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[Resolved]  EPF office, Bangalore — PF transfer

I was working with Motorola between 24-Aug-2005 and 19-Sep-2008. I applied for my PF transfer when I joined Motorola.

My PF account from previous Organization (Proxim Wireless Communications Pvt ltd, company is closed now) was maintained by Govt EPF office in Bangalore. PF account number is KN/BN/25791/39.

Due to some unknown reasons, it never happened and I was asked to submit a fresh application for transfer by Section V officers in the EPF office, Bangalore. I submitted the same in Motorola on 10th July 2008.

Subsequently there were some discrepancies in the PF account number AS Motorola Organization code was changed and Motorola has given the clarification for the same on 31st Oct 2008. Latest PF account number held by Motorola PF trust is KN/13842/006291.

Still as on today, the PF transfer has not been completed and I am unable to trace my application because Motorola PF trust members say that the application had been sent to EPF office whereas EPF office members claim that they did not receive teh application.

In case if the PF transfer does not happen quickly, Motorola will deduct the income tax on the balance amount and settle the PF account. I will end up paying the tax which I am not liable for.

Currently I am not employed anywhere and this tax cut would be hefty for me. Request your help to get the PF transfer expedited.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Motorola India private Ltd, Bangalore — Transfer of PF amount

In the month of March, 2008, I quit the job from Motorola to join another company. upon joining, I immediately applied
for Pf transfer from Motorola to my new company.
To my utter surprise, Instead of transferring PF amount, Motorola sent me the settlement amount as a cheque after deducting
Though, all through 5 months I repeatedly told Motorola that I do not want PF payout but the transfer of the PF amount.
Due to this, I have lost a big chunck of saving as [protected]@30%.
I feel helpless and dejected, please advise me how to go about in getting PF amount transferred. I have even approached Motorola
to take back the cheque(sent thru courier) but to no avail.

Here are the details:

PF account: KN/13842/005745

Msource(Mphasis an EDS Company) — My P.F, is not credited in my A/C

My P.F. No. is KN/25075/24859 which is given by Mphasis Company on 13 feb 2008 but till now my PF is not credited in my A/c . May I know Why? Company HR says P.F. Office is responsible. please tell me status about my PF. and reply me very soon ur Contact No. is also not working .

Mob no. [protected]
I was working with Pindar set India ltd Bangalore. I applied for my PF withdrwal on 22nd October .2008.
My PF account from previous Organization with Govt EPF office in Bangalore is PF KN/42040/515.
Three weeks back a partial amount has been credited to my ING Vysya Bank a/c Still as on today, the rest is not credited.PF transfer has not been completed.I had more than 4 yrs exp in previous company.
Request your help to get the PF amount.

Thanks & Regards
Anumod KM
I am working in Oracle Hyderabad( 12th March 2007 to till now) .

My PF account from previous Organization (Genisys Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore 19th Sept 2005 to 2nd March 2007) was maintained by Govt EPF office in Bangalore.
PF account number is KN / BN /19362 /971 ( Regional PF Commissioner's office at K. R.Puram)

I applied for the transfer of my PF from my previous organisation to new organisation immediately after joining the organisation ( i.e. in the month of March 2007 ). Then my company HR updated me to apply for the fresh claim after completion of transition with the new PF No. allotted and approved by the RPFC.

I submitted Form-13 application for (Provident Fund & Pension Fund transfer) again in the month of January 2008. But still i am waiting for my PF to be transferred.

My new PF A/C details are:

PF A/C no is : KN/42357/12549
NSSN No: [protected]

Kindly update me what needs to be done to transfer the PF money accumulated from my previous organization to the new PF A/C.

-Sumit Pandey

Still as on today, the PF transfer has not been completed and I am unable to trace my application because Motorola PF trust members say that the application had been sent to EPF office whereas EPF office members claim that they did not receive teh application.
i don't know epf a/c balance
i don't know epf a/c balance
I had submitted PF transfer form with details of my previous employement PF account to my current employer, Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore while joining in Jan. 2006.

From 2007 onwards, I started getting the PF statement from my current company which gave the details of the PF deposited only by my current employer (not include the total amount deposited by my previous employer, LogicaCMG, Bangalore.

Could you let me know if PF amount of my previous employer is transferred. And, please let me know how to find the total amount in my account till now.

My PF details:

Name: Ajit Pal ( Ajit Kumar Pal )

Previous Employer : LogicaCMG, Bangalore
PF A/C at LogicaCMG : KN/23649/1213

Current Employer : Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
PF A/C at Huawei : KN/24909/1484
I had submitted my PF withdrawal form on 24 - Feb - 2009 at Sub regional office in K.R. Puram. At that point of time it has been informed to me that it will take 45 days to process the final settlement and the amount will come to my bank account. But till now I have not received the claim. I had been to the office on 30 - June - 2009 and one of the Employee Mr. Lakshmi Narayan told me that it will take another 2 months for no reason. When I questioned about this, the other employees are asking him to reject my application. Is this the wat EPF office works?? There is no support for the public from the Employees of this particular organization. I wanted to complain to the Commissioner of that particular office and after waiting for hours, he had send someone asking us to meet the same person. In this way, the Commissioner also is supporting his Employees. There is no way I could complain. Therefore, I request you to kindly guide me as to what to do and take necessary action on my complaint.

Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.

Thanks & regards
Hi All,

My Name is Sachin Kumar, My Concern is regarding My PF. I Joined Msource India Pvt. Ltd, Noida (U.P) on 12th April 2006 and resigned from the company on 15th September 2008. After 2 month of my resignation I have applied for PF Withdrawal in march 2009. BUt still no confirmation I have got from Bangalore office. I have sent several mails to ro.[protected] But i belive no body is bother to reply this mail. Kindly look in to the mattar.My PF Number is:-(KN/25075/20026)

Name - Sachin Kumar
PF No:-:-(KN/25075/20026)

Sachin Kumar
HI i m satnam singh from chandigarh. i m the previous employee with icici lombard gic ltd.i m worked there 6 june 2007 to 1 sep 2008 7 i hv submit my pf forms on 28 nov 2008 to team lease & on the 9 feburary i have received the amount of Rs "6851".Team lease has been submit the forms in "Employes Provident Fund" office in 28 May 2009 But i hv not rec any amount from the side o[censored].

Comminsor, will u plz tell me on which stage r my PF forms.Awating for ur revert.My PF details r given below

Name Of Employee:Satnam Singh

PF NO:KN/35224/183445


Acc No:[protected]

Thanx & regards

Satnam Singh
MY PF NO:KN/6703/12172.


Msource(India) — pf credit not received


I have resigned from Msource (India) Pvt. Ltd now known as Mphasis (EDS) company in June 2007 my Employment ID was 15054 process USCC (U-Operate) PF number KN/25075/09551 and have not been able to get any PF amount since more than two years.

My contact number [protected] kindly contact or E-mail me regarding my query as I have been trying to contact the Company and the PF office Bangalore since than.

Rehana Kaktikar

This is with reference to the status on the Pension Form.

Kindly note that your Form 10c (Pension form) has been submitted to RPFC on 19/11/2009 . Teamlease does not have any control over (any company for that matter) the status of the same.

The PF department communicates directly with the associates and not with the company (TeamLease).We would not be able to commit any time frame on this as this is at the discretion of the PF Authority. Employees' Provident Fund Organization,

View the Status of Your Claim
Kindly furnish the Office, Establishment code and Employee No.
Data Last Updated On : 22/02/2010
Establishment Code *
Extension Code(if any) * 35224
Employee No. * kn

Your Claim Not Received by this Office!
Visitor No : 61844

vineet aggarwal
emp id -356699

My PF Deatils:

PF No-KN/BN/24960/12116 (DELL)
PF No-AP/HYD/37897/18168 (HSBC)

For the last 4 years I am waiting for my PF Transfer from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

RPFC Hyderabad says they didnt receive any amount/cheque from RPFC, Bangalore.

What is the status of my PF Transfer ...I would be really grateful to you.if you Could you kindly confirm this for me.

RPFC, hyd... also needs the Form K..please send it.

RPFC Hyderabad says they didnt receive my PF amount from RPFC Bangalore..

Kindly help.
Moumita [protected]
my pf no. DL/KN/BN/34272/107644.
Plz tell me current status.

my pf no is kn/bn/42523/1

kindly letmeknow the tansfer details



I see many people posting their complaint in this forum. Has anyone got response from concerned person on PF transfer status, before i join this queue to post my complaint?

I was working with Oracle [I] Private Ltd., OTP No.3 Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560 029.
My EPF Account No. KN/ 42357/9002
Date of leaving service with the previous employer : Jan 18, 2008
Date of joining the present employer : Jan 21, 2008

I subtd. my application for transfer of my EPF accumulation in Form No.13 (revised) vide my application dt.30.7.2009. This was forwarded by my present employer, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Bangalore.

Vide their Reference Sheet No.PFTIN 108130,
Associate ID : 1703-3
Associate Name : Ramachandran
Location : BLR STP1 Golf Campus - F2
Submitted date : Thursday, July 30, 2009.

I followed up the matter with my prpevious employer, viz. Oracle [I] Pvt., Ltd., Bangalore.

The reply received from them is reproduced herebelow for your ready reference:
From: Vasudevan, Mukund (Cognizant)
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 2:42 PM
To: Ramchandran, Ravi (Cognizant) ** ** ** ** ** **
Your EPF Transfer Form submission (at RPFC Chennai)-31-Aug-09

Dear Associate,
We have submitted your PF transfer form (Form 13) to RPFC Chennai on 31-Aug-09 for getting EPF accumulations transferred from your previous employer to Cognizant Technology Solutions.
After submission of your Form No. (13), RPFC Chennai communicates with the RFPC of your previous employer for EFP accumulations. On receipt of inter office communication the relevant RPFC is required to send your EPF accumulations vide cheque drawn in favour of RPFC Chennai, who in turn credit this amount to your Cognizant PF account. This is the general operational cycle of the PF transfer process.
The minimum period for PF transfer to take effect is around 6 months if it is within Tamilnadu & around a year for transfers across interstate RPFC offices. This period can vary subjective to the inter RPFC office communication delays.
Hence you are requested to follow up with your previous employer’s PF office for the status (after 3 months from the date of submission) as we do not have the access to retrieve status updates from them. On getting the confirmation of the receipt of your transfer form please ask the concerned PF office to furnish the cheque details (Cheque no, date of issuance, amount) if any cheque has been issued for your EPF accumulations in favour of RPFC Chennai.

Thanks & Regards HR-SS Benefits

Imy end, please inform me so as to enable me to act promptly

Bangalore PF Office — Transfer Status


MY PF account number is KN/BN/19214/059907, i had allpied for transfer in Nov 2010. I still dont know the status of my application. No one is Bangalore office is answering the calls. Please help me find the status.


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