DDA - Rohini Residential Scheme - 1981 — DDA not interested to honours its 27 year old commitment

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I got myself registered under this DDA scheme in 1981. On the pretext of “not having any land for waiting Rohini Scheme Registrants”, DDA has not made allotment of plot.

DDA has about 2500 hectare (un-utilised) land in its possession which it has acquired on behalf of ‘Rohini Residential Scheme’, this information has already been collected through RTI Act.

In reply to the questions raised in Lok Sabha, UD Ministry has already submitted “Clearing of Rohini back log by end of 2006”. As the submissions made by UD Ministry have not been fulfilled, all concerning officials have already been approached through live representation or written grievances. Instead of replying/ answering clearly and completely, DDA is still trying to hoodwink us and “hoodwinking replies” have again been highlighted by me through my recent letter addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister and other officials (off course not DDA officials).

About 100 waiting registrants are already in touch with each other are meeting concerned officials to get resolve this 27 year old “injustice”. National print/ electronic media people are also being contacted to highlight this “Public Interest Issue”. Many “startling facts” have already been collected through RTI Act and now we are also planning to approach the appropriate court for speedy justice. Unconfirmed reports are that DDA is coming with a 5000-6000 plot draw in coming 2-3 months and rest will be cleared in coming 20-22 months.
Rahul Gupta (09811071782).

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Please do not trade your 27 year old “Rohini Scheme Registration Slip” to anyone including “Property Dealer”. This is illegal and you may attract all sort of problem for yourself from DDA.

DDA officials have started assuring (not on paper) that a draw is in the pipe line. You can also visit http://dda-rohini.tripod.com/id5.html.

Rahul Gupta.
It has been 27 years that we have been awaiting for our plot under Rohini Residential Scheme 1981..this issue must be revived by the media as it is worth the dreams of 25000 Indians.
All the registrants should join together to fight against the DDA neglect of people waiting for so long to have a shelter of their own . I wish to join hands with people comming forward for the cause.

I was a kid when my father applied, now I am Mother.
Thanks to Rahul for taking initiative.
We all should come together and fight against this injustice .I very much agree we Mr. Sharma.
On 1.10.2008, I along with 3 other applicants met Shri Rahul Gandhi and apprised him of 25000 people's agony. Mr. Gandhi was also reminded about this scheme being a dream project of our Late Prime Minister Smt. Indira ji who happens to be his grand mother too. He was handed over a memorandum along with all relevant photo copies.

He promised us to look into our grievance immediately. I appeal all other applicants to log onto “http://dda-rohini.tripod.com” for latest updates on this subject.

Hope to see some good results soon.

Rahul Gupta
i wasnt even born when my dad applied for the DDA-rohini residential sceme 1981(EWS janta). till date we havent been able to buy a house of our own. i think the DDA doesnt seems to understand the problems of such numerous citizens. the result of this dispute is eagerly awaited. cant this issue be raised in consumer forums or consumer courts?
This Scheme for MIG was further Sub Divided in to two priority Schemes RPS-2003 & RPS-2004 for retired applicants. DDA even under RTI Act, has not given the information about Number of Original Registrants under RPS-2003 & RPS-2004, respective allotment made to them till date & number still awaiting allotment. Can any body from this group give me the information about this
DDA may honour the the aspiration of personnel who registered for plots 27 year back to fulfill their dream to have a house in delhi.
Firstly, A lot of Thanks to Mr. Rahul for taking initiative and request to him and others applicants which is suffered from dda create a organization against dda and Clear the back log of 1981 scheme by putting pressure.
On one side DDA launches new schemes of plots/flats through draws/auction at frequent intervals, and on the other side it apologies the applicants of “Rohini residential scheme 1981” of not giving the pending plots by making such a stupid statement” they don’t have so many plots”. How these two facts can co-exists………..if DDA has plots/flats, then why not they are been given to the people who are waiting for their plots/flats since more than 28 years…..
It is great injustice to the applicants of rohini 1981 scheme.this issue must be brought to the notice of CM delhi for redressal of the grievaces of the public under this scheme.would some one take up the issue.

I am a person, who inspite of being born in Delhi, is struggling to
have a home here. I applied in ROHINI RESIDENTIAL SCHEME 1981 OF DDA
but even after a long wait of 28 years, like many other applicants, I
have not received my plot. DDA has made the statement that they don't
have so many plots to give, although in these 28 years they have given
thousands of plots through various other schemes to people.

I am not able to understand that why DDA and Delhi Government is
showing this kind of irresponsible attitude in this matter. During
every election too many promises are being made to the public that
their problems would be solved but why not any step is taken regarding

I can't understand why Government starts new projects when they are
having such old projects pending since so many years.

I want to draw the attention of concerned authority to please see into
this matter and take necessary steps so that many people, like me,
can have their dream of a home in Delhi come true after a along wait
of 28 years……….

I hope you would not disappoint me this time………….

Hoping for positive results……..

Yours sincerely
Navneet Aggarwal
AA-71 Shalimar Bagh
Ph no.-[protected]
After doing whatever possible to highlight the Rohini Scheme registrant’s sufferings and DDA’s inadequacy to allot the plot even after 28 years of making application, it has been advised and decided to knock the door of appropriate court to get immediate justice.

We have been advised that the case(s) should be filled in individual capacity. Please note that the case will be filled to get relief/ compensation in terms of 1) Allotment of original size applied in 1981 2) Allotment of plot at promised rates in 1981 3) Suitable compensation on account of wrong doings by DDA such as; illegally diverting Rohini land for other purposes and illegally auctioning of plots carved out from the Rohini land.

Of course, the material for this purpose is available with me and the above relief will be available to those, who file the individual case.

How so ever wish to do so, contact me immediately.

Rahul Gupta
would like to know latest status on filing the case, what is the likely cost and procedure if finalised
My mom applied for this. The plot size has been unilaterally altered. we are still waiting for the plot anyway. God only knows if we will get it.
Thanks to Mr Rahul and others for taking initiative. The dirty/rotten political and beaurocratic system is taking its toll on us. I suppose there is no intention to give us any plot, they are probably waiting for all of us to die.
I suppose DDA do not have any right to launch any new scheme, any new applications (as they did last year), untill they give plots (or alterntely flats) available with them. I suppose the draw conducted last year for 5000 flats can be cancelled and flats be allocated to the RRS applicants, as they have the first right.
I am one first registrants of the scheme.I was young and had my dreams and future plans.Now I am retired and my son and daughter married and settled and still planning not for me but for my grand childrens.About eight years ago went to DDA office .The clerk said ' howcome yor here .it is the grandsons come and make inquiries." I am sure that DDA man was correct as on april 2009 I AM STILL WAITING.
mr.gupta iam interesterd to join hands with you.need any help please feel free to ask

vipin chawla
mr. rahul gupta, i am interested to join hands with you in the continuing struggle for our rights

kamal gupta
Thank you all,

If you are waiting registrants or their dependents, you can join this movement by signing the ‘guest book’ on http://dda-rohini.tripod.com by giving complete details of Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981 registration with DDA.

It is absolutely free.

Rahul Gupta
e-mail: cipherbox@hotmail.com
Every one is waiting for draw for left out registrants under DDA's Rohini Residential Scheme-1981. However nobody notice that a big scam is going on at DDA as far as Retired Person Scheme for MIG Category implemented in 2003 is concerned. There is no waiting list displayed for this scheme at the website of DDA whereas waiting list for RPS-2004 is displayed. Sources close to senior officers of DDA revealed that under RPS-2004, almost all the registration have been cornered by unscrupulous Property Dealers in connivance with DDA’s officers and this scheme have been considered in various draws held earlier at the cost of year 2003 scheme. This matter be also high lighted at various forums. Members who are registered under this scheme may please respond.

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    DDA - Rohini Residential Scheme - 1981 - DDA not interested to honours its 27 year old commitment