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 dhanya tm
1) No proper selling talents - Sales man was explaining the refrigerator capacity is 185L where the actual capacity was 195L. We came to know about it, after seeing the user manual.

2) Advertisement :- Installation free for all models of A/Cs. After buying company asked us to pay 1000 seprate to the person who is coming for installation. (The person will be coming from Samsung company). So is it free guys?

3) No proper delivery formalities:- When we were not availabe at home (around 8PM), our A/C was about to deliver. Are they expecting us to stay at home for 24 X 7 ? A practice is there to call up the customer before the delivery.

4) 6 calls for a delivery :- I kept dialing GIRIAS for 6 - 7 times to get my a/c delivered at my door step. I am still waiting...

5) Number busy after 7 PM :- After my 6 decent calls, I decided to shout at them and tried dialing again. Number is busy for long hours.. All the extension numbers ???

So guys, this is my first and last purchase from GIRIAS... I am just frustrated. Be careful and make sure while u purchase from this company.
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this is totally wrong i am satisfied with girias with discount rates and gifts
on time delivery
buy from girias
their having 18 show room in india
bye ...
One more greifing customer here. I have bought Career 2 Ton A/C from Girias, 2 weeks ago and they are trying to install and get it test-run for the past 4 days. Each day, a different person comes from Career and tell sme different thing and goes away. Electrical problem. Old stock, sub-standard product, no proper technicians and above all no proper tie-up with the manufacturer's technicians. End result? Customer suffering. Paid up in full and yet I am going to their show room almost everyday, call them 100 times, to get the A/C running, leaving my office work and other business in peril.

OF course, NEVER will recommend these jokers to anyone...
I want to GIRIAS during new year, i got my self a lcd -Samsung after checking with 2 more store.Before i reached home my LCD was at my home, I was really shocked .Where other Dealers ask for 3 to 5 days for delivery this people are to fast .Price were lowest in Anna Nagar, I chould not win Rs10000 gift but still i got one very nice gift, Price i had checked only in anna nagar, Next time i want to buy any product i will close my eyes and go to GIRIAS only.
While I feel for Dhanya and perhaps he / she genuinely had a bad experience, I on the contrary had a pleasant / mixed experience. The sales men aren't the best trained but are very eager and want to give you the best possible deal. Moreover, I had almost decided to make my purchase at Croma (Annanagar) but found that the price at Girias (Annanagar) was Rs. 2, 400 less on the Samsung 40" LCD. Needless to say, I eventually bought the TV from Girias around 8pm on a Thursday and it was delivered the next morning by 11:30am.

Expect: Great bargain prices, Honest efforts from the staff
Don't Expect: Great shopping atmosphere, Supremely product savvy staff

My advice: See the models at Croma, buy from Girias.

Giriyas are doing a great job in Chennai and Bangalore. I purchased a set of cooker, iron box, non-stick hot plate, idli set and a mixie with four jars for just 2990/-. Even now my colleauges don't believe that I got it from Giriyas. All of these have become my room mates and cooking partners. All of these are working fine. Giriyas, I will be visiting you for a flat TV purchase. What we need is not a stylish sales men. Only good product at a reasonable price.
I had a mixed experience with this GIRIAS. The staffs in the showroom are very honest and no bluff. I bought a 1ton LG a/c and their price is competitive and fast delivery of goods. I told them very clearly that call me before you deliver as I would be in the office on day-time.

But I was frustrated while they are handling delivery. I bought it in the morning, on the same day around 3pm I got a call from an auto driver that we were standing infront of your house and he asked me where were you as like chennai auto driver style. I told him that i asked you to call me before you deliver as I would be in office as I thought he belongs to GIRIAS. He said I dont know anything, we came to your house, do you want A/c or not?. Then I cut his call and called the sales guy of GIRIAS. I was replied that there was some confusion and it would be delivered it tomorrow morning. Again I got the call from auto driver, where were you, we all waiting for you, come now. And i told him there was some confusion, the goods with you is not belonging to me and I asked what did you bring. He told me that i brought 1ton LG a/c and we were at the address mentioned on the bill. Name of the bill is my name. Then I decided to go there and I asked him to wait there and i would be coming in another 30 minutes, in between i got call from my wife and i asked her to collect the same.

Once my wife reached home, she received the a/c, stablizer and its accessories. As I agreed with girias to pay Rs.100/- as its 10km away from their showroom, my wife gave Rs.150/- (100 as agreed and Rs.50 as tips). He shouted and demanded more as he fully drunk. Finally my wife called the watchman and managed to send him out.

As GIRIAS is srpeaded across country, if they would have their own vehicle to deliver the goods, it would be good for both the customer and for them too.

Now, I need to think twice before buy any appliance with GIRIAS.
I had a really frustrating experience with GIRIAS
i purchased an acer laptop for my dad... initially i was assured that the particular model i asked for was available... later as we waited the salesmen made us wait for almost 45min to even see the specimen...
and inspite of the wait they turned up with an acer computer which had no features as specified in the catlogue...
then as i was getting more and more frustrated they gave me an explantion saying that the particular model can be brought from the showrroom only after making an advance amount...(don't know how they expect us to do that without even seeing the computer!!!)
anyways due to lack of time i finnaly agreed sayin i'll pay only 100rs max for the 36, 540rs i was about to purchase...and will provide the balance only after seeing the laptop after delivery...they seemed to agree...
later the laptop arrived wit all the specific req the same day and the cash was paid in full by my brother according to me...
a day later am finding out that...the laptop has the req features but the processor is a intel pentium (a single processor) when i'd purchased a dual core having a double processor...thus the speed and configuration was completely slow!!!
really vexed wit the entire experience called them up...
and the worst part is everyone is more keen on pointing to someone else then handeling the situation themselves!!!
thus am still expecting a proper reply and it has been 5days hence...

completely rubbish customer service...and they never seem to notice you when a problem occurs...never turning to these people ever's a decision of cost over quality which i am risking to take in future..
joining the Girias grievance club...bought a samsung refrigerator last week from Girias nungambakkam. recd a damaged piece. sales ppl are extremely reluctant to replace with a new unit. however, promptly took away my old one rendering me fridge-less for the last 4 days. To top it all, the salesman now says it will take 10 days for me to get a hoo hoo!!!
I ordered for a Godrej Eon refrigerator from GIRIAS Tambaram and paid the full amount and inspite of repepated request to check atleast if the item could be delivered the same day as my old Whilpool had gone for a toss, they were very reluctant.
At last, it was me who had to be convinced about getting it delivered before 11am today as the first delivery, but in vain. On repeated calls to them, I could not find out any one who could really answer to my issues and now it is told that I would get the fridge delivered at 4pm. God only knows...
Now into the height of all these, the fridge, after all the festive discounts were billed at Rs.13770/- and the exchange price for the old refrigerator as Rs.1000/- and as told 'had payed Rs.12770/- (they demanded 2% additional for recovering the Service Charge for card payment, which was discounted to 1% and then waived off after I started firing them for these non-sense claims)...
But in the bill, the refrigerator cost was as Rs.12000/- + Cess Rs.1500/- (@12.5%) and total cost as Rs.13500/- & exchange price of old refrigerator as Rs.730/- which comes to Rs.12770/-
When enquired on why 'm paying Rs.220/- more for the new fridge they gave me a repeated answer as they are not showing the cost of exchange price as Rs.1000/- as they dont want to pay Cess for it. I totally dont understand this part at all. This a total rubbish. After repeated questioning, again I gave up for the second time.
Do they think customers are all fools and could not even understand what it is all about ? After all, most of the modern day buyers today are more educated and knowledgble in terms of the products, costing, etc., than the folks standing there; thanks to the internet.
They are worse than a platform seller @ T Nagar. The more u fight, the more u gain.
The biggest mistake I had done was to stop by GIRIAS avoiding the Vasanths & other biggies; just impressed by their bigger & neat showroom and their recent ads. I now remember the old saying... "ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD..."...
On the heights of frustration, on requesting for the owner or a senior officer's contact # to raise up this issue, I got a reply saying that they are not authorized to share those details. So, does that mean that whatever is done by the staff is final and there is no way to get it rectified?
First of all, they should really understand that, escallations are not only for a customer to get issues resolved but also to improve their operational effeciencies and to have a longer business relationship.
They dont seem to be caring of repeat customers but to loot out maximum profit by trying non-sense tricks on a day.
I would rather attribute all these with the inefficient and incompetent staffs which is ultimately ruining the image of the company.
Enough is enough... It's high time for them to read these websites atleast.
I missed out this website yesterday or else I would not have required to pen this down here...
i paid full amt for a refrigerator which was delivered after 60 days and 10 visits to the showroom. i would like to SPIT on u r showroom and the sales guys. u can BEG instead of cheating u r customers without even compensating them for their physical and mental tramua . WORST EXPERIENCE
we bought an a/c a month ago from girias .. annanagar and were promised a free reebok watch, .when contacted for the gift the salesman mr kishore asked me to come over as the gifts had come. after taking an auto to the site i found that the salesman had been joking . we are senior citizens and were fooled by this small boy .. i understand that he is called terror kishore among his colleagues. . on calling him later the undersigned was told that the watches had come but the stock was exhausted. the real salesman of the ac . dept. assured me however that no watches had come. and requested me not to contact terror kishore in future.. however most of the other staff are quite pleasant, including the bajaj rep...but something must be done to stop jokers at various places of this kind. girias owners are you reading this?
Bitter Experience with GIRIAS Anna Nagar Chennai, They are Cheaters

The sales fellow Joel and the Manager at GIRIAS Anna Nagar Branch Chennai are big time fraud in cheating customers.I decided to Purchase a particular model highend washing machine.

They promised me that they will fulfill my prime expectations that are
1. It should not be a display product
2. It should be a fresh Stock
3. Delivery before 9pm as committed.
4. Full refund of the advance if I'm not satisfied with their quality of service

I had reserved my time for their delivery and was waiting they didn't turn-up. I called their mobile and land numbers several times but they didn't respond. Finally it was not delivered. Since the next day I had to chase them for and round 11am they said the product had left. My entire day work is spoilt. The product arrived around 1pm. I noticed the packing was so poor with the original straps and the packing tapes were tampered. It didn't give me an impression it is new product from warehouse and the same was confirmed by the delivery fellow that the showroom manager and the sales fellow Joel had repacked the display product and hence the delivery got delayed.I called the Manager and the sales executive and their response was poor and highly irrespossible.They didn't fulfill any of my basic requirement and the product was not in a good shape to accept, hence I had to reurn it back. I called the manager and the sales fellow and asked for replacement without delay, they said they don't have any new product with them. Then asked for refund of my advance but they declined and said they will not give it back. They demanded to 3~4day time to find out a fresh product.I had been threatened that they are not responsible of any damage and defects, hence I have no opther option but to wait. There's no sence of commitment and highlenvel of irresponsibility with them.

These fellows are not only spoiling GIRIAS brand name but also the OEMs Brand Name in the Market



I bought a DELL lap top from GIRIYAS store Chennai Annanagar on 27/2/2012 Model : INSPIRON N5110, which created a problem on the next day & we contacted the customer service center number & they replayed us - Its a CD DRIVE problem, SERVICE TAG NO : FNCVWQ1
We taken the LAP TOP to the DELL Service center (DELL AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER, No;1, Salzburg squre, No-101 Harring ton Road, Chetpet, Chennei_ 600031, Ph[protected] on 2/3/2012, they checked & they asked for 3 days,
we received a call from the service center on 6/3/2012 for delivery, they checked the same LAPTOP & given the feedback as HARD DISK problem changed the same, the service person not even bother to get the feedback from me(PremKumar)
just they are laughing at each other and commending us...totally upset.. spending Rs.45600/- and not even working for not acceptable...& the reason i bought is for a project..its totally got failed...i got a lose of more than 1 lack in this project...I cant accept the LAPTOP be Serviced, NEED TO BE REPLACED & need a New NEW LAPTOP.

Mail id : [protected]
BAD Store!! Worst after sales service. They never deliver the product or even inform after they receive the stock. I had the paid for the product in full, but unless you call them, they would tell you that the stock just came and would deliver today. SERIOUSLY HATE THIS STORE!!
I purchased a 3D 32" Samsung TV from Girias on 1st January, 2014. It was advertised that when you purcahse a 3D TV you get a 3 D CD free. In the bill also it was mentioned that one 3D CD and price mentioned as "0". I was not given any 3D CD. When enquired I was told that there was not stock and they have to receive it from the Samsung Company. Nearly four months now I am yet to receive the CD. That is for the service in Girias.

J. Sathianarayanan
In Mandaveli GIRIAS the salesman usually tries to sell an unpopular brand when you ask for a particular product by Talking high about these unknown brands and they do not hesitate to denounce even popular brands like SAMSUNG. When you go there to buy a well known brand you may be made to buy some scrap that they are waiting to get rid of. Imagine how worse they are - when you ask about the capabilities of a well known brand of washing machine the salesman said 'your clothes will stink if you buy this and hence you buy that'. I have experienced this on two different occasions when I went there to buy different products.One can go and see for themselves.
In Adyar GIRIAS, we bought Refrigerator on seeing their advertise of 0% Interest on any credit card, assured gift, 98% same day delivery and free home delivery. On Payment when we asked for 0% interest EMI, they said they will not do for all Card, they have tie-up with BAJAJ Finance we have to go with them that too we have to pay Rs.700 as Processing fee. For Assured gift they mentioned we have to pay some amount and need to take that gift. They didn't delivered on same day. After payment of FRIDGE and STAND they charged Rs.500 for delivery too. They gave entirely FAKE ADVERTISEMENT and they cheating CUSTOMERS. They delivered FRIDGE NEXT DAY but STAND they didn't delivered for more than 3 days. SO WORST EXPERIENCE.

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