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[Resolved]  Govt of Tamil Nadu — CHENNAI Auto Rickshaw Rates

Compalint: Auto Rickshaw Rate in CHENNAI

1. Auto's do not use meters.
2. Police never penalizes Auto's Meter's
3. Complaints to Police on Over Charge by Auto's are neglected.
4. Letters to RTO and Govt of Tamil Nadu have fallen to deaf ears.
5. This is the situation lagging since the past 10 years.
6. Political Parties in Chennai Back the Auto Union.
7. Auto rates in Chennai are average Rs.20 per Kilometer.
8. Bargaining everytime is a Headache.
9. If this is not the place to place a complaint then the System is completely corrupt.

Amit Suri
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Not only me. Everybody knew about this. Auto fars in Chennai is getting worst day by day.
Have been through for year's as you were. i got used to it . Sure fools are we traveller's in the vehicle they don't own, and so the real owners are public servant’s like police, other's in govt and mostly marvadi's who holds the permit in mortgage of their vehicle or who sold the permit for mortgage on their auto.

Anyway i cannot or forget the humiliation caused by these rouge auto driver's, even a [censored] would speak better than them.

i add a bit to my last comment, saw this snippet below.

Autorickshaw Complaint Registration - Chennai

If you have any problems with autorickshaw in Chennai you can use the following methods to launch a complaint.


can they say, how many complaint came from the public( lets take a month not more) and how many of these complainties were justified. Sure none. So i curse on those responsible an let them face hell.
I'm very much disappointed by the Autorickshaw dealing in Chennai. They are not fare on the fares. I'm always dare to use Autorickshaw through out the year. They are living with lying rules. If they are charging on Meter basis it will be pleasure for middle class people but in practical left with pressure
Agree in full. These guys are are over charging to the extent of 80% some times. I went to Pallavaraam from B. Nagar. The agreed price was 170. The driver agreed to put the the new auto meter. When I got down at the Pallavaram bus stand it was showing 14.5 KMs and the cost was Rs97. I had to pay 170 as agreed. Similarly from thousand lights to to Besant Nagar on the new computer type meter it costs Rs 75 and I paid 100 as agreed. One day from Besant Nagar to central I paid 150. The police price in day time is 130. in the nights the sky is the limit.
Besides when I visited Mumbai and Bangalore I found the drivers were very friendly no argument and they went by the meter. They even had change and gave the change. Mind you the cost of petrol in Mumbai was 56 and Bangalore was 58. Mumbai is much more costly than Chennai in terms of the cost of living. Yet the autos charge as per the meter and they use the meters without exception. No extra charges for after 10pm fares.You can trust them and depend on them. Not in Chennai. Why?
Also I find they have no respect for the passenger and drive like they are driving on a race track. When you advise them to follow traffic rules they say don't teach us how to drive.
Many time the drivers are found to be sitting in the auto stand without any care for the customers. When I hire a passing by auto they come trouble I the auto driver as why he is taking their sawari. When you go to them they quote exorbitant prices.
Is this fair. Why can't our autos follow the rules.
When they issue the new auto liscence the RTO should ask them to use the meters. If not they should cancel the liscence. When will we see a bargain less auto travel in this city? Why can't the the government, RTO and the union get together and change the horrible state of affairs in this 400 years old city. In other countries the consumer is the king. Here he is a sucker. Don't we have a solution to this age old problem.
I[censored]r being chased by a thief and an auto rickshaw comes to your help. . prefer staying with the thief. . it doesn't make a difference as both are gonna rob u blind. . by the way I was wondering if there are any rules and regulations governing these fares. . its only because of these auto rickshaws that people have began opting for 2-wheelers (more pollution and traffic) and Call Taxis(costly but better). . .am sure these auto rickshaw guys are digging their own graves. .
If just one auto charges outrageous price, then we could use a phone number to report a complaint.

I think the whole auto system in Chennai is corrupt. I only hope for an Avatar to be born to stop this illegal activity that affects everyday commuters. I bet there is corruption everywhere, but you don't have to deal with it if you choose not to.

But, Autos are used on a daily basis and it is a shame that nothing has been done to curb this injustice.

Shame on you Chennai !!!
I found it a big time headache even to talk with Auto drivers.They loot and don't behave properly.Don't know why.What happened to our government.
See people - These auto drivers are the Politicians' Vote BANK.. So how many ever times we complain - as u all say - it falls to a deaf ear..

There is ONLY ONE option - to stop the arrogance of these auto walas.

STOP USING AUTORICKSHAWS and start using the MTC. Start earlier to a place than you should, if time is the constraint for using MTC. Then it's a lesson to these IDIOTIC, ARROGANT, FILTHY souls which drives a vehicle called AUTORICKSHAW!!!
100% Agreed. I have been here for many years now..the fact is that the autorickshaw system is now WORST from bad.

I am infact planning to buy a Car instead of depending on these bloody autowalas...beleive me it will be very cheap, having a car instead of riding an auto and spending thousands per month...i can cover the emi and petrol cost in the same amount i spend on autos...for a distance of 3 KM, i pay 80-100..depending on Heat/Rain/Road/Autodriver Sir's Mood and WHAT NOT.

I believe Government is scared to touch them as most of the autos belong to either Politicians/Police or there is no one to BELL the CAT.
As govt has issued new permits the auto rickshaw fare have not come done instead coming down it gone up. is govt want the whole chennai to be filled with only autos` & autos. govt issues the permit with out verficiation of permit holders most of them even dont have licesence to drive auto . most of the city in india the auto run on meter but in chennai by demand only is police sleeping, rto`s what they doing ? with in few days we cant even drive a two wheleer on road
Hi all!

I totally agree with the comment.
Had the same experience several times in chennai.
20Rs is like the least they would charge you per Km.
Meters are there just for decoration purposes.
High time a change has to be brought to this situation.

To add to the sky rising auto fares, these people also misbehave to a very extreme level. Just a day back, an auto driver (TN 01 AP 4098) charged me Rs 70 for a 1.8 km journey. i bargained and brought it down to Rs 60. Knowing the auto fare situation I had to settle for it considering my health and time. But even after reaching the destination he started demanding Rs 10 extra for the 10 min waiting he had in traffic and the fuel he had to burn for it. This was a shocking gesture. His argument started getting harsher and he resorted to bullyish behaviour. Finally I had to sort the help of localites there to resolve it. On a decent stand i would have eventually given it, but his bullyish behaviour was too much to tolerate. Thanks to the intervention of the localites, this was resolved. I still want to raise the question: WHY ARE FARE-METERS DISABLED? AND WHY IS THERE NO CHECKING FOR THIS???
I totally agree with the comments above.The auto-rickshaws in chennai rob you like anything.I[censored] compare the fares they charge to any of the other metropolitan city like delhi or mumbai, you will be surely surprised with the ground reality.This kind of public harassment by these autos makes a new-comer feel out of place in chennai which definitely degrades the city's goodwill among the people from other states.If we disagree to the exorbitant amount asked by the auto and move forward to look for another auto, they will converse among themselves in their native language and then the other autos also start asking for an unreasonable fare.This is the most frequent problem faced by the commuters.Having buses as an option is fine but that is not the solution to the corruption openly prevailing in the city.Government should be made aware of the deteriorating condition in the city through forums like these !

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