[Resolved]  Fiat - India — Spare Part Non-Availability

I own a fiat palio 1.6 cc, Recently due to an accident radiator of my car failed. Now I am being told that no dealer in india has this spare part. Is fiat responsible to support the cars sold in India or not.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I am facing a similar situation. My car has been lying at the service station for the last 2 and half months since the spares are not available.

Nobody seems to be bothered either.
tata and fiat a piece of palio stile which i bough a couple of months before met with an accident abd the car is lying unrepaired as the stock (bumper and lights) are not available. well if tata cannot cater to the customer in india then y the hell a tie up with Fiat...
Fiat how to make fool to ppl one can easily run From Fiat ...
I am owning a Fiat Linea which I bought in april it is top model with blue and me function but surpisingly they had not installed MIC in it even more they had given tool kit also ...
mean they are not checking car completly before sending to dealer and just pasting the sticker of Quality checked ..
Now 15 day ago my car got dammeged due to an accident but still no repairng statred at dealers place just becuse parts not avilable ...and all ppl from Fiat saying different thing which is like confusing and feeling like i m fighting with pig in mud later I found they are actully enjoying it ...
i bought my palio stile one year back. my rear view mirror is broken from last 8 months no spares.
And the inner dicky cover shield not received yet, normally it comes along with the car while purchase. Service and availability of Spares are very BAD

fiatpalio — unavailability of fiat parts

i own a fiat palio stile slx purchased on 9-3-2008, having registration in the name of rashmi choudhary ludhiana .it is very good car in all purpose but unfortunately your services regarding it, is not good i am not satisfied. yesterday my friend was driving my car but due to some reasons its oil pump was damged i asked for garyson motors for servicing the same which is stiuated in ludhiana punjab, but there is no good response my car is still parked in the agency they are asking for the time of 20-30 days to replace the part which is very unfair.

at the same time your are launching the new products but ur service is not good, and i guess this is the main reason of floping ur brand name in india due to poor spare parts availability and services at the same time.
expecting your full co-operation in this matter at the earliest.

my email id is [protected]
fiat is an useless car cause you cant get spare parts the owner ceo and the people bringing car to india withpou proper spare parts are just people with no sense like, the brand will fail in indai
I - bought a Fiat Palio car during the year 2001. I was happy with the car and its performance. The only worry was the service and parts. However I was using My Palio with the service support from one of the local TVS approved garage at my home town (Attingal- Kerala). Any issues they used to find solutions fast and will organize to get the damaged parts in 2 or 3 days maximum. In this case I never felt difficulty for servicing and maintenance of my Palio. And I was very happy when TATA took over FIAT services.
But on 19th August 2009, While travelling to Trivandrum, I started listening unusual sound from the silencer part ( Could be a hole in the pipe) . Then I don’t want to drive the vehicle with that sound…So I found a TATA & FIAT approved servicing center at Trivandrum – Kulathunkal Motors, near toll gate, Trivandrum, Kerala. I told the service advisor about the sound and told him to do the periodic service also. Hence he told as it has reached around 64, 000 km’s, so better to do the major service. So for good I agreed for the major service and changing of the required parts. So they changed first two parts of the silencer and lot many things which cost me 16, 500 rupees. I got the car in the evening…. I didn’t check for any thing……After doing service from such authorized dealers…. I never felt to check the car….But when I reached home and parked my car ….I start feeling very strong smell of smoke and petrol, then I realized that it is from the silencer…. I waited for four days ….Then the strong smell will spread wherever the car stops and smoke coming from the silencer…. Then after driving the car for some days I notice that the mileage of the car has come down….Then I checked the mileage….So I found that the mileage has also come down to 7 km/ liter instead of 14 km/ ltr which I used to get when I checked in the month of July, Then I went all the way to Trivandrum …to inform them the problem…..The security told that they are closed for more than a week for festival. So I again went to them on 8th Sept 2009, and told all these issues. Then they told that it is a problem with the fuel sensor…..By replacing the sensor will solve all these issue. I agreed…. They replace the sensor cost me around 4, 000/- rupees, No worries if it is for good…… I went home……Realise the problem is still ON…. Then I approach them on 12th September 2009, …..that time radiator fan was not working…. I was happy that they replace the Fan on the same day itself, cost around 8500/- rupees…… .. and they told me to come another day ….to find out the problem for the major trouble (Mileage, Strong petrol smell and smoke). So I came again on 14th Sept, and told them to check the silencer…. Later they called me and told the new silencer has got a problem….. So naturally it has to be replaced free of cost…. But they told ..they will replace the part …but I have to pay the labour charge……. and again it will take another 20 days to get the particular part of the silencer. And now whenever I tried calling the service center …. I don’t get any answers… They just say that they will call me back….
My question is
1. From 19th August 2009 onwards my Fiat Palio is facing trouble that too after the major service at the authorized service center….. After listening to the Authorized dealer’s explanation…. seems like this problem will not get rectified in near future…. I very much remorse to inform that the service provided by the above dealer was pitiable. I didn’t face such a major issue for the past nine year with my Palio car ….Is this incident giving me a message ..that I have to face this punishment just because I own a FIAT ???


2. Why should I pay the Labour charge for replacing the damaged part which I have already paid once ??? ( The dealer made a mistake by fixing another damaged part again in my car).

4. After all….. Do you think this problem can be rectified??? Or do I have to sacrifice the quality of the vehicle whichever I Own????
I hope FIAT India will be able to help me in this terrible situation…….. at least for rectifying this particular issue……. And I always dream for a day FIAT will come up with proper and genuine

WHC — Non-availability of YEA Draw Results

The Nov. 17, 2009 draw results of Yamuna Expressway Authority are out. But the YEA webpage has since gone out of display, and their phone connections have also proved useless. Could anyone advise as to how one can access the 17th Nov, 2009 YEA draw results remotely? Is it available at their counter if one visits their Greater NOIDA office? Most of the applicants appear to be clueless as to what is going on inside the YEA!
Really tata is eating they have spoiled my punto wheel alignment after second service and now it shows that it has really a manufacturing problem and request please avoid BU BHandari In pune for service they are really scrap.
i also had an incident with the above dealer M/s. Kulathunkal.

when i approached them for checking the ABS of my palio. they misguided me by saying that it will take 3 days. and i went home leaving my good palio car with the dealer.

the next day without informing them i went the dealer place what i saw was heartbreaking sight. my car was where it was laid by me on the very first day and not taken for ABS check up. not only that they have taken out my new exide battery for some other purpose. and left the car unattended.
when i asked the service manager etc. told the charge of the battery is very poor.
and they jump started my vehicle so far i havent done that with palio.

on the way to home the car stopped due to poor battery charge.

hence i changed my battery with a new exide battery.
so my bitter experience with kulathunkal taught me a lesson " dont handover the car even for a day give the car if they can repair it with n the same day

giving the car to them will assist them to take out the good spares from our car and they will fit the same to their cars.

so be care ful

if the fiat people sees this they have to open their own service station and showroom in kerala only one whereever in kerala we will go to the place to buy fiat car and to get repaird our valuable car at their workshop

kindly start a genuine fiat showroom and a service station at kerala please it is a request to fiat people

unless they care fiat will die in the near future in kerala

we the fiat lovers will take it as our destiny.

finally i forgot to tell the crux
m/s kulathunkal did not checked my ABS as i strongly believe that there is only half knowledged people are there and not full knowledged they will surely damage our vehicle.
can you please help me to get a genuine palio battery terminal with three connection(negative pole)


or my address
Anand nagar
kaimanom (PO)
HELP me.
i own a fiat palio stile diesel (KL-02-AB[protected] model and fiat punto diesel, my palio got accident, i ve been waiting for it to get it repaired today its gonna be 1 month, still not yet repaired, they (kullathunkal motors) Trivandrum, kerala put it in one side of their workshop, telling non availability of spares..., also took my license regarding insurance claim..what il i do fro...

expecting a positive reply
sasidharan kv
rtd station engineer
i own a fiat grad punto diesel new car, my car got accident before 2 days, i ve been waiting for it to repair, when i contact rf motors eranakulam service center, its gonna be 1 month, my car is grand punto emotion pack, my car air bag is released, now i dont want air bag, i want to know that if air bag is not insatll any problem will occur in car, when i contact the service center they said that i[censored] not install then air bag the system of car will automatically locked then u cant strat the car.i dont want the air bag now.because its a new car i take it before 8 days plz help me replay soon

fait punto — vehicle stopped in running condition

respected sir,
i myself ravi h joshi from dharawad karanataka who is a owner of fait funto with the register no ka 25 p 4051which was purchased on 17.10.09 a very new vechile i had very worst problem while driving a vechile that engine auto matically stoped on 19.02.10 & not started tilldate & the dealer is just 7 km away from the stoped vechile after complaining the mechanic took almost 3 hrs to come & he could not found any solution to the problem then he took the vechile to the service station there also they could not found any solution & also not informed till date untill unless we asked when you are going to give my vechile then they told the part as gone so it will take another 5 days to get the part then the vechile will be now i dont want that kind of car which i have paid near 6 lac & in just 4 months the vechile stoped, not only money life is also involved so i dont want this kind of car please help to replace wit other car or money back
kindly help me & do the needfull for the same

thanking u
with regards
ravi h joshi
dear sir
i have lodged complaint on 23.02.10 but till date there is no response even dealer has no answer they are telling the parts what we have asked that as not come we got different parts still it will take another five days to get parts what we ordered.
this kind of service they have, but i lost all my confidence to drive the same vechile because my life is involved the new vechile engine stoped while driving it is very dangerous because brake & stearing will not me opperated.
sir pleas helpme in this matter

thanking you
ravi h joshi
I have been trying hard to convey my complaint to Fiat via 'consumer services' of Fiat website, all in vain. Nowhere in the website, the contact e-mail address is provided. in the 'consumer services' section, when you click on 'complaints-services', the page automotically resets. The company seems to be consumer unfriendly. I am copying here under my complaint addressed to the fiat customer services, which could not be delivered:
I bought Fiat Linea Emotion pack Regd No KA 01 ME 5200 on 14th April 2009 from Concorde Motors, Dairy circle, Bangalore. The car has been giving high engine noise akin to that to that of a bus. I had orally complained to your service centre Concorde Motors during 1st servicing and subsequently during next two free checkups. I had given feed back to your personnel who query about your service on all the three occassions. However till date the problem remains. During last free checkup we were told, the problem would be addressed during the 2nd service due in April 2010. perhaps the engine is defective and needs replacement. Hope this problem will be attended to immediately. Thanking you,
p sridhar

I got my Fiat Linea Emotion Pk in March End. I am facing below problem.

Problem -

1. Engine warning light glows while driving on an interval of 15-25 Kms with a jerk in the speed. Its goes off post the jerk
2. Excess Radiator temperature warning comes while driving and also sometimes when starting from idle. If it comes while driving then I get a huge jerk again.

Dealer Response -
I had dropped my car for checking and fixing this. They had retained the car for 2 days for 2 times and returned saying it is fixed however both the problems still occurs. I had called immediately to them to take the car and fix it however the response is very slow and no one is bothering to attend the problem.

I am requhis forum if there is some number/email where I can escalate this issue.

national garrage, Raipur(C.G.) has also got same attitude. no spares no proper services available for my FIAT Adventure Sports 1.6 petrol.
Can't we sue FIAT & TATA for that?
Umesh Oudhia

FIAT — Poor Quality of Spare Parts

I would like to raise red flag agaist the poor qaulity standards of Fiat, becoz am a victim of it.The quality of the

Fiat Spare parts is pathetic. Even the parts that come as the standard fitment in new vehicles is of lowest

standards. The best example is the Power window regulator of my Palio 1.3 multijet SDX has been replaced thrice in

two years. Even electrical switches and motors are also of poor quality. The Wiper speed controller switch also is

defctive in my vehicle. I was using it the same way right from the purchase of my car. I only came to know that my

wiper contoller has problem when I looked at my colleage's fiat vehicle. The plastic parts like A/c vents, rear stop

lamp case are also of worst quality that I had to change them at my expense thrice in two years. I am frustated

with the service levels and the quality standards of Fiat. The tata motors service centre people (both Concorde

motors and Malik cars )also do not take it serious enough to resolve the propblems of Fiat users. Though the qulity

of the spare parts is poor they are very expensive. I think one can buy Skoda spare parts at cheaper price than of

Fiat spares.Its hard to believe that a general periodic service(at 26000 KM) is costing me around Rs10,000/-. I

don't understand, how can Fiat hike the price of spare parts more than 100%. A diesel filter of Palio is RS2300/-

now as against RS1100/- in March2010.

I dont understand why Fiat doest not take it searious even after several follow mails, complaints, feedback from me

on the defective and poor quality parts of my Fiat Palio. I think Fiat has stopped listening to the propblems of

it's customers as the quantum of such complaints is huge.That's the reason I don't see any Recall from Fiat even

after getting similar complaints on specific areas from hundreds of customers.Now I regret for buying a Fiat car.

I feel it is high time to raise a complaint in Consumer forum of india.

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