[Resolved]  Freelotto Mobile Promo — Fake lottery winning notification

Just received this sms on my mobile from [protected] and i am assuming it is a fake:
Congrat: your mobile number has won for you $2, 000, 000 usd in the freelotto mobile promo. For claims, send email: [protected]@aol.Co.Uk & call: [protected]

I would love it to be true but i would also like to think i am not that stupid to be sucked in my a very obvious fake winning notification.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I also just recieved the text message via vodaphone from free lotto mobile promo office
82 victoria, victoria, sw1 united kingdom. [protected] that i had won us$2 million. My concern is how they are accessing my mobile number or is it being sold to these conmen by the telco carriers which breaches my privacy?
i got the same txt last nyt but the email address was [protected]
my mobile number is on the dnc register i thought that stopped people from getting it.

ta promo — winning lottery

Kindly attch to note the remark
From de desk of mr jonathan hook
Foreign remittance department
Barclays bank plc 1 chuchil street
Customer care:[protected]
Direct line: [protected]

Attention: winner,


For the first time coca-cola hosting this award promotion to help individuals from asian and europe, all cell phone numbers participated in this award promotion were collected from internet data base provider of all cell phone network services and it happen that your cell number is one of the selected numbers and below are your winning identification numbers which has to be kept secret until your award prize successfully handed over to you in india, do not disclose your winning identification numbers to any one.

Reference number: uk/9420x2/68
Batch number: 074 /05/zy369

We the entire board members of this barclays bank plc united kingdom hereby wishes to say a very big congratulation to you as you will be receiving your winning prize by demand draft through atlas couriers express as soon as you have arranged with them.

Your demand draft of one million united state dollars ($1, 000.000.00) which is equivalent to india rupees rs: 46, 245, 002.75 inr has been deposited to the atlas couriers express. They are the firm that will handle the delivery of your parcel.

It will be delivered to you within 24hrs, 48hrs or 72hrs after you have taken care of the required cost of their delivery charge. Once you receive the draft from the atlas couriers express. Is important to note that demand draft is cash-able in any bank around the world. Try to re-confirm to the atlas courier express complete details: your full name, home address including your telephone number. (E. T. C).

Note: you are to pay only the delivery charge. Report to us immediately if asked to pay for anything outside the delivery cost. Always update us in all your dealings with the company and ask question when the need arises.

Below is the details of the atlas courier express:

Courier company name: atlas courier express
Director of foreign delivery : mr collins jones
Company contact e-mail: [protected]
Contact tel: [protected]
Contact fax: [protected]

The above information, is the information of the atlas courier express, so contact them immediately now that we have submitted your demand draft in their office for delivery and they will be waiting for you to contact them, immediately you receive this mail. You should e-mail to the atlas couriers express the following.

(1) full name:
(2) nationality:
(3) state:
(4) city:
(4) residential address:
(5) age:
(6) mobile number:
(7) e-mail address:
(8) batch number:
(9) reference no:
(10) sex:
(11) occupation:
(12) annual income:


I... Hereby declare that the above data are true. That my claims agent shall act as a facilitator in the delivery of the total fund to me.

(Your full names)...

Your demand draft of $1, 000, 000.00 united state dollars with a security courier company who will be sending their personnel down to india, the personnel will assist you in cashing the draft and exchange to india rupees before he will help you deposit it into your account, all the documents has been arranged with the draft.

Call them immediately you receive this mail and update us in all your dealing with them, so we will know when you receive your demand draft from their courier company.

Do not tell people about your prize award until your money is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claim hence we are preventing misappropriation of award prizes.
Mrs linda cole.
Sectary united kingdom

Dr jonathan hook
Director general barclays bank plc
Customer care:[protected]
Direct line: [protected]
Dear sir,
Congratulations your email just won you our of year 2010 shell
International online promotion which is the sum of 400, 000.00 great
British pounds through a computer email draw with a ticket number
Tv345678u and you are advice to contact our below staff for claims contact
Mr mark jude email: [protected], for
Claims, we require you fill this form and return to your claims agent

Sincerely yours,
Mrs sarah smith
Online co-ordinator

Send to him total information which company wants... Than i recived another mail... Detals below.

Shell pertroleum development
Company uk, shell center london,
Se1 7na-united kingdom

We congratulate you once more for been a lucky winner on the shell email draw promotion held in the united kingdom meanwhile, your winnings has been sent to our affiliated courier company (For delivery to india with the below details.
1.) £400, 000.00 (Four hundred thousand great british pounds) written in your honor.

2.) certificate of winning.

3) affidavit of claim
Your winnings has been dispatch on the 4th febuary, 2010 and it will arrive on the 8th febuary 2010, as soon as your winnings arrive india you will be contacted by our company agent (Mr. Mikky douglas) that will be bringing your funds to india, you are to pay for your country local tax clearances which is 6, 100india rupees soon as your winnings arrived to the local tax office, so that the agent will be allowed to complete the delivery, due to the rules of this company we have taken charge of every other things which is been required by the british government to make your winnings gets to you on time. You are advice to follow the instruction of the agent as soon as he arrives because he has other consignment to deliver.
The attachment below is scan copy of your winning certificate.
Be informed that your prizes are protected by a hard cover insurance policy (Hcip), which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from your funds before remitting it to you. This is in accordance with section13 (1) (N) of the british national gambling act as adopted in1993 and amended on 14 july 1996 by the constitutional assembly. Due to this fact, you are expected to make the payment yourself.

Yours sincerely,
Mr mark jude
Tel: [protected]

I want to know its true or frud. Please send me details regarding this matter to my mail id.

Thank you.
Hi i am Asha, the email address of the winning processing centre is
I also won the amount and today i was sent the demand draft which my bank has confirmed for 75 Lakhs
It cost me Rs 38, 000 for the courier service by Kiwis courier company
The wp.[protected] is the processing centre for all lottery winnings from the UK
I just recieved a sms saying that I won US 2 million dollars from [protected] and knew straight away it was a scam and a load of crap. I hope these people get caught, they have no right to send messages like that. Why do they waste their time, how stupid do these people think we are.
First i received this sms on my mobile from [protected].
Congrat: your mobile number has won for you $2, 000, 000 usd in the freelotto mobile promo. For claims, send email: [protected]@freelotto10. Mobi
Then the email below as a reply to my email.
I wonder why they are doing this. They should be hanged...!!!

Free lotto mobile promo office
82 victoria, victoria, sw1
United kingdom.

= =
Ref: tfr/[protected]/jpt
Batch: fr/[protected]
= =
We have received your claims email, based on this, your prize money shall be remitted to you accordingly.

On behalf of the management and staffs of freelotto, we officially congratulate you as the beneficiary of the cash prize o f $2, 000, 000 (Two million united state dollars) and your cheque will be issued in your name.

This is real and not a hoax. You can click on the website link below to view the photo page of some of our recent lucky winners. thisweekswinners. Asp

As you already know, your mobile number was randomly selected along with others from over 100, 000 networks on the internet. Each mobile number was attached to a ticket number.

A certificate of prize claims and some vital documents will be sent along side your winnings cheque. The documents to be sent are; winning cheque, winners certificate and certificate of lodgement.

Contact our affiliate delivery department with the contact information below for futher instructions on how to send the consignment to your location.

Find below the contact information of the delivery agent for your immediate action. When contacting you are advice to state your name, mobile number and delivery address.
= =

Handling agent: fredrick gold
Un elite express courier services.
Unit 11, ashford industrial estate,
Shield road, ashford, middx,
Tw15 1au, london, united kingdom.
Email: [protected] Uk
Tel: +[protected]

= =
Have it in mind that your won prize cannot be deducted from, this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value. This is in accordance with section 13 (1) (N) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd july 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds. Its is imperative that you add your identification numbers{cpel/own/9876}as the subject of any correspondence with the delivery department to ensure they respond in a timely manner. I will require a concise update on proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with them. If you need any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know and you are also advised to keep your winning strictly confidential until your winning is processed and received by you. This is to avoid double claiming which could lead to disqualification.

Accept our congratulations.

Fiduciary agent,
Dr maryam brown

Copyright ©2010 freelotto. All rights reserved.
This email and its attachments are confidential and intended for the exclusive use of the addressee (S). This email and its attachments may also be privileged or protected by legal rules. If you have received this by mistake please let us know by reply immediately and destroy the email and its attachments without reading, copying or forwarding the contents.
I have recieved the same msg from these scammers and thanks to my mobile line tracker that we use in the police investigation office. We can find out who these people are. Fraud by law is sentenced to 2years minimum and $500 thousand usd fine. But in london, in pounds!!! Thanks for your support and comments

Frauds a crime
My wife has received 5 of these txt's in the last 6 hours... All the same:

Congrat: your number has won for you $2, 000, 000 usd in the freelotto mobile promo. For claims, send email: [protected]@aolco. Uk & call [protected]

So we have sent a scam threat through to our government watcher... So anyone else from oz who gets this lodge it with Au
i too am in Australia and just got the same txt, right now i would love to ring their necks, we are in severe financial hardship, and messages like this are just plain cruel for us and many others i know. Hopefully the fraud squad will get them soon before someone does pay then.

Yes, I received sms to my mobile phone too. I am suspicious. Got the email from Freelotto confirming that it's not a hoax and to contact the agent. Have done so, but won't be sending any money to get my package sent. If it's a hoax it's pretty disappointing, but at least I won't be down $450!
omg i received the same txt today and im from sydney
I received same msg on phone about winning $2 000 000 usd, and thought it was a scam. I am from adelaide, and i thought i would play their little game. I questioned their truth in the matter and they sent me picture of certificate and passport and personal photo. It sounds like this is the same one that everyone gets if they question it. I thought i would pay the money just to see if it is true, as if it were it would be good, and if it wasn't well i would've lost $450. But after reading all this i now know it is a scam for real. Has anyone actually paid the money? And if so what has happened?
I have also received the same SMS and decided to play along in hope of getting some info useful to the police.
When I got the email telling me it was part off Free Lotto I almost fell for it. Free Lotto is a real company and is part of PlasmaNet Inc. They have been running for the past 10 years.

I sent an email to the real Free Lotto to check it out. I'll post their reply.
Here is the reply from FreeLotto.


Thank you for contacting FreeLotto. We strive to maintain 100% customer

In regards to the email you have forwarded, we regret to inform you that it is
a fraudulent email. These deceptive emails are sometimes called "Spoof Emails"

because they are deliberately designed to fake the appearance of a well known
web site or a legitimate company in an attempt to commit identity theft to
illegally obtain your personal or credit details. These types of messages are
also known as "phishing" or "hoax" emails and unfortunately this illicit
practice is occurring more frequently throughout the online community.

The sender of the email example you forwarded is not employed or affiliated
with FreeLotto or any of our associates. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM ANY OF YOUR

IMPORTANT NOTE: FreeLotto does not require payment in order to receive any of
the prizes available in our games.

To help combat fraudulent individuals and services, we have posted a ‘Fraud
Alert’ on our website which can be viewed at

Please be assured that we have contacted the necessary governmental agencies
regarding this matter.

Thank you for choosing FreeLotto, and for taking the time to provide us

Good luck in our next drawing!

Laura Borgotti
FreeLotto Customer Care"

I hope this helps!

SMS/Email — Alart

Dear All

Please allart from that people who are tring to make Bakra to you. See from few months I was received lots of email about wing Lotry mostly from UK and their communication address also at UK. But it is true that they are tring Funds collect in the name of Porcessing fee. But today I received a SMS from TM-M-INFOM about winging of Cocacola Mobile draw for P 700000.

Here I want to say I never play such a draw than how can I. I request to all along with our Govt. Authority, strickly maintain our law and never permit to Flash our personal mobile nos./telly nos.

Thanking you
i have receive a msg on my bsnl prepaid mobile From TM WISH
your no has been choosen for a $2500 cash prize call[protected] to claim
i received an e-mail that i won 720, 000GBP in the freelotto mobile promotion it came from a no.[protected] i know its a scam but im playing the game
i recieved text message on my mobile stating that: Congrats! your mobile number just won 720, 000GBP in the FREE LOTTO MOBILE promotion for claims emil your name and mobile number to [protected]
message was recieved from [protected]
i sent my name and email and address to them.
THIS WAS THERE REPLY to me but my concern is how valid is this?

Dear:Rhyner Ramdeo.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail

Your mail message and full name including your address and winning details were received completely.

The authenticity of your winning have been confirmed by our department, Your information as requested have been submitted and also processed and, also I will like to inform you that {N.C.B.L}NATIONAL CITY BANK LONDON was contracted for the payment of all winners.

Three Payment Options given to you below

(A) Coming to {UNITED KINGDOM} to claim your money through the paying bank {NATIONAL CITY BANK LONDON}.

(B) Bank To Bank Transfer to your nominated bank account in your country.

(C) Certified Cheque.

If you choose option (B) you need to provide account information to the paying bank for immediate transfer of your winning prize, here is the contact detail of the paying bank below, you are advice to contact them immediately to enable them complete the transfer of your winning fund .

Bank details


DR: .Jack Morgan

Tel: +[protected]

FAX +[protected]



Call the bank to confirm the receipt of this message via: [protected], also choose one of the options in which you want this fund deliver to you in your country and contact the bank to enable them process your winning fund.

I wish you the best of luck

Congratulations to you and your family.


Mr. Mark Collins "

need urgent response!

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