Fortwin Injections — Fortwin being used as a DRUG/Narcotic

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Atarra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Respected Sir

I belong to Atarra (Banda) Uttar Pradesh
I want to Complaint against Fortwin Injection.
My complain is that it is being sold by many chemists without any prescription of doctor.
Also as it is a small town. Some areas are named as Druggers area.
Here a colony named Basti, Naraini Road is very notorious area.
There nobody even thinks to goes at evening or night time. That area has completely turned into Druggers area. A lot of drugs like Ganja, Afeem, bhang etc are sold there.
Also the samples of Fortwin is also found in many areas.
I seriously request the Govt. Authorities to STOP the manufacture of such Drugs.
And also please strictly force the local police authorities to take care of such serious issues. As for a long time the police authorities are not taking any serious action. They themselves fear in going at that area.

Thanks and Regards
A serious person who wants to improve the local society
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with due respect to your immotion towards the society and nation I would like to say something...

since mid Dec, 2010 this is the third time that Fortwin saved my father from immeasurable pain. right now (3 O' clock in the morning) i am sitting near to my sleeping dad and thought of finding out a company which deals with the very same so that I could store some injection at my home or I could easily find out the same when required as all the three times I had to search a lot for that injection. during the process I found your comment and that's why I am hear. I agree that our Responsible Govt. should take some steps towards illegal selling of drugs but, to stop manufacturing things could hampar some one else as you know, all goods in this world do have both good and bad characteristics...!!!
Ban the Injection...
people are adapt the this injection...
Ban this is injection.
such adapt the these injection in andhra pradesh in india.
so pls ban the this molecule.

drug resagre
drug use for net
i agree to the first suggestion.this drug is not at all good.i know it has saved your fathers life but other alternatives of this drug is also india govt is not taking any effort to bring that alternative.and this is known as narcotic based pain reliever so how a narcotic is good for health.plzz i appeal to govt to pose check on sellling this drug it is taking the toll of human life promoting addiction.
I just want 2 get out of the this fortwin injection i am addicted to this drug adn i feel so helpless some times i steel money from my mothers purse to full fill my addiction i am reddy to pay any cost to get reed of this habit
I know about Fortwin and it is supposed to be addictive. I consulted many pain specialists &
could not find antbalternative. When a person suffers from unbearable pain it is of primary importance toreleive the pain. It is addoctive i[censored]sed for such a purpose but if it is used to releive pain as per info I have it is not so. Alaso it is important to note the age of the person & if thee is no alternative I feel it can be used. No alter nate more harmless but equally effective medicine coukd not be suggested even by specalists. It is a pitybthat it is not available for the needy as doctors say ghat it can be administred in a hospital. It is neither practical nor possible to admit a patient for God knows for how long ione can do it.
I suggest that GOI & Drug Control General should review and allow the Doctors to prescribe in cases where there is no alternative so that needy patients can take it at home.
Ratnam V Velichety [protected]
use of fortwin inj is saving life of the peoples but missuse of the same is disturbing the life of the peoples there fore govt.should make the policy to stop the missuse of the medicine on priority to safe the next generation.
Though people may get addicted to this fortwin drug, it is very useful for instant releif of severe, unbearable pain which will be known only by the sufferers. And if it is administered only by the order of the doctors then you no need to worry about any further effects. This inj. will just put u in sedation(drowziness) almost 6-8hrs so that the patient will not suffer the severe pain. If there is no pain or any ailment where comes these sort of injections. So pls don't say that it should be banned. Instead stop craving for this injection until or unless you are alright.
respected sir i want to inform you that in barasat south kazipara there are chemist whose are sach medicine illegaly to the youngster and every one woh is addicted with pils injection please sir stop that medicine shop sir my kindly request to you save the people and of the huge selling that type of medice store name is sanjay medical
Can somebody help- I have Younger Brother who is just 21 years old, who is addicted to this drug Fortwin. For me it’s a Heart breaking truth to believe, I can‘t see my old parents who are crying for him, dying every single day- I told him to quit with love with fear and Yes I hit him- but nothing worked out. I scared I might lose my young brother because of this drug. He always says he quit but he caught often and often in my hands. Can somebody suggest me what is the solution or is there any medicine??
I think personally best medicine is self control and even I believe my brother himself is a medicine for this addiction.
Please advise you can write email to [protected]
dear experts
my mom she got addicted of fortwin, fast 6 years nd we got fad uo with her behaviour, i did a alot but couldnt find any cure of this injection ... please sujest me if ny1 has come out of this or i[censored] hve sloution for this please guys...

thanx & regards

Rahul Raj
Dear experts ...
since 13th of feb dad Is admitted to hospital for the cure of delerium ... this is the 3rd time of hospitalization. And he is suffering more ... we were crying to see the situation . Each medication has given him for sleep . But no result . He was literally looking at the roof. .the whole day and night with speaking unrelated and unbalanced words ...
The day before yesterday doctor has given him the injection fortwin . Today he Is well ...and stable ...with good sleep ... today we are getting discharge .
Thanks to fortwin.
I am a 16 year old boy from vadodara and i've been addicted to fortwin since 2 years. Right now fortwin is not given in gujarat from any medicals without prescription. but still we get a regular flow. These medicines are been supplied from UP and not anywhere else. There are atleast 600 - 700 people who are consuming fortwin everyday. I myself inject a shot of 3 ml with phenergan (antivomiting liquid) 4 times a day. And these are my minimum requirements! 1 ml costs me 80 rs right now! If anybody has got any sollution then please contact me!

Virajsinh Rathod,
My friend aged 51 yrs is using Fortwin with Phenergaon He is buying one set of Fortwin injection in Rs. 500/- in black from some chemist at Delhi. If anyone knows any chemist in Delhi who can give two set of Fortwin in one month becoz he is not getting it easily.

there is always a thin line between use and abuse . The vials of fortwin are 4.18 p per ampoule. it is a life saving drug and has helped many people who have used it. But since its an opiod and use it for no reason ur definitely gonna get hooked. so chemists make a killing by selling it to desperate who are hooked without a prescription. There is no way co. are gonna stop making it after all the major stake holders of these co. are the law makers themselves. so its the middle-class who becomes a victim . The only ends for addicts are Jails, Institutions and Death. So spread awareness and tend who are already addicted with love and care not with hatred. They are ur brothers, sisters, friends who now are in the evil clutches of addiction. Nobody is born an addict and becomes so by choice REMEMBER THAT . Millions of people have left their addiction and leading a normal life and being a part of the society. So please show care as they need love and compassion not the hatred. as because i was one of them.

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