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 Himmat Sarvaiya
I have a savings account (AC no. 005671000006835 ) in HDFC Bank at Hughes Road Branch, Mumbai since 8 months. I also have debit account in the same branch. My performance is also very good as none of my cheques have bounced yet.
I recently applied for a personal loan of Rs.10, 00, 000 in my bank and was assured by the customer care that i was eligible to get the loan and was askedto show the papers.
Then suddenly these people rejected my application without a valid reason explained to me.I was totally shocked by this unproffessional behaviour of this bank.The costumer care department is also very rude and does not answer our queries satisfactorily. They also havent yet returned my papers.

On the same papers & same amount another bank is ready to pay me the loan.

I am well respected person in my society and am capable of paying back.

I want to know if the assurances that HDFC gives are just limited till their brochures.
I request the bank management to pay attention to this.

Yours Faithfully.
Himmat Sarvaiya.

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Dear Mr Gupta,

We would like to investigate your case further. Request you to send us an email at the id with your credit card and contact details. Please mention the id TTU00017110042010 in the subject line of your email. As soon as we receive this information, a bank representative shall contact you.

Additionally, we request you not to post sensitive information such as your credit card number on a public forum such as this, as it may lead to your account being compromised.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
I have purchased a two wheeler loan from Centurian bank . ... I kindly request you to plz help to me For Termination of HYPONTHETICATION of my vechile Loan(hondaactiva model number2007). ...that letter was wrong.this termination was wrong. original details are following.
Registration number.KL O3 Q 531
Engine number . JFO8E8692288
Chassiss number . ME4JF082A78513484
Loan account number.LOTW20090000287804


Subject: ATM Pin Disabled

Kindly refer to my Saving Bank Ac/ 00351000194653 in HDFC Chandigarh sector 35 branch.

Sir my ATM pin has been disabled recently due incorrect use of pin, though I am still confident of my pin.

Since now its has been disabled kindly refer my request to issue duplicate to me at my present address
1437, Sector 1
Rohtak- 124 0001

Please note that some mistake was made in changing my address as above whre H >NO 147 was left inadvetantly inspite my documnet mentioning the same

With regards

Bimla Sangwam
DR SS Sangwan

HDFC — customer services


I am at loss of words to describe the apathetic attitude shown by HDFC.

I was sold a policy by one of the executives (on 27-28 January 2010) advising that the policy is from HDFC, instead of any TP like Bajaj Allianze etc. so I can be rest assured that service would be world class and being an a/c holder of HDFC would ensure that I do not face any ssues.

The free look-in period of the policy was 45 calender days (6-weeks) As I never received any policy till 1st march 2010 (i.e. 30 days) I decided to give a call back for update. To my horror the policy documents were not dispatched at all till 17-18 Feb (i.e. 3-weeks knocked off my look-in/waiting/cooling period). Add another week for postal delays and a weeks time to understand the things & then to call them back for clarifications/cancellation. A deliberate act by HDFC to not to allow me to revert on time

To get the exact date of so called dispatch of the documents I had to literally plead with the executives. Once the date was provided it was quite apparent that things are deliberately delayed by HDFC so as to not to let any customer cancel any of the policy.

I was assured (on 01/03/2010) that policy being cancelled I can expect the refund for the complete policy amount sans the administrative charges viz Rs 350/-, to which I agreed. However the real shock came a week later, when I received a call from Vikrant (from Recover/Debt Team). He sternly told me that the previous caller has misled me and had lied about cancellation of my policy.

He advised me to pay 2150 immediately towards balance due & he would waive off the late payment charges. He also provided me his mobile no. 9250148541 to get in touch with him whenever I needed. Believing in all that he said, I cursed the previous caller for making false promises & paid Rs. 2150/- in cash at Sec-50, Noida.

To my horror I once again received call on 9-10th April from Ashi Bhatnagar from recovery team. In a very intimidating manner she said that the previous caller (Vikrant) has misled me and had lied about cancellation of my policy. She also confirmed that Vikrant had not waived off any charges which he had promised last month. As expected Vikrant didnot pick up the calls.

The most appreciable thing in the whole fiasco is that each caller blames the predecessor for making false promises/commitment and then moves ahead to promise you the moon. One of their line supervisor Love Mehrotra/Malhotra promised me that he would be back withen 15 minutes with solution to the issue (on 14/15 April). What a fool I was, I should have remembered that supervisor of all the previous liars has to be a greater/better liar than his juniors. Kudos to HDFC for fair selection of such (inspiring) leaders.

Mediclaim Policy which was supposed to be cancelled on 1st march 2010 has not been cancelled till date, hence putting me under tremendous financial loss.

I have lost my peace of mind because of threatening calls from their recovery/debt department. My blood pressure level has shot upto 180/130, which is far above the normal. I had to take off from work for a week because of their shortcomings.

Since the policy was not cancelled in March-2010, because of deliberate act of the caller who took my call, I have been forced to pay premiums for the ensuing 3 months. Please reason out as to why should I bear the brunt of your negligent attitude.

What went wrong ?

The caller who took the request for policy cancellation on 1st march 2010, failed to act upon it

The Card continued to be loaded with monthly EMI and resultant late payment charges

What can be done ?

Since that it has been accepted that the initial request was not adhered to, the policy will now be finally cancelled (Will it be, or I am still taken for a ride) and monies refunded to card division, why should I be asked to pay for someone else shortcomings/negligence

What do I need ?

All dues added on a/c of this policy should be reversed.

All late payment charges should be reversed.

HDFC should compensate me for not being able to attend office for a week, due to mental agony caused.


**** Please find attached the response received after Love (supervisor) took the call and assured the prompt revert **

From: "" <>
Sent: Tue, April 20, 2010 10:20:19 AM
Subject: Hdfc bank credit card payment due


Re: Your HDFC Bank Credit Card # 5176521008171805

This is with reference to the above mentioned card account.

We observe from our records that your card is currently over due. We would like to inform you that there is an outstanding amount of Rs. 67,826.32 as on date on your card account. we request you to kindly effect immediate payment of Rs. 4,660.59 to avoid further levy of charges.

Please do get in touch with our Debt management Executive at the following number for any further clarification.

Ph : 01142200414, 9350631702

Assuring you of our best attention always,


HDFC Bank declared 'Best Private Bank in India' in the Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2010.
"The information contained herein (including any accompanying documents) is confidential and is intended solely for the addressee(s). If you have erroneously received this message, please immediately delete it and notify the sender. Also, if you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this message or any accompanying document is strictly prohibited and is unlawful. The organization is not responsible for any damage caused by a virus or alteration of the e-mail by a third party or otherwise. The contents of this message may not necessarily represent the views or policies of HDFC Bank Ltd."
Dear sir,

My self sanjay vala and i was taken a home loan from your gandhidham branch it's file no 244909180 and i was very suffering for my home loan annuel final statement i was contact mr. bharat on his contact number abought it but he is not repling me properly.

do pleas sir mail me my home loan annuel final statement on

so please do the need full
Customer care of HDFC
I have a max savings account (A/C no.- 07281930004127 ) in HDFC Bank at sector-50 Noida [u.p], since 11 months. My performance is also very good as none of my falt.
I recently applied for a two wheller loan in my bank and was assured by the customer care that i was eligible to get the loan and was askedto show the papers.
Then suddenly these people rejected my application without a valid reason explained to me.I was totally shocked by this unproffessional behaviour of this bank.The costumer care department is also very rude and does not answer our queries satisfactorily. They also havent yet returned my papers.

I am well respected person in my society and am capable of paying back.

I want to know if the assurances that HDFC gives are just limited till their brochures.
I request the bank management to pay attention to this.

Yours Faithfully.
Rakesh awana
Mobile no-9716006883
my name is sunil varma i want to change my debit card pin number...
i have call executive but they not response it...
S.Balakrishnan from Chennai.

I am sorry to say that i have applied car loan and given all the particulars but till date they are sanction my loan and if it is not so return the application along with particulars. But they are told i have availed two wheeler loan not paid the arrears.
I have aviled two wheeler loan and promptly repaid the every instalments correctly only one instalments i am outofstation one chque returend and they have charged heaviley i paid the instalments immediately and i am not agree to pay the huge charge amount. I have paid all the 35 instlaments correctly the HDFC loan application process not sanctioned the car loan and inturn not return the car loan application.If you are not sanction the loan you immediatley return the other doducumetnion related to me and it is not use of you.All other bank if the loan is not sanctioned immediatley return the documents but only in the HDFC they are not return the document to the customer. The matter will be sent the Banking ombudsman.
we have apply a car loan to mr. Ravi markting incharge loan is section but D/O is not recived so that loan is cansled .but so many reminder to return the sing. file & 35 cheque he not care it so that you are pl.return the blank sing.file and cheque immeditaly.
car loan a/c 16725377
our c/a no. 15612320000022 H.D.F.C. Preet vihar Delhi110092
Ravi 9313668289
Madan Nagpal
Conticab Cables india
The Chief General Manager,
HDFC Bank,
Head Office
Sub: Bank Charges
Dear Sir,
I am having saving account no 03131000024404 in Connaught Place Branch New Delhi
Bank passed a entry of Rs 827.25/- for AQN SER Charges for April to June.
Can you explain why this charge post in my account

Thanking You,
your faithfully
Chandra Shekhar Tripathi
a/c 03131000024404

Axis Bank, Rampur, UP — No action has been taken frauder taken all amount

Respected Sir,
Axis Bank
Ram Pur.

Top urgent ... not pay the amount.

We requested Manager of Cox Town Br. Bangalore to make telephone conversation regarding amount sent Rs.17700/- to Inder pal who is having an current a/c in your Bank # 910020019211581. as per instruction from Dr.Harry Edward and he said that morning his delivery agent would arrive our country that is India and this morning this delivery gave us call that lottery amount of 300,000 USD has arrived to Indira Gandi International Airport New Delhi and said us make a payment of RS.17,700/- for custom clearance and gave us above motioned name and account number. Then later on after depositing said amount we came to know that we have been cheated again he asking more money which copies of the documents hav been attached for your kind reference.

Please see this matter carefully as this is fraud case and what could be done and how could we people get back money as soon as possible.
Kindly return back our amount
Many thanks
Mohamed Ahmed Ali
mob 8088859198
Res sir,
I am sanjay patil here.working in Gulf.
I have an account in our branch (ALIBAG-A/C NOS.08201060000331 &
08201010000264). my ATM pin no has blocked . So i have not yet activated my
netbanking i have problem to check my a/c balance.
On may end i fill pin request form in alibag branch they told me that your pin

come in 8 days. but after completing 45 days i make call but they told me to
inquire in post office for that letter of pin .my brother inquire in post office
for the

same.but until today i did not get my pin.
Can customer care help for the same issue?
waiting for the reply.

thanks & regards
sanjay patil (00966565181143)
Dear Sir,

I am having my saving account with your bank sice many years back. In that following amount debited in my bank account for which i have not known so kindly intimate regarding the details of debit amount.( My Saving Account Number is 00681000025446 )

( 1 ) tranfer of hold-00602340029451 Rs. 3556.00 dt. 22.06.2010 ( No Package provided by the Bank for on-line)

( 2 ) CCAP4050285000226256-T-230610 Rs.2797.89 dt. 24.06.2010 ( Why this amount debited in my account )

I hope that you will do the needful in this matter at the earliest.

Thanking you,
( Wahid Bajaria )
The Customer Care
Debit Card Division,

Respected Sir,

Sub:- I need net bank ID no
Ref: - Savings account no: 00041050450956
sir, I am Vijay i have account ur bank last more then three years, i need net bank ID no, i ot alredy PIN no pls let me know as soon as possible.

Loss prevention
Palm Grove Beach hotel
Chennai 18
Mobile no : 9962173700
respected sir I was having a salaried account 02801050064745 in hdfc mg rd branch brach code is 0280 situated in gurgoun I was using that account regularly but after some time I changed my organisation & stoped to using that, after 1 year when I droped a chq of Rs 6305 in my account after the clearence of my chq bank athority debited some ammount of 3500 from ny account without any type of information & when I visited to branch & I met to Mr Ktiti jain that person have'n given me proper response insted of that he told me that we can't do any thing . YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT pl tell me what should I do to get my mony back & is it secure to use that account again
I am hariom, holding a salary A/C no 10021050021832, .add- udhoyog vihar compony modelama export ltd 105/106 phase 1 ggn (h.r)

I had applied for a ATM PIN NO ., . I have not received the ATM PIN number till now.PLEASE MY ATM PIN NOMBER for my adderess and my mobile no --9810419831,

The Customer Care
Head office

Sub: Block My Account No.XXXXXXXXXX1132.


I have opened a/c of Name Hemant Singh Rana .My Account No.XXXXXXXXXX1132.Some reason my account is blocked. i have not received any chequebook and debit card. but i have recieved only debit card pin no.
please send welcome kit and early as possible and activat my account.


Name Hemant Singh Rana
B-127 Gali No.6 Nehru Vihar
Near Om dairy
Delhi- 110094

Mobile No..9899888731

Date 29/7/2010


I take a loan for car from your bank with loan no.15261937.approxmetly one year past i have not recieved the scheduler of payment and policy of insurance of vehicle owner which is comitted by bank.kindly shortout my problem as early as possible.pls send me detail my adress which is mention in your record or my e-mail
thanking you

with regards


The branch manager
Subject: Regarding non submission of cash amount in my account at your branch.

Most humbly I beg to say that I am your old customer. I used to put some cash amount in to my account every month, but this month (August 2010) your branch has been denied to receive in to my account.
Can you please let me tell that why they did not accept the said cash.
Let me intimate as soon as possible. I am waiting for your response.

Thanking you
Ranjeet kumar verma
MY alternative E mail:
A/C NO:-01301050052234
Branch code:0130
Address:Delip Nagar-ACE
Shopping mall
Delip nagar
Teen batti

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