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West Bengal, India
I had purchased a spectacle from GKB Opticals, Baguitati, Kolata brach about 5 months ago. It costed me around 5000 Rs. It is with a top brand lens and. a rimless frame. The cost includes warrenty charges for 1 year which they said included replacement of the lens, frame in case they are damaged/broken withni this period of 1 yr. I had chosen to go with this hight price thinking that the warrenty coverage will be a good option as rimless specs tend to get damaged easily. The store manager had then assured me that there will be no problem with such rimless lens as they have provided me eith extra tough lens and the 1 yr warrent.

The day I received the product, in their store ilself I saw dirty patches on both the lens of my spectacled. When asked they said that this will go away after I wash the lenses few times. Believing them, i brough the specs home. 1.5 weeks passed but the patches were as they were. I again went to the store but to my disappointment, they kept on repeating that the patch was nothing and will go away. I asked them to remove it if they feel it's nothing and can be removed easily. They took it to some cabin and then came back saing that it is a defect and they need to replace the lens. I was shocked that how could they gove me a defective lens! But then in any case I thought they will replace it and so din't react much and came back keeping the specs with them for replacement of the lens.

They called me after few days saing the lens has been replaced and to take it back. I went to the store and may be due to the lights at their store couldn't see the patch and took the spects back. However, at my home when I saw it under tube light, the patch was still there! I went to their shop again and showed them the patch. They started blaming some factory people where the specs are sent. Oh I forgot to mention I was having all these talks with the store manager. He aked me to keep the specs again. Next time when I received the specs,, there was no patch but the frame was widened a lot ...--/...and din't fit me well. I asked them and they said it happens and all. All studip reasoning. I took the spec back but within a month the frame became loose ( common problem with rimless specs). I went back to the store and they said its a commom problem and they will make it fit. They said they will call me once the spec is ready. they dinn't call me for 1 week. I called them and they said it's not yet ready and they will call me. 1 month passed, there was no call from them. When I called after a month, they said the spec has come long back and I can come to take it. I went and then asked why wasn't I called. The manager replies he has forgotten! This is one thing. This time when I received thne frame, it was so widened (more than before) that it din't fit me altall. I showed then wearing in front iof them that if I look down, the spec will fall. They asked to to keep the spec again. I was really frustrated! But no option I had to keep it. But this time I raised my voice claiming that....

1. The frame was not widened my me. I wore the spec for not even two weeks. They why shall I take that frame?..even if they make it correct. I need a replacement for the frame.

2. My spec has a warrenty period of 12 months and now it is 3-4 months that thne spec is with them...just because they are not able to address my issues and becuse of their faulls. Why shall I include these 3-4 months in those 12 months? I need a extention of those 12 months.

3. Why the hell shall I go to the store again and again and everytime see that the spect condition is even worsen? Delivel it to my home.

4. We wear specs for eye problem. Where shall I get a specs during the time when they are keeping it with them for so long? Shall I buy another one?????

Present status- They have agreed to replace the frame and deliver it to my home. This talk was done a week ago.....the frame has not yet delivered to my home. I call them every day...they never do that.....they give lame excused like the factoory was closed,,,,the person who was suposed to deliver it has not yet come etc.

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Be careful and very clear on your purchase with GKB Stores located across the country, and on internet (www.gkbopticals.com), while selecting/purchasing your Opticals, and Lenses. The product promised at the beginning differs from what actually delivered. The after sale service is even worst.

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    GKB Opticals, Joramandir, Kolkata branch - Defective product and horrible after service

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