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Message to Indian BJP and Communist Party of India (and all others political parties who respect )

Why are white people comming to India ? Prices are skyrocketing here in India because Foreigner COMMING !!!
My complaint : I inform you indian citizen, that WHITE PEOPLE from FOREIGN Countries ( EUROPE, UK, USA etc...) These Foreigners come to India to settle down in India (Tamil Nadu, Union Territory etc...)
1) Foreigner come to India and pay huge bill to rent a Flat to corrupted local ( 10000 Rs to 30000 Rs per month
to rent a flat. That is too much. Honest indians cannot pay such bill. Only white people can pay this amount !!
Some Indians owner are selling their own country to the devil .
2) White people corrupt the owner of the flat by giving small gifts ( european red wine, gifts comming from France, uk, usa etc...)
3) White people come to India to lure indians by " helping poor people " with the "Charity-buisness", NGO etc..
saying India is "under-developped", " under-educated" . Poor people are accepting money from foreigners and after that, White People have the right to rule India like a white master slavering poor indians. All NGO here in India are profit buisness not charity. It is a hiding buisness. They come in India for DRUG, narcotics, sexual tourism, money laundring, bribery, adoption of indian child by traffiking. Indian Auhorities see nothing !! Please wake up. Charity-buisness is only a maskerade to hide money laundering by giving 100 rs to autorickshaw so that he closes his eyes...

4) Now, prices of essential commodities are increasing too much leading some indian to commit suicide. All this because of White Peolple paying rooms in euros, easy money.
5) White People think they are SUPERIOR to Indians. India should ban these bad white people from India.
Please HELP to solve this problem caused by FOREIGNER white people comming to India.
Help indian citizens BEFORE helping foreigner to settle to india. Dont forget this !!
I hope somebody hear my message. Thanks.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Namaste, I am french and currently living in USA. I understand your point of view. Rupies are down against many others and that is why when foreigners come to India, everything seems a lot cheaper for them. They have more buying power then Indians and therefore, Indians take advantage of that by selling more expensive. But don't say that prices are skyrocking just because of foreigners. India is growing like no other country, and economical boom always come with price raising. I personally have a lot of respect for your country and your culture and think there are very interesting things to learn about India. I know that SOME foreigners think they are here to rule the country, but please give them a chance. There are people like me who are respectful of the country they live in. Not everyone is the same. If I ever get to india, I will make my best to try to get the local price, and not the "foreigner" price! It is not better for foreigners to spend more money, they too want to get a good deal when they buy something. But some are unaware of the living cost in India and get doomed by locals. And I agree that before helping foreigners establishing, India should help its own citizens, but that's another issue!I absolutely not want to offend you by disagreeing. I just wanted to tell you that not all foreigners behave the same. European people are much more respectful than Americans for example, but again everyone is different.
Thanks for reading my point of view.
Hi friend, I know some foreigners residing in India who are bribing the local police officers, politicians and are involved in money laundering business, I tried to complain to the local police but they did not take any action, they just called the foreigner made some oral enquiries and left him. This foreigners runs around saying that no one can harm me. He is threatening and giving hard time to us Indians, yet the police officer is not helping, whom should I contact?

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