/calls/SMS as Ambit's Boss was never in town to sign a single Cheque.
- Cympac person and Ambit person finally ended in hot discussion and did not accept any amount quoted by Cympac which is well justified and forcibly applied charges they have thought of.
- Matter is of mare INR 3000/-Rs against which neither Ambit nor Cympac coming to any conclusion.
- By this means Cympac do not expect to recover 3000/-Rs but to bring in your kind notice to have ethical business and smooth transaction on financial side as well.
- Its always better to lose any business which has no base and gain at the end than spoiling time and relation
- If resource would have been weak in programming, then Ambit would have raised issues against it, as no issues raised that shows successful completion of Ambit's critical task but they now do not remember the past that how difficult the situation was when they did not get proper resource?

Kindly share your comments. Good time, great business.

Cympac Software Solutions
Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India
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Aug 13, 2020
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I have read all your matter. I am 7 years experienced Software Engineer at IBM and I could see you have applied optimal charges. I do not know project, so cannot judge the criticality, but if it is real critical, someone could apply more per day task.

Get a proper discussion over the same. And I liked your points at start which if obeyed can stop such misunderstanding and disagreement.

All the very best!


I do agree to your matter, are you willing to take former company to consumer court? Still, I found mistake is at Cympac's side which escapes Ambit and now they are claiming amount they want.

What say?

Anil R.
IT Consultant

What this matter is all about?

I couldn't notice any output and discussion is for INR 3K and blame game is ON.

Hope both are established IT companies, so what making you to have different mindset all together?

Cympac, did you own the source code?

~ G. Dhotarkar
Project Manager

Just to update you:

Issue is settle with some intermediate amount and is been finally paid by Ambit (of-course with strong disappointment).

Kindly stop posting comments now.

Also this issues/complaint cannot be deleted. Any one know how to remove the same?

Cympac Software Solutions
Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India

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