[Resolved]  HDFC Bank Personal Loan — HDFC Loan Executives are Frauds


Recently some HDFC executives - Kannan[protected] & Priya ([protected]) had approached me for personal loan. Since, I was in need of money (up to 6 lakhs rupees), I accepted. But they told me that I had only 3 lakhs rupees of loan eligibility. I told them, that this amunt wouldnt be of any use to me and rejected the offer. So, the HDFC executives told me that they would arrange another 3 lakhs rupees of loan from a different bank. I said, if that is possible, then I would take the loan. And I recieved a call from a (so called )citi bank agent and she told me that I can take 3 lakhs rupees personal loan from citi bank and another 3 lakhs form hdfc. So I agreed for Citi bank @ 16.5 % diminishing method and HDFC @ 15.5 % diminishing method.And I signed the forms.
The HDFC agent told me that the processing fee would be 1%.
I recieved verification calls from HDFC. And the lady who had called for verification told me that the processing fee was 1.5% and I told them that it was supposed to be only 1% as the executive had promised me. She then told me that she had changed it to 1%. Meanwhile I dint recieve any verification calls from citi bank. When I called the executive Gayathri ([protected]), she dint pick up my calls most of the times and when she did she would tell me that she would call me back and never did so. One day, I got an SMS from HDFC that 243000 rupees was approved for me and I told the executives that I dont need this loan because unless I get the amount needed, I cant make use of it. The executive promised me that he would try again and brought some forms and got them signed from me and alos made me write a letter to HDFC stating that this loan amount is not enough and that I need a larger amount. At the same time, he also got 3 cheques from me (In fact he first asked me to give him 3 blank cheques. I firmly refused it) with HDFC bank written across 'Pay' and crossed. But, I initially questioned him as to why he was getting the cheques from me when we were yet to get the loan amount that we were newly quoting. He told me that he cant proceed futher with this higher-loanamount-quoting without these cheques. So, I gave him the cheques. The very next day, I got a message from HDFC that 243000 rupees has been credited in my account(27th of Sep). I was shocked . From that day on, The HDFC people are not picking up my call (both landline number and mobile number). Today (30th Sep) I got the letter from HDFC that gave my loan statement saying that the actual loan amount is 248000 and that they have deducted for this and that and the amount credited is 243013 rupees. The processing fee is 1.25%. These people have cheated me. They had actually not tried for a higher amount at all. It was only an eye-wash. Both the citibank girl and the HDFC executives are not picking up my calls. I dont want this loan at all as this wouldnt help me for my business.
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Aug 14, 2020
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i am 1000 % agree with that .
Hi, This is Girender Singh Attry. i took a personal loan from HDFC bank. I feel very sad by the bank policy. HDFC, guys harrassing the common man. I am thinking a loadge a complain against them.
i took a loan from the hdfc bank, using my corporate account. i believe this is a personal matter b/w me and hdfc bank. but their Executives keeps calling my office collegue for loan using my name for convincing them. HDFC bank spoil the confidentiality of the customer's relationship with the bank, by putting the customer in controversy.
Another big complaint of mine with HDFC bank, they have no protocol or code of conduct of charging the interest rate, their executive offer the low rate of interest to those guys who are not willing to take loan...
i personally got the personnel at the rate of interest of 21% reducing, but few of my collegue got the offer of personnel with the rate of interest 19% reducing. i got the auto loan at the rate of interest 12.25%, but one of my collegue got the auto loan at the rate of interest 11.25%.

i donot understand why is this difference in interest rate... they offer low rate of interest to rich people, as i believe.

another complain is their executive tells a lot of lie to their customer, and do thing against the customer will.. for example, i told them i donot want insurace clearly, but they gave it to me against my wish by saying that its important to have. (but initallly it was not important)
and also they told me that you can repay the loan after 6 month, by giving the interest of 4% on whole amount, but its negotiable... which is really false. if this is negotiable, why do they made call centers. executive gave false promise that you can negotiate it to upto 2%..
if is it so, they why donot they made it clear in the first conversation.. i think bank is not the place of negotiation, it should follow a common code of conduct...

but i think their is lot cooruption in this department too. Executive are always ready to go to any extent for getting the incentive, even they are ready to do false promises to the customers and cheated them.

HDFC Telecaller — Some people telling that they are from hdfc bank harrassing me while i dont have any relationship with hdfc

Hi Sir

There are many numbers and many person who are identifying them selves to be HDFC telleCaller and Managers calling me for last 3 years and harassing me .I have told them several times that this no belongs to me not any Vinith Kumar still they are calling me whole year and harassing me .

I have several time s given complain and personally ensured not to be called still they are calling me and keep on disturbing me .

There is a call coming form [protected] the lady identifies as Archana Selvam from HDFC bank is always calls me and tells me r u mad or what changed u r name .Keeps on harassing me and due to which I think I might be hospitalized soon .Please do something about it or I need to go to court for my mental condition which is happening and going bad due to the calls made by these persons .

I think HDFC bank is one of those banks which excel in malpractice and customer harrassement. I have a personal loan with HDFC and the interest charged to me of couse wasn't what I was confirmed at the time of taking the loan. At the time I took the loan I was in dire needs (which we ALL are otherwise why would we allow ourselves to be cheated by these banks).

I paid EMI as ECF from my bank for more than a year, maybe 2 years now. I travel frequently so very difficult to track. Now I have job related issues and the salary acocunt is closed so ECF didn't take place.

Now I am outstationed and am facing jov related issues so I want to make repay my loan by paying to the bank directly in one lumpsum or 2 lumpsum amoutn.

I have been trying to get a statement of my payment schedule so far from them but they ask me to visit them each time. Why, when I was given the loan. I didnt need to visit them, why should I visit them now?

I have already paid off one Car Loan from HDFC with all outstanding and even the foreclosure charges even after the financial difficulty and thye had behaved atrociously with me while making the payment. Now some lady, the loan manager of Kolkata HDFC Bank, some rude lady said she is not interested in speaking to me.

Subseuqnrly they have abused my 70 year + parents frequently. MY mom even asked one of the collection people to come and take payment from her and he abused her further saying she is a low form of woman!!!.

After that I have become adamant that I want redressal in some form or another, they can't get away scott free just because I am scared for my parents. I still want to make the payment but I want them penalized too.

How fair is it that they will get away scot free with their Gunda Raj and we helplessly subject ourselves to this.

Historically, I have been harassed by HDFC bank where my cheque books have taken 2 months to 3 months to get delivered. I shall never ever again deal with HDFC bank and have adviced all I know that if they ever work for any company and they have the choice of another bank, they should opt for that. Any bank is better than them.
I think bank is a big thing and some outsourced telecaller is not the face of it. We should understand that if one is saying something then it doesn't mean that the whole body is saying this as there is no proper document of the same. Get everything on paper so that even if a executive made false promises and left the job. you are still in a position to take a stand.
HDFC personal loans - The guys who come to collect the documents are simply hopeless.
I dont think that our documents will reach the office, Instead I guess they will discarded without anybody having a look at them.
I applied and provided all the necessary documents to a person named ramesh, and there was no response from him either the bank after that, after several months, when i re-applied the same guy came and again there was no response, he simply doesnt answer the phone, i dont know what kind of attitude he has got, now, I hate this guy so much, that he is really an [protected]@#[email protected]()*&^$%$...
my suggestion to all of you is if this [protected]@#[email protected]()*&^$%$ comes to collect the documents, DONT PROVIDE DOCUMENTS, ASK THE BANK EXECUTIVE TO SEND ANOTHER PERSON...
and if somebody else comes to collect your documents, please demand to show their IDs and validate them properly before handing the doucments.

I agree with you all 100% since recently I came across the similar problem. I have a loan account for Rs.10, 00, 000 with hdfc. I pay Rs.27280/- for 4 years. Recently I needed some more money to pay my last instalment of my TDI flat in Kundly and I requested for another Rs.3, 00, 000/-. Ms. Reena from HDFC bank contacted me and told me that I have to pay Rs.29800/- per month for another 5 years ( I already paid Rs.27280/- for 5 months). Since was in dare need of money, I agreed on this. She collected the salary slips, my wife's salary slips (for a combined loan) and after a month she contacted me again for signing the documents and for 3 blank cheques. Since the executives are confusing me with the loan amount and rate of interest, I asked her to let me know the final amount before handing over them the cheques and other forms. She said that she will get back to me in 2 minutes...she never done so till today. After one week, that is yester day, I got an SMS from the bank stating that "Loan application for Nand Kumar Menon of Personal Loan, LOS No. 19790210 is disbursed for loan amount 22.80, 000/- tenor 60 EMI 28852" ... followed by that another SMS "Amount of INR 217, 522.00 DEPOSITED TO ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXX000 TOWARDS[protected]P-LOAN-APPROVED-NAND KUMAR MENON". I never got a final call and never agreed on this loan amount. I was supposed to get Rs. 3, 00, 000/- where as they top-up my loan amount and given Rs.217, 522 with an instalment for 5 years. I have to bear them since my salary account is with them since more than a decade.

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