Dept. of Health, Govt. of W.B. — !!! Still Deprived !!!

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 Partha Pratim Das
The Commissioner (FW) and Spl.Secretary, Govt of West Bengal
Swasthya Bhaban
GN-29 Block, Sector-V, Salt Lake City,

Sub: - Prayer for enhancement of monthly remuneration of Computer Assistants
of SRI Project under RCH-II
Most respectfully we beg to state that we are the members of RCH-II (NRHM) contractual staff, we were appointed to the post of Computer Assistant vide SFWO & Jt. Director of Health Services Memo No. H/SFWB/286/2005/368(55) dated 26/10/2005, we were appointed to the post of Computer Assistant (on Contractual Basis) under the control of District Health & Family Welfare Samity, (RCH-II) of all Districts in a consolidated salary of Rs. 3500/- p.m. We joined this post almost before 2 and Half years ego and since then we have been working at District Family Welfare Bureau, in all districts with full satisfaction of our superiors.

Sir, monthly remuneration of Rs. 3500/- is very meager in these hard days and it is hardly possible to defray our family expenses. Though 2.5 years have been elapsed, no enhancement of salary has been made. In this connection it may not be out of place to mention that the remuneration of Computer Assistant was decided as 7000/- consolidated per month by the Govt. But in most of the Districts the post was split into two by the local authority and as a result the remuneration of the Computer Assistant was fixed as 3500/- per month for each Computer Assistant. Though in some of the Districts ( Murshidabad, Uttar Dinajpur, South 24 Parganas) there is One Computer Assistant in SRI (RCH/NRHM) project at DFWB Wings, getting 7000/- per month.

Sir, as the category and qualifications are same with other contractual staffs in Health Sectors, we are getting at least amount i.e. 3500/- per month. Where as the monthly contractual remuneration of 2nd A.N.M.s (Madhyamik Pass) are 7000/-, Block Accounts Managers (Graduate in Commerce) are 8000/-, Lady Counselor (Graduate with Social Science) are 6500/-, Block Data Entry Operator (Graduate with 1 Year Diploma in Computer Application ) are 4000/-. Moreover in recent past the remuneration of Block Data Entry Operator has been increased Rs.4000/- per month to Rs. 5000/- per month (order no. ………..) which may not be out of place to mention.

Hence, we would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that, in District level we two Computer Assistants do all kind of report collections and compilations of all ongoing programmes under RCH & NRHM under the close supervision of District Statistical Manager. Further, all kinds of official letters, monthly cash analysis, pay bill and related all official works of CMOH office has been prepared by us through computer, which is increasing day to day. Simultaneously the workload of us is increasing.

Sir, as the nature of job & qualifications are same with all other categories and particularly workload in the Family Welfare Bureau is heavy and also being 2.5 years senior we have been drawing Rs.3500/-p.m. The price of all consumers commodities are rising every day. It is being very hard to meet the expenditure of fuel, foodstuff and medicines.

Sir, we have prayed before for enhancement of our monthly salary and the same was forwarded by our authority (Respective CMOHs) several times to your Honour but no enhancement of our monthly contractual remuneration has been made till to date.

In view of the above, we would fervently pray to your good self to kindly consider our prayer sympathetically so that Rs. 7000/- per Computer Assistant per month may be allotted as our Salary which was mentioned previously in order memo no. H/SFWB/286/2005/368(55) dated 26/10/2005 and for this act of kindness we shall remain grateful to you.

Yours Faithfully,
Computer Assistants (SRI) of all Districts
West Bengal

Copy forwarded for information please and necessary action to:-
1. The Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, West Bengal, Swasthya Bhaban.
2. The Directorate of Health Services, West Bengal, Swasthya Bhaban.
3. Dr. Naresh Goyel, RCH Consultant, Govt. of INDIA, Home Ministry, New Delhi
4. The State Family Welfare Officer & Jt DHS (FW), Swasthya Bhaban.
5. The Jt. Secretary, NRHM, Swasthya Bhaban
6. Mr. Chandan Sinha IAS, Director NRHM, Swasthya Bhaban,
7. The Executive Director, State Health and Family Welfare Samity, Swasthya Bhaban.
8. The Controller of Finance & Jt. Director, SFWB, Swasthya Bhaban.
9. The DDHS (Admin), Swasthya Bhaban.
10. Mr. Abjijeet Hazra, IT Specialist, Swasthy Bhaban
11. Ms. Sraboni Majumder, State NGO Co-Ordinator. Swasthya Bhaban.

Yours Faithfully,

Computer Assistants (SRI) of all Districts
West Bengal

Computer Assistants, COOCHBEHAR Computer Assistants, 24PARGANAS(N)
Computer Assistants, JALPAIGURI Computer Assistants, HOWRAH
Computer Assistants, NADIA Computer Assistants, HOOGHLY
Computer Assistants, MALDA Computer Assistants, BARDWAN
Computer Assistants, W.MIDNAPUR Computer Assistants, BIRBHUM
Computer Assistants, D.DINAJPUR Computer Assistants, BANKURA
Computer Assistants, E.MIDNAPUR Computer Assistants, PURULIA
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As also being Computer Assistant under RCH-II, in the Dept. of Heath & FW of Govt. of W.B., we are all in the near 16 Districts of West Bengal still suffering from this.
Please look into the matter and do the needful as soon as possible.
please increase the salary
Nadia Disrtict
West Bengal

Sub. See at once, V.V.Imergency about re-designated as Nodal M & E Officer at Block Level.


As I found a document in the net regarding Strengthening, Monitoring & Evolution System at the National and State Level vide D.O. No. V-15011/10/2005-States (M & E), Dated 03.03.2008 which says that the Block Data Entry Operator (NRHM) can be re-designated as Nodal M & E Officer at Block Level and can get a modified enhanced salary which more than the salary we get now. The order is published by the Govt. of India, Ministry of H & F.W., Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 108.

Regarding this order any State Govt. can implement the said order without any hesitance which is also legally correct as the Rajsathan Government Health Dept. has done the order vide no. F 2(18)/NRHM/SPM/2008/1378, dated 07-05-08. My question is that why our State Govt. can not implement the said order at once.

I am sending you those order with annexure. Please download it and spread it all over the West Bengal where our colleagues working as soon as possible.

FROM M:- [protected]
W.B. Govt. should take steps immediatly
This letter is an eye opener why the present government did perform worst in the last election an why the condition of Healthcare facility being served at government hospital is progressively deteriorating.One of the principal reason is probably undue advantages and power given to the association of health sevices for doctors (AHSD).The organization has over 6000 memberships and the undersigned is also a member of the same organization.The points I would like to raise how AHSD is ruining this important service sectors as follows.
1.There is no clear/transparent transfer policy.The age old AHSD leaders being posted at their covenient places (near heart of a city like Kolkata) over years without being transferred and if at all that could have been just an eye wash.
2.Many (if not all) AHSD leaders don't attend their duties and remain busy for conducting meetings, giving deputations, other organizational works or simply straying at Swastha Bhaban to enhance their influences.
3.No freshers/juniors given the portfolios and other tangible or intangible benefits.
4.Even a clerk at Swastha Bhaban knows that AHSD leaders are boss of all kinds(creamy layer) and will never be posted at periphery.
5.It is now apparent that this creamy AHSD leader group have a nexous between them and perform a symbiotic role in order to avoid adversities(being posted at outskirts) or gaining benefits (promoted to higher post)
6.AHSD leaders at Kolkata, no longer bothers about their rural counterparts.The environment of untrustworthiness, laissez-fair reign and gross indulgence with backing of union has been proved to be detriemental for delivery of health services to people.
7.The leaders has become a necessary evil and everybody used to fear to voice against them but with last election results the scenario is now changing.Many of our doctors in services(who don't belong to the said creamy layer) is now willing to revolt or forming new organizations if strong steps are not taken.For the vindictive attitude of few lwaders the entire system is on the verge of collapse.
job requirment
as we are strongly support for the BDEO for our betterment
We also being Computer Assistant of CBPHC Scheme Under SUDA, in the Dept. of Heath & FW of Govt. of W.B., we are all in the near 16 Districts of West Bengal still suffering from this.
Please look into the matter and do the needful as soon as possible.

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    Dept. of Health, Govt. of W.B. - !!! Still Deprived !!!

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