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[Resolved]  HSBC Credit Card '[protected]' — Written Off in Cibil without Informing me

Hi...I am Manoj. This is regarding my HSBC Credit Card '[protected]' and I just got to know in last month that there is some written off against the HSBC Credit Card in my name.

Last year in 2007 I was there outside of India for three months and there was some amount due against my HSBC credit card. I paid all the due amount which I knew of Rs. 17000/- through check no 213929 but they have written off in Cibil without acknowledging me even I had not done any settlement with HSBC.

Last month I applied for a personal loan then I got to know that there is some written off against my name in 2007 and they did not approve my loan. I called up HSBC customer care and Collection Dept many times but they are not providing me the actual reason and not agreeing to help me on that.

I just want that written off should be removed from Cibil so that I can apply for loan if HSBC think something is due on me then let me know I will pay that.

I am really in trouble, could you please help me on that so that I can apply for a loan.

I emailed to Cibil to get the details. They provided the details as below.
“Account type: CREDIT CARD
Account Status: WRITTEN OFF
Amount Overdue: NIL
Reported by: HSBC
Account Information: [protected]
Date Reported:[protected]”

Please help.

Manoj Kumar
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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HSBC Credit Card — Clever way of cheating HSBC credit card

I have been using HSBC gold credit card for more than three years, very recently i made a transaction which is higher, i paid 85% of the amount on the due date, and remaning 15% of the amount was not paid.
I was really stunned when i saw the statement for this month, they have charged me with the Finance charges for the 100% of the transaction amount for which the payment was already made for 80%.

Here in another interesting story they tell, i have made few transaction for 2000 rs, even for that they have charged me Financial charges for which the due is on next month.

I am a person who stays away from credit card and have a perfect record on what are all the transactions i make. This is one of the clever way in cheating the customers which HSBC has done.

HSBC Bank — Credit card bill issue without using it just for once.

I got a credit card from HSBC bank.The number is [protected].
I never used this card for single time also.But unfortunately from the very first month I'm getting some bill in my credit card.I called customer care presenting the same problem before them.

They told me it is a TATA AIG INSURANCE added to my account(about which I was just unaware of).So one of them told me all the credits that are in my credit card will be cancelled, and gave me a complain number.The complain number is[protected].But nothing cancelled during this period,
called customer care many times but no solutions I got.
I dont have any necessity to have your credit card, Just I wanted have a relationship with HSBC, which is global giant.
But my experience is really bad during this period.I will never want to have any transaction with HSBC.

Above all the the poor customer care which I saw in HSBC it is really shameful for a Big bank like HSBC.

HSBC Credit Card — Settlement letter issued , still every month statements coming with additional charges

i have been issued a settelment letter against my HSBC credit card number "[protected]", on which i have been asked to pay Rs 14000/.

for that amount i have paid Rs 2000/ as cash and two post cheque of Rs 6000/ each has been issued .

after that i was getting still getting statement in every month with additioanl intrest charges .

when i enquired my bank it is found that those cheque has been never produced in my account, so i have written mail and sent faxes to every body in HSBC for this devlopment but now they are saying, that settelment letter is void now, i have to make Rs 29000/ payment to close that card.

please suggest me what should i do.

HSBC Credit Cards — not ready to give me my credit report

My name is roshan chakru jain ( d-o-b[protected]I had applied for a hsbc credit card, my application was rejected coz o[censored]nsatisfactory credit report though my credit relatins are good with banks. as per CIBIL rules i requested them to give me my credit report and they refused so i want my credit report copy so that i can find out what is the problem.

HSBC/Credit Card — due issue

Sir I've an issue regarding the due.Actually I bought a mobile of 10, 200 rs and then after one month I've paid 500 to hsbc on behalf of my mobile phone after that I've paid full payment 10, 200 to the hsbc agent with receipt however I'm receiving bill from hsbc bank each month and its increasing day by day also they sent me in the list of foul.

my id is [protected] plz be confirm me as soon as possible

hsbc gold credit card — WIthout using credit card bill issued


My name is sandhya rani, i brought HSBC credit . So far i have not used my credit card, this month they send me bill of 4000 rs.I never made any purchases still this bill...!!!

Can any one help me how to proceed further...???

Sandhya rani

sbi & hsbc credit cards — bills coming without having cards.

i was using the credit cards of SBI and HSBC banks, after few time even i paid all my bills and given an official request of closing/discontinue the card respective banks are sending me bills of outstanding which i never used. HSBC bank has a procedure to call to his call centre to close the card but whenever i call to call centre the call is said to be transferred to cancalletion depatment and nobody gives any responce, resulting one has to disconnect the phone. it's totally harassment.

HSBC Bank Credit Card — Name in cibil side

Dear sir
My self SUKHSING RAJPUT having HSBC credit card[protected], due to some reson my account is overdue and it is on CIBIL side.
now my account is clear, kindly furnish the reason at the earliest and remove my account from cibil sede.

Thaking you
credit card No. [protected]
Hi Manoj,

If you have made complete payments without going for any settlement towards the outstanding amount due then the CIBIL status for your account should not show as Written Off. You can talk with bank folks and ask them to fix this issue. The strange thing is many folks in Bank dont even understand these issues and how the data should appear in CIBIL. You should talk to Bank Nodal officers and bring their attention to resolve the issue. If they dont address the issue, you should complaint to Banking Ombuddsman which is a RBI subsidary to resolve the issue.


credit cards/ bank loan — records in cibil history

To whom so ever it may concern ..I recently got the information that my name is in the defaulters list in cibil history ...i had a citibank credit card which was issued in either may or june 2007...i used this card for 5 -- 6 months probably and then it was stolen .i did call up the citibank customer care to block the same ...but as per citibank customer care i never informed them about the same...then the bank people got in touch with me and they wanted me to do a settlement which I did on 23/1/2008 by paying theman amount of 36000.00 which wasgiven to me as a full and final payment. They also committed that my name will be removed from the cibil defaulters list within 1 month and since then i ve been in touch with the bank employees and they are not responding because of which even after doing a final settlement with all settlement letters from citibank still I m bein considered as a defaulter .
As per cibil records : Some card is blocked with overdue of Rs 41374 and which is showing in a Closed status and the dateis 18/02/2008 whereas I have made a settlement and closed this card on 23/10/2008...i would request the corcerned to please give me some information about the same as the bank is not cooperating at all because of which i am in a big trouble...
also there is another default against my name high credit amount : 27300, status : active ...n overdue amount of Rs 9341 against which i want some details ...i would request to please give me some information abt this overdue as Im not aware about any overdue which i owe to anyone against any card or bank loan ...i would reuest the authorities to please get in touch with me asap to give me details about these defaults so that i can speak with the concerned banks to get this sorted...
please reach me at my email add :nikita.[protected]
I am using HSBC credit card for more than last six months. I have always paid my dues before 20-35 days. Now they are charging me for finance charges. I don't know why? because I am not a defaulter with any dues or even I didn't take any cash advances from atm etc.
It's very sad with using HSBC credit cards. They say it's world's Local bank.
I said it's world's Cheater bank.
This is happened when i was hospitalised for Delivery, on the first day of the arrival we swiped fro Rs.5000/- after about 4 days we swiped for 10, 000 medical expenses.

After about 15 days itself i got my statement showing RS.5000 alone in my statement and i paid it ontime.

The next month statement was not received on time and it was late for about 15 days(that too i called and requested for it). The statement is on time printed it shows late payment charges and service charges etc.,

I made payment of Rs. 10, 000 only. These are all happened in August 2007 I have already met so many collection executive ...nobody is ready to sort of out this issue, finally a person who came requested for a payment of Rs.2800/-. I negotiated and paid Rs.2500 towards full and final settlement to close this issue. Even after that it shows a balance of Rs. 17, 500 / -.

There is no right person to settle these things also...

Mr. Chidambaram has to take remedial actions to settle down Credit card issues.I have a pucca plan to solve consumer problems wtih regard to credit cards.

warm regards

HSBC Credit Card — CIBIL


HSBC Credit Card — Extra charges without informing me (HSBC Credit Card)


I am Raghavendra working in medium range Software Company. One back HSBC marketing agent approached to my company and provided the credit card for free of cost and said its life time free card there be no any processing fees and annual fees or charges on the credit card. During the verification process HSBC customer care called me said the same about charges.

But now, after 1 year 2 months they charged 700 + 72.10(Service tax) for primary card and 350 + 36.05(Service tax) for add-on card. I called up customer care, they saying that they decided to have charges from this year.

Even without informing me, HSBC charged Rs. 1158.15 in current month’s bill.

If they could informed me last month, I would have been cancelled the credit card last month itself. Please can I know any contact to resolve this problem?

Advance thanks for your help...

I am Raghavendra working in medium range Software Company. One back HSBC marketing agent approached to my company and provided the credit card for free of cost and said its life time free card there be no any processing fees and annual fees or charges on the credit card. During the verification process HSBC customer care called me said the same about charges.

But now, after 1 year 2 months they charged 700 + 72.10(Service tax) for primary card and 350 + 36.05(Service tax) for add-on card. I called up customer care, they saying that they decided to have charges from this year.

Even without informing me, HSBC charged Rs. 1158.15 in current month’s bill.

If they could informed me last month, I would have been cancelled the credit card last month itself. Please can I know any contact to resolve this problem?

Advance thanks for your help...

HSBC — Credit cards payment and Loan Payments

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I borrowed RS 175000/- from HSBC ( A/C no. is[protected].
My EMI was settled at 5096 pm. One year continuously paid the EMI properly. Suddenly I was jobless and same informed to HSBC via email. I was unable to paid almost one year, then again I got a job and started paying the EMI. I contacted to one of executive in HSBC for resettlement and His name was Mr. Nitin. He settled the amount in 80000/- where as my remaining total EMI was one lakh something.
I given him 50000/- with proper manner. But it was for me very hectic. The rest of the amount i requested to change it to short EMI but there was a executive Mr. Ajay Verma. He dint listen me and said he ready for 50000 then only it could converted into EMI not in 30000/-.I requested that as per my new job status I could only pay the minimum amount. Because I was running with HSBC credit card too ([protected]). now its almost 81000/- principle amount which I have to pay. I applied the same request to Disha, rohini ( its an NGO). they forwarded my request to HSBC for resettlement for the both credit card and loan repayments.But I dint get any response from HSBC.

Today I am hospitalized due to Major Abscess and operated from AIIMS. I am Mentally down where as three weeks continuously on bed. Now I am getting calls from HSBC Loan dept. stating that I have to pay the full amount. I reminded them as I paid already half of the payments. but they said there is no update in the bank. and they are threatening with "Legal" words that it can be submitted in Legal dept. and my life will spoil. the same day, I am getting call from Credit card dept too stating that pay the principle amount or go for settlement.

Dear Sir, right now my situation is very critical. and I need favor on this case as at least six month will provided by HSBC to repay the amount. because now, I am unable to pay the same and same thing will heat my brain every time. and the result will be nothing or may be i wll loss my lfe.

Please Help!!

HSBC Credit Card — Excess Bill more than my limit

Hello Sir,

I have taken a HSBC Credit Card in the year 2006 and my limit was 15000/- first i have used 10, 000/- and i have been paying minimum amount of Rs.500 and in between i have using the card, later i have also paid Rs.6000 and after few months i have swiped for purchasing the computer i.e 5000/- but for few months they did not send me the credit card statement and asked me to paying Rs. 19000/- where i have not utilised that much of amount because i was under the impression that my limit was 15000/- only, but bank people gave me a call asking me paying for Rs.19000/- i was shocked that why my bill has come for rs. 19000/- where else my limit was only 15000/ but they told me that my limit has been increased, i asked them whether they have informed me regarding this or did they send me any letter about the enhancement of my limit, the same i have informed the customer care but they told my that for good customer they will not inform regarding enhancement and later they asked me the email ID for sending the statement, but as of now i have not yet received the statement of my Credit Card because of which i stopped payment for more than one year. Now they have put me in defaultor list in CIBIL. If i am a defaultor i would have not paid any loan to any bank. I have taken two personal loans from ICICI and Citi Bank, but i have cleared my personal loan without any cheque bounch and also i have taken two wheeler loan from HDFC bank also where i have cleared the whole amount without any cheque bounch and also i have received the No Objection certificate of bank regarding my clearance of my loan, Now how can i be the defaultor. I purposely did not paid the amount for HSBC credit card for the excess bill.

Last week i have settled the amount for 15000/- wherein i have the receipt and letter of closing, but they have not removed my name from the defaultor list in CIBIL till now.

Hence i request you to do justice regarding this because i trust the consumer forum a lot, If you ask the HSBC bank to remove my name from CIBIL i would be grateful to the government, because i don't want to spoil my career.



Dear Sir

Re : Credit Card No.[protected]

I am employed with Everest Industries Limited having office at Mumbai. In or about Feb 2006, your marketing representative visited my Thane office and gave demo for the usage features of your card. While I was inquiring about the features of your card, your marketing representative obtained my signatures on some forms and obtained some documents from me for purpose of noting my name as “interested member” for filling inquiry form. Subsequently your Bank Credit Card bearing No[protected] was posted to me at my office address.

I say that without my using your card, your Bank sent me statement for Rs.210/-.approximately. I say that I immediately called your customer care number putting forth my grievance and called upon them to cancel my card and terminate services with immediate effect. I also called upon them to sent me letter for “No claim”, to which they showed their inability and stated that same is granted only in case where there is any dispute above Rs.1000/-, however they assured me that card is cancelled and services are terminated. I say that subsequent thereof, I have not received any statement from your bank till date.

I say that from last about 15 days, I am receiving sms from your bank for payment of Rs.4570/- towards aforesaid credit card pending bills. I had never imagine of such conduct from Big Banking Corporation like yours. I say that without usage of your services, how can I be made and forced to pay charges levied by you. I put forth my grievances with your customer care at Ram Maruti Rd branch, Thane who showed their inability to locate my bills and pending dues. They were also unable to provide me any Bank statement though I was ready and willing to bear the cost for same. I say that I also spoke to Mr.66667070 of your Bank collection centre at Mumbai,[protected] who responded to me rudely as if I am bring defaulter / criminal. I say that thereafter I spoke to your Delhi Recovery Cell at Telephone No[protected]/45023968 with Mr.Basant, who was also not able to resolve to my problem or provide me statisfactory reply.

The said act of your to grab heavy & exorbitant amount from me for no fault of mine speaks of your volumes and attitudes to procure money by adhering to illegal means & making trap for the innocent customers like me.

I am therefore now constrained to put forth my grievance in writing for necessary action and resolution of my grievance. Request you please look into this matter and advise what should be my next step.
Yours truly,
Arun Shankar Kushwaha
CC to for information and record

A) Thane
B) Mumbai
C) Delhi

HSBC — HSBC credit card - Write Off

Dear Sir,

I am still doing my payment for my HSBC credit card. Yes there was a delay in payment for a month... Now i received a message from HSBC that my account has been Write off.

My question is Why it is Written Off? and how will i able to clear it from Cibil.


HSBC Bank Credit Card — Submitted name in CIBIL for card that was never delivered to me


I have blocked my HSBC credit card ([protected]) in February. After that in October I came to know that bank has changed the card No. and issued a new card([protected]) that was never delivered to me.

Now they are saying that i need to pay 9600/- for this new card otherwise they will not remove my name from CIBIL list.

They hav cheated me and are not answerable for who has asked for this new card and to whom they have delivered this new card.

Plz help me in getting my name removed from cibil and penalising HSBC bank for mentle discomfort.

Thanks & bRegard,
Anu Chandra

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