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(This is subsequent to earlier letter sent to Indian Embassy on 29th March 2009 posted earlier by some one)

After receiving the fax from employees of GSHL Libya, a meeting was held in chamber of Honorable Ambassodor of India in Tripoli, on 29th March 09, which was attended by Mr Katiyal (President Operations) and Mr. Warrier (General Manager HR). Management promised in writing vide letter dated 29/30 March 2009, to clear all the dues by May end, And work resumed to normalcy.

Subsequently two salaries were paid in April 09 and No salaries in May 09.

At the end of April 09, still five month salaries were balanced from December08 to April 09.

Since there was no positive sign of payment by management, employees decided not to submit any kind of report ( daily report, TPM reports, Six sigma projects etc) from 12th May 09 as a protest. But still management did not responded positively, so employees had no option to take some unpleasnt steps. Employees representatives submitted letter on 19th May 09 for their future action as below:

Dated 19th May 2009

The President (Operations)
GSHL, Camp Libya

Sub: Non payment of salaries to employees


We all employees of GSHL would like to remind you that during meeting with employees on 29th March 2009 in presence of ambassador of India, management agreed and later issued letter dated 30th March 2009, to clear all dues (Salaries for December, 08 to April, 09, Arrears, pending LTA, Incentives of 2008, balance salaries/other dues of employees transferred to Libya from other units) by end of May 2009. But so far no serious attempt is made to clear these huge dues. We understand, the money received from LISCO was utilized by management for some other purpose instead of clearing employee’s long pending dues. This step of management is giving us a strong feeling that management is not inclined to resolve the issue. Instead of solving the issues, management has verbally declared new unacceptable proposals like:

1- Division of basic salary in 80- basic and 20 variable. ( whereas already 40% of basic was considered as variable pay since beginning which is already not being paid due to recession)
2- Holding salary for 3 months ( It is not acceptable because salaries are not paid to employees after resignation even if they complete 3 months notice period)
3- Non payment of living allowance while employees are on annual authorized leaves.

Please note that all these new proposals we do not recognize unless there is a circular. Now, due to sluggish approach of management all employees are forced to take following steps:

1- All shift persons will stop attending shift duty, and join duty in general shift only.(i.e. 7.30 Hrs to 17 Hrs.) and observe weekly off day on Fridays from date 23rd May, 2009

2- Further, if management does not clear all dues before 31st May, 2009, all employees shall stop working in plant from 1st June 2009 and will remain in camp.

You will agree with us that we have shown enough patience and did not react even in most provocative conditions made by management. But now since management is not adhering to its own written commitment, we are left with no option but to take these unpleasant steps.

We once again request you to take appropriate action immediately to clear all our dues before 31st May 2009 before we take above steps. We shall not be responsible for any untoward consequences.

All harassed employees of GSHL.

Since management did not take any corrective action, employees resorted to G shift duty from 23 rd May 09 to 31st May 09 and susequently stopped going to plant. When no employee reported on duty, management requested Indian Embassy to intervene. During the discussion with Mr Rajesh Agrawal on 1st June09, employees told him about the salary status clearly. Mr Rajesh Agrawal was very much convinced that delay in paymment of salaries is unjusified and particularly after the written commitment, management should have cleared all the dues.

Mr Ashok Agrawal Director Finance visited Libya on 2nd May 09 and during discussion with employees only promised to pay two salaries immediately and two salaries by June 09 end and promised to clear all dues by December 09. Since management have always failed to fullfill committments, employees demanded for clearing all the dues immediately and regularise the payment of salaries.

. The libya contract between GSHL and LISCO is basically profit sharing on productivity improvement basis. There was no investment made by company( except gift of Lime coating and Oxygen Injection system for DRI plant). GSHL earned millions of dollars owing to hard work put up by employees only. By any calculation, salary to be paid to employees may be less than 10 % of earning. Mr Katiyal himself being a salaried employee always shows his concern, but he is not backed up by corporate at all regarding payment of salaries. Mr Pramod Mittal has earned so much money from Libya site itself that he could purchase his personal plane and a house worth 90 million ponds in UK but surprisingly has no money to pay to employees. Now May month is also completed and salary dues has increased to six months. Management is busy in breaking employees moral in stead of arranging funds for payment. Can any body help employees to recover their hard earned salaries from Pramod Mittal?

All harassed employees of Global Steel Holding Limited
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Aug 14, 2020
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All harassed employees of Global Steel Holding Limited

I applaud the courage and determination shown by you all in a foreign country and against hostile management. But, may I request you to highlight the plight of hapless colleagues of yours to the embassy officials who resigned and are now no more connected with GSHL. Since all our communication regarding clearance of F&F is neither acknowledged nor entertained by Dubai Office, I am afraid, we will have to part with our hard earned money.

-One Ex-employee of Global Steel Holding Limited
Can any one believe, the management is now using all methods to break moral of employees like no payment of livining allowance also. Families have been asked to go to India. They could pressurise some technicians to work. But others are still strong. Can any body from Nigeria plant advice, whom to contact in India who can help us or what was done in Nigeria to regularise payments?
Dear Sir
I was employeed in Nigeria Delta Steel company, as all employees, I am also one among thousand
who have not recieved my salories and educational allowances, which I had appplied, I left the company as salory was irregular, it had difficult to run the family expenses and children education as along as I was in GSHL, I left the company in March 2008 untill now I have not recieved my full and final statement even, every time Ispeak to HR person he use to give me same reply very soon I wiil recieve my all dues pending now he has left, no body stays for long time inthis company .
I resigned from Global Steel Holdings Ltd, Nigeria after being fed up of continuous waiting and false hope of getting my salary next month.While I left, 5 months salary dues of 9600 USD was pending.I have got only F& F settlement paper from them. I kept on writing to everybody from Nigeria to their Dubai office but only got the dissopintment. Financial condition of my family has become very bad due to some problems in my family which I don't want to mention. Plz tell me how to sue Global Steel Holdings Ltd.???
Dear Sir,
I am ex-employee of GSHL and I was working with them for DSC Plc Nigeria plant, I resigned in June 2008 & completed my 3 Months notice period, at end of day they give me Full & Final letter which is having due o[censored]SD 9100/-, till this date I have been not paid a single penny by GHSL, Nigeria or Dubai office is not at all giving any feedback of this subject, GSHL has been spioled my good career and now I am in very bad financial condition, I am suffred lot mentally from last 1 and half year, I request to consumer forum to follow up this issue from Indian goverment level to get all paid our dues.
Is Global Steels is going through the same things as mentioned. Is it worth joining this company.
I had also joined GSHL for DSC in SEPT' 07 and they could not sent me to Nigeria for some problem ( though we came to know their financial conditions) till FEB' 08 and I was at their guest house . I was deputed at their Nariman Point Office for the period and giving hope we will be sent within a week. I left the organisation on 8th of FEB 2008. Till date i have given several reminders to many person for my dues aprrox. Rs.127000/- but it was informed that within few days all will be cleared. When their few days will complete ????????????????
Now i am thinking to take legal step and send a letter to our h'nable Fin Minister to stop such exploitation of carreer further.
what was the condition right now in GSHL LIBYA, is it worth going there? please suggest.
Now i have selected for Libya in main.dept.I am very much confusion what to do? After knowing salary delay and no response from managament, i am afraiding to step further.So please guide me whether it is worth to go Libya now? How is the salary condition at present ?

From sunil
Dear All,

Please note that the conditions mentioned in LISCO is not new to this organisation and anyone who is joining fresh should reconsider the decision to join such a company who have the long history of non-payment of Salaries in all their plants.

I am an ex employee of GSHL posted at Ajaokuta Steel in June 2005 and was separated in April 2008 when the concession agreement was withdrawn by Nigerian Government. Even though more that two years have passed there is no confirmation or the letter from Global Steel organisation to State when they shall be clearing F&F dues which are to the tune o[censored]S$28500/-

I would like to point out that we have passed through the same sorry state of affairs in Nigeria and some of the employees of Ajaokuta Steel who were transferred to LISCO will agree with me in this regard.

It is better to join some other organization rather than carrying out the burden of pending salaries and the deep rooted worries in the mind when the salaries shall be paid.

I would also like to mention that Mr Sunil Katyal President of LISCO is a nice gentlemen and Nice person to work with, but he is just like employee like the others and does not have any power to take financial decisions.

Anil Bhat
I joined Delta Steel Company, ( GSHL), Nigeria in Sept 2007 by leaving my well established job. Before leaving India, Mr. Ashok Sinha assured me that all the amount as mentioned in Appointment Letter will be paid and even on reaching DSC you may take one month salary in advance. But unfortunately I was in grip of their net. Appointing authorities stopped to pick phone and also stopped responding on mails. I and my family came on road side. No body can believe such fraud in modern time and from comany like Ispat Industries Limited.

I came back to India. My whole savings of many years finised in getting new jobs after several months and could not get any suitable job. When told them to send me back they refused. So no salary, no allwances, no support, no job termination, no relieving. Like you are in grip of mafias.

The most unfortunate thing is that this is happening in country like India. To whom Sania Mirza is marrying, this is a big news for media, CM is suffering with cough and cold, this is a big news, Monkeys are increasing in city, this is big news, but thousands Indians came on road due to cheating of Ispat Industries, this is not a news for any media person, neither print media nor TV media.

I don't expect company will pay my pending allowances, termination compensation, but even they refused to give relieving letter also so that I can submit the same to my new employer as proof of dicontinuation of service.

Since this happened with well educated persons all are tried to get another job and get setteled instead of fighting for their right, but it should go in TV media and Print Media and government should recover all pending dues of employees from company. A special cell should be made to file complaint and to pay money, even if required the Ispat Industries should be sold to pay dues of employees.

A K Srivastava
The Management GSHL, Nigeria
and its present Employees.

Is Global Steels is going through the same things as mentioned above.
Is it worth joining this company.

Mr. Smith,

Do not even think to join them. The Ispat Industries in India is also in trouble as they are having huge debt. Now Income Tax department has also raided them. Go through ET news.

If you are in a job, do not think to join them. If you are jobless or this is your 1st job, you may go with a clear in picture in mind that you will get only living amount in nigeria. No salary.

Before going ask to Mr. Jackob john, 1st secretary of nigerian embassy. From:
"fs(eco&cons), HCI Lagos" <[protected]>

A K Srivastava
sir i am saravanan i have got job in delts steel company in nigeria yester day (10/12/2010) and i have read this complients .plztell me what are these it is true or not
sir i am saravanan i have got job in delts steel company in nigeria yester day (10/12/2010) and i have read this complients .plztell me what are these it is true or not
Mr Saravanan,
Do not fall in the trap of Global steel...It is promoted by Pramod Mittal who has joined hands with several business tycoons who have plundered wealth of poor countries...Not only will he not pay the salaries timely, but if you ask for your dues you would be harassed and mentally tortured...Hindreds of Delta Steel and Global steel employees have not been paid their hard earneed salaries and other dues...He would crush you like an elephant if you protest...He has a criminal bent of mind...Acts like a dictator...He cheats the rule of law...He under invoices sales and over invoices purchases to make money...He pays bribes to evade duties and taxes... He is on the wanted list of the Most corrupt businessmen globally
Hey guys I am in the Isle of Man- where the Company has its Registered Office - do you want anyone suing for wages etc? I know what the process is for undertaking small claims through the Isle of Man Courts. I could do claims for a fixed fee of say £100 plus disbursement costs (say £25). Let me know at [protected]
Dear All,

At the outset very sorry friends for the state of affairs all have undergone and going. I do not know how people after hearing and knowing about the so called business man Mittal could be free on roads in India - like any fraud politician. This man has made several lives miserable some lost their good jobs and even displaced families. He is a great cheat. No body should ever think of joining this company. He has created heart burns to all who joined this company. This man cheated me and my family and ows 3 months salary and other allowance.
Dear new comers and joiners never think of getting anhy money from him. Leave immediately and come back. your safety is also not guaranteed.

One more deceived.

I want to know one thing about this company, that my father had got the job now in Libya plant where one of his friend is working, the person had told my father that its nice to join this company since he was working from last 6 years, and told that the salary is irregular every two months or three months, but living expenses are paid regularly that is USD 600. SO CAN ANY ONE GIVE ME A SUGGESTION ON JOINING THIS COMPANY AS MY FATHER HAS SINGED THE APPOINTMENT ORDER. Details of my father, he is above 50 years. is there any risk about singed appointment order its already in hands of Mr. Ashok Sinha.
Dear All,
We Indians are known for Exaggeration of even small problem.

I am asking every one. Do you dont know there will be delay of salary for 3 to 4 months. Why you have joined. Even after joining before flying to Libya, you can leave the organisation. Is it?

You are over greeded persons. You want very high salary. Very good accommadation. Very comfartable job. Salary net of Tax. Very high living allowance. Very good climate. Very less work.

This is new type of Business model. So you have to adjust.

Ofcourse why this problem, because of case flow problem. Why Case flow problem, because of inconsistency or low performance. Try to improve the performance instead of going to Embassy. Mr.Pramod mittal is generous person in giving facility to employees.

In LISCO camp itself go and see other side, where some of the Indians are working directly with LISCO for the salary of $500 TO $600 with living allowance of 100 LD, in container house.

For GSHL expats, management has provided very good canteen, very good house, very good salary, very good living allowance, very good recreation hall. Even for Friday purchase, i hope they are sending bus for employees.

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