Goldquest — Harassment to join the chain business!

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Hi friends,
Two of our friends have come up with their opinions on which we should really appreciate.
Well To S.R.Bala,
I appreciate your spontaneous response whether positive or negative(never bother with that).
Its very true, People who run around trying to make a quick buck, end up as losers thats very good Bala and i would like to tell you the same.
Every where you go u will find the Parato Principle applied i.e., 80:20 only 20% of the people in the world will be successful by the end of their life.
The same applies in this also.When you think of earning quick you will be a pray to no matter what ever the business you are running.

where does this money come from ?
A very good question for which i am having a perfect response but this is not the pace where i can respond Bala.

Is it profit made from doing business or is it simply sharing money from chappies enrolled under you?
Once again perfect human being you sound.Please mail me as i have given my mail id in my previous post.

To Ramkumar,
Goldquest is a pyramid scheme and it is doomed to collapse.
Well Ramkumar you too sound the future of India leading, some kind of burden on ur shoulders.
I really appreciate u i[censored] can mail me ur queries rather than posting here and disturbing others.

Friends once again i am just suggesting you dont run for easy money this is not get-rich-quick scheme.
In this u can learn a lot.
Dont believe in others i hope u r well educated and can easily discriminate milk and water.
I further suggest u plz turn to me by mailing me rather than just putting ur own imaginations over here.
U dont know what u are trying to do over here.
But unknowingly u may b stopping the growth of some one and inturn u may b stopping the growth of our nation atleast to some extent.
mail me at [protected]
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I only want to say that if you people have BRAIN, then don't let your money get waste by joining this business. The person who ever gives the training or presentation, he will give in such a way that you will really think to join this business. The trainer or presenter will convience you very very emotionally. In the presentation the presenter will tell you to join this business with 32, 200 but after joining this business, you also need to invest a money for each trainings, books, CD's etc. The amount comes to at least Rs.5000 that means 32200+5000=37200 you will be investing into this business and what will be the result, ZERO. You will simply become a BAKRA by joining this business.
8 months b4 i joined in questnet as my close frend forced me.i ordered gold coin n i have received it..b4 joining i have enquired by many IR's in hyd and bangalore regarding this company..i found its worth investing here...all the new IRs who r saying this buisiness is fraud plz keeps ur shut n think b4 saying something..u dont work hard, u r not willing to understand the buisiness..u never know the system, u never know how grand uplines r getting lakhs of cheques n wat price they have paid for getting such huge cheques..u guys dont know anything n simply blaming company n vijay eswaran...guys wake up n smell the coffee..there is no free meal in this planel earth...u need to work hard to get ur money in QN..atleast for first 3 years...u simply want money from the air just investing ur parents hard earned 30k rupees...understand the concept of network marketing dudes...wat do u think padma or ramesh babu or any top leaders earning some crores of rupees in this buisiness getting just by sleeping like u ...?????ofcoz i dint get a single cheque from this company, the reason is i dint work hard like my frend who joined me..its my mistake. not companys or vijay eswarans...this buisiness will start again for sure n vl rock again...dont cry by seeing ur uplines who got cheques, ask them how they got their cheques, learn from them. work hard...if its a fraud company vijay eswaran wud have been killed long back by singapore govt and iran govt...companys products hav been strucked up dude to indian dirty govt, they vl release them soon, dont worry u vl get the products soon. common la wake up n smell the coffee u hav grown wont come from air..u hav to go n get this buisiness ethically n become the inspiration or instrumental for the people around you..change ur life by changing ur way of thinking, ur attitude, ur way of speaking .dont waste ur time by writing negative things abt this company..u vl b the loosers...u cannot destroy the company image anyhow...atleast b a perfect man n gain something from questnet...all the best

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    Goldquest - Harassment to join the chain business!

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