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[Resolved]  Hp — Worst Customer service response

I have lodged a complaint (Case ID [protected]) with HP customer care for my HP Pavilion notebook dv6265us; the CS executive had instructed me to take the laptop to the Andheri Service center. The service center has quoted an amount of Rs.15850 /-as the charges for the mother board replacement. The laptop is 1.4 years old, which clearly indicates that the warranty period is over. But I am in question about the quality of the HP products specially the Notebooks, as this is not the first time I have come across this kind of issues with HP. I have a Second laptop model: Compaq 6320, in which I have faced frequent issues and almost all parts from motherboard / DVD writer / screen etc. have been replaced in this unit. I have all the Call proofs. (Thank god this product is in warranty). This is giving a bad picture of the world class image of HP Quality.

And I had been a big fan of HP customer care, but recently while speaking to customer care for these issues, even this image got deteriorated. I spoke to a Customer care executive named VIKAS (date: 06th Oct 2008 / Time: 11; 30 am) and asked him for help, but the attitude displayed by this executive was hurting to this image and name of HP. He refused to give me customer care email ID and said he dint know the ID and banged the phone on my face. He even told me to go ahead and report to consumer court, for this issue. I assume the calls are not recorded for quality monitoring that is why the executives can behave in such manner with the customers. (I have called from [protected] to HP customer care number [protected] and navigated to Hp pavilion notebook menu on the IVR)

The product quality of HP products seems to have gone down and sorry to say but this products seem to be nothing better than the cheap imitation Chinese products available in the market which also work for a warranty period of one year and then have to be thrown away. As for this case, I won’t be able to bear the cost of 16K for repairing this laptop. It's like a use and throw product for me now. This issue needs to be highlighted, and will take it to the necessary authorities for justice.

We are eagerly waiting for any kind of resolution, possible from your end. As still I have some trust left in HP. Remember Customer who complains, has still some trust left in the organization, the day we lose it we will turn to some other brand without any further complaining.

I would like to know if there is any kind of a SLA (Service Level Agreement) of responding to customers for any Case ID generated.

I have been waiting for more than a month now for my HP Laptop 6265us case. The Laptop is still lying in the service center. I would like to bring to your notice that the HP customer care is not at all responding on my case, and this is very irritating. Even after a continuous follow up with Customer care on phone[protected] and generating case ID’s (Case ID [protected] and Case ID [protected]), On email ( sent email to in.[protected] ) and generating a Case ID on the HP site (CCHSAP169428), I have got absolute no response from anywhere. Is this a Kind of service assurance given to a customer by HP. Let me know what other mediums I should try to get in touch with HP customer care, I will gladly try those too. I am seeking a resolution for this case, as I cannot afford to put Rs. 15850 to recover my 6265us laptop.

For my other laptop nx6320 from the commercial series, the following case ID’s were generated and subsequently the mentioned parts were replaced. It can be observed that the motherboard had to be replaced two times in a time span of less than six months. This seriously indicates some concern in the quality of the parts installed by HP. This matter needs a serious investigation.

I am fighting for the case of my pavilion series laptop 6265us, it’s very easy for HP to raise their hands and say that the laptop is out of warranty. But now the quality of the HP products is questionable.

Refer case Id's below which indicate the poor quality of HP's Spares used. Parts are replaced in less than a Years's time (Since Laptop is in warranty)

First Case

Issue Reported Date: 28th February 2008

Issue Reported: DVD not functioning

Case ID: [protected]

Resolution: DVD replaced

Second Case

Issue Reported Date: 2nd march 2008

Issue Reported: No Display / Finger print sensor problem / DVD ejects automatically

Case ID: [protected]

Resolution: Motherboard / DVD / Biometric sensor replaced

Third Case

Issue reported Date: 9th April 2008

Issue Reported: Blue screen, Display issue

Case ID: [protected]

Resolution: Display panel LCD Screen replaced

Fourth Case

Issue Reported Date: 4th August 2008

Issue reported: MMC card not working

Case ID: [protected]

Resolution: Mother board replaced...

Fifth Case

Issue Reported date: 18th Oct 2008

Issue Reported: MMC card not working

Case ID: [protected]

Resolution: Was informed that I would need to format my Operating system to solve this issue.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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From : Lt Col SP Sharma
Senior Record Officer
MEG Records
PO- Sivan Chetty Garden
Bangalore Cantt

1. I have sent you requisite information regarding purchase of laptop and you have allotted me above codes. But unfortunately you have not sent the reply about DD which is required by your office .

2. May I request you to intimate the amount of DD required by yor, So that I can mail you Today towards cost of delivery of my kodak camera.

With thanks Yours Faithfully

(Lt Col SP Sharma)

From : Lt Col SP Sharma
Senior Record Officer
MEG Records
PO- Sivan Chetty Garden
Bangalore Cantt

1. I have sent you requisite information regarding purchase of laptop and you have allotted me above codes. But unfortunately you have not sent the reply about DD which is required by your office .

2. May I request you to intimate the amount of DD required by yor, So that I can mail you Today towards cost of delivery of my kodak camera.

With thanks Yours Faithfully

(Lt Col SP Sharma)

From : Lt Col SP Sharma
Senior Record Officer
MEG Records
PO- Sivan Chetty Garden
Bangalore Cantt

1. I have sent you requisite information regarding purchase of laptop and you have allotted me above codes. But unfortunately you have not sent the reply about DD which is required by your office .

2. May I request you to intimate the amount of DD required by yor, So that I can mail you Today towards cost of delivery of my kodak camera.

With thanks Yours Faithfully

(Lt Col SP Sharma)
I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 notebook PC. From last one half year it worked fine. But suddenly today it is showing the error "Windows could not start because the following file missing or courrupt:<Windows root>system32hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file."

The serial no and other details are follows.
Product HP Pavillion dv6000
p/n: RQ379EA#ABV

and service tag:dv6125ea

Please i want help in this regard.
i have bought a hp laptop with vista os.i now looking to change to xp.perhaps i may reboot to vista.for these process i need the vista bootable disks, graphics and sound like drives.when i bought hp i never get these things.but others companies like DELL, LENOVO, ACER, etc give these drives to graphics card is ATI .and i just created the recovery this enough for booting process.plz give me a quick reply.

vaisakh R
pr.model no. dv51106ax pavilion laptop [protected]

HP Compaq — worst costomer service

I am very sorry to inform you that hp's service is very poor and those guys are irresponsible, I have never expected such kind of attitude of HP towards their customer...
I was in contact with them earlier also but it seems that they gives a damn towards customer relationship, i am very sorry for using such kind of language but now I cant handle this any more. I had inform them that my laptop have an internal screen damage.
I bought this laptop from RPG cell-u-com Banglore in october 2008.
First I went to Indore's HP service centre when the damage was very little but they told me that there is some problem with my bill because on your database it shows that my waranty was over in may 2009 then I showed them my billand tell them to repair it but they refused to do so, then i went to Banglore where I am Pursuing my MBA and at that time the damamage increased alot because i have to do alot of work on my laptop, then they told me that the damage is increased very much and the second time after talking to you I went there on 14th of August 2009 but they were closed due to some festival and they didnt mention there phone no. on the board and I also tried on the number which you gave me but no body picked my call then i found Hp service centre Banglore's number on net but the result was same. On 15th of August I left for Pune because of my internship program than yeserday I took an off from my office and went to HP Pune's service centre but they told me that the dama
ge is so much that it will count in physical damage, if you came here earlier than we could do something but the damage is increases very much and there is also the warranty problem due to difference in purshasing date on my bill and your data base,
just because your sevice providers didnt took any initiatives to solve my problem the damage has increases and now I cant do any thing in my laptop and because of this my working efficiency is very less.
So just because you guys are not giving any attention to my problem now I have no other choice left but to sue HP hence I have decide to go to consumer forum and and file a case against HP and there service.
I am having following problems with HP-
1. Fraud billing- the date in my bill and on your database is different.

2. providing wrong information- the address of Pune's service centre which I found on net was wrong, the service centre was shifted from there to somewhere else before one year and you guys didn't update the information.
3. Poor customer service- Just because hp service providers made delay in repairing my laptop now the damage is increased very much.And above all to tell the exact cost of repairing a laptop they want Rs.300 for the quotation of that laptop which is under warranty.
4. All the inconvinience happened to me because of Hp.
I am a brand loyal customer of HP and being an engineer most of the student comes to me and ask about which laptop to purchase, in my lass around 48 students purchased an HP laptop but now they all are watching how much inconvinience i am facing because of your poor response, the same problem was happened in my friend's Acer laptop and they replace it in just 3 days.

Mohit Singh
I totally agree that HP products have no quality . I have lost all hopes of my laptop ( HP - c797vu) being put to any good use . When selling the product i was never informed that it is not compatible with windows xp . When it started showing problems, i was told that the comp can be used only with windows vista . Let me make myself clear to HP again, i do not want to use vista . If i had to use vista i would never have opted specifically for an xp OS installed laptop . I am tired of calling up hp care and trying to get any kind of resolution from them . They give you lame reasons like they dont have the drivers . I mean, aren't they ashamed of themselves to cheat thier customers so ??? How can they not come up with solutions for issues on thier own computers ??? they call themselves one of the leading technollogies ??? That is a joke !!! They are miles away from good technology / products .

I have decided never ever to use any hp product ever again . I know posting this mail will not help but i guess this is just one way where i can take my frustration out . I would just recommend to people not to buy any hp laptop without completely knowing how well they work . Thier warranty and service is also more expensive compared to other brands which give onsite service . Also extension and stuff is twisted . HP is here just to mint money.
I V.RAKESHkumar, a HP Lap top user from last 3 years. S/No : 2CE6220F9Q, P/N: RD502PA, DV2002TU, .
I like to bring you the issues which i have faced all these years the major issues with my notebook. At present cardreader not functioning, Dvd r/w not working, Webcam not working. The last time i visited the HP service center situated at vizag(MAHA ELECTRONICS PVT LTD) they had replaced keyboard & touchpad .Still iam not happy with the replaced parts which are not functioning properly. This is not the first time i have visited the service center at vizag it might be around 7-8 times. Every time i am facing some or the other problem with the notebook & iam not happy with the service given by them. while every time they are replacing some or the other parts which iam not being intimated and after the service is done within short period iam facing some other problem with the notebook.Recently ieven had a problem with bluetooth. I even tried to speak to the manager at that service center for the issues related . Iam really fed up with the service given by them, & i want some person who is responsible to answer my problems which i have described above. I AM THINKING OF GOING LEGALY IF STILL MY NOTEBOOK IS NOT GIVEN IN CONDITION, WITH ALL MY PROBLEMS SOLVED.
At last what i want say is HP being one of the best companys in the industry, i never expected this kind of response from HP.


HP — Worst Customer Service

I had purchased an HP notebook (HP DV-5 1221 TX) in this year, on Nov 14, 2009 i had a problem, with the laptop not getting started its hardly 5 months from the purchase & i was facing such an issue with an HP product was dissapointing. But, i went to an authorised service centre - Simtech Computronics Pvt Ltd in Sakinak Mumbai, where they have inspected the laptop & informed me that the issue seems to be with Motherboard. Case ID registered with them - [protected].
Since, the Laptop is covered with Warranty they said that i have to submit my laptop to them & they would do a detailed examination & would replace the Faulty motherboard if it is the issue. They promised that i would be getting the Laptop back in few days time & now today as of 25 Nov. 2009 its more than a week & i havent received any confirmation from them regarding my laptop. Even when i am trying to call on the Contact number given on the receipt no one is answering the call.
Can HP please explain me the reason for this unprofessional service, are all the faith & on HP product & services are false.

Please reply.

Rohit Gupta.
Respected sir,
I had purchased a laptop -Compaq Presario CQ61-100EE from JARRIR BOOKSTORE, Riyadh, KSA on septmber 2009, it was working good, internet working speed also very nice, then i suggested my friend about this (Compaq Presario CQ61-100EE )product, after that my friend also purchased a same model laptop .but unfortunately i m facing now a AUDIO problem
while i am watching movie online or watching any video clip from YOUTUBE at that time Audio is very good, but while i am using yahoo messenger / google talk or skype messenger at that time audio is very bad, i am not able to listen opposite side person's voice, sound is cracking and breaking .

here is internet connection is good, i have also checking at another room but i am facing same problem, my another friend also using same laptop with same internet connection at another room, his audio is very nice, but problem with my laptop, since last week i am not able to do anything, i am very much worried, so pls kindly request pls give me any solution.
Expecting quick favourable reply from you
Thanks with warm regards
Deepak kumar Basti
mobile no[protected]

HP — worst customer care

i have a hp pavilion dv5 1102tu notebook. i have a bad experience with hp customer care on [protected]. they are not experienced support engineers. if they cant answer a question they will disconnect the line.

sp technologies — system not on motherboard problem

B.Praveen Kumar,
c/o: Sptechnologies,
u r not providing d extending warranty for the laptops(comopaq & HP).
then someone would go for ur pc ???
this is the worst company i experianced

Hp India — display broken

display was cracket in the top umable to use


my monitor sl no:- 6CM3421KS6 is fickering when i started my pc.

regarding Desktop right click button slow

Sir I purchased the HP Pavilion G-6 2232-tux laptop previously it was contain Window 8 operating system. But I updated to 8.1, but now I am getting desktop right click button very slow. So please tell me the solution.

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