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 Arun Kumar
Dear Sir,
Please Dont post this type of False Comments. Because Frontline Builders are gave me a good service and they understand my needs. For u any problem occurs means then dont tell like all are cheaters. From my side i gave all my documents in a correct manner. My side no problem, so i booked a flat and that is satisfies my expectation. I think some problem is in ur side, so u cannot book the flats. So better to solve the Problem and book a flat instead of posting comments. Arun Kumar
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hahahahha.................frist learn to type and write properly and then talk about frontline. your langugae itself tells you are one of those frontline employee who has only job to add such positive comments on net. Please dont add such false comments on net about frontline. they are cheaters and nothing else. booking flat with frontline...........forget it...there are better people like Salarpuria Builders Purvankara Builders and many other small builders as well. I hate frontline builders and Sumanth Kumar. I am not the only one who is talking bad about them. there are lot of people who have suffered becasue of frontline. check here and also
. Sumanth Kumar's employee are only adding false positive reviews on frontline. People who do not understand difference between Pros and Cons....they are only sitting there in his office and adding such false comments. I still say...FRONTLINE BUILDERS IS CHEATER COMPANY AND SUMANTH KUMAR IS THE BIGGEST CHEATER ON EARTH.
It looks like these reviews are written by the builder!
i also had the same experience with Front line...THey are big cheater...

Sumanth is an liar...

Please read this ...

I was new to bangalore and was instrested to buy an flat for tax benifs...I approched front line and they show me few flats..

I was pretty impressed with one flat and they told to pay 25, 000 immediate or the flat willbe booked by another person..I told them that i will consolt with my laweys etx and get back in 2 days..I even asked there documentts xerox..They asked me to pay 1000 rp for that stupid xerox...I paid them and next day they called and told me that the flat which i saw was ben booked by some one who paid 25, 000...

See how big cheaters they are...Stillthat xerox is with me and they are not bothers...

I curse them for all the things they do...

The biggest cheaters

never keep commitments
is you notice for every negative comment there are 5 people who post comments challenging that which clearly shows that its the frontline employees
if you ask sumanth to keep commitments all he will say is that he earns 50 L a month and all bull but will not keep a Rs 200 commitment.

Acts big thinks pathetically small. My advvice never buy from them
Frontline builledrs are the biggest cheaptype frauds.
Shame on the whole management and the whole organisation. They actually cheat people promising the flats and never return the advance amount of 25000 they take from the customer.


Sick organisation. U cant even call it a organisation. That Sumanth is worse than Beggars. Atleast beggars beg money honestly. He cheats and minting money.

He never picks the call when u contact him to take back the advance u have paid.

Never came accross such a pathetic group of people.
He will definitely have a disastrerous life as he has cheated and has eaten the hard earned money of many employees.

Sick SUMANTH. dont ever go to frontline. they are not marketing. They are sick. they are here to cheat innocents.
I agree with the comments... i also experienced a worst experience with these [censored]s.. they got 25 K from me and gave me an acknowledgement for it stating that if i cancel the apartment they will refund the amount in 15 days.

when i cancelled the apartment because of irregularities in the construction those [censored]s are now telling they will not refund a single penny. bloody [censored]s dont even know the value of the money. They are not marketing people they are beggers with bloody worst mind.

i had to struggle for a month after the cancellation for my money. only thing i got from them is the response saying that they wont give me the money. all bloddy stupid reasons were given to me for that. below are the people i interacted with:

First and the most liar of the organisation: Sumanth( who calls himself the MD), OAKEN (idiotic manager who doesn't even pick up the calls), and some of there empoloyees are : Avik, raghu, barath, priyatosh, dinesh, maria.

all these people are the big in that organisation. They promise you good flats and show the illegal constructions later.

I am Sumanth Kumar.I am the biggest fraud in Bangalore.
I am , and CHEAT.
sumanth kumar is a criminal...he gives false promises on home furniture, farm land etc...he has cheated several customers...he has opened several malls and beauty parlours in kaggadaspura with black money...his own employees admitted that he is a cheat and fraud...he does not pay salary to his employees
please go to consumer court and put this guy in jail
At this moment e'one believes that frontline is a group is a fraud with bunch of suckers... bloody holes they dont even desreve to be leaving with this kind of money.. they have cheated to a sum of 10 crores... and that hole sumanth is absconding... now you know who wrote good reviews regarding the frontline.. the group themselves did that... they desreve to beaten with a old slipper dipped with cow dung... holes the frontier group has... which includes ppl like sumanth, maria. oaken, ganesh, priyatosh... to name a few of his freaking employees...

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