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I bought the All in One printer for 3600 hoping to use it moderately, but I found that the cartridge lasts for ONLY 10- 12 PAGES !! In draft mode, it lasts for 15 pages - TEXT NOT PICTURE. THIS IS SHOCKING. Since there is no refill, you have to buy cartridge. But the Rs. 250 cartridge(ORIGINAL EPSON) lasts only 12 pages. What is the use of such useless CARTRIDGE? I REQUEST THAT EPSON WITHDRAW THIS PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY.
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epson stylus 1500 all in one — the printer is not working

i have purchase that all in one, but know the prienter is not working, and the properties of the printer not show both of the ink cartage even i have replay my cartage
i own the same product, the printer takes incredibly long times to print plus the catridge lasts for couple of print outs only . Its not very economical as espon advertised, if you print rarely and want a mid range scanner go for this one .
u r right.
the worst printer in the world is epson styllus tx101.the cartridge ends after printing only 13 pages, CAN U BELIEVE IT !!!
TX 101 91N cartridge costing Rs 250/ gives ony 12 prints which is unaffordable. can somebody give cheaper affordable cartridges?
Agreed 100%, it is useless printer, when I bought, I was told that the cartridge cost is 100 Rs per coolor. But, it is around Rs.400 to Rs500 per color and is very difficult to find as well.
It hardly prints 15-20 pages, it is total waste of money and effort.
Agreed, it is very bad.
I went to Vijay Sales(Goregoan Hub) to buy this printer (Epson TX101), I had asked the sales person
what is the cost of catridge as I wanted to know the future maintainance cost for this printer, I was told that it would cost Rs.150 per cartridge and never informed that the catridge that comes with the Epson printer is a demo version and would print very few pages and is also not written anywhere. I came to know only I lodged a complain with Epson and technician told about it and he also told that
the cost of the catridge would be around Rs 450 per color.

So, the cost of 4 color cartridge would be = Rs.450x4 = Rs.1800
This printer costed me around Rs. 3600 which has a scanner as well, Epson has tried to attract customer with this low price, but actually there is immediate hidden cost of additional Rs.1800 for cartridge which is not told to the consumer at the time of buying which is incorrect sales strategy used by Epson or it's distributor(Vijay Sales) to increase their sales.

The cartridge cannot be refilled as well which is also not told in advance.

Seems like Epson has started this Model maintain continuity of revenue with forced or no alternative buying of Cartridge. Next time, it is surely a big no to Epson/Vijay Sales
all Epson printer users, please note that origional cartridges are made in japan, so shipping cost is too high.lower priced cartrige use sub standard ink sometimes which damages priny head and invalidates warranty.BEST option is to use a CISS that we can refill ourselfs by the ink of our choice.warranty will be void if this ciss system is detected by epson. but it is very economical. i have chinese ciss systems that cost 2000 initially, IN BANGALORE, and later operating cost for 73N/91N type is less than 50paise for black text.
yes i m fully agreed
i have also the same problem the new cartradge can only print 13-16 pages
Two months back, I purchased Epson Stylus Tx-101 all in one printer, hoping to use it moderately in home. Dismay to my expectation, the cartridge came originally with the printer lasted after 10-12 text printouts. That was anyway alright for me because I had not paid for the cartridge. After that I purchased a new black N91 cartridge and used it. This was a height of disappointment to find that the new cartridge which had incurred me a cost of Rs 500, just lasted after hardly printing 15-20 black text pages.
I want to ask to Epson, What the hell is this???
Do they understand what cost it is incurring to me?? Rs 25-30 per page!!!
This is absolutely a money laundering done by epson and all associated third party dealers and distributors.
Why before selling the this kind of dirty and dull printer, they do not publish user for its ink usage details???
Why don't I throw this useless scrap directly on their face???
I am wondering that, Why any body still have not gone to the consumer court asking for the compensation from Epson??? At least now I am planing to do the same...
100% currect. I am also owing this worst printer (epson lx 100) and its catridge is only usable for max 10 pages. Don't buy this worst product.
I am enraged and disgusted with the Epson TX101. The software driver tells me that the ink cartridge is empty and REFUSES to let me try to print a few pages more. Let me see for myself that the ink is really gone or that it is fading on the paper. Today I went and bought a new 73N black only cartridge and now the printer refuses to let me print only black and white when the other cartridges are empty?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want to smash this pile of sticky black mud and shove it down the throat of the Epson CEO. This product is a dismal failure and has forever RUINED the Epson brand for me. I VOW from this moment forward, I will NEVER *EVER* buy anything associated with Epson again and I will be sure to tell all of my associates and friends the same. I curse Epson 10, 000 times. May Epson corporation burn in hell for unleashing this utter crap on humanity. Now I am off to let my friends on every social media platform I am on know what has occurred. Good job Epson. You suck.
Thre most useless printer in the market...
dont even think to have it ...
sheer waste of money
If you want more prints from the black cartridge which is showing empty, remove the cartridge from cartridge bay, press the little button in the hole when you look towards pins of the cartridge, this will reset the cartridge memory and then insert back in cartridge bay, start printer, Start Printing again...

i want to the epson tx101 adjustment program
It is absolutely correct!!!

this printer is worst, the ink last only for 10 to 15 pages and when colour ink is empty, we cant use the black ink too...

And cartrige is also not rechargable link HP and all...

Epson should do something for this
I have bought Epson CX5500 and 91N black gives only 2 or 3 pages print and becomes empty. Color text print only 2 pages of a bank draft and cyan becomes empty. I think epson sells printer at a low cost and then makes money from cartridges its a trap A customer cheating policy.
Epson makes printer like this. If u make off and then ON the printer, at least 10% ink will be gone and becomes empty after 2 or 3 pages print with mode set plain paper. Even sometime system shows 60% ink with new cartridge after charging process.
Actually 96% ink goes in charging process and 4% gets utilized in printing. Very bad cartridge chip eeprom settings
I HAVE PURCHASED 3 TIMES within a month the 91N cmyk set(Rs. 1000 per set) in a hope that this set will work fine and a page print cost more than 200 rupees!!
These printers are INK soaking GAINT
ONly way: USE AUTO RESET CHIP with refillable cartridges which is not available in india.
TOTALLY FALLEN INTO A TRAP.Finally I have discarded the printer to get out of the trap and planning to buy HP printer
where can i buy epson tx101 C13T06154010 T0615 cartiledge?...and how about the prices???
I am really agree with above complaints. This printer is useless because of cartridge. The price of this printers are very low, but after every 10-12 printout to purchase new cartridges is very costly. Why Epson making such useless product? I will go to consumer court for that.
I bought a new yellow cartridge for the epson tx101 printer. Has not even printed even one page and it shows empty. Basically I bought the cartridge because I just wanted to use the black, which doesnt work unless all the cartridges have some ink in them. The epson people are thugs . will never buy any epson printer again
I recently bought TX100, it's true, i was not able take more the 15 printouts. Don't buy any epson producst.

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