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[Resolved]  Foreign Ministry & External Affair Ministry — Foreign Exhibition in France about India

Currently an exhibition is being display in the name of "India" it called as "Expostion Inde" in french, In that the name of India is projected wrongly.In that exhibition only rajasthan is been displayed and only in small place of whole exhibition area..
Even my collegues are so dispointted and asking "His this in only India but we where have seen very good place in India when we were there..and we expecting diferent". In the competition of India and China..this exhibition is really block stone for our countrydevelopment ,the other country people are more interested know about India..but these type of thing will create a very bad imperssion about India not only that the children who have seen this exhibition thing "Oh India means one Jaipur and Palace".It is shows the irresponsibilty of External Affair and Foreign Ministry for their poor co-ordination and not monitoring what happens in out side India and how india been projectdand atlast their projecting India in bad manner..because of this some restrant people taking responsiblities on their hand and doing only favour to there place and to promote their resturant business..

Date:9th Oct to 19th Oct
I am here for few month came for project

Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Foreign Exhibition in France about India
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Subject: (1) regd ref # AH372408 Tablet,
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You sent a payment Transaction ID: 3AX80307KM006592V

Dear Ravindra Mistry,

You sent a payment for $51 USD to xin xueshan.

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From –

Dr Ravindra Mistry

Yogic Acupuncture

Morabhagal St, Near – Fire Brigade, Render, Surat=5

Gujarat, mobile #[protected]


Commissioner of Customs & To Whom So Ever It May Concern

of Foreign Post Office Ah’d - 4

Resp sir,

Subject: (1) regd ref # AH372408 Tablet,
Remarks - BLACK FRIDAY with sp. discountedTablet was presale online
advanced order dtd 03/12/2015 invoice attached with this email

(2) - regd physical, mental, intellectual, economical extremely verysmartest way

harassment, non cooperation from Ahmedabad Foreign Post office staff

attitude/may be Customs office?!

since very long from dtd. 24–5-16 several times I call to Ahmedabad Foreign Post office regd status of my above said parcel, from very beginning, they says we have no details of your above parcel, it may have lost some were on the way, up to now, you make complaint to your company, we are not responsible forparcel, we can't bring your parcel to your home, we know nothing about your parcel statusetc, they keep me waiting on call more then 45minutes, etch non sense answer, …. on other side, my brother's health is very serious plz, he is only on liquid foods since 2007

So no resolution from any of their staff, round round round answering ????? !!! still I couldn’t start my brother’s health monitoring diagnosis, treatment plz ???????? !!!

But in fact the status of my parcelis showing on Ahmedabad customs since 24 may 2016 - its details are given below for your reference, you can check plz on given below website[p...

ITEMn°RF[protected]SG new search
Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Mail Category Next Office Extra Information
5/21/2016 10:06:00 AM Singapore SINGAPORE S05 Insert item into bag (Otb) Air MUMBAI AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE
5/22/2016 10:45:00 AM Singapore SINGAPORE S05 Send item abroad (EDI-received) Air MUMBAI AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE
5/24/2016 11:05:26 AM India MUMBAI AIR Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) Air MUMBAI AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE
5/24/2016 5:22:45 PM India MUMBAI AIR Send item to customs (Inb) Air CED AHMEDABAD

So far no one has informed me by any mean of letters/ phone calls etc ?! Why ?!

Does foreign post staff may want to still my parcel/ to get corrupted money from me ?! What is there intention ?!

Regd my above parcel issue my special humble request to help to release my parcel as early as possible, may be duty free because of my very bad financial conditions, since 2005, after a very much sp request to company regd my financial condition, companygave promise to give sp. discounts onlyon BLACK FRIDAY not before, & after 5 month waiting, finally theyconsider my brother's serious health conditionsince 1983 several coma etc---

I am living in extreme very worse situation of my life struggling due to personal care of my brother since 1983

Does my parcel has been may be detain by their office?!

Parcel contains only Tablet PC+ 2Screen guard+ USB hub which I ordered PERSONAL USE ONLY for my extremely seriously injured totally mentally handicapped brother’s personal health monitoring for regular coma since 1983, everyday severe vomiting since 2005 after death of our parents, NOT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE plz,

Following are the reasons for which extremely urgently need

We are only 2brothers in family, for my brother’s acute emergency treatment to stop his several regular coma conditions since 1983, vomit since 2005, I have sacrifice my whole life for him, we both are unmarried, I am 57 yrs & my brother is 55yrs, he is totally on bed since 1983, he was up to age 23yrs only normal, after that he has been in coma more than 150 times since 1983 up to now, I myself have saved him through acupuncture only, & with the support of our WHO group doctors

That is why urgently needed for my brother acute emergency conditions since 1983 HEALTH MONITORING for every day frequently regular treatment after the death of my both parents shock etc,

I am spending every day 12 hrs for his personal care, no allopath doctors can do such heavy tough health monitoring, the wayI do, as I am authorized well trained by WHO Since 1983 & with the help of our international WHO Team group of doctors help support we are trying to revive his health,

since 2005 after my parent’s death, my financial condition is extremely very sad, I can’t work with patients due to brother’s care & our jealousy social community, I hardly earning 5 to 10, 000/- per month,

I can’t visit Ahmedabad Foreign Post office/ customs office due to brother's acute emergency like coma, he can’t eat any kind of food since 2005, after the death’s our parents, every day more then 100 times vomiting since 2005,

During his engineering study, being brilliant, was selected as scientist in IPCL Baroda, within 3 months, some of his jealousy student injected poison to him just 2” above anus in hostel 1983, since then coma etc started, which increased several further infection to R Jaw, stomach, lungs, liver, large intestine, small intestine, lower spine etc pls

His mental health is up to 90% extremely very bad, so i need to monitor his body mind soul activity by this Tablet to stop further damage of brain etch nplz,

So I ordered these Tablet PC on with Special Black Friday discounted price, ONLY FOR MY BROTHER’S HEALTH MONITORING, not for any other commercial purpose

During my parents alive I had help several customs officer in Surat up to 2005, but after the death of my parents, I couldn’t, due to so much time for my brother’s personal care monitoring only, otherwise I may have to lose my brother,

Since 1983 i had have spent & still spending km 90% income for to save brother’s coma like emergency care, though very little bank balance to survive for our food, gas bill, light bill, phone bill, municipal residence tax bill, income tax, my120 yrs old home broken house, Petrol bill, because of very little work due to personal health monitoring care of my brother’s acute emergency health problems & death of my both parents, heavy responsibility of my brother’s care

So my dear friends! I am not so rich enough like Vijay Malay, do cheat Indian gov’t

Furthermore we don’t have any financial help either from state gov’t or from central gov’t, though I have extreme very advanced countries knowledge science, born in very middle family But by God’s grace I got sponsorship from WHO, Medicinal Alternative International, Russian Optical Space Health depth etc

It’s tragedy?! God is testing us & our jealousy neighbors are planning to kill us to encroach our property, already they have encroach our 3property, gold, money, & court cases are going since my late grandfather, but still no resolution we got plz?!

since 1983 up to 2016 i already spent 90% of my income for my brother’s personal health care

So dear friends!, we are all living in highly scientifically spiritualised society, we both brother don't wants to say anything wrong & cheat & your departments have the right to inquire weather we both brother are right/ wrong by any mean ... or even you visit personally & see our conditions & then decide what to do for developing our life. cooperation etch & maintaining forever upgradation human life together

Regd to make Gujarat as best European Standard health model, I met 2times our PM Modiji when he was CM of Gujarat, but unfortunately both time God had tested me 1st time my mother died, 2nd time my this sick brother went in coma in 2007

So I kindly request you all pls help us to release my packages as early as possible may be duty free, so I can start my brother’s HEALTH MONITORING & treatment so may be his coma, vomit etc can stop & he may can start to eat. plz be the parts of God's creation in his Kingdom & so on for his creation of his true new world order & get his blessings for his new creations of spiritualized science ...

Finally to all my dear friends in short, i can say very honestly, which i don't wanted to say you, all my sad days, but time shall realise every one the true role of every individual's Karmic Role according to Scientific Vedanta, which is scientifically approved & granted by european Israel Russian Societies today's Modern world

I have tried to open all my sad feelings from my deep within, honestly, all my confusions & extremely heavy stressful conditions of our life physically, mentally, economically, socially, etc harassments going on since 1983

how we have come out successfully with the help of alternative medicines true genuine blessings support cooperation, created new dimensional successful approach for acute mental depression/ Schizophrenia resolutions & from my side in return i shall also perform my duty to help all of you for best health systems by organising several conferences as i was doing in 1983 to 1986 yrs, but it has been blocked after the death of my parents & personal cares of my brother's health, i was used to travelled 5 cities/day for development research of Yoga Medical Acupuncture...

Dear all friends plz understand all my above conditions of life etc & I had have help several Indians & customs officers too from very acute coma conditions, saved life from spinal surgery etc in Surat, but during my parents alive only,

Once again, finally i assure you regd above Tablet pc I have buy online only for emergency health monitoring of my brother’s emergency care pls, not for any commercial purpose

Finallyi have cleared all my true genuine present conditions of life, work, responsibility, present economic conditions & reasons for unable to visit AHMEDABAD FOREIGN POST OFFICE, now i live it on you, how you all can help, guide, uplift us & may kindly releasing my above Tablet PC parcel To monitormy brother'spersonal health & proper Treatment only & NOT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE,

If you could release my above Tablet PC parcel duty free for better human life of my very serious acute conditions of severe vomits since 2005 extreme death shocks of my parents & raging in university hostel by injecting poison injection just 2" above anus & broken his almost all teeth by beating him, in 1983 by jealousy students,

if some one suffers, struggles, without work, like us & even without financial support from government like us what shall you do????!!!

My above Tablet PC parcels are in their office since 24 may 2016, there office, they didn’t inform me ??? !!! though on parcel there is my mobile #[protected] & even may be my email id [protected] is clearly mentioned ??????? !!! its really very pity duringIndia being marching towards advanced country,

its better we should die, when there is no humanitarian approach, what is the purpose of human birth life?????!!! Why unnecessary heavy stress, struggles, or may be corruption intention to get black money from me????? !!! Is these 21century India?????? !!! highly corrupted, non-functional improper communication smartest way highly skilled officers attitude, even after getting extreme high salaries from Central Gov’t ???????!!! How can India reach like advance country?????? !!!

My brother having acute symptoms of coma since 1983 & vomits since 2005 without proper health monitoring diagnosis, treatments though in foreign post office since 24 may 2016 my Tablet PC parcelis for to control/ prevent coma, vomits, calculations data only - there is no other any commercial interest plz

your kind help may work together for the creation of true new harmonize world in proper order, so I can treat my brother as early as possible,

look forward to hearing from you soonwith esteemed +ve cooperation by receiving Tablet PC parcelas early as possible from AhmedabadForeignpost may be duty free due to our extreme very sad financial condition plz etc & maintaining for ever endless all kinds of global successful relationship etc. incase if i have mentioned anything wrong i apologize for so,

Thanking you

Sincerely yrs

dr ravindra


though I have extreme very good knowledge by grace of God, blessings of parents, spiritual teachers, foreign professors/ doctors/ scientists, thoughbeing born in extreme very middle family but it's getting waste in India - reason of coz #1 by personal care of brother, #2 non sense social attitude, #4 smartest way harassmentby foreign post / customs etch depth #3 smartest way fully non cooperation, non financial support Either by state/ central gov't policy


Yoga Siromani from Canadian Flying Swami Vishnudevanandaji - 1981

International Yoga Teacher - CANADA- 1982

Doctorate of Yoga - SWEDEN - 1983

Doctorate of Acupuncture (Laser) -PARIS - 1983


RFI, Laser Pulse, BFV Expert -USSR 1990

IR Scanner - Expert USSR, USA Trained by NASA Tech Military Staff 2014



USSR'S Auto Pulse Diagnosis for fastest Most Advanced Accurate Diagnosis & Therapy Specialist Licensed Investigator For Resonant Field Imaging System of Whole Body Brain Aura

-USA, USSR 2001

Member of 2nd & 3rd European -Sweden- Acupuncture Symposium 1983

Member of World Association of Laser Therapy & Laser Surgery -USA- 2004

Member of International Society for Laser Surgery & Medicine - GDR

Member of European Medical Laser Association - France

Awarded at 2nd & 3rd European -SWEDEN- Acupuncture Symposium 1983

By Organized: World Congress of Holistic Medicine -SRI LANKA

By Approved: Scientific Institute of Acupuncture-PARIS

By Sponsored: WHO -World Health Organization

Medicina Alternativa International - ALMA ATA, USSR & delivered research speeches as specialist


Brilliant Educational Services Awards, Speakers Special Awards for Successful using of Russian German European US Science & Technology as Non Profit Base for incurable diseases & Successful Bridge for Allopathic Medicines Given at 24th World Congress of Science & Spirituality, - By Russian Ambassador at Zoroastrian Collage -Mumbai An NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council in furtherance of the Millennium Goals of the UN ECOSOC, UNESCO, World University (Arizona, USA), Bircham International University (Europe), Moscow State University (Russia), Tajikistan Technological University, The North Ecuador Technological University, (South USA) & with Departments with many countries 30 - 31 Jan 2010 at Cultural Centre of Russia

Award of "Significant Contribution Made in the Progress of Medical Sciences."

-By Medicina Alternativa International -SWEDEN- 1983

Award of "Significant Contribution Made in the Progress of Medical Sciences, by submitting the practical work data of several hundreds of patients from all over india & by providing free Medical Yoga Therapy Training, that Yoga is not only Spiritual science but can work as Perfect Medical Science even much more powerful then allopath etcif Trained by Properly Guided Mind "-By Medicina Alternativa International - SWEDEN – 1983



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