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 lakshmi8484 on Jan 16, 2011
diana fairness cream a duplicate fairness cream

we will prove the truth now plz check all the links

1. the original company of diana products sale and its price:

truth: plz check the packing of diana of how it looks and hyderabad diana how it looks packing

2.this link is another seller who sells original diana products


for proof : plz check the packing of diana of how it looks and hyderabad diana how it looks packing

3. this is the feed back of original diana product

for proof: plz check the date, time and year to that of diana ads posted in classifieds

4. this is duplicate diana product selling in india


for proof: plz copy paste the url in the browser and compare this url to the 1 st option url u can find the truth.

my dear readers this is an product it is an simple mix of fairness cream rs 12+ betenovate ointment( dangerous steroid if u used continously) rs 15 + still mans bleaching cream contains 10% benzo hydroquinone rs 45 and some people mix with mercuric oxide( dangerous skin carcinogenic) rs 20

they all mix these creams in a big jar to prepare 200 gms of cream for rs 92 but they r selling for how much 100 grams for rs 500 if u take in bulk they will give discount bcoz so much profit is there in between rs 92 to rs 500 right thats why u can bargain also

now we tell u abt this composition:

1. it contains steoids betenovate :
side effects r central obesity, laziness, puffiness of face, we cant explain u here u can read abt here at this link


2. it contains benzohydroquinones:
accroding to international cosmetic board approved benzohyroquinone is 3% but in this product they r mixing of 10% of benzo hydroquinone.
so normally if for proof if u can see on the any bleaching product they will tell u to use only once in 15 days but if u using the product daily what will happen to ur skin just think????

3.it contains merucric oxide:

mercuric oxide is an cheap chemical compound that can make u fair but 100% skin cancers like melanoma , melano carcinoma,

i am telling u all bcoz recently i visited kaya skin clinic they have told us all these information and infact we also have laboratory reports that what does the product contains.

bcoz i was using this cream since 6 months intially it was very nice bcoz it contains steroids gives u very good good complexion then slowly aftr 4 months my skin was not glowing and wrinkles were coming on my face then i visited the kaya skin clinic they told the history of duplicate diana fairness product.

even kaya skin clinic in tv shows they have wrned the people not to use any unbranded products and products containing hydro quinone, betenovate, mercuric oxides etc r very harm ful to skin.

if u want to make re search on these 3 chemicals plz go to google search u will find all the info .

coming soon: we r making an easy tests such that each and every person can do the test at home easily to know the product contains hydroquinones or betenovate or mercuric oxides or not.

plz see our next reply we will update the experimants for this product.

thank u


for still more queries if u want u can mail me i can show u all proofs mail me at lakshmi8484@yahoo.com

my dear readers before buying plz ask them
office address,
vat copy authorised to sell or not by government if yes tell them to show the document,
bank details,
product composition at molecular level.

readers plz check the images of the packing to that of original diana packing to that of duplicate diana packing

selling duplicate diana fairness cream
selling duplicate diana fairness cream
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my name is rasheed khan, i am very upset bcoz some one, i dont know who is he, but he is giving wrong information and complaint about my product, (Diana fairness cream)in which he is writing false things which is no where consent with my product, in which he is telling that i am using original diana name, which is internation (Diana lotion) not a cream.
and the other things is had given his Email address.
when i mail him as customer, he is not replying.
and the other thing is he has given a contact number
saying the number is my number.but that is not my
number at all.so please help me and delete the complaint.of

and ask him for the proof
I agree with the point of Mr Rasheed khan. According to Laxmi this Diana product is nakli, but she don't know about the product. I believe Laxmi is nobody else but a loser who does not know the difference of International lotion and Diana homemade cream. Bolte hai na education is must while differentiating the cream. The research you have done is neither usable nor appreciable. If you a true human then come face to face rather complaining in negativity. Lastly, if you are True Laxmi then get me the Identity proof that you are a Human being or I shall consider you are just a savage. Its a humble request to remove this post that does not furnish any prove. Thank you..

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