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My name is Nandesh and i am a businessman in Karwar. From your ad and also from my friend's advice I had booked an ACTIVA scooter to one of your authorised dealers SHANTESHA HONDA, HUBLI. On Monday 27th of SEPT 2010, We (my friend & me both) have gone to Hubli from karwar (200km) only to buy activa after a call made by show room to me. We meet Manager and told that we are coming from karwar please make arrangement of quick dispatch of our (2 no. activa ) vehicle. Manager (i think his name is Venkatesh) told - go and talk to our salesman he will deal you - i am busy. Salesman told it will take 6-7 hrs we told that we have purchased 5 vehicles from hubli within 3hrs (Herohonda CBZ and Pleasure and TVS- Apache) we have given references also but he was making stories by saying RTO takes min4 hrs and then our fitting accessories time ...... all these.

To save our time we told that don't fit accessory we will fit in Karwar showroom, he told that accessory fitting is mandatory, when we reached to Manager , he also repeated the same.

In the mean time a customer from Hubli was querying to sales executive that why they have not informed about his booked vehicle Manager interfere and told customer to show the call detail of his mobile number and when the person has shown then he was saying we have many booking, if you want to complain go and complain.

After fitting our accessories to our vehicle (almost after 6hrs), we saw the Temporary Permit receipt it was only of Rs110. When we again queried for this, Manager told that it is RTO's COMMISSION, you are creating problems since morning and it is enough of my passions and you should be thankful to us because we have delivered you within one day..... and all rubbish he was saying to us.When i asked him to provide us customer care number he told that- open vehicle service manual and see the number, he was not talking properly his behavior was to bad like a sadak-chap. He told go and complain......

I really wonder how come these people are siting in hot seats and allowed to take higher level position while they are too low level category people having full of attitude, no manners and don't have respect to the customers. They do neither value their customers not their time, how come such people be the manager.

I believe honda is a brand name but this type of behavior of a Manager results with the bad reputation of the Company

Kindly take an action against Showroom to save ur Business and customer .

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SUDEEP GOEL [protected]

bhagirathi — change of tariff

i have applied for the change of broad band tarrif plan from home 250 to home 900 plus. still i did not get any intimation regarding that . in my portal i am not able to view my usage . really i am very much confused.
my telephone no is[protected]
broad band : bsnl data one

Honda — Dealer Unprofessional Behaviour

Pathetic service at pathankot region by Bhalai Motors. We booked one activa on 11th April '08 and till date have not received any confirmation from their side. Multiple follow ups but no replies till date.
The Manager,
I am working in a Malayalam paper concern of repute. From your ad and also from my friend's advice I purchased an ACTIVA scooter from one of your authorised dealers M/S MARIKAR MOTORS, TRIVANDRUM, on 24th of APRIL 2008 under regn no. KL01 AS 8508. ( Eng no.JF08E5302328). There was a leak from the Battery on the week next onwards and as a consequence the front mud gaurd began to look very shabby. I complaint about this to the dealer and nearly 7 times they tried to repair but all there efforts were in vain. I really regret to inform that if such a small defect is not repaired, what happen when some major trouble errupts? Since till date(17/06/08) the defect was not repaired the front mudgaurd began to rust day by day. Now it seems that there is no other way but to replace the battery and the front mudgaurd. Hence I request that the same may be replaced at the earliest.
If no action is taken i may be constrained to reddress my complaint legally. I hope wiser counsels will prevail and the needful will be done from your side without forcing me to take a drastic step.
Thanking you,
Respected Mr. Umesh,

I had visited your showroom for an grey Activa.

Mr Prasad was the sales consultant Guy.

But I am sorry to say that i am very upset with the whole working system of B U Bhandari auto.

right from the beginig to the end i faced a struggle and plaese dont consider this as a regulat complaint as i am also working with the automobile induistry and in my showrooms consumers are not illtreated like yours

when i entered I ahd to wait for 10 mins for a sales consultant to give me an appointment. It was a week day
Did not have a Activa for test Drive, have not taken a test drive till date.
showed my Kinetic ZX '97 model to your exchange guy sitting there he offered me 4000/- when i was negotiating with him he just walked away as if I am asking him a Lakh of rupee the same Activa was sold at Rs. 6000/- to Kothari Honda in cash after 10 days he is your competutor in wakdewadi and proof can be produced.
when i received my brand new vehicle I had asked for a choice number and your guy pawar spoke rudely to me for which i had to approach a guy outside.
To my surprise I started the vehicle in the morning and it refused to start and now i am really frustrated
After Numerous tries also the vehicle dose not start.
the rubber sticker in the front is also completely removed let me remind you its my 1 day old vehicle.
After visiting the showroom I spoke to Mr. Umesh that gentelman was kind enough to listen to my complaint but he wanted me to leave the bike there but being a working lady its difficukt for me and I have to bear a major frustration every morning to start the vehicle.

I am never going to advise anybody to go to BU Bhandari absolute no service and no customer satisfaction.

Why should i tolerate all ths

Please resolve and give me a solution



I Amit Tandon had booked an Activa on 09th July 2008 through PREMIER CAR SALES, Lucknow. I was informed to collect my scooty on 26th July 2008 but as I was making payments through cheque I was said to collect it after two days. I am sorry to say that today 7 days have passed & the dealer is not giving me the delivery. I am making 4-5 calls daily but they are very rude. If this is the position I'll have to lodge my complaint in the CONSUMER FORUM against your dealer. They are harassing the costumer.

B.U.Bhandari — Old damaged vehicle received in place of brand new honda activa

I received the delivery of my so called brand new honda activa on 18th August 2008, just to find out that I have received a old damaged vehicle with cracks, scratches and noise. The scratches and cracks were well hid with polish and plastic paper that no one can be aware at the time of delivery. You reach home, take out the plastic paper wrapped around the vehicle and you know how experienced are cheaters like B.U.Bhandari. They mint profits but cheating people who invest their hard earned money to buy a new vehicle. I am not going to take this matter lightly, I will surely fight for my right. Because of people like B.U.Bhandari, our country gets a bad name. Please donot buy your vehicle at B.U.Bhandari. They only cheat and nothing else. I hope people in Honda read this message and take some action against the dealer, unless even a company like Honda is also a cheater.
I purchase Honda city car 2 years agao. Since day 1 problem was of bouncing glass. Every time I took my care to Ring Road Honda servie centre, beeding was cleaned and next day onwards problem persisted again. On 22nd August, again I took my care for service and with same complaint. technicain again sprayed some liquiid on beeding and assured me that it is perfect now.

Next day itself due to bouncing issue, I has to push the glass down and my wife's finger as well got stuck into it.

This is really a hell now. Nobody hears for last two years and no one understands the gravity of the problem...
I purchased an ACTIVA scooter from one of your authorised dealers M/S EVM HONDA MOTORS, KAIMANAM, TRIVANDRUM, on 22th of SEPTEMBER 2007 under regn no. KL01 AR 5910. ( Eng no.JF08E5008992 ). There was a complaint about bad service. engine fault, tyre damaged etc. complaint about this to the dealer and nearly 10 times we complaint to service manager. really regret to inform that if such a small defect is not repaired, what happen when some major trouble errupts?. Now it seems that there is no other way but to replace the tyre and the front mudguard during service. I inform the general manager to solve this problem, but there no respone. Hence I request that the problems may solve immedieately.

Honda — pathetic levels of customer service


This is pramod from kollam. This is to bring to your kind attention the pathetic levels of customer service provided by the service workshop of Vahini Honda at kollam, Kelala

. I have purchased a ball racer kit for unicorn 29-sep-2008 (InvNo M11964). They charged me Rs 276 for it. I checked wrapper of the spare and found the price is only Rs 208.00 inclusive of all taxes. I contacted Vahini Honda the next day. They told they billed ball racer for Honda activa. They requested me to come over there for refunding the excess amount paid. Attaching scanned copies.

My subordinate came there on 3th oct to collect the money. He kept waiting for almost an hour, but they said many excuses; their manager was on lunch break... he is coming in half hr. In a nut shell my person left your showroom without solving the issue.

I wish to remind you that the mistake is exclusively yours' and it is solely your responsibility to ensure availability of your staff in the seats. Usually we customers expect a quality standard from the Services of Honda authorized service centers. It is a demerit on your part that, an authorized dealer is packed with irresponsible staffs. I feel it's a true evidence of mismanagement from Honda. I suggest you to appoint efficient dealers only. More sales does not mean satisfied customers. This not what I expected when I bought a product of HONDA. This kind of step motherly treatment towards your two wheeler segment customers will create a huge dent in the reputation that you have built up over the past several years.

I assume that you are given a fancy designation where you have no power to-do anything, so as to improve the process at Honda. Nor will you have any power to fix loop holes in the system. I request you to take steps to redress my complaint and take appropriate action against these erring personnel at the earliest. I need refund for the trauma I have gone through.
i had buyed 2 vehicles from honda . 1>activa, from lajpat nagar delhi, 2>eterno, from noida sector 10. i just wanna suggest u for 3 small things in eterno which should be there but it does not have.
1.petrol meter- which each and every vehicle has.
2.a tipical good sound horn. by which people should have space to go.or to tell move a side.
3.a battery, which should be there to take load . other than every thing is perfect. please reply me .
i have an Honda activa 18 months back.recently from last 6 months i am facing a problem with my was getting a harsh sound when i am driving it .i have given my bike with that complaint for three times but they are not rectifying please do the needful for vechicle no is AP31AS7687
To The Manager,

I have purchased a honda Activa on 30th April 2007 from GUNNANI HONDA, Bhubaneswar, ORISSA.Its still under warrenty. The Honda Registration number is OR 02 AN 6292.

After 5th Service, all of a sudden the scooter started giving trouble. It stops while running on the road. Its no more a reliable Activa. Every week I take it to the Dealer, they show some kind of excuse, but the original problem remains as it is. Almost every week I go to the Dealer but It never Attended properly.Neither the Service Engineer nor the Service manager could able to find the fault. They are not even writing the Complain properly in the Complain book. Its hopeless Dealer.

I donot know why the Honda Sales/ Dealer Development deptt is not taking any Action for the Dealer. They should be punished for this kind of act.
I would Greately Appreciate If you can take any steps and let me have a defect free honda.
(Note:- This my last step Prior to going for any Legal Action)
i want know on what base u take activa for service because according to the kms i have free service coupon and according to the days i have to pay for the service

and one more thing my activa &my friend's activa we all have average problem all activa average in between 20 to 30 km/litre
I have booked your Honda Activa and shine on 07-10-08
by Sai Point Automobiles Pvt Ltd, Panchpakhadi, Thane-400602.
Tel No: 25448282
Concern person: Miss Minakshi
She promised me to give delievery withing 30 days. But after 15 days she said that due vehicle shortage it will take next 15 days, so I cancelled one vehicle SHINE and and purchased through other dealer and waited for Honda Activa.Still now 01-12-08
I have not received the Activa Please look into the matter as it took 60 days long.

Honda Shine Booking Number - 11028
Honda Activa Booking Number - 11002

Waiting your reply...


Honda — loan track

sir my name is tabrez ahmed
i have taken twowheellr loan my loan account no is (LTBNG[protected]) I NEED A STM I WHANT TO CLOOSE THE LOAN PLEASE SEND ME DEATILES

regarding poor quality of roads — regarding poor quality of roads in G blk d/s pratap vihar

Sir now a days the repairing of roads in g blk is going on.The quality of road is very bad before issuing comletion certificate for payment Pl. go through the quality of road.Thanks
Dear Friends,
The company who says they are the Desh ki dadkhan but they are very poor in the service of even a new coustomer especialy with the delears they give delearship to Gundas especialy like K.T.C in calicut (kerala) I came to face this problem by boking the honda activa in december I had spoked this mater with the manager Mr.praveen Nair he was saying if you want to cancel the booking we dont care. The bludy company doesnt know that am retaired from defence and served my nation for a long time and the bike company say that they are the Desh ki dhadakan is this is the way how you belongs to.
dont think that you are only the one in market please go and check the suzik 125cc new scoter beter than you they will lead in Desh ki dhadakan.


Honda — Defaulting on delivery and change in product specification

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have booked black activa on 26th Feb 2009 via Honda dealer Pratik Honda, Kopar khairane, Navi Mumbai. There was no communication in last 35 days and as I tried to get delivery details dealer says that the earlier model of activa i.e. of 102 cc is now replaced by new 110 cc activa and there is no delivery schedule or new price list available with dealer for the same. The same will be confirmed to me in a weeks time which means after 45 days of booking I will get the price and delivery schedule where as the commitment was for 30 days delivery.

On detail enquiry I found that the bikes are sold on 2000 to 3000 extra preminum cost if you need delivery on the spot and for such cases bikes are always available.

I seriously like to charge Honda for this delay and careless behaviour towards the customers.

Please advice me how to do the same.


Honda — Poor Quality Gear Oil Pump

We have purchased Honda Activa from RUSHABH MOTORS PVT.LTD Nashik on 25/01/2007.Due to poor
quality of gear for oil pump. Part no 15133-GFC-901. The vehicle was ceased and we have to bear repairing charges of Rs 3463/-

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