[Resolved]  Freelotto Mobile Promo — Fake lottery winning notification

Just received this sms on my mobile from [protected] and i am assuming it is a fake:
Congrat: your mobile number has won for you $2, 000, 000 usd in the freelotto mobile promo. For claims, send email: [protected]@aol.Co.Uk & call: [protected]

I would love it to be true but i would also like to think i am not that stupid to be sucked in my a very obvious fake winning notification.
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Aug 14, 2020
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mi chiamo carducci massimo sono italiano residente ha foggia in via luigi sbano n17 cap 71100 regione puglia per qualsiasi vincita chiamatemi su questo numero [protected]
Massimo5's reply, Dec 27, 2020
Mi chiamo massimo Carducci sono italiano residente in Italia in via luigi sbano n17 Foggia 71122 Cap la mia imeil e [email protected] numero telefonico 377 34 39 181 per qualsiasi mia vincita nella 2006.2007.2008.2009.2010 non esitate

free lotto mail — frequent mail from this company

I have been receiving mail from the following address i.e Free Lotto as have won the price since 1 year, I do not know this is realy true or not. frequent mail is comming but I tried to conduct them, nothing was suceeded, kindly help me, is it true or not.

PlasmaNet Inc.
PO Box 4562,
Grand Central Station,
New York,
NY 10163.

UK Mobile Promo — SCAM

I received similar details of winning 600,000 pounds on UK MOBILE PROMO. I think its a scam for several reasons;

1. So many o[censored]s have received this sms in so huge amounts, therefore either the company will go broke or they are so rich that they should be put in the Fortune 500 companies list.
2. The company does not even have their own website!
3. The company has not indicated in any of their media, TV, NEWSPAPER, RADIO, INTERNET that they would engage in a lottery draw. (Something this extreme in amounts of cash for advertising should definately hit the media)
4. We did not participate in a lottery, so picking up random numbers and names is almost ridiculous because first of all, how is this a form of advertising. And wouldnt the company be better off expending these large amounts of money on other forms of marketing and adverts?
5. If this is all real, why has none o[censored]s received our money yet and better yet, why are there so many complains?

Elite world wide courier — Contact in case it is unauthorized

Phone :[protected].

Address : 2, Valayalkara IInd St,
Karur dist, pincode : 639 001.
State : TamilNadu
Country : India

Lottery — Bad impression for company

Dear Sir,

If this is a fake and spam then its a very very bad impression on your company and you loosing prestige for the same.

Kindly stop this as consumer never get satisfied by the fake E-mails

Matter Most Urgent.

With Best Regards
Pathan Abdul Aziz

UK WINNING LOTTERY — fake winning lottery

On feb 6 2008 i recieves a e. Mail which claim that i won the first cash price worth rs.18, 00, 00, 000 { indian currency} the most shoking thing is that they used ur courier name as a delivery courier. I know that this si just a fake e. Mail and it just a case of froggery so take necessary action to stop this type of fraud case in the internet.

uk lottery — they called me in my mobile

Sirdate: mon, 3 mar 2008 23:09:44 +0530 (Ist


This lotery companies had clled in my mobile and they want transportation charge 50000rs

Date: mon, 3 mar 2008 23:09:44 +0530 (Ist
From: "[protected]@yahoo. Se" <[protected]>
Subject: lucky winner (Congratulations)
Company no. 02949433
Serial number: 5368/02
Ticket number:[protected]
Batch number: 074/05/zy369
Ref number: uk/9420x/05

Winning notification

We are pleased to inform you of the final
Announcement that you are one
Of our winners of the united kingdom online promo
Awards, held on february 27th, 2008. You have won for your self
A total sum of £1, 000, 000 pounds sterling.

Fill the claims form below and send to our claims agent for
1. Full names:
2. Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Marital status:
6. Occupation:
7. Phone numbers:
8. Country:

Contact mr. Thomas freeman for confirmation!!!
Name: mr. Thomas freeman
Email:http://in. F89. Mail. To=[protected]@yahoo. Se&yy=59223&y5beta=yes&y5beta=yes&order=down&sort=date&p...

Mrs. Larisa hull
Promotions manager
Congratulations once again!!!

To search, view and apply jobs from your mobile phone, sms <jobs> to

The sender amaco_elect of this email has accessed your resume on Please note that there is no charge for registering on Products for which charges are payable are clearly indicated on
The site. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to verify the
Content of the mails sent by the employers/recruiters. Further, you
Are advised to make appropriate/thorough enquiries before acting upon any
Unsolicited mail that you may receive from any
Individual/firm/company, asking for advance payment for any service that they may claim to be
Offering. does not vouch/guarantee for any such offers
Made by the above said parties.

The sender of this email is registered with as amaco
Investment (Http://in. F89. Mail. To=[protected] no-53 sewar park, uttam nagar.) using services. The responsibility of checking the authenticity of
Offers/correspondence lies with you.

If you consider the content of this email inappropriate or spam, you
May report abuse by forwarding this email to: http://in. F89. Mail. To=[protected]

Please note that does not endorse any requests for money
Payments, or sharing of bank account details.

Legal disclaimer:

This website/ e-mail are vulnerable to data corruption, interception,
Tampering, viruses as well as delivery errors and we do not accept
Liability for any consequence that may arise therefrom

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pl;ease take some action about this kind of international fake lottry company

Free Lotto Department — not recived my percel

Dear sir,
Order no. GX 50617338
i have not received my percel please send me on my address:

Rabin Adhikari
175, Top Floor, Humayunpur,
Safdarjung Enclave,
New Delhi - 110029
Country- INDIA
Tel no. +91-011-[protected]

send me soon as possible
Thanking you
Rabin Adhikari

Your e-mail address has won — I am e-mail address has won

Batch ref: march/33y/y00
This is to inform you that you have won a prize money for the
Month of march 2008, prize promotion which is organized by yahoo awards&windows live.

Yahoo! Hotmail! Aol! Collects all the email addresses of the people
That are active online, among the millions that subscribed to yahoo,
Hotmail, aol and few from other e-mail providers. Six people are selected monthly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the selected winners.
Payment of prize and claim

Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her settlement center.
Yahoo/msn prize award must be claimed no later than 15 days from date ofdraw notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be

These numbers fall within the england location file, you are requested
To contact our fiduciary agent in manchester and send your winning
Identification numbers to him;

Agent name: rev. Dr. Tony morgan
E-mail: rev. [protected]@yahoo. It
Tel: +44-[protected]
You are advised to send the following information to your claims agent
To facilitate the release of your fund to you.


Below is noification of winning the uk lottery — whcih requires personal bank info and / or fees before payment.. An obvious scam — they should be arrested and prosecuted

Here is our office address:

Mr. Charles hart [contact. [protected]]

Uk national lottery office.
3b olympic way liverpool, l30 1rd.
United kingdom.

Attention robert m. Serpico:

Thanks for your mail response.

Your email address won you the lottery in the first winning category because the draw was a free ticket online email address sweeptakes and your email address won you the lottery in the category a which gets you entitled to claim the sum of $4.6m.

Here are the options for receiving you won fund.

Option a: you will be receiving the us$4, 600, 000 via bank to bank swift wire transfer. This will require that you pay a fee of $890 for procuring a bank transfer warrant which will enable a hitch-free wire transfer of the us$4, 600, 000.

Option b: you will be receiving the us$4, 600, 000 in form of a certified cashiers check. Here you will have to make the delivery payment and provide your address where the us$4, 600, 000 check will be delivered to. The check can be deposited in any bank and country of your choice and it takes 3-5 working days to clear and the complete us$4, 600, 000 will be available in your bank account.

Delivery charge for option b is $400 and check arrival time is 1 day after the $400 payment is made by you and received.

Note that mail or post cannot be used for option b. The reason why you are expected to choose a claims option and make payment for it is because the uk lottery organization did not cover the claims expenses of all first category winners o[censored]s$4, 600, 000 and also we do not execute winner’s payment without firstly receiving the claims option payment.

Lastly, deduction from the us$4, 600, 000 was made completely impossible by the uk lottery organization to avoid misappropriation of winner’s funds so nothing can be removed from the fund until it gets to you and you start spending it in the manner that pleases you. With this no payment for any option that you choose can be deducted from the us$4, 600, 000.

I have just told you what needs to be done. Now i will await your response and know the option which you are more comfortable with and also let me know when you will be making payment for it so as to enable me inform you on how to do so.

Mr charles hart

Re : uk lottery on line —

Contact mr. Charles hart with your names, country, address, sex/age,
Tel, date of draw on ([protected] for delivery of
Your winning cheque.

Bear in mind that you must send a scanned copy of any of your identification before your arrival. Furthermore, you will have tocome for $1, 000 us dollars for clearance and signing of your winning documents.

Feel free to ask any question regarding this. This is why we provide the option of either deliverying your winning check to your address in your country or roviding us with your banking details so that the fund will be wired there.

Mr. Hart.

THE GRAND NEW DELHI. — claim for my salary of jan 2008.

I worked with THE GRAND NEW DELHI, for 17 months, I resighnd on 10th jan 2008, still I m waiting for my salary of january, they ignoring me since last 5 months.without the clearance of my salary I could not be able to take my PF.

nedal — win in lottery

I recieved one email telling i win 450, 000 pouns ticket number[protected] in lottery (Uk national lotto) at 1/9/2008. E-lottery syndicates no:12272. I recieved by firstlink finance bank, mr, allen smith. Is it correct? Please help and repl.
Nedal tahseen al shami
Hey man, that is spam so common on the internet.. ignore it... you'll keep getting these mails a lot of time.


I received promotional messages day & night even after registered in dnd service of the co. On 17.05.2008 and the customer executives of the co. Are unable to solve the prolem.

Serere — winning claim

The information bellow was sent to me.

British microsoft awardtuesday, september 23, 2008 4:43 pm
From: "british microsoft award" <[protected]@orange. Nl>add sender to contacts to: undisclosed-recipients yahoo awards center

British microsoft e-mail select award from head offices london

British microsoft award
Headquarters: customerservice
33 yatch basin marina office,
Upontyne london


Your email address have just won a yahoo cum windows live prize money of (Eight hundred and twenty thousand united state dollars) ($820, 000.00) today 22th of sept, 2008.

Award winners emerge through random selection of all active email subscribers online. Six are selected monthly to benefit from this promotion.

Payment of prize and claim

Winners are to be paid in accordance with his/her settlement centre. This prize award must be claimed in not later than 15 days from date of draw notification after which unclaimed prizes are cancelled.

Winner no: 2

These are your identification numbers:
Batch number:mfi/07/apa-43658
Reference number: [protected]
Award winning no: 2

These numbers fall within the south african file. Thus, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in johannesburg and send your winning identification numbers to him:

Contact : foreign transfer agent
Name mr. Edwin green united kingdom microsoft award representative agent in south africa
Mr. Edwin green
Tel: +[protected].
Email:[protected] or [protected]

Kindly send the following information to your claim agent to facilitate the release of your fund.

1. Full name...

7. Country...
2. Telephone number...
8. Fax number...
3. Sex...
9. Date of birth...
4. Marital status...

5. Occupation...
10. Fax number...
6. Contact address...

Congratulations!! Once again.

Yours in service,

Dr. (Mrs) mercy martins

You are hereby advised not to disclose the content of this prize award until your money have been remitted to you to avoid disqualification that will arise from dual claim.

Best regard,
Dr. C. Mark van

Lottery board director

lottery winnings mailing charges — winnings cheque delivery charges

One world express couriers
Units 7 & 8 new pudsey square
Bradford road stanningley
Leeds ls28 6px

Your reg. Order no: sh231282‏‏.
Vat no:[protected]
Recipient of:

Attention: mr. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

We are delighted to read from you and a correspondent mail from your claim officer.

Thank you for choosing one world express couriers for your parcel delivery service. This is to inform you that we are in possession of a certified cheque and a lottery winning certificate which is to be couriered to you. Note that we also do not deliver to p. O. Box address or street corners but to your residence or valid office address.

Please save this document as it contains important information about your parcel at. Your reg. Order no: sh231282‏‏. Parcel description and delivery information is:

Weight of original winning certificate: 0.12g
Weight of bank cheque: 0.6g
Total weight of parcel 0.18g
Total net weight of parcel 0.20g
Colour of parcel brown
Parcel packaging bonded

We are a well established and registered company in the uk, offering courier and transport services 24 hours a day for priority delivery of letters, parcels and consignments to any destination by road, air or sea.

It is the usual practice of our organization to conduct a proper verification of all parcels that we are to deliver to ensure that they are valid. We hereby guarantee and assure you that your cheque has been confirmed valid and true. Your parcel delivery will be made once you have meet the necessary shipping requirements.

Below are the mandatory administrative charges that you are required to pay to enable us courier your certified bank cheque and winning certificate to you. You are allowed to choose one of our two specified delivery arrangements.

1. Premium courier service (24hrs) 2. Courier regular (2-3 working days)

Delivery duration 24hrs 2-3 working days
Mailing/freight cost £120 £70
Administrative £130 £80
Insurance (Cci) £300 £200

Total cost (Gbp £) £550 gbp £350 gbp
Total cost (Us $) 1, 015.75 usd 645.804 usd

Mailing requirements
We request you send the following below which are needed for the mailing of your consignment and verification purposes, all scanned document must be sent as email attachment.

1. Customer's exact delivery destination
2. Phone/fax number
3. A scanned copy of your identity such as driver's licence or international passport.

Do note, that your cheque has been signed and parcelled ready for delivery, so therefore any thought regarding deduction of charges from your winning is ruled out.

Note: all charges are payable to the accounts officer handling your courier delivery, which details and the mode of payment will be given to you as soon as you choose from the two channel of delivery as above.

With the light of the above, you are to make selection from the 2 listed services above and get back to us as soon as possible via email so as to proceed with the mailing of your consignment.

Best regards,
Mr. James smith
(Despatch officer)
Tel: +[protected]

australian lottery prize — advise for lottery prize

Dear sir/madam i got a mail which is as under please tell me that australian lottery oganisation is fraud or not?

Please reply me as soon as possible

We are delighted to inform you of your prize which was released on the 26th of november 2008, from the australian international lottery programmed, which is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses from some sites.

Amongst eight lucky winners in this category.

All participants were selected through a computer balloting system drawn form nine hundred thousand e-mail addresses from canada, australia, asia, europe, middle east, africa and oceania as part of our international promotion program which is conducted annually. This lottery was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies a s part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the communities where they have an operational base.

Furthermore, you’re details (E-mail address) falls within our european representative office in amsterdam, holland as indicated in your play coupon and your prize o[censored]s$500, 000.00 will be released to you from the regional branch office in nigeria (West africa). We hope that with part of your prize, you will participate in our end of year highs takes for us$1.3billion international draw.

How to claim your prize: simply contact our financially agent, rev. Paul. H. Mark to file for your claim. Please quote your reference, batch and winning number which can be found on the top left corner of this notification as well as your full name, address and telephone number to help locate your file easily. For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you.

This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking advantage of this programmed by non-participants or unofficial personnel. Note, all winnings must be claimed by the 17th of december 2008 other wise all funds will be returned as unclaimed and eventually donated to charity organizations.

Your full data for claim:

Full name:


Telephone number:




Re ference number:

Batch number:

Winning number:

Please contact rev. Paul. H. Mark, so that he will tell you
Of how you will receive your winning prize.

Name: rev. Paul. H. Mark

Email: [protected]

Congratulation once again on your wining!!!

Best regards
Mrs.. Fatima luray
(Online co-ordinator)

mobile phone — how to claim the offer?

i hav got a sms regarding ur offer that i hav won gbp 200, 000.00 in 2008 (SHELL) INT'L draws in uk on 27th nov 2008. so plz tel me abt the offer.
thank you
jugal kishore

Shell Lottery Claim — SMS saying wiining of 2000000 pound lottery

I received an SMS saying I have wond 2 lac pounds from the Shell Company and against my querry for knowing how I have won without my knowledge they have forwarded me a mail asking for my personal bank details kindly advise whether this is genuine or a fake claim
did i really won in your lottery/ i`m just confuse if it si true or not some say it`s bogus . i need your your confirmation or reply about this matter. thank you.

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