Hair Building Fibre — The things committed on TV is not mentioned on the products

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 mehul_ptl007 on Apr 7, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

I saw the advertisement of Hair Building Solution on Star Utsav on 6-Apr-2011 in the morning 9 AM.
According to the advertisement they were promising that the new hair will grow on your head within 25 to 30 days of time. I was so excited that on national TV it was promised, that means some authenticity is there.

But today when I received the product I was surprised to see that the things which were informed on the TV are not at all mentioned on the product manu.

I called up their customer care on [protected] & spoke to Mr.Vivek I told him about my concern he disconnected my call & called me from other no. I started recording his voice & even he was saying that whatever is mentioned on the TV is correct, I replied then why the hell it is not mentioned on the manu which you have given to me which has come along the product?

I have opened the pack but the 2 bottles are still seal packed.

His Agency name & address is as mentioned below

Shri Ram Agency
B-48/191,siddha Co-op, Hsg Soc,
Siddharth Nagar -II, Road No.8,
Goregaon (w),
Mumbai - 400062

Please help me with this, this is our hard earned money & these people are misselling the products.

I expect a lot from you Sir/Madam please help me so that no other person will spend money in this & get into these things.

Mehul Patel

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Hair TV — Non Delivery of Chesy of hair TV

want to submit my complaint against Shree Ram Sarvices. 25/50, Street No.15, Pandav Road, Vishwas nagar, Shahdara.. Ph no. [protected].

I have ragistered a complaint with Hair Customer Care, as my TV had a sparking. two people came to my house named Kamal Rathuri nad Rakesh. One of them checked the TV and said the EST of TV ia faulty and it should be replaced. i said Ok. On 14th august they again came with New EST and replace it. after that one of them made the bill and other was screwing the TV. i made the payment and signed the BIll. when the raksesh turned th TV, He said the Red colour is not functiong and after checked the TV for 15 mts He said i have to take Your chesy with me to service centre and checked if picture tube is faulty or chesy. i said ok but i paid fir EST and signed the bill. and the EST is fixed in chesy. uhave to give recieving. but the said we r from Hair company and u should faith on us. i said OK> he promised me to Fix it on 16th August Evening. but they didnot came. i made call on Tuesday. the didnt pick the phone entire day. in the evening after picking the phone. They said Sir Sunday aur monday ko hamari Jabardasti Chutti Kara di Thi Isliye hum nahi aa Paaye. i said ok Now when u will come. they said tommorrow evening. but again they didnot came. after that i made hunderd of calls to them but either they didnt pick the call or said ur chesy is ok. leke nikal gaye hain bas adhe ghante main aake pass pahunch rahe hain. i talked to shree ram services no. They said engineer will reach to u as the earliest. but in vain. after that i talked again to Haier Customer care no. after listining my comlpain they give me the no. of Their Branch Office. where i talked to the branch Head. Yesterday. he said i enquired abt the matter. he called me back and said. i talkd to the engineer and he promised me to fix it today after 7 PM

But till 9 PM no body Came. i rang up again after half an hour he pick the phone and said abhi hum burari main hain aur timarpur adhe ghante main pahunch jaenge. but again they didnt came. i as in a mentle stress. hundres of my call were a waste. Today in the mornig i again call to branch office head and told all the incident . he call back me about 1.30 Pm and said abuot three PM engineer will fixed it. if not u called me. but nobody came again. ultimately i got a called in the evening at 4.30 PM from the shree Ram Services and some one informed me that beacause of bad weather.our engineer will be lreached late to u. i said ok But kam se kam Koi aaye to sahi. itne din se main sun raha hoon ke wohleke nikal gaya pahunchne wala hai.

I faced so many mental harrasment and feel humilated with this entire episode. lagatar 5, 6 dinoon tak phone karta raha lakin ya to phone uthaya hi nahi aur ek adh baar utha liay to bole ki Aapki chesy leke nikal gaye hain bas abhi adhe ghante main pahunch jaaeenge.

Thats it

Kindly solve my grievinces if u can


Surendra Sharma

not sure — I do not recognize the products

I have two charges on my credit card and am not sure what they are for. One dated 6/3/09 for $64.61 and another dated 7/03/09 for 49.85. They were on two different credit cards. The first one ended in 2982 and the second one ended in 0872. Thanks for your help, Myra freisinger

Haier — No Help and still no product

Ticket number 586588 Let me start off by saying that I have never been treated so horrible in my life. As a customer I have been disrespected by members of your management team as well as associates. I work in a customer service environment and our number one focus is making sure that our consumers are happy. I brought a Haier refrigerator from a retail store in March 09. Since then the unit has given me nothing but problems. Your service team has been out to my house numerous times to try and fix the unit and the last time a service technician came to my house (January 29, 2010) they informed me that the until needs to be exchanged. The service technician that came to my house informed me that my unit will be exchanged no later than January 31, 2010. To my surprise February 1, 2010 came and I still didn’t have a refrigerator. I contacted your company on February 1, 2010 and I was informed someone will call me back about the unit and no one called back. On February 2, 2010 I called your company to see when I will be receiving the new refrigerator. To my surprise I was informed I need to ship documents to your company before you can exchange a unit for me. I informed the representative what the service man informed me when he was at my home and her response is they can’t inform you of our process their only job is to service the unit. Well if it is not the service technician job to inform the customer what they need to do then whose job is it? The customers have to wait until they call in your company to find out what you need from them. I was then informed that I was given the option to expedite the unit out to me. I was happy with that because I have a 2 year and a three year old that I am currently going to the store everyday to buy milk because I have no refrigerator to put the milk in. In order for them to expedite the refrigerator out to me I had charge the amount of the refrigerator unto my credit card so that I can have a refrigerator in 5 to 7 days. So I went to the retail store and they informed me that I can have the unit exchanged at the store as long as your company provide them with the documents and I could have had a new refrigerator last week. I stayed in the store while they called your company and they informed them it will take 48-72 hours in order to get the documents. This was on February 2, 2010, Today is February 8, 2010 and the retail store has not received anything from your company. I called your customer service department more than once and have encountered the rudeness of your associates but the managers as well. Instead of providing customer service I am being yelled and by managers and associates about I unit that I brought with my money. As a customer when I have had a problem with something I can get the unit exchanged with no problems. Here it is today February 8, 2010 and I still have no refrigerator and I am spending more money than necessary because of your company can’t seem to do what your motto states. I have waited and I am still waiting and I am going to the head of this company of something does not get resolved today
Hi mehul, thanks for the feedback i was also planning to buy this product. i Checked there website it also not mentioned on the website that it will help grow new hair. I was about to make online payment but there site has some problems. I called the toll free number and other number but the person who attended call was not supportive. Also she disconnected my call and did not show any empathy when i called up again. The call was connected to delhi as while talking to them by their accent i understood it. i dont know whether to buy the product or not but may be if mehul gives some positive feedback after using it. I may prefer to buy.

Hi Mehul,
Thanks for the information. i was also going to buy this product. but your complain open my eyes. please share with me its pros and cons after using it. Thanks to save my money. I will buy this product only if you refer. So please be in touch and post your feedback here.

Hi Mehul, i am curious to know that whether you used the product and whether it has given any positive results. i would be very happy if you give me the feedback as i am facing severe hair loss. i have come across other products as well but cant trust anything unless some one uses it and gives honest feed back. i thank you that you have written the complaint so if i do research about deemark oil in google, your complaint is seen. And like me others also benefit from consumers honest feedack to each other.

Please share info about your exp after using oil,

Hi friend, i am also eager to buy this product, but i want the confirmation by some else like you. So please feel free if you get the best result after buying it and how many days takes to get the results.
Hi All,
The only sucessfull and medically accepted product for growing hairs is Minoxidil(that too works till the time you use it), rest all are being sold out to fool the customers.

Hi all,
telemall's customer service is the most irresponsible one... they do not know what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. i have used the product but havent got any positive outcome instead had shed the money to but the product. i have also spoken to the higher authority from telemall (sanjeev, manoj gupta)... manoj says he deals with the franchise all over india for tele mall. i told him tnothing as such happens as per the add shown on tv... but he overspoke me and said it is effective.
friends i have been using this product and to my experience it is of no use but a waste of money.

hi all,

i m egar to buy the telemall hair building oil n this effective? i have lost much money for many products but its not wrking at this telemall's product effective..or if not then can u gv some suggession 4 hair regrowth!!

Best wishes!!

plz revert me @

I have heard possitive results about this product. im trying to get this product but not able to get the contact details.

Can someone help or call me on [protected]

I was also want to buy this product can any one help me to tell that this product is effective or not.
thanks for the information. i was planing to buy the product but now i will wait for the positive information by the user of the product.

babar abdullah
hello this is navneet i too have used this roduct but its not worth buying.not even a single hair grow"s from it...and when i ask for money back they disconnect the call
basically i too m a victim of this product and want every one not to buy it basically i dn know whether this product z fake or dn work actually...but not a single hair grew from it
dont buy such products...
the most effective solution till date is 1) minoxidil ...which helps only till then time we use it and with less side effects 2) fensteride...which cannot be used by youngs people has effects on potency...
so leave all these things..
leave homeopathy...leave desi davai...all r bullshits...
just use minoxidil and try to get some zinc tabs for a short time and / or multivitamins for a short course.
Thanks for ur info Mehul Patel, i was planning to call up the telemall shopping, actually the advertisement is quite impressive but i think now i have to drop this idea and look for sm odr product to reduce my hair fall.
thanks anyways for your feedback.
HI mehul,

CAn u tell me if this product worked for u or if there is any other product that u think is useful.reach me at

Hi everyone,

I visited this webpage by chance today.
Request you all to contact Ch. Braham Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan located at village khera dabar in Najafgarh (New Delhi) for a helpful solution my friend has got new hair. This hospital costs only 10/- for slip and runs on donation from rich people. Gives free medicines made of natural herbs that they grow in the hospital farms land of 100 acres besides the hospital itself. at no cost. My freiend has got new hair and I am goin to get the same shortly. Please visit this hospital to help yourself.

Love u all.
HI Harry,

Could you please provide me full details on the solution that you are talking about. I really need this solution.


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