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[Resolved]  Essence System Pvt. Ltd. — Completely Unreliable & Fraud

Well, I would like to let u know that the company 'Essence System Pvt. Ltd', situated at 44A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700016.
phone: 22266923 / 40013654

that itself claims to provide global IT solutions and software development company is not at all an IT company.It's basically a consultancy.First of all it will recruit you as trainee and charge you Rs. 8000 to 15000 or may be more as processing fee and they will promise you to place you after completion of 3 or 6 months of training.Things will start to get worse when you pay the money.Because the training that they provide is very low standard.They even don't have sufficient computers or systems.
The company basically will hire you for the post of Software developer or as Networking Engineer.
Me and some of my friends had joined that company as 'Software Developer' trainee.They all were charged the money,given 2 months of training and finally abandoned.The company even didn't bothered to contact them.
My suggestion is not to go for such company.There are so many institutions are available throughout the country ex-CMC,NIIT.Go for them instead of wasting your money to such fraud company.
For more info on this company mail me at:: [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Contact Us...Copyright ã 2009, Essence System Pvt. Ltd.For General Information E-mail us at :

For sending Cv's :
E-mail us at : [protected]

For information about our services :
E-mail at :[protected]

Regd. Office :
Wellesley mansion, Suit # 3,
44A Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
Kolkata - 16 (Near WBBSE Office Park Street)

Phone :
30249620 / 30249623
hi shuvendra.magic,

Company like Essence will keep bidding their drums, as it's their job, source of income.My advice would be always avoid such companies.Because these consultancy firms(oopsss IT company) will never give you written assurance or any agreement to provide you job.They always would say "candidates dont get jobs as they dont perform well...etc". But the fact is that there is no such performance measures to check candidates' performances.They never conduct exams or any kind of technical review to judge candidates' technical or other skills.
Moreover they hire saying they have vacancies in JAVA/.NET.First of all in Kolkata, not a single middle level company has project in JAVA.If you dont believe me then ask any experienced IT employee based on Kolkata, whho has worked in a small IT companies in kolkata.
Be Smart.Learn from others who had been cheated in past.Verify everything & finally think 100 times not to get trapped.

Have a good luck...
who said essence is afake company. if it is a fake company than its takes rs 1, 00000 n run away like infogen global or somemore company. i joined esseense as a trainee they provide me 1 week training n they send me ojt in pcs with stiphen, so presently im working in pcs with 6k salary. everybody taking a charges, not only me my some friends are alo working with me.

Essence Systems Pvt Ltd — good placement company

they are providing training of ten days n send directly client place with stiphen in ojt.for 3 months, its good for freshers coz these companies are giving oppertunitis with minimum amount. i[censored] go for institute they charge more than 30 k. but no job,but its really work for me n my frens we all are happy with essence
Dear friend who gave money to them.I am sure you will never get money.We also went to ojt but never paid a single penny...So i am requesting to all of the students to stay away from essence as fra possible...and one thing "BAHUUT JALDI ESSENCE KA E DRAMA BAND HONE WALA HAI".
dont waste your time and money to work into wbswan project which is provoded by essence.
dont waste your time and money
dont join into purulia or raghunathpur. you join as for training but after 3 month nothing you will get. here 12 pass student works with sallery 3 thousand but not get on time to time.

if any body wants to join then please keep contact ... it will be better for u...

so dont waste your time, money and performance...
This is total ford company. they never keep promises. & they give bounce cheque . ... So friends be alert... sanjay sir is allows switch of his mobile... BAD COMPANY...
I agree with the complaints...I don't know if someone still going for such company & wasting money-time or not.
But I am sure some1 will definitely take legal action against such fraud bangalore already I have seen so many complaints like this...beware of guys...I thank the person who took this initiative to disclose the misdeeds of such a fraud company...
HI all, this co. is really a filthy one.I was appointed as a crm of this co but the clients of this co is so unprofessional & they give as indecent offers which is not desirable. And the management did not seem to care at all they seem to be unaware of this issue.How can this be possible that the co doesn't know about their clients nature when they are dealing with them for years???? i left this co. after working for 15 days.So i would say anyone and every one if you ever get any call from this co. please do-not turn up for any interviews(especially engineers) and others also please do-not turn up for interviews for working in any position of this company. Its better to sit back at home unemployed rather than to be associated with this company in any way.And those who commented positive about this company they are just hired to say that i guess cz those who have once associated with this co can never say anything positive about it as their is nothing positive to say about this co..My 15 days in this company is the worst experience of my life.So folks beware of ESSENCE SYSTEMS PVT LTD.
Hi, all this co. is really a filthy one.I was appointed in this co. as a crm but the clients of this co. are so unprofessional & give indecent offers which is not desirable. The management seems to pay no heed to these issues.They seem to completely unaware of this. How can they be unaware of this facts when they are dealing with such clients for years?????? I left working with them after 15days.And those who commented positive about this co. i guess they are hired to do so cz those who have once associated with this co. can never speak positive about them cz their is nothing positive to talk about them.So anyone or every one if you get any call from this particular co. please do-not come for an interview(especially engineers) & others also please do-not turn up for interviews for any of the post in this co.Its better to sit back at home unemployed rather than being associate with this co. in any way.My 15 days with the co. is the worst experience in my life.Folks BEWARE OF ESSENCE SYSTEMS PVT LTD.
The person who commented on positive (anirban.patra123) is an employee of that company. I came to know about him because I was in the company for few months.
These guys call themselves 'software engineers', but truth is they are nothing but some frustrated unemployed young people who ended up working in a cheat, fraud company that pays them[protected] /- per month.
Somebody should take some strong legal action against this cheaters...
Fraud company. One of my friend worked as network professional and finally had to leave because it was not even giving salary on time (though it's very low. mine was 3200/- per month).
Students hired as software engg or developer are worst hit. They are not even placed after training. There is no performance metrics to keep track of candidate's performance.This company just make profit by taking handsome amount of money as an excuse of training fee/processing fee/security deposit, which you will never get back.
Please don't join here.
Cheat company. Dont go if you want to save your money, time and effort.
Most of the instructors there, leave the company after 2-4 months as they themselves dont get paid properly, even though their salary is somewhat around[protected] pm.

If they really want to place you in projects, then they could have organize a technical assessment and exams, where they can figure out whether the candidates has the knowledge or not. Why go for 3 months of training and why take Rs. 15000 money from candidates?

The inside office is so tiny and narrow, there is no sufficient place to walk around. The so called java lab upstair is so small, that if you stand up, your head will touch the ceiling (around around 5 ft height). There are only 2 systems upstair, where 1 system will always be damaged. They don't even have licensed version of the softwares. They use pirated softwares in the systems as they are broke and they dont have the money to pay for it. There is no other department or place/systems for software development (LOL, forget about software development, they even dont have systems).

Such people normally get your profile online and will contact you or they may also give advertisement in newspapers about the vacancy. Whatever the ways are, their purpose is: take interview (where interviewer can be as equal to the worst performing student you can think of in your college, who does not ANYTHING), then ask questions like where r u from, where did u do ur college (gosh, they even dont read your resume I guess), then they will tell you about the openings for jobs (based on the technologies you have mentioned in your resume), then they will ask[protected] as processing fee or security deposit or training fee, which they will never return.

After so called training game will be over, they will ask you that your training is finished, you have done well (dont worry they just say that, even if you dont go there for training after paying the money). We will contact you shortly. And THATS IT. you money is looted by them and they got rid of you because they will never call you back. If you call them by yourself, first they will share some stories why they are not calling you for placement, later they will switch off their mobile phones.

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