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they have called me that i've been selected for a gift voucher worth 7000/- i went to collect it at the venue(I.H.R.S.A.) Raheja arcade unit no-28, ground floor, 80 feet road koramangla 7th block, bangalore-34,It all began with a smooth talking salesman writing a lot on bits of paper creating flowcharts and lists and sweeping them away to create more on new pieces of paper. We were explained how Bajaj has plenty of ventures like Electricals, motors and god knows what else, and now there is a new one - Highland Holidays. This of course was total bull , as none of their papers had anything to do with Bajaj beyond its being the surname of one of its founders.i took a membership of 1 yr worth 6500/ when i try to redeem the gift voucher which was supposed to b free, they are asking me 1236/- for it. If the free gift voucher is like this then i can think of the membership promises. what can i do to get my 6500/- back??
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Aug 13, 2020
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Even I received same phone call saying that we offer u 3 day/ 3 nights free stay. I denied and didnt turned to them. So what I want to say that Before accepting such an exciting offer please search on the net, by typing the company's name u will get entire info. I did the same thing and later denied them...
I totally agreee with this. We all should come together & put these people behind bar.
I have been going thru this blog recently. Although I am also a sufferer, but I was not fortunate enough to go thru this Blog. The blog started almost 2 yrs back. What I want to know is, if the blog is alive, and all the people who have vowed to teach these buggers a lesson, are we anywhere, is the case lodged, anybody has taken any initiative to tesch these as****** a lesson. Kindly guide, I want to join the battle.

highland holiday homes — holidays

Dear Highland Members
People i have paid Rs 50, 000 for 5 yrs 10 D package yesterday. How can i get my money back. Is there any way I can register a complaint against them or get these crooks behind the bars.

This is my hard earned money!!!

Any help will be much appreciated. If possible, please contact[protected]

Mukul Vashisth
thanks for putting such valuable blog with experiences o[censored]sers...i had got a call a couple of minutes ago ... promising FREE 3 day 2 night stay at any of their 85 locations in India (Club Mahindra itself has 26 own and 5 affilate locations in india...this shd be a BIG trying to fool around) ... i was told that this was being offered as i had won in some draw of lot contest..the sales guy named Amit (surname not revealed during the call) mentioned that they operate thru two cities in bombay - Mira road and Mulund...he sounded strange when i said i would call him on the no that came on my mobile for collecting gift vouchers... i was repeatedly assured there are no HIDDEN charges/anomalies (i'm not sure how far this is true either)...he advised me to come along with spouse to collect the gift vouchers..going by these experiences, i think GOD saved me...thanks for saving my money and avoiding me from the hassels and mental agony...wish peace and prosperity for all of you...

i recd the call from [protected], in case this is useful to anyone...i don't want to persue this any further
Thats exactly true Deepika. Even I was one of the poor fellows who took membership for three yrs for 15, 000/-. When i got the membership, they told me that i can rent out my unused holidays thru them for which they will give me money. Now they are saying, its not their responsibility to do that. In addition, they promised me there will be free pick and drop facility in places where they have their own resorts. But now they are saying that facility is not there. Also, I got a promotional voucher which was told free, now they are charging me about 600+ as utility charges per day(which is very high, almost same to daily rent). I suggest people not to take membership with this company. If at all some likes to take membership, dont believe what they say, just read the contract carefully and act accordingly.
I had A good Experience
Frnds y shouldn, t u take write advice at the time of booking.
I went to the thane office before 1 year.i had taken a honymoon package,
they had given me very good packages n my honymoon become very good bcoz of HIGHLAND HOLIDAY
use some brain frnds
Hi All,

Yesterday i have booked package in Highland holiday homes, 15000 for three years.
after reading all these blogs i want to cancel this membership but they said it can not be canceled.
can any one help me out what i should do now? how i can get back my money?

my contact num : [protected] (Kapil)
Hi All,

yesterday i have booked package in hland holiday homes at nimal life style, mulund mumbai.
i paid 15000 for 3 years.

After reading these all the blogs i want to cancel membership.

i spoked with them but they won't cancel membership. can aany suggest me how i can back my money?

my contact number [protected] (kapil)
Thanks to you all firends...I got the call just 5 minutes before today (17-Aug-2010) from "Bajaj highland home company" San Hira height, 1st floor, near canara Bank, Above titan showroom, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune" from ms. Kareena([protected])...for the gift vouchar of worth 4500/-. The all I need to do was to answer atleast two correct answer out of three.

The Questions were having only two options :
Q.1. on first July, upon whose name "doctors day" is celebrated.

Option 1: B.C. Roy
Option 2 : Baba Saheb Ambedkar

My Answer : B.C. Roy. correct !

Q.2. What was the name of the Mahahtma Gandhi's Mother Name?
Option 1: Kasturba Bai
Option 2. : Putli Bai
My Answer : Putli Bai. correct!

ho ho...till this time I thought I am eligible for the free gift vouchar of 4500/- but that duffer continued to ask me the third question.

Q.3. Who is the first Lady IPS officer of India.
Option 1: Kiran Bedi
Option 2 : Pooja Bedi (not sure abt this option...but anyhow...every body with minimal GK knows the answer.)
Still waiting for the answer...hmmm

My Answer : Kiran Bedi. correct!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww I am eligible for 4500/- gift vouchar for just spending 4.5 minutes of incoming phone call from Kareena darling...!!!

I am given the address as mentioned above to come along with wife. I given one rgistration id and after giving wife & mine details, i was given smth. like allocation or booking number.

I was told I will get the confirmation call before one hour of the scheculed time of the meeting.

But...only one thought lead me to come this fourum...the thought (saying...quote etc. ) is :

There is nothing like free lunch in this world.

so I am not saying they cheated me or if I am going to them to be cheated.But after reading 7 pages of comments here...

I am not a Foooooool...Thankyou Internet...Thanks consumercomplaints...Atleast you saved my time of worth 2500/- and much more he he :)

Name : Manu Moksha
And then what do u do???? just reply back saying that whatever the coustmer has and will say is completey untrue and only your Representatives are avatars of Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra...

Cut the crap and dont ask people to fwd their complaints and quiers to the mentioned email address and waste their time only to know that whatever they say is completey untrue coz I have already tried writing to [protected], [protected] and your headoffice [protected]

This is the first company I have seen where the Head office does not have any information about their branch offices but the branch offices have all the information about all the other branch offices... And is the also great to hear that Highland Holiday Homes was barred from doing any business by Sebi for 5 years beacuase of a fraud.

Heres the link to that :--
I too took up a membership about three years back. Man they are such a bunch of frauds, I wish we could all team up and take some legal action against them . mail me at [protected] if you need my support.
Here is he elaborative complaint I filed with the Consumer Forum india :

Title : Cheated
Complaint ID : 991
Complaint Details : I was duped of Rs 27000 by Highland holiday homes(HHH)
as follows,
actually this is a perfect case of Machiavellianism

I was new to Bangalore and i got a call from HHH saying i was
selected for a Lucky gift based on a draw they had done on VIP
phone numbers, i happen to have a mobile number that ends with
9990, so i though i should go an visit their place.

Upon visiting they boasted about HHH as the number one holiday
hotel chain, with Adi Godrej and other important people in the
board of directors.they made me overwhelmed with the ambiance
and the kind of hotels of hotels they owned and the large
number of hotels they were associated with.

Before buying the membership, i was so much pressurized about
the 5star hotel associations the HHH have and all the 5star
facilities the HHH would provide me for just a basic fee of
450. I was also told that i could surrender my membership at
any point of time and my money will be given back to me within a

fortnight at the rate of Rs1050 per holiday remaining.

The sales guy was a perfect Machiavelli, and he made me take a
membership of 5 years, with 7 days of holidays at 5star hotels
each year. (totaling 35 days of holidays)

It came as a surprise to me when i received a booklet by mail,
mentioning their associations, none of the hotels were a 5star
and not even a 2 star.

anyway, In August, i tried to book a holiday with the HHH at
one of their associated hotel. to my surprise the rates quoted
to me by the HHH, of the hotel were even higher than the market
rates, and not Rs 450 as they had promised. This was a complete
cheat on their side.

Finally i applied for cancellation for membership, and i haven't
received any reply back .Its been Six months, and I have called
them about 30 times and each time they have one excuse or another
and keep telling me they will get back to me which they never do.

Here are the details

Membership tenure 5 Years
Taken on 1st of November 2006
Submitted for cancellation on 25 Sep 2007

Communication address

Consequences : Lost monitory Rs 27000 as the membership fee paid.

visited their place about 6 times, wasting about 3 hours of personal time
each time i visited. This ought to be compensated as i would had delivered
professional services to my office, and earned.

Called them up more than 30 times, wasting time . peace, energy and
money .
I am kapil from mumbai, Please call me at [protected]. i am going to take action against Highland holiday.
I want to your support.

Do not absolutely go to avail such an offer or even listen to them/entertain their calls again. It is a major fraud which fools people in the fastest way possible, very well explained above by Yogesh Dadheech.
If they do call again by mistake, tell them you will lodge a police complaint against them.
I feel immense happiness in talking to you through this letter. The purpose of this is based on our belief that good service providers are created out of valuable percentage. We for the first time expeivencred highland service at our very first trip to lonavala, commend on 1st May 2009. The experience was exiting and appreciatable. Right from reception to room service and every one out there were at their besting extending service. We felt at home with their company.
We look forward towards exactly good service extended to us at our next visit too at different destinations. Congratulations on team’s commendable performance and keep up the best work.
I lost 65K to these cheaters in Pune in March 2011. It just happened that few days before we had attended club mahindra presentation for the same and we didn't took it. whe we compared it with them we thought htis is a reasonable deal. Moreover the biggest blunder was I signed the documents gien by them for this deal. When I trie dto read them they said it covers everything which they had promised and also told me that I can cancel my membership anytime and get the refund back.However the vey next day we searched on goole and got to know that we have been duped.I visited their office in Pune and reqested them that I am not intrested in this deal and want the refund of my amount else I told them not to claim this amount as the same was paid by credit card of Standard Chartered Bank. Then I got a call from their customer care froma lady name Uma and she told that you should try our vacation package once. When I inisisted that I want to cancel this and I am also ready to pay the cancellation charges she started talking arrogantly . I visied the Pune centre located in camp again and submit my cancellation for membership request but they said the membership is non-cancellable. I don't undersatnd how can there be any legal membership document with such clause as the membership is for using their services in future. I also requested the Standard Charter bank to hold these payment and not to pay the vendors as The payment was not released by the bank them. They lodged my complaint but realesad the money instad of my continuous follwowing up with the not to realease the money when the vendor provided them with the document signed by me. The bank trusted the documents provided by Highland Homes and showed no trust on its customer who was responsible for paying that amount.If it would have been any other indian bank like HDFC this would have never happened. I know that there are no hopes of getting my money back. I don't know if consumer court would be taking any action on these cheaters but I surely think that these cheaters should be punished who are enjoying on people's hard earned money. I try to forget this blunder but I cannot. My heart sinks whenever I think of this. This is a kind of mental harrasement.
Please help me to get the refund of my amount.
Hi All,
I'm Piyush from Pune. We are also cheated for 15000. They somehow or other want to just sell the so called membership. Same happened with us as well though we were not interested to take this.

We tried to cancel but they are not ready to hear. Just now I got call from Priti from Pune office but it was basically of no use.

If anyone is interested to do something concrete against this cheater firm, please call me at +[protected] or mail at [protected]

Just writing your sad story here will not help, let's unite and fight. This company was banned by SEBI for 5 years in 2001 -

Let's try to ban this company forever now. Success or failure is not in our hands but we should try. Even if we don't get our money back we should do everything possible to stop this company, which is cheating so many innocents every week.

Waiting for your calls/mails.

Please check my mail below:
Hi Sir,
Thanks for showing the interest in taking the feedback.
*Regarding the Customer Care Department - Pune Branch: *
1. Service was not quick.
2. Staff had told that they would give me a call, once bookings are
confirmed, However, After giving the dates for booking, I had to follow
up for the status of the booking. I had not got any call from Customer
service for confirmation.
3. Calling upon the landline numbers were not picked at all, and when asked
for Mobile number in case you are not picking landlines, Staff simply said,
we can not provide our Personal numbers, (although it is fine for me), but
reason for not attending the phone calls was one of the staff member was on
leave. What others were doing?
4. Not pointing to only negative points here, but they have managed few
alterations after first confirmation of places & dates, is really

*Regarding the Tour :*
1. Utility charges were too high, than what it was committed while
purchasing the policy. I had told that Utility charges will range from 500
to 650 Rs. depending upon the service & rating of Hotel. however, charges
were more that 1200Rs for lowest rate hotel from my booking.
2. No hotel provided any help is pickup / drop to any station and no
complementary site visits as well.
3. Hotel were given were not even star rated, as it was committed before.
They were very Pathetic, NO CLEANLINESS, NO AC / BROKEN AC. (It should have
been minimum - 3 star or more as per commitments.)
Here, I felt like I have been cheated. and Just for selling the policy, false
commitments were provided to Customers.
4. When inquired at hotel directly, some surprising thing came to my notice,
(not disclosing the name as of now, whenever required, will provide the
proofs), at one hotel, Rent was Rs 1190, and Utility charges paid by me were
1250Rs (More than room rent ??). Are you supposed to give us the concession
after purchasing Rs. 35000/- policy from you OR you should think of earning
commission on that amount as well.

(Attached few photos from my tour:
1. TV - CRT was damaged, u can see colors
2. Broken AC - It was not in working condition as well
3. Center table at reception of one hotel - few photos)

Please let me know, how to get my money refund and close this policy.
Waiting for your answers.


PLEASE help me to get my money back..
Mail ID: maze.[protected]
Contact No: [protected]
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