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[Resolved]  Dell Studio 15 — Poor product and faulty service.


I bought DELL laptop (studio 1537) on Jan 27 ‘09 form a Nehru place dealer (Computer Empire). Within a week I realized that the machine had few problems like

1. Speakers were of poor quality,

2. Its WiFi used to get turn on automatically,

3. Few touch buttons were not working,

4. Few drivers were not supported by the operating system. After rebooting they used to get uninstalled.

On Feb 05 ’09 I informed DELL customer care about all these problems. After wasting few hours on the phone they said they will send a technician to my place to check further. Technician came on Feb 11 ’09. Without seeing the machine he said he has to format the computer. I told him if the problem was so simple I could have done it myself. After talking to him for few minutes I realized that he doesn’t have any clue what is wrong with the machine. He left, and I was stuck again.

The very same day I e-mailed DELL about what happened. They replied back on Feb 13 ’09, telling that they will check the matter and will contact me on Feb 16 ’09. But they didn’t call back.

On Feb 17 ’09 they e-mailed saying they will send some senior engineer to re-check the laptop. But they sent some other engineer of the same rank and same knowledge. This engineer said this machine cannot be repaired it should get replaced. I got very disappointed as replacement ETA time was 1 month. I agreed, as I had no other choice.

On Mar 2 ’09 they started to process my complaint and for the replacement.

Then the DELL person with whom I was in touch, Mr. John L, suddenly disappeared. He didn’t reply to any of my emails. On Mar 17 ’09 he mailed back saying that he will call me today, but he didn’t. And again he got disappeared. I mailed Ms. Deepa Maria, another DELL employee. Maria mailed back saying she will look into the matter, but she also disappeared. On mar 26 ’09 I again sent her a reminder mail and copied it to John as well. Finally she called back and arranged for the pick-up of the machine. They picked-up the machine on Apr 06 ’09.


I asked her if she could get it deliver it to my place and not to the dealer, she told me that’s not a problem and took my home address.

I received a mail on Apr 20 ’09 from Maria stating that the machine would be delivered to me latest by Apr 21 ’09, But I didn’t receive anything, I tried calling up Maria number of times but nobody answered, I called up customer care and they kept me on phone for hours without a remotest idea about my machine, finally I mailed back to Maria stating the inconvenience that is going and to my shock I got a reply attached along the receiving receipt from the courier company (Blue Dart) telling me that I’ve received my machine which I didn’t. the customer care even tried to suspect me as if I was lying about the delivery..

It took them the whole day to tell me that it was actually delivered to the dealer from whom I bought the laptop. They flatly refused to get it deliver it to my place. As this conversation was on phone they very conveniently said they haven’t made any such commitment.

After all this harassment I got my machine on Apr 25 ’09 collected from the dealer. The moment I opened the box I realised it was not the same model which I was having earlier. This new machine had less features as compared to the previous one.

On Apr 26 ’09 I mailed them asking explanation to this, but nobody replied. I forwarded that mail to all the id’s I had of DELL employee and the customer care as well. But nobody replied back. On may 05 ’09 I again sent them a reminder. Two days later Maria mailed me saying that Karthik is dealing with the issue and he will contact me back soon. But he did not mail or called me back. On may 8 ’09 Karthik mailed me saying they are checking with dealer if any old machine is available with them, they will replace this laptop with it. I could not understand what they were doing.

Later on, they explained that the machine they sent me is a higher version and the one I ordered was older version.

I had Studio 1537 and DELL gave me Studio 1555
It doesn't have any touch buttons (previous one had)
It has just 3 USB ports, where as mine was with 4 ports
No remote control is given with this machine
There is no keyboard back light
There is no light for Number lock or caps lock
No on/off button for Wifi

But none of the DELL employee could explain me how this new machine is a higher version.


As my work was suffering I had no choice I had to use the machine. I started working on it. On 6 May 09 it stopped working. It got turned off and did not reboot. I called customer care and complaint about it, after 1 n half hour conversation the executive was convinced that this problem cannot be solved on phone and he has to send a representative to my place to replace the hard disk. I LOST ALL MY DATA.

And still the customer care executive could not explain what the problem was, as he wasn’t sure. Next day a technician came and replaced the hard disk. As soon as he left the place the machine again stopped working. Next day I again called customer care. Once again it took almost 2 hours to convince them that this issue cannot be solved on phone and they again sent their technician next to next day. This time he replaced the hard disk and RAM as well. The machine worked for 2 days and again stopped working.

I again mailed back to inform all your representatives. But none of them turned up.

After so much mental harassment they again were not concern about the problem. Only after a long debate and coercing the dell executive now says that you will replace the system. But they would not give me the original model I had since dell had stop making that model, nevertheless they had refused me to provide me with the machine that had the features from the model that I bought and neither are they ready to compensate those feature for anything.

DELL has already given me two defected machines. Now, I have no trust on this brand. And have no trust on their services either.

I don’t think that DELL ever gave me new machine. Both the machines were some second hand laptops. I couldn’t use those laptops for more than 2 weeks,

I’ve also mailed them a notice that I would go legal if they do not either provide me with the same machine or refund me back my money. Even to the notice they had plainly replied that they cant help me and they cant provide me with the machine having those features.

its been six months that i had spended money but have not received any sorted benefit from it. Dell should either provide me with a machine that has got all the freatures for which i spent money or they should refund me back.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear sir,

well iam a dell costumer, i bought a dell studio laptop from singapore and now i am facing problem with disc dvd drive and i have called dell costumer service and told my whole problem and i gt rply to download some softwares and i had download but problem not solved, i have told that if this will not work my dvd drive will replace by technician, but after i have called about 13-14 times but nobody is repling i have to wait for about 30 minute each call and getting reply all technicians are busy.then i have registered my complaint to dell office at nehru palace, delhi, then they told me to transfer international warranty to india when i asked procedure they told me tocall costumer care again i told them that i am not getting any reply from them, i requested them to do favour and solve my problem but they didnt help.

Kindly help me out and helpme in solving my problem

kapil wadhwa
50, nehru nagar
Haryana, INDIA
well my service tag for laptop is 5LC5X1S & my case id is 4074734 when i called to customer care they gave me this case id
that would be really annoying, and i hope that wont happen to me although i couldnt be sure of it... i just purchased the 1555 and right from the start it had its problems, it was lagging quite frequently ( as in programs werent loading properly and windows was not loging in properly and would take 5 - 10 mins to load up) and it progressively got worse over the 5 days so far i have had it... i though maybe i should just do a disk defrag... couldnt hurt right??? wrong... the harddisk found some fault and decided to crash on me ... and now i cant get past this stupid startup repair screen where it gets half way through and stops for 10 mins before telling me that i need to contact someone to find out if my harddisk is faulty... i have only had this thing for 5 days and already it is falling to bits!!! i am going to go into their store/warehouse and see if i can get a replacement harddisk *wish me luck* oh for anyone out there do you have any advice or have you seen this problem before??? please help me i NEED this laptop for tafe... i am going to be a system administrator and i need it to do my work and assessments...

Dell Studio 15 Model No.1555 — Replacement of Product

Dear Sir,
I purchaseed the above named product last month on i.e. 27th of July, 2009.On reaching home I noticed that the laptop was not being charged through the adopter properly.The problem was immediately brought to the notice of the company.The company sent another adopter in replacement but the problem remained the same.Again the issue was taken up with the technical support wing there at Banglore.The company sent new mother board and tried through there local engineer to eradicate the probled but all in vain.On this the attending Technical Support Manager Mr. Ankur at Bangalore with due apology asked for another try and managed to ship new i. e.third MB, Fourth Adopter and second HDD on14.08.09.The local service engineers tried their level best to solve the problem by replacing every part of the laptop but failed miserablly.As per promise Mr Ankur after long deliberation with service engineer agreed to go for replacement and told that it may take 15-20 days.Now i.e.17.08.09 somebody from Bangalore told that first they will take the laptop underquestion back and then only after one or two months the new laptop will be sent.It is height of non sense on the part of the company to ask for collection of the product without replacement which is not possible because laptop is the prerequisite for an engineering student. He cannot stay in the uniersity without laptop even for a single day as per the rules of the university.In veiw of this situation may I take liberty to request the custodian executives of the company to kindly intervene for getting my problem redresed at the earliest with in a week or so failing which I shall be left with no option except to knock the doors of Consumers' Protection Forum for getting juctice and compensation for irreparable mental injury caused by the company and the uncivilised behaviour of the attending supervisors at the Bangalore office who made me to lodge this complaint.An early response is expected and shall be highly appreciated but not later than a week.
Apurav Gautam.
Case I.D.-2302304
i am confused. i am thinking of buying studio 17. will it have similar problems??
few weeks before only i hav ordered studio am scared reading the complaints... s der anything better comment?

Dell Studio 15 — Damaged RAM

Hello sir
i have purchased the Dell Studio Laptop
its waranty is exist.
but i am suffering from malfunctioning of Latop
its RAM has been damaged
i have launched the complain by online on 15 th september 2009
MY service tag no is G1SR2BS
they told to me engineer will come on my house with in 2 days
but 15 days have been spent, no body come here
i have called several times
but they never response
please help me for relief of this problem

Hmmmmm, thats bad. Is it the same Dell that made its money by proclaiming it is a customer-centric and service oriented company ?? May be indian Dell is a small partnership firm floated with a small time trader... or can i say...Dell-India is a front pate of electronic waste dumping activity in India ? Anyhow congratulation, you are now a proud owner of one of the World's best brands..Your article does inspire criminals to start computer assembling companies. Wake up, Dell... Your company sux in India.

dell studio laptop 1537 — guarantee

i have purchased a dell laptop and it's complete cover guarantee is valid upto march 2010 and my battery not working at all even though they are not replacing the battery
I believe complete care is for accidental damages and it excludes battery as stated in the agreement.

Dell Studio 15 — poor service

I purchased dell studio 15 laptop on 14.01.2009. Since then it is often giving troubles. I lodged my 2nd complaint one month back
[protected] with dell customer cell but their engineers could not repair it fully and till today it cannot be used. In my these 2 complaints almost all parts had to be replaced hence I think the dell co. has given me the defective product and I protest this. I urge upon the company to replace my present laptop with totally new laptop of the same model.
arun ubhare

Dell Studio 1530 laptop — Poor parts

I had purchased a dell studio laptop 1530 in august 2008. It had a warranty of one year. Just after one year completed,problems started. It's battery suddenly discharged and is not charging up. I am running it at power only since then. It's DVD writer stopped working. The sound system also sometimes stops working,though normally it works. It's screen is putting a lot of stress on my eyes. I am wondering how low can dell go on it's quality?

studio 15 — cd reader

i m mohit kumar from agra, utter pradesh. i purchage a laptop stedio 15 & now i found complain. my dvd writer fault is second time very soon.
plz.. got it problem.
& remove it as soon as possible...
my contect no.- [protected]

Dell Studio 15 — dell dealer

hello sir;
myself aditya agarwal i am an engineering student; i oder customize studio15 having following configuration:-
3>1Gb ati redon
4>full hd
5>creative sound blaster
6>backlit keyboard
it cost me RS.53700
i odered it from CREATIONS(-The Laptop Shoppe),C-1,Rooptara Complex ,Opp Airtel,Jayanti Bajar
M.I.Road,Jaipur Rajasthan-302021
& head office is in Vishali Nagar (Vinayak Enclave)

i ordere my laptop on 16/04/2010 and they promiss to deliver me laptop to 20/04/2010
But Still I did'nt get my lapy every time they give me different excuse and at last they gave me check which stoped by them next day,as my exam are near i have to buy other laptop but uptill now i did'nt get my money back,they said problem is from your side

it is definetly harmony to your company name i want u to get in depth of this.

Dell Studio 15 — Poor product and highly poor service

I Have been using dell studio 1555 for a year and a half now...the experience has been highly unpleasant... I think I should my experience that other buyers could learn something

1. Problem with sound: Motherboard replaced

The problem started within 10 days I bought my laptop - the first time I plugged in my earphones. The Speakers stopped working after I plugged out my ear phones. I didn't quite understand what to I had contacted dell technical support...I was asked to do a few diagnostic tests using "Dell Drivers and Utilities" disc, and found that the speakers were working fine in diagnostic test, but weren't working in windows. so I was asked to format and install my windows and install the sound drivers.. I did that religiously - not once or twice but 10 times and was even asked to format my recovery partition. I was directed to a different tech support executive and was asked to do the same thing again and again..Finally it got soo frustrating that I had the technical support executive on hold till I got my system formatted and installed my OS and the sound drivers. This still didn't solve my problem. I was refused when I asked for a replacement since the speakers were working in diagnostic tests. I finally had to browse the net and understand that IDT audio has something called jack sensing and explain it to the tech support executive and fight for my replacement. This took me 15 days - the whole of my christmas and new year vacation was ruined.

2. System over-heating : Motherboard ad heat sink replaced

I was happy that my replacement was finally accepted. But, it didn't last long. The system started heating up and turned off within half an hour after the new mother board was installed. man..a new problem again.. and once again a fight with the customer care. This took me another 3 days and had to postpone a trip of mine. Finally my motherboard and heat sink was replaced.

3. MMC card reader stopped working:

Within a month after my above replacement, my MMC card reader stopped working. This time, I didn't have the patience to fight with the customer care again so never contacted them.

4. Battery dead at 10th month:

The instance which got me most irritated. I had purchased my laptop from a retail outlet and it so happened that the retailer had it in hold for 2 months. The batteries were dead on friday evening. since dell does not work on saturday and sunday, I called for a replacement on Monday for a replacement. But, I was told that the system is past an year, and they would not consider the replacement. and the 1 year warranty just got over the day before. But, the dell website says that my 1 year limited warranty was on till 2 more months. The customer care agent asked why I had not contacted on saturday or sunday and was told that dell works on saturday and sunday as well... oh my god...what a lie. What a gross response from a company like dell. This got me fired up and had to speak to higer authorities and had to fight for a new battery and MMC card reader again and finally got my replacement. I later got to know from all of friends using dell studio that they faced similar problem too - Battery dead within an year.

5. 3 months after the expiry of my warranty: CD drive and system sub-woofer stopped working

These were the issues which got me fired up to post such a big message on the community. I wouldn't hesitate to write to any of the higher officials as well. The quality of dell is highly deteriorating. As of me I have already stopped recommending dell to others. I just don't know what else can go wrong with a laptop. Adding to the frustration is the fact that Dell replaces the malfunctioning parts not with new ones, but with refurbished ones. If dell continues with such poor service, I frankly i see that these could be the end of bright days for dell.

Dell Studio 15 — Non Delivery of Configured Item


I had ordered a Dell Studio 15 laptop with Backlit Keyboard configuration(which costs extra) in month of September 2010 from a "Dell Exclusive Store" located at Swastik Cross Roads, Ahmedabad. It was delivered to my house in month of Oct 2010 and was received by my family member since I was not in the city. However, I got to check the configurations when I returned to my house in month of December 2010. I checked it and found that the laptop which was delivered to me was not having backlit keyboard. I have a printout of the order which I got from the store from where I ordered the laptop, in which Backlit Keyborad is clearly mentioned. However, the invoice which they have delivered me with the laptop does not have backlit keyborad mentioned on it. I have been contacting both the store and dell customer care since Dec 2010 but both are unresponsive. Infact, the customer care people now dont respond to my call once they register my order/service/invoice no. and keep me on hold. My Service Tag No. is BWYX6BS.

This is frustrating. Let me know what can be done in this case.

Thanks and Regards,
i had recently got dell studio15 15" for the period of time it was got 4 an 3 months then all the problems start arising, my lappy had a DVD problem when i use to insert my disc it use to get stuck & not even get back out easily & there after my LCD light got sum problem light start flickering at d angle of 90* & i use to any able 2 see when i use to keep d angle of 120* or more & then after all battery problem arise, den wifi connectivity has sum thing else problem...[censored] dis dell..they say nothing is easy as dell... but i would say nothing is crab/worst as dell..i m still facing d problem..no5thing happen gud with customer care..
I purchased a Studio 15 - 1555 in the summer of was to arrive in 5 days...2 months later i received it. It has been nothing but problems since receiving it. I am not computer savvy...I am 70 yrs old, disabled, can only be on the computer a short shuts down for no reason...curser jumps all over in email and WORD when trying to correspond putting words and sentences where they don't belong...was told I needed another 'program' "System Mechanic" so they stuck me another $100+ for it has even more problems...takes 5 to 10 minutes to boot when I time for me to make coffee, shower and dress, then MAYBE it works. Have spent numerous hours online with their 'support' trying to get it fixed...last time 3 hours...time before that 5 HOURS online with someone in India who I couldn't understand and they couldn't understand me. The last time I received and email, I was told to find a friend who could help fix it...well NOT...I paid for the extended warranty and they tell me to fix it...I will NEVER purchase another Dell product...this is after 1-1/2 first computer...a Compaq lasted 5 years with no problems...then I upgraded to Dell with a laptop which lasted about 2 years when the light in the monitor went, like a fool, I purchased the one I have now...I guess they figure if they wait long enough, with my disabilities (seizures which are affected by the computer if I spend too long on it) I'll die and they will be off the hook...I could go on and on about all of the problems, but I have to sign off now as I've spent too much time online and I'll seizure...right now the screen is flashing numerous pictures that I don't know where they are coming from or why. Adios!

DELL — Faulty Laptop, Poor Service

HI. I purchased my Dell XPS 15 laptop in Feb 2011. I'm an architecture student and therefore needed a laptop with good configuration. I upgraded from their basic configuration to suit my needs and got myself a fully loaded Dell laptop.

It ran perfectly for the first month. No hangs, No issues. Then, in the next couple of months, it started giving problems. It became super slow, it kept hanging during minimal usage and it crashed from time to time.

After a few calls and arguments, dell decided to replace my parts. They replaced the motherboard and hardisk.

And so it ran fine for a couple of months when again the same thing happened. This time i decided to escalate the issue. I wrote to their Bangalore head office and fought with almost everyone. Finally, they said that they would not send me a new laptop, but what they could do is test it in their Bangalore facility.
So it was sent to bangalore for testing for a month, without giving me a replacement for the duration.

A month later, it was concluded that the laptop is fine and it has no issues. They replaced parts and formatted it and gave it back.

And so it ran well for a month or so, when all of a sudden it crashed. I called dell and they said that the hard disk had crashed. I lost all my data and they put in a new hard disk.

Since then, every 1-2months, my computer crashes and they very quickly come to replace my hard disk. I got really frustarted at losing my data every now and then, specially when its work related.

I fought with them saying instead of giving me new hard disks every couple of months, why dont u just give a normally functioning computer. But they are adamant at replacing parts.

So it last crashed in DECEMBER 2011, and i was told that if this happens again, they will consider replacement. I agreed.

My warranty expired in JANUARY and i decided to upgrade for another year, because i knew that it will happen again.

Now barely 1 month later, it happened again yesterday, while just browsing the net. I called and talked to management and they said that if it happens again, they will consider replacement. All over again.

I said i dont want to hear all of that and just want my replacement.

Please help me with this. I've tried all I can but have got no result. I either want my money back or a brand new laptop that actually is worth the money i spent.

Thank You.

Dell — while giving CTRL button not working Properly

Dear Sir, CTRL (Left One ) button of my Dell Vastro Laptop is not working properly kindly register my complaint and do the need full

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