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 shashank joshi
I had a card with the limit of 10, 000 rs I used 8, 000rs . then i came back to my home town thinking that i will get the bank receipts to my Permanent address also .

Now after 2 years when i have received the call from the bank they tell me that my outstanding amount is around 35, 000rs which i cannot pay . I spoke to a news channel they told me that i can ask the bank to tell me an amount where the interest and the excess charges are removed, But the bank will levy certain charges which shall help me to remove the name from the CIBIL List, i tried to explain the same to the agent who has been calling me for few days but he says this is not possible . He asks me to pay the amount of 18, 000 rs and says that i would get the No Objection Certificate rfom the bank, but cannot comment about the name being removed from the list .

There is no point in paying such amount which shall not help me to make my history clear, I know it was my mistake but now i want to correct it and want to make the history clear so please help me with this and let me know the exact procedures for this

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Hello Sir,

My Name Is Naresh Kumar, Before 1.5 years i was using hdfcbank creditcard. in India i had lost my job. then i got chance to going abroad (KSA). i did not know about that company. after reach in KSA they took my passport.then i started work in that company. but after 1 month i did not get my sallary, only food money they had provide everymonth. same think happen every month almost till 1 year no body get sallary from that company. if we will ask they told us once you get your all sallary. and if we will ask them about our passport give us our passport we will go india. They told us you have to complete your 2 years contract. After 2 years finished we are coming to india. Without money we are working there. that time my hdfcbank credit card bill was 25000 now 67000. so many time i mailed to hdfcbank credit card regarding this they did not rply to me. i am unable to pay all money . please do something for me . help me out of this problem.

i want to settle my account because now i am not in position to pay all amount.

my card no ---4346781015687932
my mob no ---9958588928

thanks & Regards

Naresh Kumar
Dear Sir,

I have made my settlement of my Credit card No:4346 7710 0532 8274 but till now it is been not removed from the CIBIL which is where all the companies check for providing any loans.

So kindly remove this from the CIBIL as i have honoured the bank in paying my amount and settling the amount.

I request you to kindly guide me in this regard,

Thanks & Regards,

N.Sadha Shivam
i have not received statements till now for my platinum card number 5243 6811 0087 0347

channel — statement not received from last five month.

Hi Sir,

I Ingudam Asha Devi, I am holding the icici credit card from last nine month Carde no.4477466657541008, i didn't get my statement from last five months,
because of this i have some difficulties to follow up...
i would like to increase my credit limit also, but due to not receiving the statement i got many trouble, i complained to the customer care also, please tell me how to pay my credit that i use, and make me to increase my limit...

Asha Devi

Following are the emails sent to HSDFC BANK MANAGERS and this is what they have done

Megha manager from recovery department refused to share her email address although I told her that I have ongoing dispute which her department is not able to resolve still she refused to give her email address where I could send my complaint.
I will need email address of HDFC BANK Vice President North Zone if this case stands unresolved at lower level. From today I can afford to give you another 24 hours if no reply or resolution I will escalate this matter to OBMBUDSMAN office RBI.

Please note I want in written reason for hold on my salary saving account with HDFC BANK.
As reason given bny phone banking was that card settlement has stopped this amount.
Today I have checked my saving account amount of 150-200 has been withdrawn I would like to know the reason.


Vijander Singh Thakur
WLR3 Billing Offline N3 Noida

From: Singh Thakur, V, Vijander, M7A31F C
Sent: Wed 08/10/2008 1:52 PM
Subject: FW: Urgent Complaint of Harrasment


If you could please forward a copy to
Manager Card Settlement Janakpuri. As I am getting an error message.


Vijander Singh Thakur
WLR3 Billing Offline N3 Noida

From: Singh Thakur, V, Vijander, M7A31F C
Sent: Wed 08/10/2008 1:51 PM
Subject: FW: Urgent Complaint of Harrasment


For your information I was given incorrect email address of yours Ms choudhary hence mailing it to you on your correct email address received from Alternate Branch Manager Deer Park. Please get this resolved asap. According to me I do not owe anything to HDFC still I am being bothered for payments.

A copy has been sent to already yesterday.


Vijander Singh Thakur
WLR3 Billing Offline N3 Noida

From: Singh Thakur, V, Vijander, M7A31F C
Sent: Tue 07/10/2008 2:50 PM
Subject: FW: Urgent Complaint of Harrasment

Hi Ms Chadhury / Manager Credit Cards,

This is a complaint against your Card Settlement Division and HDFC BANK DEER PARK MANAGEMENT.

First I would like to bring into your notice my Credit Card Number: 4346772005176358

Second my Saving Account with Dear Park Customer ID: shared with bank

PFA: 1. Mail sent for closure of CC account dated 14th June 2008-10-07

2. Mail sent 19th June 2008 after making final payment

3. Mail sent on 19th Sept 2008 to stop sending statements.

Dated 18th June 2008 at 11.00am I called up your phone banking as I did not received any correspondence from email section of credit cards and got card settlement phone number. Then I called them and spoke to Samriti from Card Settlement Department. I asked the procedure of getting the card settled, my outstanding till 14th on CC card was 57000. When I called on 18th and spoke to Samriti she told that your new statement has also generated on 18th so total outstanding has increased by 2000 Rs. I clearly informed her as I made a closure request on 14th I am not suppose to pay you anything added to you after that as I never received any correspondence from you in response to the mail dated 14th June 2008.

Samriti told that if I get the card settled I will not be able to re apply for any Credit Card with HDFC in future; I was ok with that as I was really unsatisfied from services provided to me. Finally she told me that I will get 13% of discount on total outstanding.

Also she told that first I will have to clear loan amount on my credit card and then only they can process my request.

Now I agreed on the same day i.e. 18th I went Green Park Branch and cleared total outstanding loan amount. Then I again called card settlement and spoke to same person Samriti, she told that as you have cleared the loan amount which was 5000 Rs now after deducting 13% on rest of money I will need to pay 47000 ( please not at this time she never included latest statement ) Hence she forwarded my card settlement request on agreed on 47000 I informed her that it would not be possible for me to take this longer enough as I might leave Delhi for some urgent work.

Finally I made payment of 47000 on same day, same branch and wrote another mail dated 19th June for payment confirmation. HDFC Card Settlement and the email of card complaints has never reverted on the final payment.


After 2 and half months all of sudden What I see that my saving account with Deer Park Bark if put on hold that too without any intimation over the phone call ( I did updated my new telephone number on second mail to card services which is 9958498001 ). No written communication from my home branch and no email and my account is put on hold. When I cal customer care I come to know that Card Settlement was not done hence debt collection has put this hold. First Question to the Manager of my Home Branch is With whose permission this saving account was put on hold.

When I speak to Card Settlement yesterday 06 Oct 2008 Lady Mansi she tells me that I not only have top pay 5000 which was adjusted by card settlement moreover I will have to pay that 2000 added that month on 18th June and also all the interest, this seems ridiculous to me. When I ask her who authorise you to put my card on hold, She used a statement “ BANK IS AUTHORISE FOR THIS ” and there is a clause under which bank can put my saving account on hold at anytime without my consent.

I have never signed any Electronic Clearing System agreement with you guys neither any Standing Instructions so how can you place my account on hold.

Why I am writing this to Management of Bank reason as this was in relation to my saving account and their was no written communication from my HOME BRANCH DEER PARK and also this Credit Card was provided by an advisor from Home Branch

On their request.

Request to Manager Home Branch: Ms Please investigate this as the phone banking advisor has refused to give any solution for this, which means that they would not be able to resolve this.

I also was my saving account to be reinstated/ re activated/released wef today without any delay.

Important: I want the credit card division to get the CC Card settled on same terms which was agreed on 18th with Samriti Card Settlement Advisor. Which clearly means I do not have any outstanding till date as Card was settled from my End.

Any delay and negligence would be treated as serious concern and this issue might get escalated to higher authorities. Also Please ensure to revert on this mail on urgent basis. If anything to be discussed please feel free to call me on +919958498001.


Vijander Singh Thakur
WLR3 Billing Offline N3 Noida

Grover filling station — non payment through cash card

I am a user of airtel and my number is 9872832213. My family members have vodafone and reliance connections and we have just started paying our bills online. The sad part is that while other companies, including railways take payment through itz cash card, why cant airtel? I will be grateful if you can make that happen. Thanks.
Hi maim
My bill due was nearly Rs7000 and after interest it grew to nearly 15000.I have made a settlement from Regional office at Rs8000.I was out when i receive the bill of nearly 15000.after settlement i paid nearlyRs4500 and the rest i was about to pay but suddenly yesterday i received a bill of Rs27000 to be paid.I was unable to understand what rubbish is this and what the bank exactly want.if the bank want money from the court then whats the use of settlement.
plz help me that what should i do, do i pay the rest amount or we will see in court i cant understand plz reply me quicly.I even talk yesterday to Mr.A.Rashid at Regional office.
Thanking u urs
Danish rahman card no 5176351003116179 and my contact no is 9835614496, 9308463494
I had received a call from customer care regarding a medical policy of Bajaj Allaianze. This policy was not acceptable to me but still this policy was issued to me.They had told me that i'll recevice some documents regarding the policy within 15 working days & then i can decide weather to take the policy or not. But nothing like this happened at all. They have already issued a policy in my name. & now when i'm calling back on the number from which i had received a call, they are saying that y i'm calling them again & again.Is this the way to talk to the custoemers??????? I want this policy to be cancelled ASAP as well as i'm not liable to pay any interest or amount that is issued on my credit card. Or cancel my credit card. I promise i'll not use credit card of HDFC bank ever in my life.but please cancel my policy 1st.

Credit Card — Doesn't Hold the credit card and recovery agents comes at my home.

Once i applied for credit card in ICICI bank. There was a guy living near to my home asked me
that if you want to make ICICI bank credit card give me your documents. I gave my documents to his and after few days he told me that your application has canceled as you are not eligible to get the credit card. And after three months i was geting bills of my credit card. As i am a student living alone in delhi i shifted to anothe location. Last week a recovery agent came in my hose and took the things from my hose and abused me. As i haven't hold the credit card and never received any card. Please healp me.
Hi HDFC bank creditcard department
My home address hasbeen changed as
New Address
3A, A.K.B Flats,
Bajanikoil Street,
My contact no:9600009186

my old address- no-28, varadier street, sevenwells, chennai-01
Old no-9962181116

My contact no:9600009186
there is no respons from bank customer services i am ready to settelment the creditcard payment card no 5289451000740536 i have shift from mumbai to delhi there is the person who is not ready for settelment the account mis meanpreet from your bank credit card department please settelment this account as soon as posibel thankyou
we are not received our credit card statement on regular time after hdfc bank charge late fees. check our last two statement.
Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform that my credit card cancalliation request sent on 25th sep 2008. My final settlement is Rs.10511/- But i requested to deduct late payment charges through customer care. Request has taken and final amt transfer through netbanking immediately Rs.10048/- But am receving the statement every month remaining balance and included late payment charges.

So i kindly request you to reverse the payment.


I have been requested for credit card before one month but i did not get any response till now.
I want to know about the progress of the card.

Thanks and Regards

HDFC Bank Ltd — Fraud HDFC Bank Recovery Agents

I was handling HDFC value plus credit card earlier and which was closed by me and I setteled a closure amount of 14800 with the bank or their agents. I have given all my installments to their agent and money was collected from my house for conutiniously 6 months and amount of 2600 and I have gave all my installments. I have spoken to one of telecallter Named Renu and she send at collection boy and talked to me and said that this is your last installments.
But after 3 monts i started getting calls from the bank. They are misbehaving and again and again..

I am going to Consumer forums now and going to file a complaints against you. As i have sent several emails to you and didn't get a reply from your side.

Now get ready to pay me huge.. you BANK.

Asif Khan
plses remove may name in cibil may fuchar and may life and total credit card and to the settalment lettar and not mi to difolder plese requt for sir may name is remove plese may


I am the poor user of HDFC bank credit card bo 556042200009750. I hold this card since 2006. since that day bank has earned a lot from me. Since from last 2 months I lost my business & some sudden hospitalisation & death of family member everything went wrong.
I am mailing to the head authorities since that day that I am unable to pay off the outstanding on the card either convert the outstanding on card on minimal interest which iam willing to pay or close my card account & make installments of the outstanding. After 6 mails every mail fooled me back giving no solution. I closed one more card of Citi bank this bank is very cooperative & on my one mail they offered me to close the card & ask futher cheques from me & gave me settlement letter at the same time.
But now HDFC bank started harrsasing me my making calls from tele callers ladies using foul languages.


HDFC Bank Cards Division — Account Settlement

Dear Sir,
I had an HDFC Bank credit of which on 12-01-2007 i had cleared all my dues with the bank for which even HDFC Bank had issued me a Settlement Letter Number 39603 on 12-01-2007, but still after taking the complete amount they have put my name on CIBIL in the defaulters list which is indeed an unfair business practice as i had only paid the amount when the bank was ready to accept it as an full settlement against my dues.

Kindly look into the same as this practice is being carried out by these banks wherein they first agree for settlement and then they also make you an defaulter.


Rahul Nagpal

HDFC Bank Credit Card — Non - attention for Credit card settlement rerquest

To Whom so ever it may concern.

This to bring to your notice that from last 3 month i am following on customer service no for applying for Full Final settlement of my credit cards but no due attention is taken about the same.The cards are issued by the concern bank & whenever customer get back to bank peopl, they reply that call back will be arranged & nothing is done.All thus because of delay the payable amount keeps on going higher adding late payment, interest etc in the new generated.WHY the customer should pay for this recovery department bull ?.
Also some month back this recovery Department had deducted funds from myHDFC saving account.THe CArd has been already blocked long & thus why the late payment & interest are added in newly generated bill.
Please send the statements. I have not recd my statement for the past 2 months.
Previously Four Year back I am using you credit card in that card their are some outstanding amount is balance. Now I wount to make the payment for the same but my problem is that I donot have credit card number nor any statement with me. I am requested you to help me to find the credit number so that I can make the payment. my date of birth is 09/01/1966. and at that time my address is kalakunj society, near ICICI Atm, water tank Road, Karelibaug, Baroda.

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