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My pregnancy was confirmed in last april 2011 by Doctor Garima Tyagi (Gyne) referred by a neighbor. I was in constant follow up with her throughout my pregnancy and had her guiding me. She said in case i cross 90 weight she will have to operate me and i was around 94.

I was hospitalized in Shanti Gopal Hospital on 8th Dec, 2011 around 10:30 PM due to labor pains as referred by Dr. Garima Tyagi (Gyne). i was given due date b/w 8th 10th dec. Till 8th morning there were no indications of pain to me. around 2nd dec i was asked to get my ultrasound that was vey clear that the baby size is around 3.6 kg . On 8th Dec, I was asked to drink Castor oil around 12.30 and by 7 in the evening pains started hence i was ospitalized in Shanti Gopal Hospital in Indirapuram. Whole night i was in terrible pain I do not what it was but pain was very strong and I kept crying and screaming. I know its natural but something was there that was making these pains more unbearable for me. I kept asking nurses there to made me talk to my doc once they didnt help me. i shouted many times that plz operate me I don’t want any complications. No one listened to me. They did not even call the doctors. She came around 6 in the morning on 9th Dec and started the process of normal delivery. It was not easy and she said during the delivery process that "THIS WAS NOT THE IDEAL CASE FOR NORMAL DELIVERY". Ultimately due to increased baby size (from 3.6 to 4.15) it was hard to take my baby out and they had to use FORCEPS. This process has caused a serious damage and injury to my baby(brain) that she is not normal in her behavior now. She has become 4 montsh old today still she hasn't smile or react to anything. Doctors have confirmed she in getting seizures and Epilepsy due to severe brain injury during delivery. She has Infantile spasms too and getting severe jerks. she started having seizures and she is having them till now and now we are running here and there to get her treated as there is no firm treatment available.

This has caused mental, emotional, physical, financial damage to me and my entire family and more than that my 4 months daughter is living a life which is a gift to her because of CARELESSNESS OF DR. GARIMA TYAGI AND SHANTI GOPAL HOSPITAL. I do not what to do but this Doctor and hospital has ruined her life and ours too. Can anyone help me ??
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I am copying the content what I pasted in another blog to share my experience of Dr Garima Tayagi.
Hi, My experience with this lady is bad. At the first place she seemed to be rude, and preoccupied in her own ego. Personally, I feel she is OK to consult if you feel that your case is normal, but in case of any complications or anything that is different than that usually happens, she is not matured enough to handle it properly and things may get worse. Moreover, I have personally felt that she is more concerned with terrorize patients in case of complications, and earn more money. After I had a bad experience with her attitude, I talked to few people who had visited her recently, and surprisingly, they also shared the same thought process. So, only if you feel that your case is normal, visit her, shell out money there otherwise a big NO.
Please avoid this doctor as much as possible, several of my friends and me as well have had very bad experience with her, she only prescribes huge list of very high cost multi-vitamins to get favor from Pharama cos. Garmia will drain out ur money on drugs (for which she get huge commission in return ), useless tests and will not treat actual problem.
I have also heard my one fiend got treated by her. The behavior part is definitely correct. She is rude and loud to the letter. I don't know how you can get complete info out of patient if you scare the hell out of her by talking yourself only all the time that too in blunt manner.Humbleness is required in any great person which is definitely missing here.

I was in the room for other reasons when she visited patient who was in very critical stage and it iddint looked that babies would survive and first she carries out the conversation is such loud manner with all personal conversation quoted so that whole world will get to know whats wrong with you and then she adds.. see the type of work i do i should be having my own hospital..but i am satisfied here..you also need to be composed..does this type of argument matter to any patient!!!? too much.
I contacted her after completing 32 weeks, and during our first visit she has impressed us.may be sometimes it sound rude but her experience is very good..If you strictly follows her suggestion no one could be better then her for normal delivery..At 32 week she asked me to stop taking fatty food, so the baby won't go overweight, My baby weight's 2.75 kg .She is extremely cooperative and give her patients full time during delivery process, while I saw other doctors going here and there while there patients are in labour.
It might be few bad cases with any doctor but we had brilliant experience with Garima ma'am.
My sister treatment was carried out by Doctor Graima Tyagi regarding pregnancy. I remember the day when my sister was admitted to hospital at time of 6 months due to premature labour pain. It was one of the toughest times in our life. She was kept on continued under doctor's observation and followed everything whatever prescribed to her.
During that period doctor's treatment, cooperation, monitoring and guidance were wonderful. But in the last moments there had been the event that have made us realize just how extraordinary she is, and how far she goes to care for her patients. YESS my sister blessed with a baby by normal delivery after completing eight and half months, in spite of, it was a high risk delivery. And after GOD, it was only doctor who turned premature and high delivery to normal delivery.
There’s no way I can ever thanks to doctor for being such an awesome treatment. She had stuck by us through the tough times and the good ones. She had always been honest, patient & encouraging.
Thanks Garima Ma'am for the phenomenal work you did!
Extremely arrogant and lacks professionalism. I definitely dont need a doctor who humiliates me in front of her staff. Gets aggressive and defensive if the family members try and inquire about things which are not clear to them. In short, these words would best describe this lady- Unsupportive, money-minded, rude and arrogant. AVOID HER
She is really money-minded and does not make patients clear about the problem. She just start scaring patients without any major problem. She tries to make patients comfortable till 2 visits but when patient is forced to come to her than she starts her treatments without explaining the problem and also asks for money every 2 visit.
My wife is 3 months pregnant. And till now we were consulting her. We in parallel just talked to one of our relative who also happened to be Gynaecologist, of course in another town, about the prescriptions and her advice wrt diet. Both her diet (2 chapatis a day)and medicine prescriptions ( especially the injections:Ovamax and Fertisure) were really shocking. These are not given during pregnancy. Her behaviour during consultation is very rude as if she is God and we are fools. Currently thinking of filing a case in consumer forum against her.
Yes guys,

I agree with your all. She is very rude with patient and the family members. Garima Tyagi is very worst doctor I have ever met in my life. She is greedy and always try to make huge money from the patient. I went for the routine visit and suddenly she make hilarious atmosphere and force fully admitted my wife. When i asked her about the problem, she reffered me alone to max hospital for to meet doctor without any reports for case feedback. He also give the feedback without any document and report its funny. When I came back, she asked the feedback obviously she knew what will be the comment.
Staff is also not good and some staff member robe my purse from the room where the patient was admit. And no one had taken responsibility. have lot to say but will say only she is worst doctor. Don't visit her ever, always go for big hospital where many gynae are availabel.

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