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[Resolved]  Fluous Solutions — No Salary...

Puri company fraud hai... managment me apni wife ko bitha diya nai.... 8mnth se salary nai diya haiii....
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Company if good but management is fruad... specially CEO...not paying salary... no PF account for employees
I totally agree with the post mentioning about the salary not been paid, i had been working with the company, was not paid for 6 months, eventually left the company along with 15 colleagues.
They get freshers from CDAC, who are ready take up the job, thinking they are paid less, but later find out company doesn't pay less but it doesn't pay at all.
My suggestion will be PLZ DO NOT TRY THIS COMPANY.
May be because of bad performance of such employees, company does not perform.
Umesh jo yeh likh raha hai- had come to implement at our site in Gurgaon. Bolne bhi nahin aata hai use. woh to peon ke liy ebhi fit nahin tha. Thank god uske jaise log ab wahan kaam nahin kar rahe hain.
I am not agree those are thinking of company was not paid salary, Some time company is not perfoming well because of new employees are not perfome or Judge after giving traning.
Its true, this company is a BIG FRAUD. I had worked their as an Accounts Manager for around four months. They do not have PF registration as an employer with PF authorities, though PF is deducted every month from the salary of the employees. The salaries of employees were not paid for 3-4 months or more. I give away 1 month salary. Also they deduct some amount from salary called LOYALTY BONUS. The management who themself are not loyal are deducting Loyalty bonus, How funny?

Further, the CEO of the company was not having his home in Mumbai, he was not having even a car (it was hired). Think the person does not have his own identity, how he can he as a employer will look after you. His aim is to establish for himself first and then ... GOD KNOWS

You guys talking about salary not receiving in months from this company, well let me tell you there were couple of senior guys who did not get salaries for a YEAR or more than YEAR.
Points to be noted (series of default in statutory payments)
Deducting PF but not depositing with PF authorities
Deducting IT but not depositing with IT authorities
Taking huge loans from banks for paying Employee Salary, but neither paid to Employees nor in a position to pay back loan amount.
Inspite of not paying salaries to any employees, they made the FNF settlement with a deduction of NOTICE PERIOD of 2 months salary.
The words from the Accounts Mgr are as from Horses mouth. There are many who are suffering from this disease & NO Medicine. I hope Jay is OK.
Chill guys, it was a big Juwaa
The one who left early sufferred minor loss
The one who left later sufferred major loss
ultimately, its a Loss.
everythings coming on this page, but is this SITE of ne help to writers here?
who the hell is kvra?
why do u think people will perform in the absence of the salary?
U spoke about Umesh, i dont know why are you concentrating on his communication skills?
If that what matters then, for your information he is working in TCS, now take that.
and you dumbo must be working with fluous...ho-ho-ho, shame on you
Agree that KK is BIG FRUAD.Some previous employees have now filed suit against this Fool KK.I request to all employees/friends who suffered due to KK and FLUOUS should file police complaint or SUIT against HIM so that in future they (especially KK) cannot play with any person's career.
Guys This KK is now shifted his office form MBP to thane in a flat.
Even i am one of the victim of this company. While leaving they do your FNF and also deduct the two months salary and also the expences to come back from client side . And @kvra. if you are sent at client side with no food and travel arrangement and no salary. how many days u think u can perform.
And the Loyalty bonus is also true.Pf is beeb deducted and shown in FNF. Since last 4 years my FNF is pending.
One more interesting thing go and visit facebook account of this KK, He is having lot much money to travel and all. Enjoying his life. And he dont have a penny to pay the poor guys who work like hell.
@jay:Perfomance matters but no salary for 8 months.Can u justify.
yes its right...we tried to work honestly hoping that we would get salary some time, worked day night for clients, but management never paid our salaries.they just ate all of money ..on and on... and on...and see they are posting thier ridiculous pics on social networking sites !!! all our efforts gone in vain.. some o[censored]s were married...some o[censored]s got kids ...just imagine !!! i remember one of my friend called me to get down at a bustop coz he didnt had money to get bus ticket !!..
i don't know how 3 ... ( all my friends have got whom i am reffering to) are going to compensate this...
If you really register complaints then get all of them dragged...

cm' on comments on this...

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