Express It Courier — Non-Delivery of Courier from ICICI Bank

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 Arben Dubar
They send across an SMS asking to call a number 044-32508871 etc., then as new invention land line gives a message saying it is switched off!!! And the delivery boys thinks that they are the customer and paying for us to take delivery... You should be ready at his feet to answer his call... They can't even find an address to deliver they will call you and ask for the location / land mark... till you say they won't even say from where the courier or is that courier meant to you...

I am not sure hoe Reliance money too want to use the service of this hopeless Express IT courier!
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My Imint card was dispatched in Aug. 2009. I have not received the same while on IMINT customer care, it was note that it has been delivered. However, I had told to IMINT, they reissued me the 2nd IMINT Card of the same number on 16th Oct. and today is 29th Oct. I have again not received the same. I advice to IMINT, please select other courier services rather than Express IT,


AS Kushwaha
I was suppose to receive a courier from HSBC Bank adn Gift Voucher, which was sent across Express IT. When i was trying to Track my courier with my Transaction number its says address "Consignment Returned To Shipper" the reason is the residence is un traceable.
When i was trying to reach them on 22115114/5 there is no one to pick the call.
If this is the kind of service that is expected from a Courier Company in this world of compition. I really dont understand where would the company is be 5yrs down the line.
Hopeless Service, no response from the tel. number, no proper delivery.
We are at a loss when some important courier is to be received. No way to track, the site is intentionally kept confusing. The people who run this should be put to trial.

I should get a courier from HSBC. The bank says it has been delivered in Nov 2. But i din receive any till now. This is very ridiculous. Such a stupid irresponsible couriers i have ever seen. Please track my courier and let me know to whom it is delivered where and whem. The way bill no is: [protected]

My contact no is : [protected] / [protected] / 30796784
I m waiting as long time but i m not received welcome kit that is send from HDFC Bank. i spoke in bank he saying that he has send it .i m call to express courier but nobody pickup the phone.

Express IT Courier — ICICI & Express IT Courier (In appropriate)


You have righty said due to Express IT, ICICI is making its customers unhappy over its services.

I my self never receive statements sent to me by Bank through Express IT courier & when you complaint the bank they say it has been delivered in our record.

Actually my statement is showing status received by person unknown to me. I think staff of express it are very smart, without going out to deliver they show dummy names.

Ankush Gupta
Dear sir,
My ABN no. [protected] and dispatched on 12.03.10 from Mumbai ICICI. But couldn't not received upto today.My mobile no. [protected] (kolkata)

sanjeet kumar
can anyone pls provide the contact details of Express IT courier, Jagtap Dairy, Pune, Maharashtra
My self is Yashveer kumar (mobile no [protected]).i want to drow your kind attention of my credit card not yet delivered from last three months also note last time expressit courier credit card dispatch air bill no is [protected] and I am chasing for this from last week on tel nos [protected], 3067909, 30672917 no one is going to response for query, at last we have dialed at head office no.[protected] where we got the response that your pkt is going to deliver on 17.07.10, but 17.07 has gone and no one has approached regarding the pkt, now you are requested to pls kindly advise where is the my pkts so that we can arrange to pick the same because we think you all are have no time to give the delivery.

Looking forward your quick response in this regard by return mail.
This is IInd reminder to you for non receipt of above said document.I dont know why you people are taking so lightly such a blundered issue.
from 22nd to 30th, in 8days document despatched from Mumbai to Gurgaon, not being delivered by a courier company. on contacting your local representative ( Mr.Anand Shah Mob No- [protected]) not able to trace out the document . Again on contacting anothe man named Mr. Mukesh answering "if it was written in "URDU" how could we find out your address" This is quality of service provied by courier company. such a fraud and stupid
I think no one is responsible for
I entirely agree with the complaints against Exprees It courier service. I am astonished by the unethical practices followed by this courier.ICICI despatched my credit card through this courier in the last week of July, 2010.Althogh I was available at my residence, it was not delivered to me and sent back to ICICI.At my request once again ICICI redespatched it throgh this courier on 9th August, 2010 and gave the airway bill no. I was waiting at my residence to receive the creditcard.On 11th August, 2010, the tracking details in express it displayed displayed that Consigee could not be contacted.On 12th August, 2010, the tracking details displayed that courier coulnd not be delivivered since the consignee did not produce sufficient identity and hence being returned to the shipper.On both the days, I was available at home and no one came to deliver the courier. I sent e-mail to the courier. I did not receive any reply.I tried to contact them.All the numbers either they were engeged or no one was answering.

I am using Ben xpress as my logistics partner for my company it is quite reliable -Sangeetha
Please try Ben Xpress Couriers it is providing good services

ICICI Prudential — shipment delivery


I got call from first flight office on 17th of this month saying there is a parcel for me from mumbai.they told its a gift box.i had given my office address to deliver,they told next day morning i will get it.i waited for two days nobody called me,i called up customer care they told the consignment is at marthahalli godown. i visited marthahalli godown,but there was only a empty cover was there,they told its misplace it. i called customer care people many times they used to say they will call back,but they ddnt turn back,later i realize you people are bluffing me after misplaced my consignment. i want to one thing if you cant give any proper delivery or service, why you are there? please let me know should i forget my consignment? will it come?

Ratheesh P

Consignment number:B23166513
I am not getting any courier from Expre IT courier which i sent by Reliance whether it is mutual fund documents or insurance or any other documents. They just send an sms asking me to go and collect it from their office which is in a remote locations, just telling the false reasons that 'house was locked' etc etc. Sometimes they dont even sms to go and collect the documents, I used to wait, wait and wait for the mails. I really dont know why is Reliance still send all their documents with only this couriser services. This is really customer harassment.
My relative have sent me a courier last week bu still I didn't get it. When he contacted the ExpresssIT courier in Kerala the reply was the courier has been delivered. Bur I dont know to whom it has been delivered. When I am trying to contact the Express IT Courier in Bangalore they are not even willing to pick the call([protected]). May I know when you will be (really) delivering it.
Pathetic service and horrible customer service agents.They messaged me to contact this number[protected] since they were unable to deliver my shipment from Canara Bank.I called them on this number.The first call no one spoke..but i could hear the background noise and then they disconnected.Second time a lady picked the call and as soon as i gave the awb number she said its been shipped back to the sender since it had an incorrrect address.i received a courier frm canara bank yesterday and how come this courier company is not able to find the address.when i was asking her that they could have given a call to me since the number was provided to them, she said they wont call customer and she diconnected the call.the third time i called again and i asked her name.she replies rudely, only if she gets the number she will give her name and again she disconnected.Why are these been paid and asked to answer the call, when they cant handle the call properly.

yeh, d credit card statement which was sent by ICICI delivered to me one time only. last 2 months statement (i.e sep 2015 statement to be deliver in oct 2015 and oct 2015 statement to be deliver in nov 2015) both d month the consignment not delivered to my address. but, in the ICICI bank courier track record page is showing it is delivered to some person. that means our privacy info has been delivered to third party. it is absolute breach of trust. my postal address in the soft copy is found correct. then, i called ICICI and informed d same and asked for the courier local office (bangalore) phone number. but, ICICI person refused to disclose the required info. but, he assured in future it won't happened. so, i hav to wait and see what will happen in the future.
AWB S25345130 sent on 17-NOV-15.
AWB S25290254 sent on 20-OCT-15.

both delivered to wrong person or wrong address or the courier people maybe destroyed the consignment. ?????

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