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[Resolved]  Government Sholinganallur Taluk office — Change of Name in Free Pattan Lending more than a year

Free Patta issued for my area Neelangarai (Bharathiyar ngr) on 10-02-09. For my home the name was wrongly entered the mistake done by the survey pupils. Hence, To change name I given proper complaint on[protected]. But there is no response. The clerk Mrs. Kalyani from sholinganallur taluk office maintain the documents. When ever I enquirer about my Patta, She always ask me to come next week, after ten days.. like that today[protected] nearly a year gone She ask me to come next month. I don't know what to do those pupils and how to get my document. Kindly somebody help to me?
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Aug 13, 2020
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I registered my madipakkam plot on 2003 and by mistakenly the patta was issued to my brother name instead of my name. My uncle and my brother both went to Sholinganallur taluk office almost 50 times and no progress of changing the patta to my name. The zonal tasildhar Ravichanderan ask my uncle to do reresistration for the same land. Why do i re register my land as i already done so? We provide affidavate from advagate as well provided neccessary docucments. Can any one guide me that how do i proceed from here. How do i make complaints against the zonal tasildhar?
i have gone through the complaint given by you.

you kindly approach directly Mr.Sourirajan, The Revenue Divisional Officer, Tambaram on Monday and put your grievance.
the said Mr.Ravichandran is not the competent authority in Revenue department as tahsildhar and in training. and earlier tahsildhar mr.Govindarajan is also in training as magistrate in tambaram.
they are very nice persons, and they do their best in the new taluk office.
Read G.O.Ms.No.409 and follow this link.
Bharathiya Janata Party.
Vote for Lotus in this election for assembly.
Hi Mr.P.R. Narasimhan,

Am A.M. Asha. According to your mail.Yesterday[protected], I went to Sholinganallur Tahsildhar office. There I can't able to meet the Tahsildhar. "Mr. OMPRAKASH" answered me very bad irresponsible manner. I understand very well that in government office there is no respect for Citizen only for money and political power.

Four years gone, I given more than 10 applications just for a simple process to change name which is wrongly entered in patta by the Government survey persons. "Mrs. Kalyani" now promoted, But last four years. She didn't take any action on my request. Now "Mr. OMPRAKASH" in her position doing the nothing, They just coming to office for entertainment and earn illegal money.

Thanks for your mail.
May 24, 2011
A.L.Lakshmi Narayanan
Plot No.136, Palkalai Nagar
Palawakkam, Chennai – 600 041

The Thasildhar
Sholinganalur Thaluk

Most Respected Sir,

I A.L.Lakshmi Narayanan, Son of A.Logidasan (late) request you to kind enough to read my plea and take proper action against the plea.

I reside in the Plot No.136, Palkalai Nagar, Palawakkam, Chennai - 600 041 for past 25 years along with my family. My father was a University Servant and he was allotted with a house bearing No.136 in the Palkalai Nagar, Palawakkam, Chennai - 600 041.

My father has expired in the year 1996 due to illness. When i went to the Panchayat office situated at Palawakkam for the name transfer of Patta to my mother Name. I was informed that the patta bearing No.758 is in the name of Thiru.Rajan, who has bought the Plot No.137 in the Palkalai Nagar, Palawakkam, Chennai - 600 041.

I was shocked and went the Thaluk Office situated at Tambaram and enquired about the patta details were as i was informed that the patta bearing 758 is in the name of Registrar, University of Madras which is the right one.

I have given my letter on 07/09/2006 to rectify the problem in the patta No.758 which actually belongs to the Plot No.136, Palkalai Nagar, Palawakkam, Chennai–600 041. But, it is hard to believe that no action has been initiated to rectify my problem till date. The File Number given to me by the officials of the Thaluk Office, Tambaram is RPT/4459/06-07.

Further to my above request the then Thasildhar of Tambaram Thaluk took action to change the Patta details and issued the revised patta in the name of the Legal heirs of my father (i.e.) Tmt.K.Dakshayani, Mr.A.L.Lakshmi Narayanan, Ms.A.L.Mahalakshmi, Mr.A.L.Kamala Baskar.

Since, the Palawakkam has now shifted to the constituency of Sholinganalur Thaluk, I am to request you to make necessary updation to the above patta and issue necessary orders to Village Officer, Palawakkam Panchayat to update his records as early as possible.

Looking a favorable reply from you.
With kind regards


S. Venkataraman

2/1042, Maniammal Street

Rajarajeswari Nagar

Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091


The Commissioner

Corporation of Chennai



Sub : Shrinkage of road for 100 feet stretch at one end

Maniammal Street, at Ward No.188, Rajajaeswari Nagar, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091, is registered as 20 feet road in records, as per Survey No.199/2.

The heavy rain water from most of the sides of surrounding flows through this road every year. As this road's one end is constructed with cross section of rain water canal and hence the flow is totally blocked. All accumulated water enters into houses and stagnate to 4 to 5 feet level inside home. This causes heavy damage and sufferings.

In order to avoid this, we have tried to dig a canal on either side of the street to provide easy flow of enormous water and to avoid damage.

However, we found that this street one end has shrink to 16 feet instead of 20 feet as in records, upto 100 feet distance. Hence, we are unable to provide temporary canal provision.

This directly causes heavy damage every year from last year onward rainy season and we need permanent solution for this.

Also, as a matter of fact, if rainwater canal provision is laid on this street in future, the existing 16 feet road will further shrink to 12 feet, as 4 feet of width has been disappeared for 100 feet length. If road is shrink further, ambulance, school van and sewage water lorry cannot enter at one end road and this end will be totally blocked.

ENCUMBRANCE CERTIFICATE says that this road is 20 feet width.

We attach a picture of stagnation of water for your ready reference.

Please refer the records e and remove the encroachment if any, for 100 feet distance, to support to lay rain water canal, without disturbing road's actual width.

Considering the above all difficulties, we request you to refer the above documents such as Encumbrance Certificate and Survey No.199/2 documents and help us to ensure 20 feet complete stretch of this street.

The concerned compound occupiers do harassment and give open threats and attempting to attack us.

Please take immediate action and sort out this issue peacefully and save our life and properties.

Thanking you

S. Venkataraman

vao, ri office, tahsildar offices in omr are simply waste offices, they r doing nothing.

Just went to tahsildar office(@sholinganallur) to make an correction on my patta on june 2017, they told me to write application and process from vao. I write an application and gave it to vao office, their the form kept for idle for 2 months, after more than 10 times chase giving bribe of rs.4000 got sign, then went to ri office, their form kept as idle for 2 months, after more than 6 times chase giving 3000 rs bribe, got sign, now finally went to tahsildar office and submitted application. Almost 2 months gone, still no response, went more than 10 times, but no use, they even not telling me form is there or not? Always telling me to come after 2 days, but no use. Very frusturated. To correct an incorrect information on patta is taking more than 6 months time, inspite of giving bribes.

Tamil nadu governement officers (only vao, ri, tahsildar, rto, ration officers) simply money beggars, they are doing work only bribes, not for wages..

They are not having any deadlines for any applicaion forms. They will do their work as per money and political priorities, not by First in First out.

Shame on me, that i born at this great tamil community due to this beggars.

S. Ramesh.

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