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they have called me that i've been selected for a gift voucher worth 7000/- i went to collect it at the venue(I.H.R.S.A.) Raheja arcade unit no-28, ground floor, 80 feet road koramangla 7th block, bangalore-34,It all began with a smooth talking salesman writing a lot on bits of paper creating flowcharts and lists and sweeping them away to create more on new pieces of paper. We were explained how Bajaj has plenty of ventures like Electricals, motors and god knows what else, and now there is a new one - Highland Holidays. This of course was total bull , as none of their papers had anything to do with Bajaj beyond its being the surname of one of its founders.i took a membership of 1 yr worth 6500/ when i try to redeem the gift voucher which was supposed to b free, they are asking me 1236/- for it. If the free gift voucher is like this then i can think of the membership promises. what can i do to get my 6500/- back??
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Aug 13, 2020
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I got the call from the same organisation and when I asked for the clarification from them regarding this. They were not able to respond me on this. Thanks Deepika for your blog...Thanks for saving my few thousand bucks :)

M/s HIGHLAND HOMES — Non-Return of Fees of Rs.18,000/- collected.

I, G.Venu Murali joined HHH scheme and paid Rs.18, 000/- in Sep 2005 and received Membership Certificate and ID card ( HVC-CC5-003 ) on 14th Sep 2005.

I want to bring to your kind notice that I did not use any of HHH services till date and hence requested to return my amount of Rs.18, 000/- but High Land Homes has not resolved my case for the past 5 months inspite of several reminders/requests.

Request you to kindly render Justice..and advise M/s High Land Homes to return the amount immediately.

E-mail Contact of M/s HHH: [protected]
Thanks Deepika for your comments. I too have received a call of this nature. I had a doubt in mind. so i called them back and talked to them. I realised it was all fake. So i surfed the net to know more about it and here was your complain against them.

Though i was never going to go on there call. Now I am assured that these people are cheat.
I too lost my 32, 000 for a 5 year package..

Please my kind obligation "don't ever turn back to these kind of organisations"

From top to bottom everyone there are experts in speaking lie.

The no 1 frauds u can find in highland holiday homes.
Even I got call from Highland Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd 2 days back.They asked 3 questions on GK and said that you have received free gift worth Rs.4500/-.When we went there yesterday one executive explained tour package and said that you will also be getting free membership for some reputed clubs allover India & abroad along with Holiday package.But only condition is that you need to pay Rs. 40, 000/- (for 5 days/year) now for this offer.When asked that we will come tomoro, they refused to give the same package & offering.Sensing this fishy business we refused to take package.
They have given us some free Gift voucher, we dont know to what extent it is true.But after reading all your mails I am sure that its all fake and by Gods grace we saved from this trap.
I too had got a similar call wherein I was to ge a free holiday and an artificial jewellery set.
Then they convinced me about the 6 yr plan for 15000/-.
I paid 7000 that tym but that was 2 yrs bk.I was just thinkin of puttin in 8000 and getting the holiday but it seems that these ppl have turned out to be frauds.
People sumthn needs to be done...n if any1 of you has got a gud story to tell abt HHH then kindly mail me at [protected]
These people were after me giving calls no of times, atleast for 15days. As i was busy and not in the town so i refused to be at there office in EDM in vaishali ghaziabad.But they again insisted me to be at there office. Every time they try to convince me that they are a BAJAJ ELECTRICAL GROUP company which actually a fake.
They all are telling the story of how Mr. Rahul bajaj's brother has started his Holidaying buisness after seperation apart from electrical buisness.
Sales person has tried to convince me for the package which they were offering for Rs.35000 for the period of 5 years. After my refusal they were ready to negotiate at lower cost. This show that they were expert me making fools of people at every cost.
I say thanks to TV Serial OFFICE OFFICE in which similar replica was shown.
My hardened money is saved and now no one should be ever talk to any of such calls.
i agree..thanks for the blog... i got a call today morning and samething some 3000 gift voucher..after reading thanks spread the word..probably should get them arrested for harasment...should get them banned under NDC...what say??
i agree all this compain .i also have very bad experience. when i had taken this plan from Raheja Archid bangalore . they promise and also given in written . if i will pay through credit card it will be free of interest .but my bank is charged me 7500 as interest, when i complain them minimum 30 time they only return me 3100. for rest amount i called them minimum 100 times but no response. they told and send me detaail of hotel they have tie up .they are written that they will only chage the utility charges .when i booked though them for ooty they charged me rs 950/night and told me the original room rent for non mamber is rs 3000. but when i reached ooty i enquery in the hotel they told me that that room rent is it self rs 950. i did not find out any benefit by paying 28000 to highland. when i asked regarding this they told me that you got facility in our resort. but when i went tirupati the rooms are dirty .in the name of ac only a ac box is there .the caretaker is ruddy. So please avoid HHH if you want to waist money then just go for it
Today I'v also received a call from Bajaj HIghlandsHoliday Home pvt ltd. they have invited me to come along with my wife at the venue " CSM Mall, Sec 18 Noida", to collect a gift voucher package of 2night+3day free stay at any of any of their resorts spreaded all over India .
I'm not sure about their genuinity, so please anyone having any knowledge about this, so please inform me, i"m quiet confused.
Oh! GOD. Why dint I read this blog earlier? I was just thinking of planning a holiday when I checked their website. I also got a similar call and an offer of a free holiday along with a jwellery set. I paid 10, 000 for 3 years. But now when I am trying to book, I find neither any good place is available nor any dates.

Has anyone tried to get their money back? Please contact me. I also want to get my money back.
Hi all,
I was made fool by this so called company HILAND HOLIDAY HOMES PVT LMT. By telling lie and taking advantage of my inosence they took Rs 25000 for 3 year membership but there are lot of things which they told me are incorrect For example- They told me that you can rent your holidays for Rs 4000 per day and this will be done by the company it self, whereas on the papers its something differet. So I have lost my Rs 25000. But to teach them a lesson. I am going to log a criminal case against them. So if any one can help me in that matter please contact me. My Ph# is [protected].
Thanks all for the info posted.It is very highlighting for all
members of highland holidays in this forum
I too had problem with booking during peak hours with the same
stupid answers of non availability of rooms..
I had gone to mathern, hill stn in mumbai which was affliated resorts of highland.
The rooms very ok, but u need to pay for all room services.there was nothing which was free, as shuld be the case.
There are two issue here, one the offers given by highland duping the people & second the promised resorts managed by them for the members do really exists or just good ad on the website..
Got to beware of such incidents in future & not suggest anyone to become member of highland holidays..

I have experience the same find them fraud
they donot let u read rules and make sign agreement
I feel it is credit card company's moral responsibility not to entertaine such vendors so people are saved by signing wrong deals
I strongly agree with all the people who have raised the complaints here against the most corrupted and fraudulent to the core Highland Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd. Even though I too was cheated I managed to get around 60% of my money. I believe we all to should stand together and devise something to get these Highland Holiday people on to the hooks.
Just scrapping in such sites is not a way to teach such frauds a lesson. We need to form a group and see to it what can be done further in taking a case against these people.
I also became a member of highland holiday homes last year and have faced similar problems. Everytime i tried to book rooms either it was not available or i was told that i shud call up a month in advance. For weekend breaks you don't plan a month in advance.
In the beginning we were fooled in the name of BAJAJ but when we saw a press release from BAJAJ stating that it has nothing to do with highland holiday homes we wrote to the highland's head office in Chennai which denied having made any such claims from the very beginning. We were really disheartenned with such blatant lies but after reading all your complaints i think the company needs to be taught a lesson. i have already approached the consumer court in Mumbai and will be registering the case very soon. If anyone of you wish to join the fight against these cheater please mail me. We can't let them misuse our hard earned money...think about it.
Two weeks back, we also got trapped by this company... we paid 25000 through credit card for 8 days per year for 5 years. Reading all the reviews makes me realise, what a foolish step that was.

We called them and they said the membership cannot be cancelled, can only be transfered. Since we have not used any of their services, cannot log any case also. Is there any way we could get the money back before availing anything... Please reply.
I also trapped last week and we paid 51000/- 10 days for 5 yrs.and Now no ways to return my money.I lost this and did very bad decision in my life.

I called them and they said the membership cannot be cancelled, can only be transfered. Since we have not used any of their services, cannot log any case also. Is there any way we could get the money back before availing anything... Please reply.
On 07-sep-2008, I got a phone call from “Bajaj Electricals” which is a well known company in India. She was asked two questions (which answered correctly). My answers were declared correct and I was invited to claim a gift vouchers from some “Bajaj office” in the evening. It sounded like she was getting to select from a variety of goods up to a value of Rs. 4, 000/-. What we found was a royal scam.
We were supposed to land up in the hall of the Centura, Kandiwali (7th Oct 2008 - in case anyone wants to investigate this further). We entered to find a variety of couples engaged in different degrees of conversation with salesmen of varying degrees of aptitude.
It all began with a smooth talking salesman writing a lot on bits of paper creating flowcharts and lists and sweeping them away to create more on new pieces of paper. We were explained how Bajaj has plenty of ventures like Electricals, motors and god knows what else, and now there is a new one - Highland Holidays. This of course was total bull , as none of their papers had anything to do with Bajaj beyond its being the surname of one of its founders.
I think its an obvious scam when the name Bajaj Electricals was directly used by them to generate a sense of credibility. Then came too good to be true offers on holidays (which may or not be real, but certainly smelled like a rat). We were offered 10 days a year for 5 years for an “initial investment” of Rs. 51, 000/- .The person came to my house with me to collect the money and all trust I give him.
What got me itchy and suspicious and getting on google search immediately on returning home were these things:
1. The phone call itself pretended to distribute gift vouchers for Bajaj Electricals for three correct answers, but offered them even when the answers were wrong.
2. We are not listed for any schemes, contests or anything, and the organizers had no clear answer for how they got our number.
3. Nowhere on the location was any banner related with Bajaj (which is the name we were expecting to find) to be found. We honestly stumbled upon the event while enquiring about it.
4. Bajaj Electricals, the name used to draw unsuspecting people to the event - was in no way related to it, nor were any gift vouchers from Bajaj electricals distributed.
5. For a company that seemed to have gone through great effort to book a venue and organize individual presentations for participants, there was not a single piece of printed paper they actually gave anyone. No visiting cards, no printed documents of schemes, no nothing - not even mobile numbers.
6. It was clearly specified that the “outstanding offer” was open only right then, and the answer had to be yes or no on the completion of the presentation - no going home and taking a day to think or anything (more likely - no investigating this company for reliability)
7. The “gift vouchers” were for a holiday for two at one of some specified locations, where we still would be expected to be paying money.
8. The “presentation” itself was more like street haggling, where you are offered higher investment opportunities.
9. Why would any reputable company have an investment opportunity open for an evening where a decision is to be made without looking at any offer document, without any verification, office address, official representatives, or even simple visiting cards? The way I see it, if they can’t afford a basic official set up, my investment is unlikely to be safe with them.
10. Strangely, even their “managers” who came in to dramatic effect with approvals of surveys, and special offers, etc. didn’t even bother to provide surnames. I have yet to see any professional investment related thing being presented or negotiated without any written documentation or proposal of the exact offering and terms for consideration before investing in it. No official venue, no visiting cards, nothing.
11. For an investment related event taking place in a hotel, not even tea or coffee was offered. We were asked if we wanted water.
12. In short, they were simply trying to his susceptible people and get money out of them as fast as possible.
The sad part is that I found that middle class couples and one really aged one taking these offers very seriously. I hope for their sakes that this offer goes against all logic and turns out to be genuine.
I too got cheated by Highland holiday homes by false promises informing that they are of "Bajaj group". I was shocked to learn that they are no way related to Bajaj group.

As suggested by some of the complainants, the only way is all the affected people coming together and fighting against the fraud people.

I plan to take up this issue with the consumer court. If any or you would like to join do send me a mail with your details and also with a note whether you would like to part of this joint crusade against these fraud people. We can file a combined case against these people and get justice.
Kindly reply to the below mail: [protected]

Based on the feedback in the next 10 -15 days, we should plan the next course of action. One possible approach would be through
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