[Resolved]  Essence System Pvt. Ltd. — Completely Unreliable & Fraud

Well, I would like to let u know that the company 'Essence System Pvt. Ltd', situated at 44A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700016.
phone: 22266923 / 40013654

that itself claims to provide global IT solutions and software development company is not at all an IT company.It's basically a consultancy.First of all it will recruit you as trainee and charge you Rs. 8000 to 15000 or may be more as processing fee and they will promise you to place you after completion of 3 or 6 months of training.Things will start to get worse when you pay the money.Because the training that they provide is very low standard.They even don't have sufficient computers or systems.
The company basically will hire you for the post of Software developer or as Networking Engineer.
Me and some of my friends had joined that company as 'Software Developer' trainee.They all were charged the money,given 2 months of training and finally abandoned.The company even didn't bothered to contact them.
My suggestion is not to go for such company.There are so many institutions are available throughout the country ex-CMC,NIIT.Go for them instead of wasting your money to such fraud company.
For more info on this company mail me at:: [protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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leading network system pvt ltd — bill on mail

Dear Sir / Madem,

We r using group phone, but i want my phone bill on my mail.
for your refrance my Ph No is[protected]

Please mail my bill on my mail id every month

do the needful
Rizwana Shekh
Essence System Pvt Ltd gives very good training and placements as well. It is not like other IT firm where they only train candidates and take a large amount. The training is the same given by other big IT firms but the charge is not at all high. Essence does provide placements but to the right candidates. All my other friends have got placements in different IT companies through Essence System Pvt Ltd. What we say we also mean it. Just one or two pupil who did not qualify had vented out their frustration by writing all negative things about Essence.
Essence has well equipped instrument and computers.
I am about to join the new company as per Essence system pvt ltd has given me placement and yes there are many more like me.
I would like to say you cannot buy a job however, you got to show your own calibre. If you are dull and incompetent how would a company hire you.

So my friends there are other friends as well who are very happy with Essence system pvt ltd. This is the only firm which gives opening to freshers. As far as other IT firm concerned they only look for experienced candidates. It is extremely good exposure for Freshers. Because I believe in order to make your self professional and compete with the world outside you got to have faith in the company and yourself. Then only you would be able to work with other organisation.
I just would like to say as a trainee with Essence System has given me more confidence. My trainers are also very supportive and always keeps me and friends spirit high as they always motivate us.
Thanxx man...
The same company called me twice...
First they call & say that there's a vacancy for 2 days..come sharp...
First time I could not go.
But again 2nd time the caller says the same...
Why would a company would take such headaque???
I think i should not go...
Plz comment on this>>>>>>>
Essence System Pvt Ltd, such a good they r nt at all good.fiestly they call for interview saying they have vacancy for software developer/network engineer.after cracking the interview they asked for money 10, 000/.this is cheat, they dont have any vacancy, they r only broker.dont go for this.
Some trainees who did not qualify after training period, are making bad comment about Essence Systems Pvt. Ltd. It gives placement to their own software solution department(.NET Or Java) . It also gives placements the Networking Engineer to other organisation. I and my four friends got placement in Essence Systems Pvt. Ltd in thier software solution department after completing the probation period. At the time of probation period we were getting the salary which was specified in our appointment letter. We know other guys, who after completing the Networking training, they got job.
Don't malign a good company 4 your own fault
are essence system have any reg no... which provide by Indian gov... if have then plz... tell me the reg no...
If as the second person told... the essence system is good... then tell me some name and post in company... are servicing after joining by you..???
Essence System Pvt Ltd is total fraud. On 10th FEB-2011 I joined this organization but till date-19.03.11 they have not paid a single penny to me...
this company is a real fraud one . they conduct two round of interview to show formality. at last they ask for 10, 000 rs for in house training . then why will i join essence there is CMC, NIIT, GLOBSYN, APTECH, WEBEL they are much better.
the hole procedure is fake plz dont waste your money and time. the persons who have commented positives here they are the employee of essence.
today i went there...they told me they will give me a training and i have to pay 15000...
i think i will not join .
essence system pvt ltd is fraud. it is a consultancy not a company, i recently go there for attend interview but when i qualify they call me for attend a training with 8000 rs.
Very Good, Superb, Tremendous, Excellent, Extra-Ordinary comment from friend ...
Essence System is one of the Leading Fake Company which is located at 44A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, kolkata...
They provides training in computer Network and also job i[censored] paid a amount of 15000 and
but course fees of this training in general is Rs.1000 only.
hey friends kindly suggest me as i dont know what to do at this i have received an offer from the same company but only after paying Rs 10000.I am fresher 2010 passout looking for a break
well, Im who first one, who complaint against this company...Guys, I will tell you 1 thing.You will see whenever you will be called for interview, you will be asked some irrelevant question & some HR question-like, where r u from?which college u r from?.That's all...hardly dey will ask any technical question...moreover, when I was giving interview, the person who took my technical interview was from Networking field.I forgot his name...perhaps it's "Soumya"(I'm not sure)...later while training I came 2 know he even doesn't know how to write a simple class in Java.Believe me guys, the instructor who used to teach me java there got shocked after knowing that "Soumya"( not sure abt name) took the interview...He even didn't know ABCD of Java.Though he had been appointed to take my interview.He even did n't ask a simple java question in the mid of the intervw...
The person who was my instructor was simply hired by the company 4 few thousands rupees for few months to instruct the students.He used to come from Naihati.When it was finished. "Sanjay" who seems to be in important position in the company, told me there is lot of vacancy in VB, testing field, but no vacancy in JAVA, though I was hired as Java Developer & did my trng dere on it.I 1st didn't understand dat it was the attempt to abondon me from training.
Guys I know for a middle class family[protected]/- is huge amount.You better utilize dat money on your real benefit, bt dont let it go to the fraud hand.
Apart from all these I'm telling you finally, i[censored] r called there for interview & i[censored] hav strong desire 2 hoin dis company...go for Networking fields instead of java/.net...dat may b a bit better choice...BUT IT WOULD BE ALWAYS BETTER TO AVOID SUCH FRAUDS.
Hi, ramanand86...I would like to put some instances to u.While our trng in Essence was going on, dere was 1 girl who finally left essence after 6-9 months of frustration & finally joined a colg in WBUT for M.Tech...dere were 2 girls who did splendid performance, were regular, and sincere, finally left Essence with few months of Experience certificate & of course widout job when dey came 2 know dat dey hav been simply trapped...well u know dat exp cert will be of no use...bcoz dey will ask you, "How much months of experience do u want.?"...
I completely sympathize wid ur condition, how does it feel investing a lot of money in doing B.Tech & not getting any job.I'm also passed B.Tech from WBUT, 2010 passout. and recently got job in Infosys...I was also frustrated like u as I didn't get placed in finally I cracked it...Life doesn't stop here...Give importance to time...dere were several of my frnds who didn't get placed by on campusing..finally either got job by off/pool campusing...or joined any Inst to do M.Tech...
I[censored] want to further comm...send mail to "[protected]"...Despite my busy schedule I would respond.
Believe me frnds, in today's time if any company ask u money IN ANY FORM...just DONT GO to dat company...They will take ur money...give u training from that money & will abondon's also becoming a lucrativr source of income for some they generally demand for huge money but pays a little to the instructor...I'm well aware of these bcoz, I 've already faced such few companies.Unfortunately I got trapped by Essence & got my lesson...dat did n't let me to be trapped anymore.
thank you samantrao for ur suggestion as well as motivating is almost one year now since i passed my B.Tech and dont know what to do, where to go as im really depressed and tensed.Dont know y this has to be happened only to me...
dear samantro,
thank u for saving my time and money.

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