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[Resolved]  Hitachi — Sub-Standard Hitachi Ace Split A. C. 2 Tons

July 4, 2008

M/s Hitachi Home & Life Solutions India Ltd
Abhijeet, 9th Floor, Mithakhali Six Roads,
Ahmedabad-380006, Gujarat

Kind Attn: - Shinichi Lizuka (M. D.)

Sub: - Sub-Standard Hitachi Ace Split A. C. 2 Tons

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to a Hitachi Ace Split A. C. 2 Tons bought by me on April 14th 2008.

The Machine Model No. RAU024HOD Machine Sr. No SE081C03073 & Remo Com Sr No. RFL08A10542.

I would like to take a little of your busy time tell you my total experience with Hitachi India. I would also appreciate it you read it full as I spent lot of time writing & experiencing what I am about to write.


I have bought my Two AC of Hitachi Make Thorough M/s City Electronics in year 2003 when Hitachi had newly launched the Logicool µ Series AC.

The AC’s are still working in my home except for Noise Level has increased as years have passed I do not have much of complaint except for after sales service support which is pathetic.


I recently had a need for a Two Ton Split AC again for my house although in the intervening years I bought lot of AC for my Office and Home from Electrolux, LG, Samsung.

The machine was bought by me from M/s City Electronics, Shop No. 17, First Floor, MGF The Plaza, M.G. Road, Gurgaon on 100% Cash Payment.

From the day of installation there were problems.

The personal who came to fit the AC were working in Samsung service center and were on leave that day and making some extra money on the side by doing installation. He did not even bother remove the wooden block placed under the compressor at the time of fitment claiming it is better as it will reduce noise.(Read the operation and installation manual). This block was removed by me personally.

The first complaint was lodged on the day one itself when as soon as the AC was switched on we found that it making noise like old rattling diesel Engine the outdoor unit can be heard all the way in the front of the house even when it was installed at the back of the house.

We had immediately informed the dealer and asked to replace the AC he assured us it was a minor problem and fixed. We agreed as we have known him for many years. His mechanic came and did something the noise went down but was not completely eliminated.

Now the situation is this that the AC has stopped cooling on June 08, 2008 so I lodged the complaint with Dealer who said his personal will come and look. The personal came after three days of lodging the complaint and checked the AC.

He stated that the Copper pipe above the compressor is cracked I immediately called the dealer and asked to replace the unit as this is second major complaint in as many months.

He said he will send another person in evening to confirm the fault.

The second person that turned up was from M/s Budget Vision, 107 Vashisht Complex,
Sikender Pur MG Road, Gurgaon.

He started by asking for soap water so that he check pipelines. I told him that pervious person has said Copper pipe above the compressor is cracked so he should open the unit to confirm the same. On hearing this he claimed that he does not have screw driver for the same (Which was a Lie). Fortunately we have suitable tools in our home so I provided him with tools. He just opened the electric connection plate and looked inside with light from mobile and confirmed what I just told him. I asked him to remove the AC and take it with him so that it can be replaced but it turned he was yet another roadside mechanic on contract with M/s Budget Vision. He did not have the Authority nor was his boss told him about removing the AC so he went away. (A big applause for Dealer management & training programs is needed here)

Next again after much agitated talks with M/s City Electronics & M/s Budget Vision yet another person turned up. He said he is here to inspect the AC. I told him it is already inspected by four People in last two days and he should just remove it and replace it.

He told he is from M/s Budget Vision & the AC was purchased by M/s City Electronics from them for further supply to me. That we should talk with M/s City Electronics for this matter.

Now it is over one month and we are without AC and nobody neither M/s Budget Vision or M/s City Electronics are coming forward with a proper response instead choosing to lay responsibility on each other.

Since when has a Japanese company starting to act like a Chinese.

I have paid a premium of nearly 40% over other brands for your AC. The price for your AC are 30 to 40% higher than other brands does this means do you consider Hitachi a premium Brand if yes than surely you do not provide servicing meriting this premium.

I searched the internet and read in newspaper it seems recently lot of Split AC are having a high failure rate in regard to same Issue i.e. leakage of Gas. Does this mean that you have faulty batch of Components if so then why issue a general product recall and have it fixed in one go as is the norm or other hand is this start of the end that QC has gone so low that you will supply anything.

I have been forced send the summers in hot all thanks to you people. I could have done easily without spending the extra 45K.

What is that we can do to improve the situation and get my AC Replaced. Perhaps I can visit your plant and personally airlift the a New AC to Gurgaon. Maybe if you can be specs and drawings of the AC I can fabricate it my self and believe me I can.

I will look forward to hearing your solution soon.

I don't expect much in form of response from your side. But still this letter might help you understand why after so many years Other Brands are selling more and giving a better performance despite yours is positioned as premium.


Bhavesh Kumar
Mobile: - [protected]
Email: - [protected]

PS: - I recently bought a Big Bazaar Brand Kroyo 1.5 Ton AC for my office and to my surprise it is whisper quiet and even the outdoor unit has no noise, the service level from them was much better than the one expect.
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Aug 13, 2020
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A very detailed and patiently written e mail my friend, but I am afraid sent to deaf and blind company.
Hitcachi in India supplies Chinese products with NO after sales service whatsoever.
The consumer protection laws in India are still very weak. I simply threw the 2 AC's of Hitachi and put Indian AC's which may not be the so called best in technology but at least are not cheats.
Thanks to Mr. Bhavesh

I was planning to buy the same AC of 2 tonnes but now i he is true while i already listen same from one of my relative even then i was little believing.

May God Give right attitude to Hitachi or let them feel the same.
>[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
> From: rajinder aggarwal <[protected]>
> Date: Tue, May 5, 2009 at 11:26 PM
> Subject: Re: Hitachi Refrigerator Model Number R-S37NUND purchased on
> 27th May 2006
> To: customercare.[protected],
> [protected]
> Cc: [protected]
> *Re-sending !Problem yet not resolved!!*
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 1:20 PM, rajinder aggarwal
> <[protected]>wrote:
> > Dear Sir/Mam,
> >
> > This is in reference to the ongoing problems we are
> facing Hitachi
> > Refrigerator Model No. R-S37NUND purchased on 27th May
> 2006.Further to
> > issues already addressed in below mails, on 25th feb
> 2009 the refrigerator
> > showed the same problem & an engineer from Diztek
> Services had replaced the
> > compressor on 7th march 2009.
> >
> > It has hardly been a month & again we are facing
> the similar problem- there
> > is no cooling ( Complaint No:[protected]; Date 20
> April 2009 ). This
> > refrigerator was bought only 2 .5 years back &
> every month there is a
> > problem. We had bought this refrigerator going by
> Hitachi's brand image, but
> > are completely dissappointed with its performance.It
> works for a few weeks
> > & then 2 weeks go in getting the problem
> resolved.Kindly help in resolving
> > the matter asap.Mr Ajay Sethi @ Dizteck Services has
> been updated about same
> > on phone.
> >
> > Thank you
> > Unnati/ Nipun
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > ----- Original Message ----- *From:* RK Aggarwal
> <[protected]>
> > *To:* [protected]
> > *Cc:* RK Aggarwal <[protected]>
> > *Sent:* Monday, November 03, 2008 1:34 PM
> > *Subject:* Re: Hitachi Refrigerator Model Number
> R-S37NUND purchased on
> > 27th May 2006
> >
> > Dear Sir,
> >
> > Further to this mail, an engineer from Diztek services
> had visited us on
> > 31st of Oct Friday & changed D -sensor again.
> > However the refrigerator is still showing the same
> problem, the freezer is
> > not working & light in upper chamber is blinking
> .Kindly get this resolved
> > asap
> >
> > Nipun
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> >
> > *From:* RK Aggarwal <[protected]>
> > *To:* [protected]
> > *Sent:* Wednesday, October 29, 2008 2:53 PM
> > *Subject:* Hitachi Refrigerator Model Number R-S37NUND
> purchased on 27th
> > May 2006
> >
> >
> > Dear Sir,
> >
> > 1. Our Hitachi Refrigerator Model No. R-S37NUND
> purchased on 27th May 2006
> > has stopped cooling since 1st October'2008 and a
> complaint was filed with
> > your customer service centre over phone on the same
> day.
> >
> > 2. We had to make several phone calls and repeatedly
> chase your after sales
> > service centre to follow up on our complaint and it
> was only on 17th
> > Oct'2008 that a technician, Mr. M.B Joshi from
> your authorised service
> > centre M/s Dizitek Services came and replaced some
> faulty parts and charged
> > a huge amount of Rs.6857/- . The Refrigerator worked
> temporarlily for a
> > couple of days and failed again. We managed to get Mr.
> Joshi to come again
> > and he again replaced the same PCB again but without
> any additional charges
> > this time. The refrigerator worked for a couple of
> days and failed again. We
> > have tried calling him again a few times now but he is
> yet to make a visit.
> >
> > 3. We are thoroughly disappointed by:-
> >
> > a) The breakdown of the refigerator within such a
> short period of time
> > after the purchase
> >
> > b) Refusal by your company to repair this free cost of
> under warranty
> > and instead put the blame on lack of a voltage
> stabiliser being installed by
> > us to safeguard the refrigerator;
> >
> > c) Extremely poor response from your after sales &
> service
> > organisation. Your website does not carry contact name
> or address or phone
> > number of people who are accountable towards after
> sales & service and names
> > of senior management to whom the issue should be
> escalated in case of no
> > response. Also no one ever picks up the phone at
>[protected] call centre
> > numbers you have provided.
> >
> > We have been regularly updating your Mr. Ajay Sethi
> about this matter as
> > well. But would appreciate if someone senior in the
> organisation can look
> > into the matter please and save us from further
> harassment and stress.
> >
> > Nipun Aggarwal

> >
> > Copy By Courier to:-
> > Country Head,
> > Hitachi India Trading Pvt. Ltd.
> > Units 304-306,
> > 3rd Floor, ABW Elegance Tower,
> > Jasola District Centre,
> > New Delhi 110 025, India

Samsung India Ltd. / Window 1.5 Ton A.C. — Delivering the subStandard & Faulty 1.5 Ton AC & non-attending the Complaints.

I have purchase a Samsung Make 1.5 Ton AC Model No.18ZKA from Gaurav Electronics Premier Collection Showroom 2363, Main road West Patel; Nager New Delhi-08.on 01.05.09 wide Bill No. 5928 dt.01.05.09 of Rs. 17, 500-00 . On instaltion it was not giving the colling and the fact of non-colling was immediately brought to your notice on 03.05.09. I have also made a complaint on the number of the service Centre provided by you Gaurav Electronics on 03.05.09 . The non attending my complaint for three days has shocke me and I continously contacted the party as well as the manufacturer, M/S. Samsung & its service Centre & assured the AC to be lifted by 09.05.09 from the place of installation & commit to deliver back within 2 days, but it was to my utter dismay that no body tured up till date. I was in a state of total shock and frantically calling upon service centre to take necessary action into the matter and even I request to M/s Gaurav Electronic and Service Centre to replace the Air Conditioner. On 14/05/09 finaly they lifted the Air Conditioner from my house vide Order No-SS14E366AC dated 14/05/09 vide claime No- [protected]. Finaly on 22/05/09 the service center employee Mr. Gagan rang me that your AC has been repaired and you reach at home that we will install the AC. after reaching home at 6 PM then again I got the call from service Centere that we can not deliver the AC as it is not working properly.

After that again I make the call to M/s Gaurv Electronics and I told him regarding the inconvience I am feeling and I told him that kindly replace the AC. Mr. Gaurv said that I will revert back after getting the information from service center. I even told him to replace the Air condioner but he told me that he is helpless to replace it. and I can't do anything.

Hoping that you will help me from this problem which is I am facing.

Thaking you,

Yours faithfully,

Rakesh Kumar Chaudhry
8/288, Sunder Vihar.
New Delhi
Dear sir, i am mohan lal jain from vijayawada, i had took Hitachi window 1.5 A/C from Digital Vision vijayawada.on igave acomplaint on 14.4.2006 after 5 days on 19.4.2006 service boy had came and told that PC problem is he told that PC cost is 2200/- so i told that dont repair bring the new PC.after bringing new PC he told that cost is 3500/-.Then also i told ok please make it fast.Afterwards they are telling that compressor problem is there & the cost is Rs 8000/ i told that no need to repair & leave it.After 10 days they are telling that problem.they took the ADVANCE Rs 1000/- and they are not refunding the advance amount and they are telling that this is our company rule.the service boy who had came he wont have any experience.they came from[protected].so i request you please refund the advance amount rs 1000/- as soon as possible. thanking you,
sir. i am mohan lal jain my mobile no [protected]

Dear Sir,

I was cheated by the name Hitachi "great japanese company" . I have bought hitachi ace AC(ACE 1.5ton) 2years back,

Every first day hitachi dealer cheated with not giving installation kit.
Second week gas recharged as it leaks
End of the first season machine starts making ice.
Second week gas recharged as it leaks no leakage cause found
End of season gas leaked
Third season leakage found on cooling coil technician told need to replace
Now it is been brased(repaired) without my concent.
Now i want clear answer from you only why these bad quality product are been sold with the name Hiatchi how gas can be leaked from very first day to every season
i want my hard earned money back or service of my money

Aijaz Ahmad
mobile [protected]

Respected Sir,

My IDU was delivered 2days backs from service centre after working 5days on it yesterday technician install IDU and gas leakage detected within 15 minutes
now this indoor unit need to be re-repair back in service centre as told by technician.
Dear sir my humble request to you please change my IDU on discount basis from your approval as me and my family suffered a lot instead i have paid premium
amount for your product and service and respected sir why should only me to suffer its your company who made this product and served by you.
Been late to escalate to you with this issue is only my patience on the name of Hitachi.

Reply requested

Aijaz Ahmad
Complaint No.-[protected]

Dear Mr.Aijaz Ahmad

Deeply regret the long unresolved concern regarding your AC . Extremely sorry for the trouble you are undergoing.

Would like to assure you that we will resolve the concern to your satisfaction.


Satish Nair

Dear Sir,

Hope fully you will provide me proper sloution with in "Minimum Time Frame".
Kindly mention the time frame by when i will get the "Fool proof Sloution" (With New IDU).


Please find attached photos of service closed yesterday also I have log the compliant but closed today.
Now I am thinking job to done outside hitachi
On such a senior position and sort of work terrible.
Please reply what to do.

This is the service of your premium product why you people are in so hurry to close the call

Your Request No.[protected] has been closed in our system.Pls call our customer care no. [protected] if it has not been fully addressed-Hitachi Service Centre.

Your Request No.[protected] has been closed in our system.Pls call our customer care no. [protected] if it has not been fully addressed-Hitachi Service Centre.

never ever buy hitachi products
Does anyone even read issues posted here. I am having a real hard time with teh Hitachi Service center in Delhi. Its been 17 days i logged a complaint and no one is there to fix my Windo 1.5 tonn AC.
One of the biggest wrong decision taken to purchase HITACHI AIRCONDITION, product quality is not up to the mark, and if arise with any problem no body is there to resolve your proble, service part is very poor, not poor but too mutch pathatic, hence i have decided that i will not recomend any of my freiend, relative, collegue to purchase Hitachi peoduct

after sales service is very Poor

window a/c not avilable electric plug

i am purchased 1.5 ton hitachi window a/c . but not avilable electric plug inside packing. by philipkumar [protected] kalpakkam

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