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 Previn Vincent
Previn Vincent
Chennai – 600028

On 13-Mar-08 morning I found that a sum of Rs.38000.00 was unauthorizly transferred from my HDFC a/c to another HDFC a/c #[protected] who’s a/c name was given as Manuram Basumatari through third party transfer facility using my netbanking. Immediately I call HDFC Bank and filed phone complaint and the complaint number is[protected]. During my complaint the bank people said that the amount was not yet credited into the his a/c, but they did not take action to stop the transaction rather they asked me to come in person and give written complaint. Next moment I went to bank and given them written complaint and I asked them whether they have stopped the transaction or not but there reply was that guy has already withdrawn the money from his account which is absolutely bank’s lack of service.I was so tensed and shocked to hear that.

Next day myself and my wifewent and spoke with the branch manager MR.VENKATESWARAN for nearly 45min. He called that guy and asked him to deposit the amount within an hour for what that guys said he will do it, but till today I did not get the amount. Then the branch manager said there are only 2 possible was for this to happen either I should have accessed some phising emails or I would have given my username and password to someone. I strongly disagree with the above 2 options because I am also a software engineer working in software field for more than 9 yrs so I know the importance of username and password and I am 200% sure I did not access any phising emails because I know what phising emails are.

What ever I was telling the manger was not at all bothered to take to his ears rather he harassed me asking me to accept that I accessed phising emails, he asked to to accept so that I will get back my money, since I don’t want o fight with him I stayed calm, in the meantime my wife became very dizzy and she was about to faint and was crying, on seeing this the branch manager wanted to somehow get us out of the bank so he said ‘Don’t worry sir you will SURELY get back your money and I gaurentee for that. He insisted me that he can claim insurance and get back my money with a week or 10days. So on hearing that myself and my wife was much relieved and came out of the bank. Only today I came to know that only because he wanted us both to get out of the bank he was giving all false information.

Next day we went and filed a CSR complaint at J5 Police station, Shastri Nagar, Adyar for the lost money. Station Inspector immediately called the branch manager and enquired for which the manager replied that he will take care and will return the money through insurance with a week or 10days, so 2nd time he gave assurance that through insurance he will get back my money. So I stayed calm for next 10days and after that I started to followup again.

During followup I came to know that banks risk department will take of these fraud cases so we both went to HDFC Bank, Nelson Manickam Road and met Mr.Gururajan Sampathkumar who was handling my case and discussed with him. He strongly said there is no such insurance for net banking and he don’t know why the branch manager told like that, he said we will get our money only if the guy is caught, on hearing this me and my wife were so (no words to say…..). After that we understood that the manager purposely gave false information about the bank inorder to get us out of the bank. After that we came back home.

Next day from my office I called one Mrs. Kavitha Krishnamachari working in HDFC headoffice located at ITC building in Mount Road and told her my story and that the HDFC besant branch manager told me about getting my money through insurance and I wanted to confirm that, she asked me to call after 30min, when I called her after 30min she said she spoke with the branch manager Mr.Venkateswaran and that told me that he never used the word Insurance to the customer. This again aggrevated our confidence about the branch manager who hold such a responsible position. After that we clearly understood that the manager is not a reliable person. I think he should not be in that position if he is that type of a guy who give false information to his customers in order to protect himself, he does nto know that he is spoiling banks reputation.

On 04-APR-08 the inspector of police called the branch manager and asked him the status for which the manager does not give him any responsible or proper reply and inspector told me that the branch manager is not even trying to initiate any anything from his side, he blindly trying to save his bank and he says that the customer lost his money because he leaked out his password, inspector also said the manager does not take any steps to solve this problem and he is not ready to do anything for you.

Myself, my country manager, my finance manager used to sending emails after emails to the manager to get the status but he never replied even once, my finance manager also said the manager has never replied even official emails because he don’t want to keep any email records.

Tommorrow 15-APR-08 I am filing FIR with Adyar Police station based on the complaint I gave at the commissioner office, I don’t who else can help me in this regard.

I am a ordinary salaried person so this is very high amount for me I cannot afford to keep calm so I am trying my best to retrive my money.

After this most of my office colleague have already disabled third party account, infact they are afraid of continuing with the bank. I think my company is thinking whether to continue the salary accounts with this bank or change to someother bank which again is a big black mark for the bank.

Yesterday I came to know about the RBI Ombudsman so immediately I called[protected] and spoke, they asked me to send mails to, based on this I am sending you all the details .I think this is the last hope for an ordinary citizen like myself. I hope you will do the needful for me .

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Previn Vincent
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Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to above mentioned subject, i am an account holder of ABN AMRO BANK and using the net banking facility provided by bank.

I transferred some amount thru ABN AMRO BANK net banking to my another bank account on dated 29/9/08 but till date my amount is not getting tranfer to particular account.Inspite of my contious followup with customer care but there is no positive response to my querry.

Today, I personally visited local branch Pune but that lady branch officer said to me that Pune doesnt come under RBI Net banking tranfer location and will take couple of weeks to get it cleared.

Due to this i am suffering a problem so hereby requesting to concern authority to look into matter and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Sujay Suresh Mali
Previn, what happened next? Did you get your money back?
Even I have an account with HDFC and also the trading account. If HDFC have such managers then even I have to think on maintaining the relationship with HDFC
bank should not be like that.if it is providing such facility it should conform that money is transforing to correct person and securily.
The content in this blog was in no way created to defame Hdfc bank or the Manager. It was created to create an awareness in the reader’s minds so that they are cautious during net banking transactions. If any related people feel offended, my apologies.

I have the honor to inform you that i am a credit card holder of HDFC bank having credit card no- [protected] have lost of my Netbanking ID and Password.

So, pls re-issue my ID and Password and send the same to my e-mail id.

Abhay Kr. Singh

HDFC NetBanking — re issue net banking id and password

I have the honor to inform you that i am an a/c holder of HDFC bank having A/C No- [protected] have lost of my HDFC Bank Netbanking ID and Password.

So, pls re-issue my ID and Password and send the same to my mailling address or my email id.

HDFC NetBanking — stopped

please start net banking for a/c cust relation no 6125841.stopped because did not use for 6 months ..and send me new password
The problem is with the website of your bank.I'm not able to access net banking most of the time the website is down
why my net banking is stopped, please let me know?

my custometr ID nos 22317426
R/Sir Before last two months i applied for netbanking password for my account No [protected] and account no [protected] but i am sorry to inform you that, inspite of so many time contacted with our Abohar Branch head and also contacted on customer care, till today i could not received my IPIN.
This is a shamefull incident happened to a man who is working hard for his lively hood by a legitimate bank like HDFC.I am sure that this incident is definitely real because i am also a customer of HDFC and i know how they people work but i am diverting my attention to other banks for the transaction as know a days HDFC is the worst financial organization.I request RBI and other people in authority to help previn to get his harden money back.In this case there is a suggestion for you if you can follow, file FIR against the person to whom account money is transfered that will definately help you.

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