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E2 labs provides computer courses on ethical hacking, network security, penetration testing etc. I am a victim of this cheater and pointing out my views below.

1. They charges very high for their courses (Rs. 3 Laks for me & Now near about 4 lacks), though these types of education costs maximum of Rs. 50,000

2. They commits that Foreign Faculties will come and teach us but when you will join you will see any local faculty there with low quality & qualification. Foreign Faculties comes once in a year for Special Courses but you have to give additional charges (near Rs.75,000 - 1,00,000) to avail their teaching.

3. They will commit & give you JOB Offer Letter at the time of joining. Many students afford this high charges luring by their Job offer but in reality after completing course (mostly completed by time/duration not completed by education) when you join they will give you salary on basis of your marks obtained by their exams per module ( Detail: 50 questions per module X 2 marks each = 100, negative marking exists, they will cheat on scores also, In fact if your grade is below 40% your salary will be Rs.[protected] and nobody got above Rs.18,000 per month but they will say Maximum salary earned by their students Rs.50,000-70,000 pm)

4. Most dangerous is that after joining and doing job they will give salary of 1st month and then start to delay, they will delay giving salary by 3-4 months and will say our company is running out of money and in future if everything is ok, we will give your salary ( In reality they will never give it). Most of their students are out of Hyderabad and after spending 3-4 laks they have no money to eat, house rent, even to go to office. By this type of passive (active!) pressure students are agreed to sign resign paper to quit the job or they will tell you to give Temporary resign but if you give temporary resign and want to join again same thing will happen(Do Job no Money).

5. Certificate given by them are of no value, nobody recognized them but they claim E2-Labs is Asia's 1st Ethical Hacking School (Forgot to mention Chairman is Zaki Qureshi).

6. No Experience certificate given after leaving job forcefully.

7. They use illegal Brand names of many foreign companies ( Search "e2 lab cheat" at google, see results)

This is my current situation and I want you all to please suggest me what to do?

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some body have guts against @zaki Qurashi he is such a big liar i totally agree with these comments
Please details your story at E2 Labs.
lol :D i want some comments from e2-labs is there any thing to say by mr Zaki Qurashi
IT's right that company is fraud company, after joining in this company everybody know, if anybody want to join in this company pls ask them about previous employees and their phone numbers and talk to previous employees see they suggest you to join or not! MD(zaki) said to all "i know Saudi KING we are friends", "I know CYBER CRIME ACP, DGP very well", "He place a photo also in his room with OBAMA"...hhhhhhhhhh
Pls anybody dont join in this company...after joining u feel a lot why im spoiled my career with my own hands...we feel like that now...
dude i donna know what happened with u xactly...but u have another option learn any language like php..net & java so you will get job surely...no need to take guarantee ...be confident do hardwork get excellence...saada success apne aap mil jaayegi
I am agree with all these comments, he is really a cheat who has cheated many.
I am One of the victim of E2 labs...Guys don't ever join that course its waste of time and money..
Hello guys I am a Student Of E2-labs But all that is said is not completely true, they have a state of art training system and are the market leader in online securities and have tie up and connections with all corporate and government organizations.I completely disagree with you guys
@pankaj3044, looks like you are in state of denial. I am sorry for you mate.
This happened to me too, i did not want to believe many of my friends when they said negatively about E2labs initially, cause i did not want to listen to them as it would make my decision invalid or wrong, its your ego playing games with you.
But when you come to reality and start seeing it for yourself, you realise what a grave mistake you have done and there is no way of correcting it.
Suggestion to all the people who got cheated - please file a case at consumer court about them and you might get get your money back with 8-9% interest
I don't understand that why still people are joining into e2 labs. i can give u many reasons why if u should not join e2 labs

1. Useless Certificate ( No Value )

2. No one at E2 Labs have knowledge to teach you Ethical Hacking ( Waste Faculty since, very long time.)

3. Ethical hacking and Computer Forensics doesn't cost you in Lakhs. There are great courses which whole world recognizes such as, CEH, OSCP, SANS. Invest your time and money in these certifications.

4. If any client asks a technical question, staff and CEO will look at each others faces and bluntly give fake information or will tell the client that they will revert back and never speak about it again. Try once!

5. About Dr. Zaki Qureshey ( Check this Link - http://attrition.org/errata/charlatan/watch_list/zaki_qureshey/ ) He has Doctorate in Encryption, But, He doesn't know anything about encryption, I spoke to him about this personally !

6. No Foreign Faculty. They have ditched him because he cheated them. ( Listen to this call - https://vimeo.com/7430206 )

7. Job Guarantee program is . You will not be paid promptly or will not be getting promised salary. You will definitely become Chutiya in this department.

8. Dr. Zaki Qureshey ( CEO ) has lots of EGO and will be playing mind games with you. But a few employees played with him too !

9. You should be a BLITHERING to join E2 Labs or Outsource Project to E2 Labs after reading this. There are hundred more people who would agree with me and have suffered.
How can any 1 be jealous of hI'm or e2. he is the 1 and only 1 in India we all Indians should be proud.

1. Company of the year in Cyber security.

2. Top 20 companies of the year.


The more u lamer post the more he is getting blessed

True example of Make in India

We all r proud of u is Desh ke Putter.

The one's who are crying will always be learn from him he is a Legend.
I had come to E2labs with the goal of gaining knowledge on Cyber Security and building a career in the domain through the CSP - Job Oriented Course they offer. Although they seemed quite confident from the very beginning, I was very skeptical about their ability to deliver on what they promised, based on the negative reviews I read on the internet.

But surprisingly, from the beginning I noticed things which were different: Their teaching style differed from other institutes available, which quickly enabled me to grasp the concepts and they tailored training plans to support students after the classroom training - so you are never alone wondering what to do next. Also E2labs throughout the process remained available to assist with any questions right up to exam time. They do not focus on total memorization techniques which I felt was very important to my learning and busy lifestyle. A course worth the investment if your goal is to build a career in the Cyber Security Domain.

Thanks again the E2labs Team!
I am Krishna Chaitanya

I paid lakhs of rupees since years in different institutions but got no where.

People call me maddy Chaitanya or black Chaitanya- but now they call me security Chaitanya


Off late I joined E2labs in Banjara Hills

Trust me now I know what cyber security is all about. The faculty is the best in class. Labs r amazing

I got a job due to right skills in E2labs Iam really proud now. Drawing 12 lacs per annum.

E2labs I though was also like other centres but trust me they r the best in the country if it is cyber it's E2labs

I met Dr. Zaki he counseled me and gave me a road map for security carrier

And now due to him my Guru iam here in an MNC.

He is my Mentor

What skills he has got he is simply cyber Guru of India.

Iam sure he is man of the decade for cyber security

With so many Awards to his credit

900 plus articles

550 News coverages and interviews

5000 plus lectures across India and abroad

Several innovations and technology transfer to mother Land

Several National Awards

4 times Brand Ambassador for Andhra Pradesh State

6 International Awards

Several National critical Investigations

Advice Government of India

Trained several federal Agencies

The list goes on.

Thank you sir

Today Chaitanya is E2labs

God bless India

And E2Labs

Jai hind
Krishna Chaitanya- Blackie's reply, Jun 17, 2017
There are few disgruntled employees who are jealous of E2labs so they blog

I am sure they wouldn't have got continued Awards by Government

And international Awards

I bet no one can beat them in quality

Wide coverage in cyber

Now they r accredited by U.S certifications

So guys plz contact them directly

Some ###### divert

I know so far and ever they will remain No 1 in India

See there growth

Global expanding

Best centre and only place for cyber

I met guys from Netherlands


Middle East






Why do u think they will come to E2labs

It's just quality

Now am working in u.k

As a consultant in E2labs u.k office

Guys don't ever never join them...they are no 1 fraud i have worked with them..and left the company within 15 days..the lady over there i don't remember her name..god they don't have any skills everything is show off ..over there the lady who council she has ha target from Mr Zakir Qureshi...
Please log your complaints here - core.nic.in
waste company... no trainers are there

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