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[Resolved]  HDFC Bank — Customer Service in Loan Dept

Dear Sir,
My name is Rakesh (Name changed), I applied for a Personal loan to HDFC bank due to very urgent requirement. I work for a consultancy named as ABC (name changed) but i am deputed at my client office which is a reputed Bank o[censored]SA & this is where i got a leaflet of HDFC bank with information about personal loan & a contact number of an agent named Dhanraj. With good hope i called the agent he took my details & he said he will callback. he called me back on 4th of august. Then he asked me to speak to his manager named Ashwini. I gave my Personal & Professional details very clearly to Ashwini. I told her that i Work for such and such consultancy and placed in such and such place, My take home salary is 25,000 per month , my total work experience is 21 months my designation is Technical Support Representative .
After listening to all the details Aswini said I can apply for the loan as i am Eligible. She asked me to submit few documents to the agent.
As i get my salary on 7th of every month i informed the agent that i will be able to give the latest salary slip after 7th of August. After this conversation even after telling that i will submit the documents the agent was calling almost on every day, which i thought a good customer service at least they remember their customer & concerned about them. The agent insists me to submit the document available on 7th of august i agreed and i met him on 7th i saw his HDFC ID card & submitted the documents i had. The agent asked me to sign on the application form & few other document like Loan Insurance & .Bank statement request form etc. I had trust as i saw the Bank ID card.
12th of August i got my Salary Slip for the month of July so i called the agent asked him to come & collect it. He came to a nearby place to my home & took the document. After waiting on 13th August whole day i called him on 14th August morning to ask the application status. He said he uploaded the document so the people from verification team will come on Monday to my home. On 14th August only someone called Salma called my referrals as they took one contact number of my relative in Bangalore & one banglorian local friend’s number. As per the agent information i took a day off from my office stayed at home just attend the bank verification agents. No body turned up on 16th of August. So in the evening of 16th August i called the agent & asked whether anybody will come today or not & i got a a 1st shock there when he said few documents are pending so my file came back to them so i have to submit my graduation certificate as i have less then 3 years of work experience. When i told this to Ashwini & asked why they wants this now as she did not tell me about this in the beginning when she knew that i have less than 3 years of work experience she started giving the medicine of Bank Policy & Procedure she said its bank procedure she can not do any thing she was not ready listen my concern. Any ways on 16th August only after finishing the conversation i scanned my Graduation Certificate & send it to Ashwini putting Dhanraj in CC.So on 17th I called the agent & asked whether he got my documents he said he will check & let me know. No update till afternoon i called back the agent in the evening & asked he said he got the documents & uploaded it so he tell me the status on 18th August. 18th August evening as usual i had to call the agent due to his consistency of not updating me on time. He said he will check with his manager & will get back to me. as expected he didn’t call me nor updated me with application status. So 19th morning again i called the agent but he said he has got no update i asked to speak to his manager but Ashwini did not come on the phone someone called Sultana who claims to be the Team Lead spoke to me & informed that as i have got less than 3years of work experience the application file not getting approval. And when asked what does that mean does that mean i will not get any loan Sultana said no i will get the Loan but it will take time as she has sent my application file to the Delhi Head Office for some kind of Waver, So she will get the update on 24th of August & accordingly she will update me. As i did not have any other option i agreed to her. (This is my 1st ever attempt to get a Loan i never ever applied for any kind of Loan).On 24th August with consistency no update till afternoon i had to callback. Spoke to Sultana she said the Head office in Delhi are not working as its a Holiday Rakhsa Bandhan. Again i agreed &.When i asked when can i get any update she said on 26th August when i asked why not on 25th she said 24th is holiday for her office so she won’t be working nor her team. Again i agreed as i still had faith on them. 25th as expected no callback i called back again in the afternoon again got disappointed as she was unable to give any update straight away she said she is waiting for the update from the head office so will let me know on 26th. this line is expected so again i called back Sultana i asked her about the status she said the file is still with head office & waver has not been given yet & as its month end Sultana asked me to wait till next month that is September2010. Now already i was running thin on patience when i asked her why this is happening isnt there any proper policy in place by the Bank she said its banks policy only. When i asked on what basis she is asking me to wait till September rudely she replied that this is Bank's Policy & if i can not wait then i can go to other banks for Loan & she will drop my file. As i am in urgent need of this loan i had listen to her but after disconnecting the phone line i realized what ever is happening is not Right. They are performing a foul practice so i called HDFC customer Care team spoke to Pramod in Loan support team thanks to him that he made me understand the procedure he said that no matter what the status of the Loan Application once i submit all the documents to agent the agent has to login & upload it & i will get a reference number a message on my phone but unfortunetly i have not got any kind of Message from HDFC bank. This was really shocking for me as signed on few documents & gave to the agent not sure what he is going to with it. So thought of putting it across the HDFC higher authority team.
Sir you won’t realize how important this Loan was for me. I told my Father the same i got to know that i am eligible for applying this loan as i knew that i have every thing in place & have all the documents required by the bank & assumed that will get the Loan. To be honest now i am not able to talk to my father properly due to Shame. I am really frustrated & disappointed. I am broken completely. This was my first ever attempt to get a Loan which turned out to be a Blunder.
Sir right now i have no hope of getting a loan but what i want or rather request you is to take STRICT Action against the employees who deceived me for days and purpose fully cheated me. Who are very unprofessional don’t deserve to be in a Bank. Sir I would be very much disappointed if no action taken against these people. Please take this as my humble request. If require i will take it further but really do want these kind of people making fool out of people. Bellow i am mentioning the details about the employees who I spoke to in HDFCBank.
And one more thing I would like to mention here is that I never got a answer from any of the above mentioned persons on the first call I kept them calling many time in fact I send them messages also but no reply. For your information i called the agent only for exactly 84time to get updates. so there is 84 calls made to Dhanraj only. You can check my cell phone details. One more request i want all my documents back please if loan application has not been processed. As I am really in scared to think what could happen with those document with my signature on it.

Agent Name - Dhanraj
Contact Number - [protected]

Dhanraj Manager's Name - Aswhini
Contact Number - [protected]

Dhanraj's TL Name - Sultana
Contact Number - [protected]

Verification Agent - Salma
Contact Number - [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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