[Resolved]  HDFC Bank — Employee Hrassment

HDFC Bank is a hell for employees. Particulaly in the Direct Sales Depatment the Situation is even worst. I am workin in the direct sales depatment in the north 2 reigon of HDFC bank and since i have joined this bank the life has become hell. We are not given any holiday or leave. We are forced to work on sundays and even on national holidays, in addition to this we are not even allowed to take leave and even if the person is ill he is harassed on phone.

Everyday we are forced to work at the bank till 10 pm due to whcih we cant enjoy our social and personel life. so u are requested to take necessary action at the earilest
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May 7, 2019
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Apr 06, 2019
HDFC Bank Customer Care's response
Dear Customer,

please share your employee code, supervisor's name, office location & contact on exit.[protected] We'll get back!

HDFC Bank Customer Assistance
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Dear All,

I dont no whether I am addressing this mail to the right person.Please redirect this mail to the right dept.

I am Dipin Abraham who worked as executive trainee(D0834).My external postion was DSM(direct Sales Manager).I had worked from May15 2006 to Aug31 2007.

My resignation was accepted by then HR Manager Bangalore Kiran Reddy.I had spoken to RSm and ASM and Zonal Head.they had assured me that I will get the Full and final Settlement within due course of time.Its 1.5 yrs I have not received the money due to me.

I do not know whom to contact so I delayed this letter.Moreover I am in need of that Money.

In the net I searched and I found your number.Hope you would help me.

Dipin Abraham

i open a account of my father brother children and myself in sector 11 your employs are cmme in my home on the name of varification sevral time wich is not requared and i fill a credit card with max account and my all the varification are completed and i got a massage from you refrance no but its not be done so i want answer i reqsted sevral time so give me answer in 2or 3 days your all camitment is wrong and i did not get answer
I was appointed on 11 may 2009 as a Contract Executive libility(branch co-ex)
My job code is 69044

I worked with this bank till now
The matter is that i didn't receive my salary yet.
Which i am legally liable to get.

So my request is that my seniors are not helping me in this regard. So i want to get my salary.

Dear All,

I was appointed on 10 jan.2009 as a Contract sales Executive, Emp.Code-CP10025.Saving A/C Sales at Sec-37 Noida, I have Worked With Bank Under Smit Palta(SM), -N3740, and Nitin Shukla, ASM For More Than 3 Months But But I Have not got salary till today. I have spent there lot of money for Marketing of Saving accounts. I have Also Worked With Pankaj Matta(SM), Hapur, U.P.

I have worked with Bank with true honesty and on all holidys But they have not given me a single Rupee.
& when I asked for salary they never tell me right answer, they are not helping me.

So I hve a very Hertly Request to U all, for Getting my salary otherwise I will move to consumer court.I have enough documents to prove It with bank stamps.

Pushpendra prakash
HR Manager,

With due respect i would like to inform you that i have given interview for TL post in Bangalore and i was told that am selected for the post and i can place notice to the company am working which i did.But to my astonishment when i received my offer letter from JP NAGAR Branch, Bangalore it was clearly mentioned that am posted as an Sales Executive in the offer letter.

I have the interview for the post of Team Leader but how come the company HR designate me as an Sales Executive i dont understand.When i contacted the managers who took my interview they clearly said me that they cant do anything to redress the issue.The Manager made me understand that my role and responsibility will be of an Team Leader but in the offer letter it will stated as an Sales Executive.

I am in serious doubt about your so called estimed bank.I will we very pleased if you can look into the matter and revert back.






Dear Mr Soni,

We would like to investigate your complaint further - request you to send us an email at [protected] Please mention the id TTU[protected] in the subject line of your mail. Also include details such as your account number and contact details in the mail. As soon as we receive this information, a bank representative shall contact you.

Additionally, we request you not to post sensitive information such as your account number on a public forum such as this, as it may lead to your account being compromised.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
If the problem doesn't gets resolved, you should contact RBI and the company will be forced to take action:

Here is the link, go to complaint form:

Share this with other victims as well and spread consumer awareness.

Ashok Bajaj — Building in Bad Condition


The following is to bring to the concerned departments notice,

I stay with my family in a residential building consisting 12 flats. The condition of the building is depleted, there are cracks all over the beams and slabs, the plaster is falling from allover.

This Building was constructed in the year 1963 and since then not even an inch has been repaired.

The members of the building are least concerned and not at all interested in repairing the building.

The Address is mentioned below, I request the concerned department of BMC to survey our building and issue a notice regarding the condition of the building to the Society.


Pushpa Kunj CHS Ltd.
8th Road, TPS 3,
Khar (W). Mumbai - 400052.


Ashok V. Bajaj
My Harassment

I am the Sales Executive of HDFC BANK, Sec-62, Noida branch(UP) & My employee code is CA24457. I have done with HDFC BANK from 5Feb.2010 to 14 May2010, now i want to give the resign from the post but my SM Mr. Himanshu Srivastav is not accepting my Resign & He is saying that he will say from organisation to terminate me. It is not fair as per policy. He gave my salary after 3 months & he has also kept my mobile & using abuses languages against me. due to these reasons I want to give the resign.


Attention please:

This is a frod number and account number, my name is kumar jha. maine Dainik Jagaran news paper Bihar state ke paper maine add dekh ke loan ke regarding baat ki This Number pe [protected], [protected], [protected] ye 3 number hai jo ki vodafone ka number hai aur ye number wale apna name Mr. Saurab Gupta and Mr. Amit Batate hai, Inhone peahle processing charge 1100 rupees bataye aur Adharfi Lal ke account may dalwane ko kaha PNB Bank ka account hai, phir inhone humse 49700 rupees liye wo ICICI Bank Jaunpur ka Account hai, Ye Arun Kumar ke name se hai, Sab account and numer ko may track karwa raha hu maine saurab gupta ka sound bhi record kiya hua hai so please yadi NRI wale koi bhi help hume karna chache ho tho please contact me [protected] pe meassge kare.. Aur sab inlog ke beakhwae may aake fashe mat ye sab number and account sabi jali hai. koi fund nahi dilate ye sale kewal humlog ko bekuf banate hai...
I am an employee of HDFC Bank, Buxar Branch. Sir, I have grievances against Ragvendra Pratap Singh (employee id- CR15657), Contractual Sales Executive at Buxar Branch. He is misusing his authority to gain personal profit as:
(a) He changes the LG Code in customer's application form by fraudelent means like deleting using
whitener etc. This can be cross checked by seeing the QIC stamp of other employee andthe altered LG
Codes. This is demoralising other staff effort of work and creating unfriendly working environment.
(b) He is trying to bully his junior staffs and demands blank paper with employees signature. This is an
offence and fraud of high degree.
(c) He forces junior employees to follow him by threating like- showing them absent.
(d) He checks daily sales report (DSR) after fifteen days which should be a daily affair, instead he
interferes in others job.
All these matters may please be taken up at top priority and necessary action may please be initiated to stop unjustice to employees and improving the good working environment.

HDFC Bank — freud is done by sales manager with me

Respected sir.
This is mahesh lalu thakur,my emp code is cm (17260) i was working in hdfce bank as a cse at ulhasnagar camp 3 branch branch ,i had given resignatiuon on 31st of april but my sales manager his name is (ajay tarachandani) put a wrong date that is 31st of march. i worked for the whole april month and i had done a good buisness also in the whole month of april but he did a frued with me. i have the proof of resignation letter.and in hdfc
system it is showing that i had did a 12 forms in that month and even the ulhasnagar branch manager is also know that i was working for the whole month , and i didnt get the salary of that month my sales manager put a wrong date t on my resignation letteu and he used abusive langueages with me.

so i have the request to u that please take the strict action aginst this case
I shruti Aggarwal have done MBA Finance and want to work with HDFC. I am a fresher. Can anybody who is working with HDFC help me out in getting a job in HDFC.
I yella savithri my emp code is CS31341, i was working bangalore in koramangala branch, This is regarding i did nt get my incentives over all 22thosand .I asked my SM name RAHUL emp code is R5585and my ASH name ANKUR GOEL emp code is A4086 . i asked my manager somay times .He told me i sent mail hr deptment but i need my status, I want to support my family .
kindly tell me my statusplz sir/madam
thanking you
yella savithri
Dear all,
Since no measures have been taken to solve the issue mentioned below i have been forced to leave my job. And inspite of resigning from my services (of which i have a duly signed copy) on 13th April 2011 my AAH has been threatening to issue Termination letter .Also he has been threatening to charge me on the grounds of false Account openings .And my Full and Final and PF is still on hold .

Request you to kindly look into the matter or kindly forward it to the concerned...

Dear Sir,

Iam Shrikant Ashok Patil, working with hdfc bank, thatte nagar branch, nasik(branch-0064) since 8th sept. 2008 as Sales Executive(CSE), my last 1 year performance has been always way above the benchmark, but for the last 2 months i have been facing many issues and problems on the job as my salary for that period has been put on hold by my Area Aquisition Manager...
The reason given for my salary being on hold, given by my AAH has been that i was on leave in the month of Feb.2011 for 3days due to severe illness (of which iam even having medical proofs). I took the leave after informing my Sales Manager(my immediate Reporting boss). On resuming my duties back i got to know that my Salary had been put on hold by my AAH (though my performance for even that period was at par and targets were met).

He asked me to resign using some very indecent foul/abusive language(which he usually does) but after i persistently kept requesting him he just let the issue as it was, but yet again no Salary was cleared for Feb., .. Though my sales Manager tried his best to get my Salary released, it wasn't again released in March due to which my financial problems actually started.

The consequence is that Sir today when iam not even having money for Petrol on my pocket, how am i supposed to go on calls and work ... And on asking for Salary iam being asked to resign ... The matter has not only broken me financially but also mentally and even on family grounds...

The above experience has been very disappointing for me considering the fact that i have been with our organization for over 2 and half years, working day and night, always performing and even after being in the Pan India CSE topper list for many times.It has actually shown me my place that even if i perform for years and get ill for 2, 3days i 'll be treated on non-human grounds.

Sir iam not even asking for any action against the harassment done(as i know this is a trend and custom used by seniors against their subordinates and executives) but just requesting to release my salary atleast at the earliest.
My Performance and productivity can be checked for the last one year in the CSE Tracker MIS and other details are

Name - Shrikant Ashok Patil
Employee code - CS24535
Joining Date - 8th September 2008
Mob - [protected]
AAH/Aquisition Manager - Pankaj Padmanath Sharma

HDFC Bank — Immature conduct from the bank

I have been a customer of HDFC bank from past 1 and half years. I had applied a credit card due to some urgency 3 weeks back. The bank had confirmed that the I shall be recieving my card within 10 working days. Till date they have not given me any update on the status. When I called the bank, their response was that my application has been rejected due to some issue which they are not revealing to me. All these days I had no intimation from the bank about this. This has caused me a lot of trouble financialy. Kindly take action against this. This is my last resort.
Gentlemen, HDFC New Credit Card Story: An HDFC franchisee after calling the customer and taking acceptance for the card and processing the card, is giving a 16 digit ref. no. and saying 'your card is approved and saying you'll receive it within 2 weeks time'.
When this is the case, another franchisee of same HDFC is calling again and asking 'whether you are interested and saying you have been approved for HDFC Credit Card'. This situation continues and we had to register in HDFC website 'Do not disturb' because of this nuisance call from HDFC franchisees.
Finally, after registering for 'do not disturb' and informing the phone banking official of HDFC about these nuisance calls, they say it will take 45 days to take this request, which means anyone has to face the nuisance of getting calls or SMS for 45 days from HDFC franchisees.
So, we felt it is better to cancel the card and when the same is informed to them HDFC phone banking says 'you have to accept the courier and then only you can cancel the card'.
And finally, a REGRET letter comes from HDFC disapproving the request for the Card. This is the end of the story.
LESSON: Please don't subscribe through franchisees unless the bank approaches directly. Always ask for the terms and conditions of the card before you apply for the same.
Dear shrikant, the complaint you stated is very normal in HDFC bank, Hdfc believes that humans are not humans but machines and they don't have right to fall ill or live personal life.This organisation might b good for customers as the logo says "we understand your world" but the main important factor that is employee of the banks either on contract or permanent gets neglected always...
i feel sorry for your condition..what u did is absolutly right and don't give up is what i will say...also just try to get rid of this bank...this bank is not a human bank
i am budh Ram. my employee code was cb-14461. i did work in hdfc near by 70 days in direct sales.
but after this i wanted resignation from hdfc. i worked in gurgaon sec 29 hdfc branch. mr chaten katyal
was sm of this branch. he was very cheaper person. he said to me i would not accept your resignation.
i asked to him why? then he said it is my wish and he said to me when continue i would show absence
continue in hdfc after you would automatacally terminate from hdfc. although i did work hard in hdfc.
he cut out also my salary rupee two thousand. so hdfc is hell in direct sell.
my email [protected]

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