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Please check the below mails for details. I have booked a loan and lost my credibility and patience and not able to concentrate on my work because of this incidents and i want this to be resolved at the earliest. Please help me out on this.

I have all the documents with me but i dont know how to attach here.
FW: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad‏
From: Hariprasad raja (
Sent: 09 October 2008 14:43PM

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Please check the below mail which was sent on 10/06/2008 but i have not received any reply till date from them So please check the below mail with attachments. Please make sure that this issue is closed ASAP else i may need to go for a complaint in complaintsboard (Under RBI).


Dear Mr. Prasad,

Thank you for writing to us.

This is with reference to your e-mail dated October 06, 2008.

We are unclear on the nature of your query on the basis of the contents of your mail.

Please elaborate on the same in your reply so as to enable us assist you at the earliest.

Awaiting your response.

Warm Regards,
Sandhya Nair
Customer Support
HDFC Bank Ltd.


Subject: FW: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 09:17:23 +0000


I am Hari Prasad from Chennai (Car Loan Ac# 13769714). For my wedding day (07/09/2008), I have booked for an Alto LXI car at Kapico Motors on 31/08/08 and subsequently booked a loan with HDFC thru Mr Vijay (HDFC Loan Executive) for an amount of Rs. 2, 20, 000.00. The loan was approved and an amount of Rs. 2, 10, 596.00 was sent to Kapico motors on 05/09/2008. Since the service provided by Kapico was not satisfactory and since I was very much disappointed with them I thought of canceling the above loan so I tried to check with Mr Vijay about the cancellation procedure but Vijay was delaying many days by not picking the call and then by saying that he went to outstation and will be back tomorrow (likewise delayed for nearly 5 days) and I thought speaking with this guy is worthless and I went to T nagar HDFC Bank loan division GN chetty road and I have cancelled the above loan on 16/09/2008 by paying an amount of Rs.1000.00 and as per the person at the loan division my loan was booked under the name of Mr. Illavenil Subramaniam. So on the same day I went to Loan processing division at Nelson Manickam road and met Mr Illavenil Subramaniam and issued the copy of the cancellation letter and the challan for Rs.1000.00 (that I paid towards cancellation charges).

I continuously called Mr. Illavenil Subramaniam to check on the status but he was not picking the phone and if unfortunately by mistake if he attends my call (Since he doesn’t pick up my call when I make call from my mob# I used to call from my friends or my dad’s mob #’s to speak with him) he used to say that it will be closed in 2 days but he has not made any steps to close this loan so I have called Mr Diva Shanmugam and Mr Kamala Kannan @ HDFC Anna nagar branch they were the guys who referred Mr. Vijay to me and they have called Mr Illavenil and Mr Vijay on this but there is no reaction from Mr Illavenil or Mr Vijay. I have again visited and met Mr Illavenil but the reply was the same.

Suddenly One day Vijay called me and said that the Auditing is going on in Nelson Manickam road branch and he is not allowed inside the Premises so asked to put pressure on Illavenil Subramaniam to close the above loan and also the bank is holiday for 3 days (30/09, 01/10, 02/10) and else the first EMI will be coming to my Bank account. Since Illavenil was useless and not even attending the customer with proper response and treating me as a fool, I thought it will good if I can go again to T nagar branch to know the current status and went on 27/09/2008 and as per gayathri at loan division the amount that have sent to Kapico have not been refunded yet to HDFC (This is the status that I got) So again I went to Nelson Manickam road branch on the same day to enquire the same and met Mr Illavenil, he again received a copy of the cancellation letter and challan (as if I came for the first time) and went in and then came out after an hour and said that they will be receiving money back from Kapico on Monday 29/09/2008 and asked me to call on Monday.

I have raised a complaint to the Maruti Company on 27/09/2008 saying that the money is not refunded to HDFC by Kapico and were delaying unnecessarily.

Again I called on Monday but he has not picked my number so I again tried to reach him on Tuesday and I reached his mobile and he said that on Monday (29/09/2008) they received the money back from Kapico and it will be closed and I have to give a cheque for Rs.1659 as the interest towards the loan amount and since 01/10 and 02/10 were holidays he said he resides at Anna Nagar and will collect the cheque from me and asked me to call on 01/10. But when I tried to reach him on 01/10 & 02/10 he has not picked the phone. So I went again to Nelson Manickam branch on Friday (03/10/2008) and met Mr illavenil, he said that the interest amount has been increased and I have to issue a cheque for Rs. 2029 and nothing can be done. I enquired him that when the amount was sent automatically to Kapico by Fund transfer by HDFC (from your end) and I have not given a cheque or DD for this amount of 2, 10, 000.00 why not this amount can be retrieved from your end but Mr Illavenil said it is not possible to do like that and they have delayed it unnecessarily and they got the money back only on 29/09 then I asked him that you have told me that you will collect the cheque on 01/10 but since there was no response from you I came today (03/10) and atlast he agreed to that and got the cheque for Rs. 1659. I want to highlight you one more thing when I was sitting in the room Mr Illavenil received a call from the General Manager ABT Maruti and was shouting him because of poor service done by Illavenil and after the call was disconnected, Illavenil was shouting and scolding that GM with very bad language sitting in front of me. I was very much shocked in hearing such words.

On 04/10/2008, I received a call from Ms Viji from Kapico saying that they have sent the advice on 18/09/2008 to HDFC and they have not delayed from their end.

I want to bring the below points to your notice –

When the money is sent back to HDFC on 18/09/2008 why your guys said that they have not received the money back and they received it only on 29/09/2008.
Not picking the customer phone calls and not giving any proper response to the customers.
Not taking any steps to close the account, unnecessarily delaying things.
Collecting more money thinking that customer should be penalized or suffer by charges.
Collecting the documents (Cancellation letter and challan) and not reacting to that and asking to submit again.
Booking done by Vijay and was booked under the name of another person Illavenil without the customer knowing the fact.
Using bad languages on the customers in front of another customer.
When the money is sent back to HDFC on 18/09/2008 why did your guys said that they have not received the money back and they received it only on 29/09/2008 are you making fun of me or you guys making money out of me is that not cheap to lie a customer when you have received the money back. Such a big Worlwide fame HDFC bank is handling customers like this and cheating customers like this. Actually your guys used to say that I am a classic customer of yours but I feel ashamed of being a customer of such a Bank with Employees having very bad attitude and treating the customers very cheap I have account in other banks also but I have never, ever seen such bank employees like Illavenil or Vijay. Please have genuine person in your bank who respect others and handles the customer in proper way.

Please find the below attachments –

1. Cancellation letter (1.jpg).

2. Challan for Rs.1000.00 (2.jpg).

3. Mail from Ms Viji (Kapico Motors) (See below)

Hari Prasad

Subject: FW: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 16:40:03 +0530

Dear Sir,

Pls find the advice which we have sent to HDFC on September 18th.


Y. Vijayalakshmi

Sales Manager


From: Srinivasan []
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2008 4:21 PM
To: 'VIJI'
Subject: FW: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad
Importance: High



From: Raja []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 1:05 PM
To: 'Niranjan'
Cc: 'Narayanaswamy'; 'Srinivasan'
Subject: FW: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad
Importance: High


Thanks & Regards

Phone No : 42859970
Mobile No: 99412 50265


From: Raja []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 11:48 AM
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Reversal of Auto Loan R Hari Prasad
Importance: High

Dear Sir,

Loan A/c No 13769714 Cus Name Mr R Hari Prasad.

The Customer has cancelled the Vehicle due to some personal Reason. Please reverse the Loan amount in our Inventory Funding account.

We have received the Amount of Rs, 2, 10, 596/- From HDFC

Please do the needful.

Thanks & Regards

Phone No : 42859970
Mobile No: 99412 50265

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Auto Loan — issue cancelled cheques

i have cleared my auto loan on 23 -02-08 and had got my NOC on time .
No doubt I am satisfied by the service, but now till yet I havent got my cancelled balance cheques from your side
so thats why I am writting to you so that i should get a positive response from your side

Jog Singh Arora
5F/43 A N.I.T Faridabad
121001 Haryana

good luck auto deal — regarding noc

hello sir
i am regular purchaser of repossed two wheeler of bajaj auto finance nagpur but now a days i am in very much troubel becouse of noc of the vehicles my 3 noc are pending from last 4 months and no one here nagpur branch to answer me so kindly help me and send my noc as soon as possible
thankikng you


AWB NO ; [protected]

pending still 28/10/2008

call me on [protected]
I applied for credit card 3 months before. They send me credit card one month after that but I didn, t accept as my name is Birendra Kumar Rana but on credit card it was written Birendra Kumar R . So I talked to someone to rectify it in customer care but still I didnt got my original credit card. And today I got imint card.I want to ask why they are sending me this card when i didnt't get my credit card. Might someone misuse my credit card. So i request either you give me credit card as soon as possible or cancel my credit card or i will close my ICICI account.

Subramanian.R — pre close personal loan

I have personal lone from axis bank. I went to bank for close my lone.
* Principal Amount : $ 200000
* Annual Interest Rate : 17 %
* Amortization Period : 5 years
* Starting month : Jul
* Starting year : 2007
I have paid 21 months my balance amount their asking Rs. 1, 53, 365.
But i calculated with lone calculator it's sowing amount Rs. 148152.41.
So please guide me what should i do...

HDFC — Giving my Loan statement to 3rd Party

Even after the Home loan was repaid and Power of attorney was revoked, HDFC gave the details of my home loan repayment to wife Who mis-used it during the divorce to black mail me into paying hefty amount as settlement or be jailed.
When contacted, HDFC was at its rudest best and has avoided me as I have been seeking legal compensation.

I want to cancellation of my auto loan

new car loan — non receipt of statement regarding the loan

i purchased a maruti 800AC on 5/6/08 and took a loan from your this date the bank has failed to keep me up-to-date.this is the attitude your bank has shown even after repeated requests for a statement.i am not even aware of the loan account no.REGN NO.DL9CQS7358.the is in the name of Desh Ratan Rathee..

new car loan — CANCELLED CHEQUE


cbl loan against property — loan closse

dear sir
mera loan close karana hai maine statement ke liye apply kiya hai but abhi bhi statement nahi aaya
hai please argent statement my email
ref no[protected]
loan no 90020868

Hdfc Bank Ltd ( Auto Loan ) — Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Special Thanks To The Hr Manager Of Hbl Global Ltd. Due To Your Effort, I Finally
Got My Pending Dues. But I didnot Found My Bonus & Provident Fund. I Have Already sent My Provident Fund Related Documents. waiting For Your Possitive Response .
Neeraj Shrivastav
N 07198
Ph No :- [protected]
Email Id :-
I have taken home loan account no 90038561 and 90038612 respectively. Now both home loan are completed. pl send me all documents registry map allottment letter etc alongwith my all balance cheques etc as soon as possible please. your co-operation in this regards will be highly appreciated.Earlier also you have provided full support to me for my home loan.
my contact number and address is as under :
Bhim Singh Lather House No 184 Sector 8 part II Urban Estate Karnal (Haryana) My phone number is [protected] and landline number is[protected]Res) and[protected]office)
Hoping for a prompt action.
with warm regards,

Bhim Singh
i had applied for the a loan for my Car Alto LXI, but when a field executive visited at my residence at Faridabad my parents were not available at that time and then he came to meet me in my company 14/6, Main mathura road, Knorr Bremse India Pvt. Ltd, Faridabad. But than i didnot understand what exactly went wrong and my Verification was shown negative. Thus file was rejected than i got in touch with the Bank representative, he told me that your verification will be done again and there is no probleming in sanction of loan. But it has been for than 15 days and nothing has been done for that also there is not clearity of whether my file is rejected or again forwarded.

so need urgent help, so that my loan is sanctioned at the earliest.


Kapil Bhardwaj
I applied for personal loan of amount for 5 lacs. I wanted to cancel the loan coz of personal problems in my house, even after repeatedly telling them to cancel they are not responding properly. Please help us to do neeful.

Herewith I am attaching the mail sent to HDFC bank regarding cancellation of loan


I undersinged Mr. Balakrishnaiah applied for a loan on 23/09/09 for the amount 5 lacs rupees with personal loan no:15649684. I would like to cancel the above-said loan due to my personal problems. I kindly request you to do the neeful as early as possible

While thanking you I look forward a hearing from you.

Mobile No:[protected]
require statement of running financial year 09/10
This has reference to your letter dated October 17, 2009 that reached me lately. You may kindly refer to cbl two wheeler Agreement No.91000552 with Ref. No.606. I thank you for your kind letter and request you to kindly return the unused Allahabad Bank cheques numbered 60632, 60633, 60634, 60635, 60636, 60637.

Also, kindly advise me what exactly I should do to get No Objection Certificate/Form 35.

Thanking you,

Prasanta Pathak
Annapurna Apartment
Flat S-4
7/2, N.K. Chatterjee Lane
Kolkata 700035
my home loan account statement is required A/c No.[protected]

Personal — Car loan

I have applied for car loan for an amount of Rs.2.50 lacs, But the Baroda Branch has quarried that I have pending loan, But there is no any loan pending with me either Hdfc or any . So please do needfull immidiately as I have paid downpayment to the dealer.

HDFC Bank — closure of S/A without reason

My 9 year old operative savings joint A/C with my wife was closed by Rani Bagh branch Code-1565 was closed by the bank without assigning any reason.
the account was operative with all time minimum balance maintained all through out the nine years.
What action is possible with the bank?
Dear Mr Jain,

Please accept our apologies for the sudden termination of your account; however, in the absence of an account number, we are unable to investigate the reason behind it. Request you to send us an email at with your account and contact details. Also please mention the id TTU[protected] in the subject line of your mail. As soon as receive this information, a bank representative shall contact you.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank

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